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"Oh, what an unusual guest. Welcome, my dear lost kitten." Tamaki held out a hand to the young blonde girl as she stood in the doorway, his voice soft and inviting as he smiled at her. His expression froze, however, when she pointed at the Host Club standing in front of her.

"Male harem?"

After much surprise and shock on the side of the host club at the little girl's declarations, they watched as Tamaki declared, with tears in his eyes that he would be little Kirimi's older brother from this day forth.

"What should we do, Kyouya-senpai?" Haruhi asked the shadow king, ignoring Tamaki in the background. Kyouya sighed, shaking his head.

"Her brother might actually be in the school," He decided, and Huni cut in. "Someone that looks like Tamaki? But there aren't any other people who look like Tama-chan-"

"Kirimi!" A panicked voice called from the hall, and the Host Club watched as a slender male rushed into the room, franticly looking around before his eyes landed on the blonde girl clutched in Tamaki's hands. "Oh, Kirimi, don't scare me like that! And after I came straight from the airport just to pick you up..."

The host club stared at the newcomer, easily picking up the accent that flavoured his speech. He was definitely foreign, with black hair that reached his shoulders and feathered around his head, and wide green eyes focused on Kirimi. He wasn't very tall, probably around Haruhi's height, with a slender body and pale skin. He was dressed in simple black jeans and a green long-sleeved shirt, simpler than what most of the students of Ouran wore yet to the trained eyes of Hikaru and Karou they were obviously extremely good quality, and tailored to his frame.

There was some more noise at the door, and two more people came barging in, although they were taller and broader than the first had been.

"Harry, don't go-"

"Running off like-"

"That, you know-"

"Malfoy will kill-"

"Us if anything-"

"Happens to you-"

"While we were-"

"In charge of-"


The third music room fell into silence as the red-headed twins that had just entered said the last word together, and one would almost see the question and exclamation marks over the head of nearly all present. It was Kirimi who finally broke the silence, having been watching the first - Harry apparently- one who entered the room. She jumped from Tamaki's arms and rushed towards Harry, who scooped her up and smiled at her exclamation of "Onee-chan!"

"What!" Heads turned to look at Tamaki as he stared in stupefied confusion at the four in front of him. He seemed torn between several different expressions – confusion and shook at Harry and Kirimi, horror and despair at the older twins, all with an overlying sense of curiosity.

Surprisingly, it was Mori who broke the awkward silence that descended after Tamaki's surprised shout, as he moved towards the newcomers. He nodded to the twins, who stared at him in confusion for a moment before realization dawned and they grinned at him, leaning against each as they relaxed. Harry turned his head at the sound of footsteps, and he smiled when he saw Mori. "Takashi-kun!" He said happily, and his grin widened when the tall senior reached out and ruffled his hair with a small smile.

"Harry," the wild host greeted, before turning his eyes back to the twins. "Fred, George."

It was at this point that Kyouya decided to intervene before Tamaki had a heart attack or fainted again. "Ah, you must be Potter Harry, the new transfer student for class 2-A. You weren't expected until next week," His voice was calm, and he seemed completely unconcerned about the situation.

"And you must be Ootori Kyouya," Harry said in return, resettling the blonde girl in his arms so she sat against his hip. "We purposely fed the belief that I would not be arriving until next week. There were a few people I wanted to surprise," He answered the unspoken question, watching as Huni bounded over to him.

"Waa! You're Harry-chan! Takashi told me all about you, and Fred and George! Would you like to eat some cake with me?" Huni asked, smiling cutely up at Harry. Fred and George moved forward at this point, draping their arms around Harry and leaning their weight on him, making him frown at them.

"Maa, Harry here-"

"Doesn't like sweet-"

"Things." They said to Huni as Harry tried to struggle out of their hold, making Kirimi giggle. He finally succeeded, stumbling away a few steps. He glared at them, turning towards the door.

"Well, now that I've found you, Kiri-chan, why don't we go and find your nii-san, huh?" He addressed the little girl in his arms, and she hesitated for a moment before nodding and sliding to the floor to stand beside Harry.

"Kyouya-senpai," Haruhi addressed the shadow king, "Just who are they?" She asked, watching as he pushed his glasses up his nose, making them flash. "Weasley Fred and George, creators and owners of Weasley Wizarding Wheezes, a highly successful joke shop chain that became very popular all around the world very quickly. They come from a 'commoner' family," He informed the other hosts, making Hikaru and Karou perk up with interest. "And Potter Harry, a transfer student to class 2-A. He holds the titles of both Lord Potter and Lord Black, both of who are descended from English royalty. Heir to the combined Potter and Black fortunes, he owns a large number of hotel chains all around the world. He is also-" Kyouya's information stream was cut off when Tamaki screeched and jumped away, revealing the dark figure of Nekozawa Umehito peaking in through the door. His eyes scanned the room, and his mouth formed a surprised 'o' as they landed on Harry and Kirimi. He stepped into the room, his hood drawn down low to shield him from the light.

Harry, who had turned to look at the screech, practically lit up as his eyes landed on the dark-clad male in the doorway. "Ume-kun!" He cried out happily, and flew across the room to basically jump on the other male, who stumbled a bit but wrapped his arms around the foreign male to hold him up.

You could hear a pin drop as the host's stared at them both, in surprise and shock. "As I was saying," Kyouya continued, he and Mori being the only host's not surprised by the newcomer's actions. "He is also Nekozawa-senpai's fiancé."

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