Chapter thirteen

Knocking on my door brought me back from my stupor. I wasn't sure who the person who came in was or why they were talking to me. All I knew was that I wanted to be alone.

"Nera" The voice whispered, rather close to my ear.

I was confused now, more so than before. I knew several things.

Firstly; I was lying flat on the floor, naked and still wet from the shower I had left running.

Secondly; I have most likely stained Eric's carpet from my tears.

Thirdly; the person talking to me is a hallucination.

"Nera, please get dressed and meet me in the bedroom" The hallucination said to me, standing and walking out of the bathroom.

I stood, as he suggested I do, but then sat there on the edge of the bath after turning the water off and stared at the door. What had just happened?

I dressed quickly, after trying not to convince myself that the hallucination was real, and then stood by the door, my hand on the handle and paused.

Could he really be out there?

Could he still be alive?

An uneasy and suspenseful feeling grew inside me and I became nervous. I hadn't been nervous in a very long time but as I turned that handle and pulled that door open, the butterflies in my stomach were flying around in there like the speed of light.

They burst when I saw who was sitting on my bed.

There, dressed in his signature grey pants and grew sweater was my Godric. The boy I saw sick on the side of the road. The boy who didn't know his left from his right when I began teaching him maths and literacy. The boy who struggled to understand right from wrong. The boy who looked at me with his wide blue eyes with interest and amazement as I showed him how to glamour. The boy who asked for nothing more from me, but for my love.

The boy I hurt.

The boy I turned down.

The boy I broke.

The boy I loved.

"Godric" I whispered, tears threatening to fall as I stared at him.

He stood, approaching me. "Lets start again" He suggested.

I smiled, tears actually falling.

"Nera!" He said animatedly. "I have great news to tell you!"

"What?" I asked, my body aching to hold his, as I realised properly; he was really here. He was really still alive.

"I've found a girl" he dramatically whispered, a twinkle in his eye... one I hadn't seen in a very, very long time. "And I really really like her"

I laughed, wiping at my eyes. "Do I know her?" I asked, playing along.

He thought "You know her a bit"

"Well, are you going to approach her?"

"I'm thinking about it" He said thoughtfully. "What do you think I should do?"

I smiled, taking a hesitant step closer to him. He stayed where he was. "I think you should definitely tell her"

He grinned "What should I say?"

"The truth"

"Alright then" He whispered, taking a step closer and finally picking up my hands.

I felt a wash of calm fall over me.

"Nera" He said, continuing to edge closer to me. "I thought I had done everything there was for me to do. I had thought I wanted to end my life. You stopped that and I could never be more thankful"

I felt a tear fall again.

"I know I treated you horribly, and I know I was furious at you from stopping me from taking my life. But I realised, when I saw you let me go, that I wasn't ready... that we both weren't ready for the loss of each other"

He moved his hands to my cheeks. "I love you Nera. I always have and always will. Please spend the next thousands of years by my side... as my soul mate"

"No" I whispered.

His eyes widened and his hands fell.

I smirked.

"I won't spend it just as your soul mate" I said, taking his hands again. "I'm going to be your lover, your friend, your maker, your equal and your soul mate."

Then I kissed him.

And we were one.

The end.

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