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Soon after Metella left Rose came into the room, "How's she doing?" Rose asked Donna softly.

"Better, but you should take a look at this." Donna reached forward and carefully lifted Evelinas arm to show Rose. Rose frowned and reached forward lightly touching the grey patch acting as a large bracelet covering part of her arm.

"Is that...?" Rose trailed off looking at Donna questionably. "It can't be...that's impossible. Although nothings impossible...just unlikely."

"Stone? I think so."

"Damn...that's...she''s..." Rose paused and took a breath, "She turning to stone."

Before Rose or Donna could do anything, Evelina woke up, she starred at the woman for a moment, "Miss Noble, Miss Tyler, I'm sorry."

Donna waved away her apology, "No worries love. Not your fault. God's speaking through ya and such."

"Yeah don't worry about it, learnt a few new things about my men."

"Your men?" Evelina asked confused, "You own them like sla-"

"Woah, no." Rose quickly backtracked, "Figure of speech. Although the Doctor is my..." Rose trailed off once again unsure what the Doctor is to her.

"Boyfriend?" Donna asked with a ghost of a smile on her lips.

"I don't know...I guess but the Doctor doesn't do titles...though his name is his title."

"I guess so." Rose returned Donna smile.

"Would you like some clothes, a new toga so you can fit in a bit more?" Evelina asked suddenly changing the subject.

"Yeah alright. What you got for me?" Evelina slowly stood with the help of Donna and opened a small box reminding Rose of a treasure chest, she pulled out some clothes and handed Donna a long purple toga and Rose a red one.

"Try these."

Both women quickly got changed and spun around to show Evelina. Evelina chuckled.

"You're not meant to laugh!" Donna complained but was happy to see the girl laughing and relaxed.

"Thanks!" Rose grinned and she looked down at herself and wondered if they had any mirrors.

"What'd think, Goodness Venus?" Donna asked twirling once more.

"That's sacrilege!" Evelina scolded but she laughed as she spoke. Donna and Rose grinned at each other.

"Nice to see you laugh though." Donna said and Rose agreed sitting down next to Evelina. "What do you do in ol' Pompeii then?" Donna asked sitting on her other side.

"Got any friends?" Rose asked.

Evelina lightly shook her head, "I am promised to the sisterhood for the rest of my life."

"Do you get any choice in that?" Donna asked, Rose could sense Donna's anger and felt it herself. "The poor girl, she could act like a proper teenager but instead she has to be some strange soothsayer!"

"It's not my decision, the sisters chose for me. I have the gift of sight." Evelina didn't sound proud she just sounded like she had accepted that she had to live like this.

"Don't you see anything happening tomorrow?" Rose asked curiously.

"Is tomorrow special?" Evelina asked with a slightly laugh in her voice, Rose smiled and shrugged.

"You tell me."

Evelina closed her eyes, "The sun will rise the sun will set, nothing special at all." She told them shaking her head and smiling.

Rose and Donna exchanged a look, "Well we've got a new prophecy for ya." Rose began; Evelina shook her head and place her hands over her eyes. On the back of each hand was a large eye, Rose was unsure if it was drawn on or grew along with the stone arm.

"Evelina I'm sorry but you've got to hear us out." Donna insisted thinking that Evelina was using the 'I can't see her she can't see me' approach. "Evelina can you hear me? Listen."

"There is only one prophecy."

Rose and Donna both stood in front of Evelina but knelt down slightly. "Evelina, tomorrow we know what's going to happen." Rose explained, "You saw that we're from far way, that's the future! And we learnt about tomorrow in school. Tomorrow the mountain is going to blow up; clouds of ash will fill the air. Tones of ash and rocks."

"The town will be buried." Donna added.

"That's not true!" Evelina almost yelled.

"I'm sorry." Donna said. "We're really sorry, but everyone's gonna die."

"I understand she doesn't want to believe us, but she should know...she can see the future, why can't she see this?"

"Get out of town for one day, if I'm wrong come back. But you'll see that we're not wrong." Rose insisted but Evelina shook her head.

"This is false prophecy!" Evelina removed her hands from her eyes and glared up at Rose and Donna.

*******************DOCTOR WHO********************

They walked out into the empty street, lit only by torches, following Quintus, it was a 5 minute walk and they walked in silence, the Doctor and Jack glanced behind them every so often, they both felt like they were being followed. They shared a look and nodded, knowing what the other was thinking. "Something's wrong here, but what?"

They finally rounded a corner and Quintus looked worried, "Don't tell my dad." The Doctor took a small run and lunges onto a barrel as silently as a cat, Jack was impressed. The Doctor pulled open the small wooden door keeping the wind out the house. It creaked as it opened and as the Doctor climbed inside he looked around, no one was there.

"Long as you don't tell mine." The Doctor said as he climbed in. "Pass me that torch." The Doctor reached out and took it from Quintus; he climbed off the windowsill to make space for Jack and Quintus if he wanted to. It was nice marble flooring, a hypocaust sat in the middle of the room steam floating out. The Doctor walked into the room properly and heard Jack then Quintus step through. The Doctor walked around the room looking at the small statues and touching the walls as if looking for a secret passage way, Jack did the same going the other way until they met in the middle right by a light pink sheet hiding something, they glanced at each other before the Doctor handed the torch to Quintus and they pulled the sheet away. "How does he know about this? How did he make it?"

Behind were 6 circuits all very similar to the one brought into Caecillius' house earlier that day. "Liar." Quintus stated angrily. "He told my father that was the only one."

The Doctor placed his glasses on and looked closer, "Well, plenty of Marble dealers in this town. Tell them all the same thing, get all the components from different places so no one can see what your building." The Doctor explained studying all the circuits.

"Which is what?" Quintus asked.

"The future, Doctor." A voice said behind them. All three twirled round to see Lucius standing in the doorway with two guards behind him, "We are building the future. As dictated by the Gods."

"But they have told you exactly how it goes together have they, the God's of yours?" The Doctor asked carefully watching Lucius' reaction, he was a still and silent as stone. With that the Doctor turned back to the circuit boards, "Jack hold this." The Doctor passed him one of the boards for him to hold and Jack studied it as he held it, the Doctor was moving the other pieces around before he took it away from Jack. A guard moved to stop him but Lucius gestured for the guard to stand down so he could watch. "Leave that one upside down. And what have we got?" The Doctor muttered as he finished, he turned to see Lucius' reaction to it.

"Wonder what Tosh would make of that, maybe I could salvage it before we leave, Tosh would love to study it."

"Enlighten me." Lucius ordered.

"What the soothsayer doesn't know?" The Doctor glanced out the corner of his eye to look at Jack and knew the Ex Time Agent understood.

"The seed may flow in the breeze at any direction."

"Yeah, knew you were gonna say that." Jack refused to smile at the Doctor's silly joke as the Doctor continued, "But it's an energy convertor."

"An energy convertor of what?"


"I don't know." The Doctor stated with a huge smile gracing his lips, "Isn't that brilliant? I love not knowing. Keeps me on my toes." The Doctor moved to stand next to Lucius, "It must be awful being a prophet. Waking up every morning, is it raining? Yes it is. I said so. Takes all the fun out of everything. But who designed this Lucius? Who gave you theses instructions?" Jack glanced at Quintus, the poor boy looked terrified about being caught and the fact that his father might find out but he also looked confused and interested in what the Doctor was talking about.

"You didn't just make them up yourself."

"I think you've babbled enough!" Lucius yelled wanting the Doctor to leave know.

"Lucius honestly I'm on your side, I can help."

"You insult the Gods!" Lucius was slow going red with anger and Jack noticed a small vein on his temple pulse as he got angry. "There can be only one sentence, at arms!"

More guards came into the room and draw their swords, the Doctor dodged back to stand besides Jack and Quintus.

"Oh. Morituri te salutant."

"Celtic prayers won't help you now."

"Huh, death by sword surprisingly hasn't happened yet." Jack murmured loud enough for everyone to hear, Lucius shared him a confused look but was distracted as Quintus spoke.

"It was them sir, they made me do it. Sir Dextrus please don't."

"Oh come on now Quintus, dignity in death!" The Doctor told the poor scared boy before turning back to Lucius, "I respect your victory, shake on it." The Doctor held out his right hand waiting for Lucius to shake it instead Lucius just glared at him.

"What's he doing?"

The Doctor rose a challenging eyebrow, "Come on." The Doctor wiggled his fingers but Lucius didn't react. "Dying mans wish?" The Doctor ran forward and reached inside Lucius' robes before pulling down hard, Lucius cried out in pain as the Doctor stepped back holding a stone arm. "Plastic arm, mine and Rose's first meeting."

"Be he's..." Quintus trailed off and Jack reached out and touched the arm.

"Stone." Jack finished in surprise. "They're breathing in Vesuvius...So they're..." Jack looked at the Doctor for confirmation, the Doctor nodded.

"They're what?" Quintus demanded.

"Becoming stone." Jack finished.

"Show me." The Doctor ordered staring at Lucius as the man stood up straight and moved his robe to show the rest of his arm, all stone.

"The work of the God's!" Lucius insisted.

With that the Doctor threw the arm at Lucius and the man caught it just in time as the Doctor ran off, Jack grabbed Quintus' arm and pulled him towards the Doctor, the Doctor lightly pushed Quintus to climb out the window before turning back and pointing the sonic as the energy converter, all the marble blocked fell onto the floor and Lucius' yelled out in anger and frustration. "Run!" the Doctor ordered knowing the guards could come after them.

All three of them ran as fast as they could away from Lucius until the Doctor finally stood leaning against a wall. "No sign of them, a bit of Allons-y there."

"But his arm Doctor," Quintus leaned against the wall heavily breathing hard, "Is that what's happening to Evelina?"

The Doctor and Jack shared a look and the Doctor opened his mouth to reply but before he could the whole floor shook and a bang echoed around, "What the hell was that?" Jack blurted looking around.

"What the heck?"

"The mountain..." Quintus tried, Jack looked up.

"Its closer, much closer...those bangs it sounds like a rhythm, a familiar Rhythm."

"Doctor," Jack started but the Doctor nodded.

"I know."

"Footsteps." Jack finished.

"It can't be." Quintus shook his head in denial. They looked down the street, baskets of chickens and fruit falling onto the floor with his footstep.

"Footsteps underground." The Doctor clarified before turning around and he began running back to the house, towards Rose and Donna.