A/N: Hi everyone! This is my first Avatar fanfic but hopefully not my last. This story is inspired by the movie of the same name. I do not own any of the copyright-protected material that this fic mentions or emulates. I stand to make no profit from this story and it is purely for the enjoyment of myself and—hopefully—some readers.

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Katara invites divorcees-and sworn enemies-Toph and Sokka to her wedding. When a particularly ugly fight at the wedding helps Sokka and Toph rediscover the fire that made them fall in love, they abandon their new spouses and run off together. Under pressure, Katara leaves with an eager to help-and awkward old flame-Aang to find and bring back the lovers before thier tryst causes her new husband Fire Lord Zuko any undue embarrassment.

Pairings: Katara/Aang, Katara/Zuko, Toph/Sokka, Toph/Jet, Suki/Sokka

Some of these pairings might have either taken place in the story's past or may develop in future chapters. Enjoy and feel free to review with suggestions or comments!

Katara had the life that most girls dream about when they think of romance and security and prosperity. She was living in the Fire Nation, in the palace of the Fire Lord, and that Fire Lord was very involved in courting her. The Waterbender received anything she wanted on a whim and always sleeping in the same bed, in her own ornate quarters provided by Zuko's generosity.

It was a far step from her life with the Avatar, always on the move and always in one fight or another. Katara had stayed with Aang for a long time, but eventually their love became dangerous to both of them. When Zuko's cordial invitation had come at just the right time—during a particularly ugly fight between the two—Katara had accepted and left the Avatar's side to join Zuko in the Fire Nation. It had only been a few days before Zuko had revealed his intentions, and Katara had accepted them, as Zuko had always been insistent, and was shamefully charming when he wanted to be. Months and then a year had gone by, and now Katara had become happy with her newly found romance.

Katara played idly with her hair as she sat in a rather comfortable silence, one that she had gotten very used to, and found more pleasant than she once would have. Across from her sat the Fire Lord, young and attractive and seeming very pleased with himself, as Katara judged from the subdued smile on his face, "The meal was lovely," Katara said, trying to bait him as a server placed a cup of tea in front of her.

The corner of Zuko's mouth twitched upward, "It was," he confirmed.

Katara took a sip of the tea, and something hit her lips beside the normal contents of a cup of tea. She stopped and looked into the cup, her eyes picking up a small circular glint of metal. She glanced up at Zuko who revealed nothing with his expression, and then she took another sip of the tea, managing to fish the object out, "Zuko," she gasped.

The Fire Lord was grinning now like a happy child, "Yes, darling?" he asked, his voice suave and smug as ever.

Katara placed the ring, adorned with a jeweled fire lily, onto her finger as tears sprung to her eyes, "Oh Zuko, yes yes!" she said, and a few other wealthy patrons at the fine restaurant smiled at the young couple with polite, reminiscent endearment as Zuko leaned across the table and offered his fiancé a well-received kiss, "I thought you'd never ask."

Zuko chuckled, "It's only been a year. It took a lot of that time just to have the ring made. You've seemed outwardly very patient."

"Good I was hoping I had you fooled," Katara said, kissing him again.

Toph wasn't half as surprised to see her as Katara expected, but then again, her Earthbender friend could tell who was at the door before they showed, "What nerve you have, showing up unannounced," Toph joked.

"I would have written but I was so excited I just took the first boat—and train—over. I have some wonderful news, Toph!"

"Your brother died?" Toph asked without missing a beat.

Katara ignored that, "Zuko proposed to me! The wedding is in five weeks and I want you to be my Maid of Honor."

Toph folded her arms, "So how is he? In bed, I mean. Does he breathe fire? Shoot sparks? Does he cry afterward like Sokka did?"

"Toph!" Katara scolded, "I really don't need to hear something like that. Besides, we haven't yet. He's a respectable Fire Lord and he proposed because he loves me."

Toph nodded, "I'm sure that new low cut dress had nothing to do with it."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Katara defended, "And how did you know it was low cut?"

Toph smiled, "Because I know you, Sweetness. You get around powerful men and you just can't help yourself."

Katara folded her arms, "I don't want to talk about Aang."

"Could've fooled me, bringing him up and all," Toph muttered.

"How are things with Jet?" Katara asked, desperate to end this vein of conversation before it got any further.

"Oh he's a genius," Toph said, but she was smiling, "He hasn't bothered me with anything since we eloped so I can't complain. He's having a ball bothering the guards with plans for underground escape tunnels and stone tree houses."

Katara smiled and settled back in her chair, "Sounds like the two of you are perfect for each other."

Toph blew her bangs from her forehead, "I'm satisfied. So what am I supposed to wear to this wedding?"

"It's formal dress," Katara said, "Very formal, but don't worry. I already spoke with Zuko and he knows you won't be wearing shoes."

"How very understanding," Toph said sarcastically, "Just as charming as ever."

"Oh he's fine," Katara dismissed, "I have another day in Gaoling; do you want to shop for a dress?"

"No way! I'm not having you putting me in one of your hussy dresses!" Toph protested, "Let's go out back and spar unless you're worried you'll break a nail!"

As the Earthbender finished her sentence she was already halfway across the room, and Katara smiled before standing to follow her friend.

Sokka groaned and rolled over when someone shook him, "Too early," he muttered.

"An urgent letter came from your sister," Suki responded.

"Ok well I'll read it when I'm awake," Sokka said, pulling a pillow over his head.

Suki sighed, kicking her husband and smiling at the satisfying cry she got in return, "Don't make me come back in here after you," she said, stepping outside.

Moments later the sounds of the Chief's muttering and shuffling came from the small igloo he shared with his wife, and finally, Sokka emerged, "Alright what's so urgent?" he asked shortly.

Suki handed over the letter and walked with her husband as he paced, "What does it say?" she asked impatiently after a moment.

"No way!" Sokka cried, "She's marrying Zuko!"

Suki was quiet for a moment as Sokka ranted, "Well are we invited?" she asked finally.

Sokka stopped and returned his eyes to the letter, "Yes," he confirmed, then scowled when his wife took the letter to read for herself, "This is a nightmare; I didn't think she was serious about him."

"Diplomatically it's pretty positive," Suki said, "I mean, when you think about it."

"I don't want to think about it," Sokka said, "Somebody should tell Aang."

Suki sighed, "Don't go ruining this for her," she warned him, "If Aang goes to that wedding-"

"We'll behave," Sokka countered, "The wedding's in three weeks. That gives us enough time for a stop at the Southern Air Temple. We'll leave tomorrow."

"Do you think Toph will be going?" Suki asked in a tone that dripped venom.

"Not if they have if before sunset," Sokka said, "Maybe they'll have it in a nice big wooden temple and she'll walk out a high window."

"We can only hope."

Zuko watched calmly from his bed as Katara paced the floor of his quarters, as she had been doing for a good ten minutes, "Katara why don't you sit down?" he suggested, "The wedding arrangements have all been made and there's nothing else for you to be this stressed about."

"There's plenty to be stressed about!" Katara cried, "What if they fight? They always fight!"

"Who? Toph and Sokka?" Zuko chuckled, "Katara don't be silly; they aren't going to fight. We have all been friends for a long time."

Katara nodded, "Yes, friends, and then they got married, big mistake. Huge mistake!" She folded her arms, "There was no way for me to not invite either one of them… I only wish we could have eloped."

"Diplomacy must always come first," Zuko told his fiancé, "I am sure if you explain to them the sensitivity of the situation they will behave."

Katara frowned helplessly, then walked over and sat beside Zuko when he waved her over, "I hope you're right," she said, "The less they're near each other the better off we will be."

"I invited Sokka to be my Best Man," Zuko said, sighing when Katara leapt to her feet in panic, "I did it because he's the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe and your brother."

"But Toph is my Maid of Honor! They're going to be… what? Ten feet from each other! If they even look at each other and we're in-between them we'll burst into flames!"

Zuko smiled thinly and when Katara demanded an explanation he replied coyly, "There usually aren't any fires until the wedding night," causing Katara to blush and forget her nervousness, for the time being.

"How do you always know what to say?" she asked, rejoining him on the bed.

"Diplomacy," Zuko teased as he wrapped an arm around her, and they shared a lighthearted kiss.