I can't believe what's happened! I don't know if it is luck or fate and right now I don't much mind which. I'm to leave Sanctaphrax! I thought I would never want to leave here, and I shall be sad to leave behind some of the bark scrolls I won't be able to carry but I do intend to take most of them with me of course.

It's going to be such an adventure! That friend of the professor's was Twig the great sky pirate that saved us from the tyranny of Vilnix Pompolnius, and now I am to leave Sanctaphrax with him and help him to locate his missing crew! I've never felt so excited or nervous in my whole life, I can't wait to get out of Sanctaphrax and leave all these petty bullies behind. I'm hoping our journey will take us to the Deepwoods, I can't imagine what it will feel like to go to the home of Kobold the Wise. I almost can't stand the thought of someone as lowly as me being able to get as close to Ancient Riverrise as the Deepwoods themselves! Then again I've not left the city much before. I so hope we don't run into any trouble. I don't know what I'm going to do if we run into any danger. I mustn't think like that though! I must try to stay positive or I will never leave this place.

I was right to say that professor Twig was no idiot. He's the most brave and intelligent man I've ever met! I can't believe how amazing he is that he would give up a place in this city to go and search all over the edge to find his missing crew. He's such a good person, he saved me from Vox when he caught me after I threw my hot soup at him by accident. Sky knows what would have happened if professor Twig hadn't told him to lay off me.

That night I snuck out to the refectory, I thought I was done for. Vox found me and tried to hurt me again. Even now I'm still not used to how violent he can be. Luckily for me my soup landed on his face. Ha! I may have been scared but I was still a little proud at being able to finally hurt him back. I'm glad he got what was coming to him.

That night was so odd though. When I left the refectory I thought I was done for but I saw professor Twig outside and he looked as though he was going to kill himself by jumping off the walkway! My heart leapt right into my throat and I just grabbed him by instinct. I'm so glad I have the honour of being able to help professor Twig. I think even professor Twig himself was delighted that I had acted so out of order just this once by interfering with the business of an academic such as himself. Well, he must be. He took me on as his apprentice. Can you imagine? Me! An apprentice to such a great man! It seemed his arrival at Sanctaphrax and the odd state he was in have been forgotten. He says he can't remember anything at all. I couldn't even begin to imagine how that must feel. He says the only thing he can remember is sailing into open Sky! What a thing to do. Just testament to how brave he is.

Thanks to my saving his life the other night during that horrible storm and him making me his apprentice he has chosen me to go with him to search for his crew! I'm so excited for so many reasons, not least that I will get to stay with Twig for longer this way. How could someone not want to be around such an inspiration? Hopefully I can learn a lot about wherever we travel too. Maybe even I can achieve such a high accolade as to write a bark scroll! One thing is for sure, I shall be keeping up this diary. Things are already very interesting but now I can use it to remember every part of the adventure we're going to have as well! This diary will be my record of all we do together and everything we discover, not merely a way to remember my old life! I shall make sure this diary get's put to good use recording all the fantastic things we see, all the adventures we have saving professor Twig's crew, and of course, recording all the amazing things that professor Twig will manage along the way!