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All I Want for My Birthday is My Nii-san

"You understand the plan?" Uchiha Madara asks under that orange swirly mask. He said nothing immediately. He only took closer steps to the door before grasping the handle and sliding it open. Madara sits at the meeting table, wondering if he'll get an answer from his relative or not. But before he stepped out of the room, he turns his head to look completely over his shoulder, his onyx black eyes endless and unreadable.

"Ah." Then he leaves with nothing more than that. As he walks back to his room down the hallway, he passes a calendar. He was just about to pass it completely when he stops and looks up at it.

Today is July 23.

Today is his sixteenth birthday.

The sun is setting.

Another day has gone by in the Konoha village and young Uchiha Sasuke awaits by the front door of his house. As his father is sitting at the eating table reading the newspaper after consuming another luscious meal by the lady of the house, Uchiha Mikoto. Uchiha Fugaku for now is relaxing with the Konoha daily news as Mikoto is cleaning up the remains of dinner and is preparing the final course of tonight's dinner. Earlier, she had prepared Sasuke's favorite; spaghetti with tomato sauce with chunky tomatoes, tossed greens with sliced tomatoes, and tomato soup. Her cooking is one of the best in the whole village but all during dinner, Sasuke wasn't enjoying it as much as he should be. For there was one member of the part who hasn't come home yet.

"Are you going on a mission, nii-san?" the little boy asks his older brother, watching him pack up.

Uchiha Itachi answers, "Yes. Hokage-sama gave me an important mission to retrieve a scroll from him in another country."

"Oh," the boy lets out, disappointed that his brother is leaving him again. "How long will you be gone?"

"At least six weeks."

Hearing that answer causes Sasuke's eyes to widen in shock and his body tenses up.

"But nii-san! It'll be your birthday soon. You're not going to stay home for your birthday?"

This time, Itachi turns around to face his little brother, already clad with his ANBU uniform, his worn out pack on the bed, and his mask resting next to it. On his face, he has the gentlest look he could possibly give. He was never good at relaxing with other people. Only with his little brother can he feel fully relaxed. A warm smile grace his lips and he approaches the upset little boy. Then like always, he pokes the boy's forehead with his middle and index finger. Sasuke winces from the poke before rubbing the spot on his forehead.

"Unfortunately, no," the older Uchiha answers. "But I'll be back for yours, otouto." Although his words were meant to comfort the distress boy, Sasuke didn't look the least bit reassured.

"It's not mine I care about, nii-san," he tells him, catching the Uchiha prodigy off guard. "Wouldn't you…I mean…won't your birthday be sad? What's the point of celebrating your birthday if you're going to celebrate it alone?"

Itachi stares at his little brother in silent surprise. The little boy's words were like long needles shot at him at his pressure points. They're simple and they cause more of an effect on him then they would on anyone else. But he is right. What's the point of celebrating it if you have no one to share it with?

"Besides…" Sasuke looks to the side with a hint of red on his cheeks as he mumbles, "I got you a birthday present."

Foolish little brother, he is. So foolish and yet so innocent and naïve. It's one of the qualities that Itachi likes best about him. Instead of a poke, his hand rests upon the boy's head and he strokes his fingers through the uncontrollable, natural spiky black hair. It made Sasuke look back at him in surprise of this new gesture of affection.

"Thank you, Sasuke. I'll accept it when I come back, okay? Will you hold on to it for me until then?" he asks. His little brother nods, the distress still on his face. "Although…" Itachi pulls his hand back and Sasuke looks at him with confusion and a slight amount of surprise. "Forgive me, Sasuke but I wasn't able to get you a birthday present. You're my little brother and yet it's very hard to find you a present. But I guess I can pick something up while I'm gone. Is there anything you want?"

Sasuke is in gaping surprise from his older brother's words. It wasn't that Itachi didn't get him a present yet or he's going to bring back a souvenir from a different country. It was out of he couldn't believe his brother didn't know what he wanted.

"All I want…"

He only mouthed those words with a slight breathe escaping his lips. The look in Itachi's eyes advice the boy to continue and Sasuke took a gulp, his cheeks deepen in color before telling him "All I want for my birthday is my nii-san." He took the older Uchiha off guard again. "I just want my nii-san to come back home safely. That's all."

Once again, that gentle, kind smile appears on his face again and he says, "Of course."

"Oh and nii-san!"


"When you come back, let's not celebrate my birthday. Let's celebrate our birthday."

"Our birthday?"

"Since you're not going to be home, I still want to celebrate it when you get back. It'll be our birthday, nii-san."

"Alright then. I'll be back on our birthday then, otouto."

That was the last discussion Sasuke had with his brother and now he waits for Itachi to come through the door, giving him that warm smile he always gives him. The young Uchiha has his back up against the wall and his arms hugging his legs up to his chest. He looks down at the floor, gazing at the Tatami mat below waiting and waiting.

"Sasuke!" his mother finally calls. He looks up at the hallway that leads to the kitchen and the dinning table as she tells him, "Your cake is ready. Come over here and blow out the candles so we can eat it, okay?"

Immediately, he answers, "No! I'm not going to celebrate my birthday without nii-san! Until he gets here, I don't have a birthday. My birthday is the day he comes home." Then things went quiet and Mikoto didn't call for him anymore. It would have been surprising to the boy that his father didn't come out and rant at him for disobeying his mother and yelling back at her. But right now, his attention is on the front door, ready to jump on his brother as soon as he opens the door.

The hours pass and the door never opened. It didn't take long till Sasuke was going in and out of sleep. He may have just turned seven but he was six years old only twenty four hours ago. Mikoto had to carry him to his bed, much to his small whining. Fugaku would also have thrown a fit if it weren't for the death glare given to him by his wife. Mikoto got him ready for bed and tucked him into bed.

"I know you said that you're birthday isn't until Itachi returns him but I still want to wish you a happy birthday, sweetie." Then she gives him a Happy Birthday kiss on his head and gently pets his hair. "Good night, little one." Then she goes to leave him to rest for another day of ninja training from the Academy tomorrow. But as her smile still beamed at him until she closed the door behind her, Sasuke has a very sad frown on his face. He became very tempted to just start crying right there right then, but he doesn't want to look all blood-shot when his brother comes home…if he comes home.

No! He can't think like that. His older brother is one of the strongest ninjas in the Konoha village. There is no way he can die and leave his little brother behind. He'll come home and when he does, both him and Sasuke will celebrate their birthdays together just like they planned. Although, Itachi does make the habit of making plans with his little brother, only to poke the boy in the forehead and apologize before saying perhaps some other time. Somehow, the odds that he would come home at all didn't look good. Still, the young Uchiha child refuses to believe that his brother could be killed that easily. He was just delayed and will return in the morning.

But that would be breaking what he told Sasuke earlier about being home for his birthday.

Some more hours later as Sasuke is fast asleep on his bed, he feels something warm and gentle caressing his hair. He opens his eyes slightly from the touch and his mind is so tired from sleep and stress that he didn't bother to try and look to see who's petting his hair. He was in a daze while trying to blink the sleep from his eyes.

"You're so adorable when you sleep, otouto."

That voice! That honorific!

Sasuke instantly jumps up into a sitting position, completely awake now, and he stares gapingly at his older brother who's kneeling before his futon bed with a dirty ANBU uniform on and the warm smile the boy hasn't seen in weeks. Itachi doesn't appear surprise or startled by Sasuke's sudden movement. In fact, his smile becomes more tender and warm. Sasuke's little body fills up with joy and relief at the sight of the Uchiha prodigy.

"Nii-san!" The younger Uchiha brother literally jumps on his brother's chest, his arms clinging on to him like a Koala. Probably from still being excited from the mission, Sasuke felt Itachi's body tense from the sudden action but soon relaxes and holds him back to return the hug. But right now, Sasuke has a genuinely happy smile on his face as he snuggles closer to his brother. "Welcome home!"

The Uchiha prodigy lets a small chuckle escape his lips before saying, "I'm back. I told you I would." Being reminded of that causes the once overjoyed little boy to push away from his older brother to show his adorable, angry face.

"But you're late, nii-san! The 23rd was yesterday!"

Now the older boy is looking at the younger one like he's a silly child. "Check again, Sasuke." Curious, Sasuke looks to the digital clock that's not too far away from them and he sees that it's ten minutes before midnight. It's still the 23rd of July. His brother made it in time, but barely. "There is no possible way I can ever miss our birthday, otouto."

Now pouting at his loss and Itachi laughing at his adorable attempt to be angry, Sasuke looks back at his brother and asks, "But nii-san, what took you so long? I thought you wouldn't make it."

As a way to comfort him, Itachi pulls the boy closer so that the boy's head is leaning against his shoulder and his chin rests on top of Sasuke's head. "The mission appeared to have been more difficult than we anticipated. They were expecting us but we completed the mission none the less. That and I got you a present."

"A present?" Sasuke asks, now confused. "But I told you that all I wanted for my birthday was for you to come back home safely."

"I know, but wait." Itachi lets one arm release his little brother and from what he can see, Sasuke sees Itachi going to his worn out and ready-to-fall-apart pack to take what he thought the plumpest red tomato he has ever seen. Itachi presents the fruit in front of his little brother as the young boy's eyes are big and round and stunned beyond belief. "On the way back, I saw this wild tomato plant and I thought of you since tomatoes are your favorite food. I was trying to find the biggest one just for you." He passes the red fruit to Sasuke's wanting hands and the boy is still stunned by it as if it were the world's biggest diamond. The expression on his face almost made Itachi want to laugh. Then he whispers, "Where's my present?"

Hearing that question brought Sasuke back to reality.

"Oh yeah!" He places the fruit on the side of the bed for now and he crawls over to a floor board besides the bed. He starts knocking on the wood, checking the sound. "Now where did I put it…" Itachi watches as Sasuke checks every board for a hollow sound. His little brother is adorable in everything he does in every way. Finally finding it, several boards away from the bed, Sasuke lifts up the board and reaches his hand inside to find his brother's present. He takes out a wrapped cube shape gift and his face brightens up in joy of seeing it untouched from any rats or anything that might have been under the floor board. He replaces the board and presents the present to his now thirteen year old brother. "Happy Birthday, nii-san!"

Before the newly turned teenager, Itachi sees a cube box wrapped in red wrapping paper with white ribbons tied around it. The paper doesn't look really neat and the ribbon is a little loose but Itachi can only imagine what Sasuke had to go through to get it right; how much stress to get it perfect and how much paper and ribbon he probably wasted to get to how it looks now. It really made Itachi want to laugh but he doesn't want to upset his little brother anymore than he already has. Besides, that happy, full of sunshine face Sasuke has right now is too lovable for him to wipe away with his laughter. He accepts the gift without a sound.

"Thank you, otouto."

Now the little boy is practically jumping up and down from where he sits as he tells his brother, "Open it! Open it!" After this, there is no possible way Sasuke can go to sleep. He's so excited right now, he makes that one blond kid in his class look like the calmer one. So Itachi unwraps it, only to lose his smile in gaping surprise. In the prodigy's hands right now is a handmade pack. A perfect replacement for his old one. "We were leaning about the different compartments of our ninja packs and I noticed how worn out your other one is and I didn't want it to break while you're on a mission," Sasuke explains. "Mom tried to help but I wanted to make the pack by myself for your birthday. Although…" The boy pouts again as his little finger goes to one corner of the pack to where a small bit of fabric is sticking out from being unstitched. It's not a serious mistake and the pack will last but it was just one small part of the pack that's a little deformed. "…there's this one mistake."

At this moment, Itachi doesn't even care if the whole thing was mutli-colored. His little brother made this for him with his own hands. Being able to make a ninja pack, especially for a child, is not an easy job. Sasuke must have studied tons of books to get the blueprints and then comes the making of pack. What other people don't know, or usually don't really care to know, is that Sasuke is better at home economics stuff than Itachi is. His attempt to try and sew up a tear from battle on his shirt would look worst than it originally did. Sasuke, for sure, would make it look as if there was never a tear to begin with.

"Nii-san?" the boy calls, getting the older one's attention away from the pack. The boy looks nervous as he asks, "Do you…not like it?" Must have assumed that from Itachi's silence. The older brother takes a moment to fully get over his astonishment from the pack before smiling back at his little brother.

"No, I love it," he says, taking the boy back into his arms. "Thank you so much, otouto." A joyful smile appears on the boy's lips and he hugs his nii-san back in his happiness.

"Happy Birthday, nii-san."

"Happy Birthday, otouto."

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