This story is just something I have had in my head for a while. When I get fustrated with season 3 I think about it.

I do not own Chuck, and I dont own tickets to San Diego for SDCC, im more torn up about the latter.

Daniel Shaw lifted up the hatch to freedom. It had taken several months to figure out the best escape route out of the prison. I will have my revenge thought Daniel as he jogged away from the secret tunnel, and the prison that he had been in. Daniel kept moving for fifteen to twenty minutes.

At this point, he had to stop. He had to catch his breath. That's when he heard the sound. It was a deep rumbling sound. When he turned around, the last thing he saw were the treads of an Abraham's tank right before it ran him over.

Faintly, in the distance, you could hear Sarah Walker tell John Casey." Thanks for the tank"


For those of you interested, because of the fantastic resonse I got yesterday Chapter 4 of Heritage is being expanded.