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Cat's slight body shivered as Trina's lips touched lightly on her bare shoulder. She could feel Trina pressed up against her back, Trina's fingers working the zip of Cat's dress down slowly. Cat's mind raced wildly, overexcited, and when Cat got excited, she lost all power of attention. She wondered vaguely where Tori was, and was she bringing pizza back, 'cause Cat was kind of hungry, her stomach felt all heavy and echo-y. It took Cat a moment to realise that it wasn't hunger so much as the heavy throb of desire that was weighing her down. It was a lot like hunger though, she thought, fingers dancing lightly over her stomach. Her thoughts were temporarily shut down as she felt more of Trina's bare skin come in contact with hers, Trina's rather generous assets pressing into Cat's back. Cat was surprised, her back was more like hands than she thought, and, for all she knew, she could have hands there, because she couldn't see her own back, but it sure felt like hands the way she could feel Trina's breasts so... fully. Trina's skin was hot, much hotter than Cat's, which Cat thought was odd, because Trina was the one who was naked, and since Cat was in clothes she should be warmer, but it wasn't so and- Cat felt her bra loosen suddenly around her, and brought her hands up to cup it, not realising. She lifted her hips automatically as Trina slid her dress off, the material pooling at the bottom of the bed.

Cat rolled over easily, hands still holding her pastel polka-dotted bra to her. She didn't like facing away from Trina. Trina was much prettier than her room, even though her room contained multiple Trinas. But they were fake Trinas. Cat much preferred real Trina. Real, naked Trina. Trina eyes ran down Cat's body, a smirk oozing onto her face. "Polka-dots and stripes?" She said with amusement.

Cat squealed, "You found out my secret!"

Trina smiled softly at Cat's childishness. It was... endearing, to say the least. Not that Trina found children arousing, as she did Cat. No, that would be creepy. She just liked Cat's immaturity. Not that she liked adult bodies and juvenile minds... a child in an adult's body, no... she was normal, she just... Cat. Cat was adorable. There. Simple. She leaned forward, kissing the elated Cat, grinning lips pressed against each other and quickly growing slick and hot as they seemed to melt together. Trina tugged the bra from between Cat's limp fingers, a flash of polka-dots quickly exiting her vision as she tossed it aside. Cat panted slightly as Trina pulled away from her, taking the opportunity to study a bare Cat. Of course, Cat was no Trina, but to be fair, no one was. Except for Trina. Trina felt lucky that she was Trina, because if she was someone else, she'd have to worship Trina from afar. It was one of the perks of being Trina that you got to be Trina. Not that Cat's body wasn't nice. It was just terrible compared to Trina. But Trina was compassionate... when not compared to her body, Cat's body was quite lovely. Petite, would be the word to best describe her. Trina thought the word suited her, it had a certain cuteness to it that matched Cat. Cat's skin was flawless, lighter than Trina's own and soft like flour. Cat wasn't muscular... she had muscles, I mean, obviously, 'cause she could move and everything, but they weren't defined. They were lady muscles, the kind you'd have in the eighteenth century, when the most sport you did was cross-stitching and being wooed by an eligible young gentleman. It gave her a pleasantly soft look, and an air of intense femininity. Trina was acutely aware that Cat was a girl. Not a grrl or a gal, but a girl. Even though her breasts were smaller, they were perfectly formed, seemingly moulded onto her. They didn't spring forth like Trina's own assets sometimes annoyingly did. Cat was slim, slimmer than Trina, and her hips didn't curve out quite so much as Trina's did.

Trina didn't like girls. Most of the time. Not because she didn't think they were attractive, or sexy, but because they were competing with her. They thought they were hot, and talented... who were they to compete with Trina Vega? Trina wouldn't have minded so much, after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but they didn't have to be so blatant about it. Flaunting their inadequate (compared to Trina's) bodies about. Cat however... Trina couldn't not like her. Cat was almost completely unaware of her body, and the effect it could have on people. In fact, Cat was in awe of Trina's body. It was the way it was supposed to be, and Trina liked how Cat seemed amazed by the fact that Trina was touching her. She should be amazed. Trina thought it was nice to be treated like she was supposed to be treated – with awe. It made her like Cat even more. Normally she wouldn't really worry about pleasuring someone after she was done, after all, she'd got what she wanted, and they should just feel satisfied they got to fuck her at all. It was a privilege to get with her, an honour, and people just got greedy... but Cat... somehow, Trina didn't mind. She almost felt like she owed it to Cat, since Cat seemed to be the only one aware of Trina's greatness.

Cat felt funny. Not ha-ha funny, or crazy funny, but a kind of funny all the same. It was like she had a tummy-ache, but it didn't feel bad. It felt warm and trembly, like she'd swallowed a hot jellyfish and it was stinging her with it's tentacles of desire. It felt sort of nice. And impatient, growing increasingly so as Trina's lips left hot spots along Cat's body, slowly tracing their way down. Cat was a little confused... Trina was going further and further down, her tongue tracing it's way down to Cat's belly button. It was like Trina was slowly slipping off her, and Cat wondered if she should stick her hand out in case Trina needed to be pulled back up. It was messing Cat's sense of orientation up.. maybe they were actually vertical... but she was on the bed so... oh. Oh. Cat realised what Trina was doing, and it was... oh god, it was fantastic. The air whooshed out of Cat's lungs, a burst of pleasure tingling through her as Trina's tongue got to work. Cat's hips jerked involuntarily, her back arching off the bed as Trina moved with her, hands affixed to Cat's hips, holding the younger girl in place firmly. Trina grinned at Cat's enthusiastic response to her efforts, flicking her tongue over Cat's sensitive clit and making her jerk again.

Cat was not Cat. When Cat was Cat, she was all Cat, mind and body. This Cat was all body, crushing her mind. She didn't mind at all; she liked body Cat... it had a lot more nerve endings than her mind. Cat felt like she had claws, her fingers clenching the bed covers as she tried to anchor herself. She was sure was going to float away... or break into pieces. She almost wanted to tell Trina to stop, except she couldn't seem to get her mouth working, all she could do, it seemed, was to writhe on the bed, trying to gasp in a breath to her oxygen-deprived body. Despite being breathless, body Cat still saw fit to make all manner of noises, some of which tickled Cat's spine, until she realised they were coming from her. She didn't understand, partly because all she could think were various blasphemies and trembling colours, but also because it didn't make sense. Trina was sucking and licking this tiny tiny part of her, yet what she felt was so much more than she expected. For such a tiny thing, it felt more... felt better than any part of her. And what Trina was doing, so very, very thoroughly... it crept up her lower back like a hot liquid. A hot, flammable, liquid, which Cat was sure would explode when it reached the hot flame in her belly. Cat was a little scared... she didn't want to explode! She could just picture all the little Cat-pieces raining down, like a burst pinata. Pinatas had candy. Cat liked pinatas. But she didn't want to be one. She had to warn Trina. She struggled to get her tongue working, trying to sit up to see Trina. She quickly jerked back down as a gush of pleasure spread further through her. Cat tried desperately to make her lips, tongue and teeth work together in unison.

"T-T-Trin...ah," Cat gasped, her eyes rolling back in her head. She swore she could almost see her brain. She tried to concentrate; there'd be time to look at her brain later, when she was unexploded. "I-I-I...I'm g-go going...g-going...unh." Cat's breath whooshed out. She was too late; it was happening, and she realised she didn't actually want to stop it anymore. Exploding felt good. All her nerves were on fire, her muscles clenching tight as the flames spread through them, her back arching off the bed. It reached her brain finally and swept it white, her vision sparkling with static.

Trina was pleased. She was glad that Cat had had the honour of being deflowered by her. And she had to admit, she'd had a burst of satisfaction as she felt the younger girl tense and cry out, her thighs trembling against Trina's face. She felt sort of proud that she'd made Cat come, perhaps for the very first time. It was another thing Trina had mastered, like her Jamaican accent or nail-filing skills. She'd add it to her resume later. In the meantime, she dragged herself up alongside Cat, resting an arm on the shivering girl's sweat-slick body.

Cat cracked an eye open cautiously, her breathing starting to slow. She was still alive. And whole. Apart from her skin feeling all hot and slick, and her body still feeling strangely sensitive. Those were both good things though, Cat decided. She felt Trina stretch luxuriously beside her, and turned to face her, Trina yawning. Cat smiled softly, feeling an exquisite warm glow inside her. Not a fire this time, a night light. Her smile disappeared for a moment as she caught Trina's yawn, a little squeak coming from her. For some reason she felt sort of sleepy. And really comfortable.

"Can I sleep Trina?" Cat liked to ask – she'd fallen asleep places before and people had gotten mad at her. One time she went to sleep in an aquarium, and when she'd woken up it was closed and everything was dark, so she waved at the seals for a while. She liked the seals. But not the leopard seal, it had looked like it wanted to eat her. When the staff found her in the morning, they were so sorry they'd given her a voucher for the gift store, and she'd gotten a dolphin ruler, and her mom had scolded her, and said that she and Cat's father had thought she'd been eaten by a killer whale, and Cat had laughed and said that killer whales weren't whales, they were porpoises. And then she'd pretended her dolphin ruler was swimming and- Cat realised she was speaking aloud, Trina looking at her with a raised eyebrow. Cat smiled, falling silent. Trina nodded, satisfied; Cat's stories were long and often about abandonment, and Trina was not in the mood to listen, but far too mellow to care enough to yell at her. It was a good balance.

The door opened suddenly, Cat and Trina both looking over. "Trina, what'd you do with Cat? If you got her to... to..." Tori trailed off, her mouth gaping open. "Wh-wh-wha? Wh... wh?" Tori's eyebrows were so narrowed they were almost entwining with each other, like two shaped caterpillars dancing. "Wh!"

Trina propped herself up, rolling her eyes at her younger sister. "Tori, you're letting a draft in! If I get pneumonia and die, you'll have robbed an entire generation of my talent. Do you really wanna be responsible for that?" She raised an eyebrow, pursing her lips, "Do ya?"

Tori's mouth open and shut, kind of like a fish, Cat thought. Or maybe an eel. Cat waved at Tori, rolling over a little. "Hi Tori!" Just because Tori was a fish was no excuse for rudeness, Cat thought. Tori just shook her head and closed the door, backing out of the room slowly, a look of horror on her face. Cat tilted her head, turning back to Trina with confusion. "Why'd she leave?"

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