And that was their life for the next month. Every night they spent together was different, but still as fulfilling as the last. They forgave Abby and McGee for the video and told them it was no big deal. They wanted to tell the truth but if they knew, it wouldn't be long before Gibbs knew either.

One dark morning, very early, the ring of a cell phone interrupted Tony and Ziva's comfortable peace. They both groaned, not wanting to move.

"Whose is it?" Ziva asked, yawning.

"Yours," he replied instantly. She sighed and climbed over to the nightstand.

"David," she answered tiredly.

"Ziva," Gibbs' voice came through the speaker. He sounded a little surprised, and there was a silence. Because of her tiredness, Ziva's patience was not as long-lasting as usual.

"What is the problem, Gibbs? Where do you need me to be right now? What can I do?"

"Well, we got a dead marine in a parking lot in Charlottesville, for one."

"I will be there right away, Gibbs. Send me the coordinates."

"And bring DiNozzo with you," he added.

Ziva gulped, choosing her words carefully. "I will call Tony and have him meet us there."

"I called his cell, Ziva." She froze. Those words made her blood run cold. "Tell you what," Gibbs continued. "Put the phone on speaker."

Ziva did as she was told, flashing Tony a 'we are so busted' look.

"DiNozzo," Gibbs said simply.

"Boss," he replied, pretending nothing was wrong, and poorly.

"What's Rule 12?"

"Never date a co-worker, Boss."

"Great. You know it, so tell me this DiNozzo, why are you breaking it?" For a man who should have been furious, he sounded awfully calm.

Tony bit his lip, and in an act of bravery and fear at the same time, he hung up the phone.

A few silent minutes passed and then Ziva received a text with some GPS coordinates and a message:

I expect you BOTH here and CLEAN in half an hour!

Both of them rushed to the shower, taking turns of course, they couldn't have any distractions, and then raced to the scene of the crime. Tony let Ziva drive to save time. Gibbs greeted them both with death glares upon their arrival. They raced to get their gear out of the car and began work immediately.

"Why's Gibbs so pissed at you two?" McGee asked curiously.

"Long story."

"Give me the abridged version."

"No! Get back to work, McCurious."

Later that day...

"The reason I have Rule 12 is mainly so that if things don't work out, the team can still solve crimes to the best of their ability. However, considering McGee and Abby are ex's and they are one of the best crime fighting teams out there, I don't believe that generalisation applies to everyone, as it will not to you two."

"I'm lost," Tony replied. Ziva elbowed him in the ribs.

"What I'm saying is, I'll take away Rule 12 but I am gonna add some more. For example," he counted each rule with his fingers. "No funny business in the office and...don't get married. Been there, done that."

"Gibbs, we apologise for not telling you," Ziva told him. "We thought you would react more harshly."

"Mm. Well, we have a killer to catch. Back to work, love birds."

They grinned at each other. A compromise. This could work.