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The castle in this chapter was inspired by Château de Pierrefonds, because I've been watching Merlin.

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When the hosts arrived at the address that night, they were surprised to find that rather than the mansion they had been expecting, they instead found a castle.

An honest to god castle.

It seemed even Mori had not been expecting this and the hosts just stood and stared for a moment after they had departed their cars. Haruhi had been picked up by the twins, and looked vaguely annoyed from her position between them.

After a moment Mori seemed to shake off his surprise and began to walk up the path to the front doors, and the other hosts followed after him. As they neared the doors they swung open, but instead of servants the Weasley twins stood there.

"Welcome!" they greeted together, grins on their faces as they ushered the hosts inside. "You can have a tour later, dinner's almost ready," The twin on the left said, and before they knew it they were standing in a small dining room. Small, at least, compared to some of the other rooms in the castle.

The room itself was round with a high ceiling, with a second floor walkway that wrapped around the room. A round table held the place of pride in the middle of the room, with ten places set and an antique candelabra set in the middle. The walls of the room held several tapestries, each depicting knights and Kings, or other medieval themed acts of bravery. The floor was made of stone, as were the walls but the room was quite warm.

"Harry will join us,"

"In a moment. So please,"

"Take a seat."

The twins said, still grinning at the guests. The Hitachiin twins were the first to take their seats, and they dragged Haruhi down to sit between them even as Tamaki began to say something along the lines of his daughter sitting beside him. He was summarily ignored. The Weasley twins took the seats on either side of the Hitachiin's with a mischievous look at each other, and Huni bounced over to sit on the right side of one of them. Mori, of course, took a seat beside his cousin. Kyouya prodded the still sulking Tamaki to sit down beside the other Weasley twin then took a seat himself. This left the seat between Kyouya and Mori empty, and a moment of silence descended.

"Ne, Fred-kun, George-kun, why does Harry-chan live in a castle?" Huni asked, turning curios eyes to the closet Weasley twin.

The older set of twins shared another look, an unspoken conversation happening in a few moments before they answered.

"Well, we could tell you it's because it reminds him of Hogwarts,"

"Or that he's honouring his family history."

"But the truth is,"

"Harry is just a bit mad,"

"Though you rich folk call it eccentric,"

"And he decided he wanted to live in a castle,"

"So Umehito built him one."

Silence once again settled over the room, though this one was amused. Haruhi had a look on her face that indicated she had given up on making sense of anything the rich did, and Mori looked amused.

"You mentioned a 'Hogwarts," Kyouya began after a moment, "What is that, exactly?"

The Weasley twins both pointed towards one of the tapestries, depicting a castle near a lake, with a dragon circling in the skies.

"That's Hogwarts," One of them said, "Minus the dragon, or course," The other continued.

"It's the boarding school,"

"We attended in Scotland."

"It's rather exclusive,"

"And the only way to get in,"

"Is if your family has been attending,"

"It for generations,"

"Or you are one of less than 10 students,"

"Hand picked,"

Anything further was interrupted as the door opposite the ones the hosts had entered opened, and Harry walked in. He was followed by a young man in his twenties, dressed impeccably in a three piece suit.

"I don't care if he's the bloody king of Timbucktoo! There is only one person in the world I take orders from and unless he's had a sex change and aged forty years I will not do what he wants." Harry sounded rather mad, looking over his shoulder at the man who was writing something down on the tablet he carried.

"I understand that, sir, but to prevent the complete breakdown of the relationship shall I send him a politely worded refusal?" The man on the other hand, sounded rather amused by it all.

"Just make him go away, Ianto, and make sure he understands that his authority over me is non-existent." That seemed to be the end of the conversation, as the man nodded and left the room.

Harry turned around to face them, and waved a hand in the air as he moved to take his seat at the table – a servant appearing from seemingly nowhere to pull out his chair.

"I apologise for making you wait," He said, and took a deep drink from the glass that another servant has just filled with water.

"Trouble?" Kyouya question with a raised eyebrow, taking a sip from his glass of water now that their host was here.

Waving a hand in the air again, Harry set down his glass. "Just a man getting too big for his britches. As if I'd listen to anything he had to say," He said condescendingly, before shaking his head.

"Enough of that, it's nothing to concern yourselves with. Dinner should be ready, and I don't know about you but I am quite hungry." A gesture to one of the servants had them slipping out of the room, and in moments a number of quite efficient servants were laying out the food on the table. It looked like a small feast, quite fitting for their surroundings.

"My head chef seems to be working on a theme this week, it seems he's been inspired by our surroundings," Harry said in amusement, gesturing to the centrepiece of the meal – a large chicken cooked and prepared to look like a dragon.

"Well, this isn't a formal dinner so help yourselves."