As silent as the grave by planet p

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From his bedroom window, the little boy watched the flames that had engulfed the house across the street lick ever higher into the night sky, illuminating the surrounding houses and emergency services vehicles that had gathered, their sirens blaring colourfully but as silent as the dead.

His best friend lived in that house.

Pressing his nose almost up against the cold, solid glass of his bedroom window, the little boy watched the emergency services people hurry about outside, the fire brigade fighting their hardest to extinguish the flames.

If he tried really, really hard, the little boy thought he could feel the fire's heat on his face, on his cheeks.

A sniffle from the direction of the doorway caught the little boy's ears, and he turned slowly from the sight of the fire trucks to find his mother standing just inside his bedroom door, tears streaking down her face soundlessly even as he watched. When she spoke, her voice was hard to make out. She was trying her very best not to allow her tears into her voice, not to allow her voice to waver, he could tell.

"Lieveling, I have something very important to tell you."

She needn't have said anything after that, because suddenly he already knew what she had come to tell him.

His best friend had been taken by the fire and the flames, into the night. He was dead.