Chapter One

I was slightly annoyed, that Sophie-Anne had called me to her residency. Not that I wouldn't come, of course I would. It was the polite thing to do. But for her to have sent some weird man to come and knock on my light-tight room's door and interrupt me from very important manners was just rude. She could have simply texted me. Or if she was desperate, shouted my name. I would have felt her.

My name is Nera. No last name, I was not around in a time where it was necessary for someone to have a last name, for their first name was unique and one of a kind. Meaning if someone simply said 'Nera was responsible for...' Then the other person would immediately know who and which Nera it was because there was only one... me.

I am Nera, yes we covered that. But I thought you should just all know once more. It means: Candle. I don't think it is a particular pretty name, one of my creations had once said it was because I burnt down quickly and got annoyed. I slapped him for that comment.

I was average height. Well, average for my time, but short for nowadays. I had blonde hair and blue eyes, my hair came from working in the fields for many years before I was turned and my blue eyes came from a defect in my father's side. They weren't just blue... they were blue!

I was over 3000 years old. Said to be one of the oldest vampires alive to date. Yes, a big status I have. But, do I take advantage of the fact that I could be queen of any area, sheriff of any area or even Queen of several areas? No, no I don't. I actually don't have a title. I am simply Nera, owner of a small plot of land in the country near Dallas's main city. Far away that I don't have to hear or see those sky-scrapers, but close enough that I can run and be there within a few minutes. Well, close enough for a vampire to run and be there. I liked my life, simple and easy.

I was the maker of 4 vampires. Although, 2 of my children have passed, the other two are still going strong... as far as I know.

About 2000 years ago I created my first child and the one who has probably been my favourite, but don't tell the others. Godric was of about 17 years old when I found him. His tribe had moved on and had left him at their previous camp due to him being infectious with what they called then; the devil. He was sick with what is now known as the 'influenza'. When I reached him he was shivering and barely able to answer when I asked him if he wanted to live. He had replied with a 'yes'. So I changed him.

After Godric I created a woman in the hopes that he would fall in love with her. After about 300 years of myself and him wandering the earth, I felt he was lonely and created her for him in a small insanity moment of my own. Her name was Aisha. She was a beauty. Black hair and green eyes that with her vampire pale skin, had men drooling over her. I didn't understand why Godric didn't like her, but he didn't and she became more of a sister to him. She was nice and kind and fit into our family perfectly. We used to say that Godric and myself were the twin children while Aisha was the mother, since she was about the age of 27. She decided to meet the sun about 200 years ago, when the love of her life, Anton, was staked in an accident. It was a sad moment and although I could have, I did not want to command her to stay on this earth.

The other child I had was only with us for 100 years; Aisha was feeding at the time and had almost killed a man. She begged me to change him so she did not have to feel the guilt. When I asked her why she didn't want to change him herself, she said that she wasn't ready to be a maker. So I changed him, thinking that having another son would be a good thing, since during this time Godric had gone off on his own and had created Eric. This man's name was Ali and he was a strong man who was his village's protector. He was angry at me for creating him but I commanded and forced him to stay with me. He grew furious with me as the years went on and in the end, I released him. The moment I did though, he grabbed the nearest wooden object and shoved it into his heart. His creation had been a mistake. It still ate at my heart that I had created someone who did not thank me for it.

The final vampire, being made about 900 years ago, is the very vampire I am going to visit now, or the vampire I had been 'summoned' to go and see. Sophie-Anne. Her actual name was Judith, but she changed it to Sophie Anne to seem more 'sophisticated' she had told me. Sophie was more of the 'spoilt' child of mine, and wanted what she wanted and demanded that she have everything. It was very hard time for me to try and teach her things. I had changed her after finding her beat up in the forest. Her village had been hit with the influenza, leaving only her and a boy behind. That boy had raped and beaten Sophie before dumping her in the forest for me to find. I was hungry and going to simply drain her, but felt bad when I realised she had been attacked in ways that I remember being attacked. She was grateful for what I had done and stayed with me for about 700 years before going off on her own and then somehow, becoming the Queen of Louisiana.

So, Sophie and Godric are the only two remaining children I have, Sophie was Queen and Godric was a sheriff of area 9. His creation, Eric was the sheriff of area 5. I felt proud of them.

They didn't live with me anymore. We barely saw each other actually. It had been about 500 years ago when we last had our group get together. That day had me, Sophie and her creations (three men that became her lovers and body guards); their names are Andre, Sigebert and Wybert. They were more of a silent group, those three men. The get together also had Godric and his creation, Eric. Eric had the utmost respect for Godric and in turn, me because I created Godric. But to the others, he was very different. It was highly amusing to see what I could get away with doing to him and then what Andre or Sigebert would do... he had very different reactions.

So now, about 200 years since I last saw her, I was summoned and on the steps to the residency of Sophie-Anne, hoping that she was not going to call me in for a favour. I knocked on the big oak doors and laughed mentally when her first creation, Andre, opened it wearing board shorts and a floral Hawaiian shirt. "Good evening Andre" I said, smirking at his clothing. "I'm here to see Sophie

He was probably embarrassed, but hid it well "Right this way Nera" He said calmly. These creations of hers were so... dull.

"Your majesty, Nera has arrived"

Sophie knew to at least treat me with respect, so she stood when I came into the room but relaxed the moment I nodded my head. I smiled at her and pulled her into my arms, my heart tingling just a little with the feel of my own child in my reach.

"It's so good to see you Nera" She said as she rested her head on my shoulder.

I smiled and pulled her back, getting a good look at her. "Nope, haven't changed a bit" I stated and then let her go.

She smiled at me and motioned for me to sit. "Are you thirsty?" She asked, gesturing to her humans lined up against the far room.

"Oh No Sophie, I am fine" I said, really not wanting to stay in the large house for long. It kind of annoyed me, that she spent so much money on Sun simulators and an endless supply of humans at her call when other people were in so much need. "What is it that you wanted?"

"Oh, nothing really, I just wanted to talk to you about what your opinion is about the situation with Godric" She said.

This had me stumped "What?" I asked "What's wrong with Godric?"

She gasped "you don't know! Oh Nera! They silly boy has gotten himself kidnapped by the Fellow Ship of the Sun. Although, rumour has it, he went willingly."

"Are you sure of this?" I asked, standing.

She nodded "Yes... Eric contacted me in distress. I am surprised he did not try to get to you"

"I have changed my number since the last time I saw him. It would have been hard unless he sent someone after me. I am sorry Sophie, but I must go and visit him. Try to help him get Godric back. Where is Eric stationed at the moment?"

"Shreveport. He owns a bar there" She said, standing as I began to walk to the door. "Please visit on your way out Nera. It really has been so long"

"Of course Sophie, maybe I'll bring Godric with me" I replied, waving. "Be safe!" I called over my shoulder as I sprinted out of the mansion and towards Shreveport. It should not take long if I ran my fastest.

Let me map this out.

Nera was made about 3000 years ago by a vampire that is long gone. She is the strongest and most likely, oldest vampire alive.

She created Godric roughly 2000 years ago. He is the sheriff of Dallas.

Then she created Aisha about 1000 years ago. But Aisha has killed herself after losing her loved one, Anton.

Ali, a Village man was changed by Nera after Aisha almost drained him and felt bad. He was angry at Nera for destroying his life and after 100 years, the moment Nera released him from her command, he killed himself.

Sophie-Anne is Nera's youngest creation, being made only 900 years ago. She is the queen of Louisiana.

Godric and Sophie-Anne are Nera's only living creations.

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