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Three years later…

Sasuke walks all the way to his room, ignoring the loud chatter of his team talking amongst themselves. Even when Suigetsu noticed him and calls him over, he didn't listen. He just kept walking, ignoring them as if they didn't exist. He wasn't rushing but he just wanted to get into his room and stay there for a long deserved rest. He needs to heal his wounds from the battle between himself and Itachi and he's going to need his strength for the hunting of the Hachibi Jinchuriki tomorrow.


"Sorry, Sasuke. This is the last time."

His words still ring within the Konoha's missing-nin's head. Ever since Madara told him the truth, he's been feeling terrible. Practically completely contaminated and filthy for what he's done. He no longer feels like the once innocent, naïve little boy his brother used to know so long ago. Even if someone were to tell him otherwise, he wouldn't believe them. Even if that person was his own brother. That little boy is long gone now. But it wouldn't matter anymore. He's dead. Gone. Forever.

Even back then, as Sasuke was also walking through memory lane on all of his past birthdays, Itachi cared about him. Why else would he have come back on his seventh birthday as promised or even on his thirteenth birthday when he finally became a teenager? It's a shame though that he's going to be here for his sweet sixteen birthday. But that's just it. He's never going to visit Sasuke for another birthday – another chance to not only celebrate his little brother's birthday but their birthday. What's amazing though is that despite his wishes for Sasuke to completely and utterly despise him so that he could kill him, Itachi still took the chance to see him after he left the village even if it could have jeopardized everything that he worked for. Everything that would lead to his absolute death.

But why him?

Why burden his little brother to carry out of the duty of ending his life?

Because there is no one in this world who Itachi would rather have to end his life than his own little brother. The little boy that he was able to spare from the Uchiha massacre. Many have told the young shinobi that he was lucky to be alive but he the way he sees it, he was better off dead because at least then, there would have been no pain. Not like this.

When the youngest member of the Uchiha clan finally reaches his room, he closes his eyes first before sliding his door open and closing it behind him when he entered. He locks his door to make sure no one could get in and he opens his eyes, only for his new Mangekyo Sharingan to be activated.

To take the life of someone precious to you. That's how you retrieve it. Maybe his clan really is curse. What vile, despicable monsters would take the life of their best friend or someone close to their own hearts? The Uchiha brothers, that's who. Itachi who took the life of Uchiha Shisui, his best friend and an older brother figure, and Sasuke who took the life of his own brother and the love of his life.

When he opens his eyes, he sees black feathers falling and the first one he sees lands in his hand. He knows that this is a waste of his chakra and it's a wasted chance of using the Mangekyo Sharingan. He would go blind before his time if he makes illusions like this but it's his birthday so he can do what he wants.


It's not his birthday.

It's their birthday.

After the black feather lands in the palm of his hand, many more scatter around him as if someone threw black feathers in the air to rain on him or he just scared off a whole flock of crows. He looks up from the feather and there sitting on his bed is his brother, Itachi. He sits there, looking outside the window as if waiting for his baby brother to come back for a long period of time and decided to keep the scenery outside to distract him while he waits.

The moon is full and Sasuke was just staring at it not too long ago, thinking about the memories he tried to suppress and forget about long ago. One memory was when he saw his brother cry and it happened shortly after Sasuke activated his sharingan and attacked his brother. Though at the time, he didn't see him as his brother. He saw him as the man who killed all that he loved. The one who took everything from him. He didn't realize at that time that it was his brother, rather he liked it or not, and he was in pain.

Acting like he just noticed he came back, Itachi pulls his attention away from the moon and to his baby brother. Then he smiles and asks for the boy's hand. "Come here, Sasuke."

So what if this is an illusion. He's here right now and it's July twenty-six.

Sasuke approaches the illusion he created of his brother and he gives him his hand. Itachi pulls him close so that they're both on the bed, his own back now up against the wall and his legs on the bed as Sasuke crawling in front of him on the bed. Their hands never parting and Itachi's smile never wavering while their gazes are still locked on each other. Then Itachi's other hand reaches for Sasuke's face and gently traces his fingertips on the boy's cheek as he leans closer.


Then their lips met. It only became a simple, chaste kiss. No sexual passion or anything to do with lust and desire. Just the undying love between two brothers that no one on this cursed, green earth could ever understand or accept. But to Sasuke, he knows that this kiss is nothing compared to the real thing. This is just a cheap imitation while the real kiss would have made him turn completely into goo and made him bend to Itachi's every will despite his own. This one only makes him feel at peace that he's at least with the one he loves most in this world. It's only missing the spark and the true excitement he remembers so well when he first kissed his brother.

When the kiss ended, Sasuke leans his head against his brother's chest so that Itachi's chin is pressed against the top of his head and the boy's Mangekyo Sharingan eyes are hidden from his brother's view. 'I know this is only an illusion. I know this and yet…I wish…'

"Forgive me, Sasuke," he hears the illusion apologize. Sasuke looks up at his brother and he feels that hand still lingering on his cheek, gently caressing it in a loving gesture. The man's smile looks slightly embarrassed as he says, "I wasn't able to get you your favorite fruit this time but is there anything else that you want? It is, after all, our birthday."

It maybe Sasuke's and Itachi's birthday today but not this illusion's birthday. Still…allowing this charade to go on in replace of the real thing is better than nothing and it wouldn't make things worse than they already are, right?

"What about you?" he asks. Now the illusion is looking at him as if he were a silly child again.

"It doesn't have to be anything physical." His hand moves to the back of Sasuke's head and he pulls the boy to his chest, holding him close in a gentle embrace. "This one night is all I want for my birthday."

This one night, huh?

It's amazing that Sasuke is even allowing this illusion to say the same words the real Itachi said the second time they celebrated their birthday together. But like the illusion said. This one night is all the chidori user wishes for his birthday as well.

"Then just stay here with me, nii-san," Sasuke says, completely relaxing in his brother's arms. His other hand reaches for Itachi's sleeve and clings to it, keeping him close. A true and genuine smile, so similar to the one he had the time before he passed out from their one and only sexual contact, and he whispers, "All I want for my birthday is my nii-san. I've missed you so much. Aishiteru." The last part was something he wished for more than anything to say to his real brother before he died. He regrets never telling him before but now, even if it's an illusion, he feels a lot better telling him. Now he is at peace.

But unnoticed to him, the illusion Itachi has his satin black eyes filled with a trace of their own tragedy. They're so sad and so full of regret. While still holding onto the boy and still holding his hand, his grip tightens. Sasuke thought it was that he wished for his brother to hold him close and tight, never letting go. But Itachi is holding on to him out of desperation to get as much as he can from this one moment before he disappears for good.

"Aishiteru, Sasuke. Happy Birthday." His lips give a kiss on the top of Sasuke's head and the boy's cheeks gain a small bit of red from the short brief of happiness of this one moment.

"Happy Birthday, nii-san."

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