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Okay so this is written kinda like a snapshot, you don't have the whole back story on their relationship but it's pretty basic: they've been together for a while (6 months or so). It started like normal, they hated each other and fought all the time but that fighting turned to flirtatious bickering which turned that hate to love.

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Her jacket and purse dropped to the floor with a soft thud as she came across a scene she'd desperately hoped to never see.

"What the hell is going on here?" Bonnie said, her quiet voice cutting through the sexually charged atmosphere of the room. His arms were wrapped around her snowy white petite waist, his hands snaking up her back to the clip of her hot pink push-up bra. One of the girls' hands was half inside the waist band of his pants as she pulled down the zipper with the other.

Damon and the blonde detached their lips from one another and turned to look at her in shock, Damon hastily doing up his pants as he did so.

"It's not what it looks-" he began, but Bonnie cut him off.

"I don't want to hear it," she replied, holding her hand up at him.

"Who's she?" the blonde asked him with a pout.

"His ex-girlfriend," Bonnie said, picking up her coat and purse from where she'd dropped them in shock when she'd come in.

Damon turned to the blonde, "Get out," he snarled, not bothering to use compulsion, the dark rage radiating off him was enough to scare the girl away. He didn't even bother to hand her her shirt as she fled the room.

Bonnie turned to follow the girl but Damon was by her side in a second with her wrist in his iron grip, "Bonnie wait."

"No," she said turning to face him. "I have nothing to say to you."

"Please let me explain," he pleaded.

"There is nothing to explain Damon. You are an ass and you have always been an ass, I don't know what I was doing thinking I could change that."

"You can-you did change that!"

"Let me go," she said, glaring at him. When he didn't comply she shot a jolt of electricity through her wrist and into him causing him to jump back a step and release his hold on her.

"Ow. What the fuck?" he yelped.

But it had achieved what she'd wanted. She ran out of his room, glad she'd been able to learn how to teleport as she found herself no longer running down the Salvatore hallway but in her own bedroom. She ran a hand through her hair as the tears threatened to fall. She brushed them away and rushed through her house locking all the windows and doors and closing the curtains tightly. It was a futile gesture, she knew that if he wanted to get in, he could, she'd gladly invited him into bother her home and her heart, but it made her feel better all the same.

She was lying on her bed curled up around a pillow, giving herself the opportunity to cry, though no tears came. She was facing away from the curtained and, for the first time since she'd invited him in 6 months ago, locked window, when she heard him tapping on the glass.

"Go away!" she yelled.

"No," he replied through the glass. "Let me in, Bonnie. You know I can get in anyway," he added pointedly.

"I know," she whispered but otherwise ignoring him.

A few seconds later she heard him force her window open and push the curtains aside as he climbed through.

"I said 'go away'."

"No. I won't. Not until you let me explain."

"What can you possibly say to make this better Damon?" she asked, rounding on him. Surprised to see he was shirtless despite the cold outside. "What explanation is there that'll make this go away? What twisted lie have you concocted this time to get yourself out of trouble?"

"I wasn't going to sleep with her; it wasn't what it looked like I was-"

"Don't bullshit me, Damon. I saw you, besides your fly's still undone."

He looked down, quickly doing up the zipper.

"Now. Get. Out." She punctuated each word with a pause and the air crackled with the angry power that was building up inside her. "Elena and Stefan were right when they called us the 'power couple', my power is a match to yours Damon so get the hell out before I throw you out!"

"I'd like to see you try," he shot back as he stepped towards her, his canines lengthening.

She held up her hand immobilising him where he stood. "Get out."

"You promised me you'd never leave me!"

"I didn't leave you, Damon, you left me!"

With that he turned and jumped out of her window. And she crumpled to the floor, finally in tears.

That was how Elena found her the next day, exhausted, dried tears on her cheeks as she lay curled up on the floor, finally asleep. Stefan, however, did not find his brother and was beginning to get worried that he hadn't come home the night before. He left the boarding house to drop by Bonnie's to check if he was with her, assuming his brother had just spent the night with his girlfriend. Stefan smiled, as he approached the door, the way things were now were pretty close to perfect, he and Damon were brothers again, both of them finally happy. His smile faltered when he saw the door was open and he stepped across the threshold worriedly, climbing the stairs in a blur to reach Bonnie's room. What he found there shattered his new outlook on life. Bonnie sobbing on the floor of her room, Elena with her arms wrapped around her best friend doing her best to comfort her as tears fell down her own cheeks. Elena stared at Stefan imploringly as he stood in the doorway 'I don't understand!' her eyes screamed at him.

Neither do I, he thought as he once again tried, yet again, to contact his brother, his cell phone pressed to his ear.

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