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Ziva David looked at her reflection in the mirror. McGee was right: she had been avoiding Tony, and especially after what had happened between them, she really did owe him a thank-you, to say the least.

Tony. She could not even begin to describe him. A funny, charming, movie-loving, brave, handsome, womanising prankster who was one of the best investigators she had come across. And although had had a few bad qualities, Ziva cherished the relationship they had before. She wanted more than anything to have that back, and she knew it was up to her.

Breathing deeply, she turned to exit the ladies room and jumped when she saw him enter. The two were making a habit of going into the wrong bathrooms on purpose. They did, however, serve well as places to talk.

"What are you doing in here?" she snapped.

Tony clicked his tongue. "I sensed you wanted to talk about something."

"Your senses are correct." Her voice was softer now, and she was not looking directly at him.

"OK, you talk and I will listen."

Ziva took another deep breath, and then began. She told him how he had been right. How none of it mattered anymore and that she had always been there for her. Then, she placed one slim hand on his cheek, stood on her tiptoes and planted a gentle kiss on the side of his face.

"Your instincts were right," she continued. "You were a cop and—" she stopped. She had become lost in his sparkling green eyes, which were looking right into hers, so deeply that he must have seen all the way into her soul.

Ziva knew what was about to happen, and didn't stop it, didn't think about it, didn't hesitate. For once, she just let something happen, and it felt good do not think constantly about the consequences of everything.

Tony leaned down to return the kiss, but this time on her soft lips. Both of them closed their eyes and held each other tightly. They knew this was all they would ever have. They knew that things would be different when they let go. Had they had the option, they might have stayed there, clinging to each other for much longer, but they was a noise and well, you can take the girl out of Mossad but you can't take the Mossad out of the girl. The noise, mysterious and ever so quiet, made Ziva turn around, clearly paranoid someone would see them. Seeing nothing, she looked at Tony again, but only for a second, and then ran back outside, leaving him by himself in the women's bathroom.

He touched the place where he had felt her lips caressing his, the place on his cheek where her eyelashes had batted against his cheek, leaving tiny streaks of mascara on his skin. He tried to replay that precious moment inside his mind, savouring every second of it that he had to cherish, and knew he had to hold on to that memory. Then he too returned to work, not looking Ziva in the eye for a few hours. It was complicated.

As soon as Tony had left, Abby Sciuto had practically jumped out of her bathroom cubicle and punched the air in victory, her pigtails swishing back and forth. Tony and Ziva had kissed; this was good, for sure. But what was even better was that she had taped the whole thing on her cell phone.

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