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Prologue: Newspapers

The news was easy to find. It was splashed all over every paper, whispered about in every villainous hang-out. Gossip magazines proclaimed it, and it was even mentioned on the news. It was the largest thing that had happened among the super-hero community since Tokyo.

All of the Titans had been called back to base. Every single teenaged hero was now staying in the big T that stood in the middle of Jump City.

And of course it caught her eye.

There had been no official announcement of course; no need to tell every villain on Earth that they had temporarily abandoned their stations. But everyone knew anyway. She would just have to hope that no one struck; that would inconvenience her plans. Most villains wouldn't want all of the Titans in one big clump: as a group, they could be dangerous. She didn't really doubt that, but she did doubt the team. They were teenagers after all. Hormones still ruled, whether or not you were assigned to protecting a city. The pictures of Robin and Starfire together that had been splashed all over the magazines was proof enough. A smirk traveled up the girl's face. Her plan would work. Probably even better than before. She loved it when the 'good-guys' did something that helped.

Her eyes drifted to the photos attached
to the article in the newspaper, which discussed the possibility of a Titan
Reunion. Evidence ranged from a cancellation of a Titans East public appearance, reports of Kid Flash flirting with the Mayor of Jump City's daughter, and blurry photographs that apparently were Aqualad swimming off the nearby coast. None of these necessarily added up to anything, but the public ate it up.

She folded up the paper, and slipped it in her bag. She would have liked to finish the article, but the sight of a teenage girl reading a newspaper, particularly the News section of the Jump City Daily, was not a common sight. Most girls would have eagerly satisfied themselves with lower forms of literature. But she wasn't exactly normal.

"Come on," she whispered, starting down the streets, down to one of the city's most famous landmarks and tourist attractions. She shook her head to herself. Super-heroes meant super-villains. Why hadn't anyone caught on? If civilians had any sense, they would flee this city before the Titans had collapsed.

Which, if she had anything to say about it, would be very soon.

Her smirk growing a little bit, she suddenly swung her elbow out. Her sharp joint connected with the stomach of a red-haired girl, who cried out in pain and doubled over, clutching her middle, and the girl quickly left the scene, leaving the red-haired girl cursing under her breath.

She got back up slowly; it had been more shock than pain that had caused her to shout. Two of her friends suddenly arrived at her elbows, helping her straighten.

"Bitch," one of them muttered, glaring at the retreating figure that was the brunette attacker.

The other girl nodded in agreement. "We'll get her back, don't worry," she said darkly.

"I don't really care-" began the red-haired girl, leaning over to retrieve the shopping bags that she had been carrying.

"We do," interrupted the first girl, "Do you know her?"

"No, Liz," replied the red-head with a sigh, looking towards the area where the brown haired girl was.

"Bet she goes to that snotty school of Seventh," said her other friend knowledgably, "The one with the uniforms."

"The one I transferred from?" said the red-head with a raised eyebrow.

"Sorry, Dana! But you know it's true," complained Liz, clearly starting up an old argument.

"Come one," said the other girl, "Let's go to my place. Mom's making pizza."

With that, the girls scurried off, forgetting the dark-haired girl.

What Dana hadn't told her friends was that just before the girl had disappeared into the crowd, she had seen something. A figure, tall and ghost-like, almost invisible, standing right behind the girl. She hadn't mentioned it because when she blinked, it was gone.

And anyways, things like that were never real.

Meanwhile, in the middle of Jump City bay, in the middle of the main room of Titans' Tower, a certain boy wonder stood on a couch.

"Order! Order!" he shouted, in a desperate attempt to be heard over him numerous comrades, all of whom seemed intent on drowning him out by speaking as loud as they could.

"Please listen to me!" he pleaded, noticing that not even Starfire, who was busy in a conversation with Red Star, was listening. Only a few people had noticed his dilemma, and most of them were too busy laughing at the sight to do anything.

"QUIET!" Jinx yelled. Silence fell.

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