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I was walking through a forest. I know vague but I had no idea where I was either. Back to the scene. Strangely, I wasn't walking. I mean my body was walking but I couldn't control my body. Then I started to run through the forest, branches lashing at my face, my bare feet burning as I stepped hard on some pine needles and pinecones. The bushes ripping at the white dress I wore. Wait, I was wearing a dress? Ew.

Suddenly I stopped in a clearing. The trees arranged in a circle and I looked down. The floor was in a circular pattern, the pine needles looking like a target on the forest floor. I walked to the center of the circle and waited.

Fog started to surround me and I lost sight of the trees that made the clearing.

Someone cried out from above me and someone fell from the sky and hit the ground. I heard their breath whoosh out of them and they groaned. I must've known the person because I ran over to the figure and saw it was a guy dressed all in black. The guy rolled over and sat up still groaning. I stopped short of him and saw he had midnight black wings. They were huge and feathers littered the ground around him. The guy was handsome with olive skin and black hair to match his coal black eyes. He held his head in one of his hands as he steadied himself.

He looked up at me and his eyes got wide. His eyes became filled with panic and he jumped up.

"Max!" he cried. His face furrowed with alarm and concern. "What are you doing here?" He ran towards me, his wings streaming out behind him and he grabbed my by the waist. He dragged me through the forest and some other thing hit the ground behind us as we ran, making the ground shake and tremble. The thing behind us roared and a huge wave of air sent both the boy and me flying.

Literally. Instead of falling back down, the boy's black wings caught the wind and carried us up high in the sky. I think we might've looked amazing. The black angel carrying the girl who's suffering in a dress. He was carrying me bridal style and I think my elbow was dug into his side. I shifted my elbow a bit and the boy flinched. I looked at where I elbowed him and his black t-shirt was stained with blood. He winced again and his wings stopped beating. We started to fall and just when we hit the ground I glimpsed at the monster. It appeared to be a sort of werewolf hybrid. It had huge fangs and golden yellow eyes. It snarled and left toward us with its claws outstretched. "Max!" It called. "Max, wake up!"

I bolted upright in my bed, gasping for air. I looked around wildly looking for the panther or the boy.

"Max, get up! You'll be late for school!" My mom yelled. I groaned and threw on some clothes. My usual jeans and red shirt with a jacket. I brushed my teeth, grabbed my bag and got some Poptarts and turkey bacon my mom just fried. "Bye mom! Thanks for the bacon!" I yelled right before I jumped in my Toyota and Ella, my sister, jumped in the back chewing on a banana, and we drove to our high school in Arizona. We parked in the parking lot and I got out, still sucking on my bacon and I froze.

Across the parking lot was a boy who was staring at me. He looked like the boy from my dream. He looked like he was the same age as me. I walked over to my other friends with Ella. The boy's eyes followed me all the way.

"Hi, Iggy," I said trying to ignore the boy's eyes. Iggy was my longtime best friend and liked my sister, Ella. Obviously his real name's not Iggy, it's Jeff, but we call him that because he dressed up as an iguana one Halloween and looked so ridiculous, everyone remembered it and started to call him 'iguana boy' and soon the nickname was reduced to Iggy. Now hardly anyone calls him Jeff unless they're mad at him.

"Hey Max," Iggy said. His pale blue eyes searching me and then gazed over my shoulder. "So, who's your stalker friend?" he asked.

"I have no idea Ig," I said. "He just appeared when I arrived."

"He's sort of scary…" Ella frowned, glancing over my shoulder. "What a glare…"

"Don't worry! I'll save you!" Iggy cried and wrapped an arm around her waist and carried her giggling inside the school. I laughed after him and walked in after them, almost forgetting the boy in the parking lot.


When I came to homeroom, most of the students were already in their seats. I took my usual seat near the back. My math teacher, Mr. Martin, walked in with his usual cup of coffee. Beside him was the boy from the parking lot. The bell rung and my eyes went wide when the boy didn't leave and I had a slightly sinking feeling.

"Class, I'd like you guys to meet Nicholas Ride. He just moved from New York," Mr. Martin said. "Quite a big move for him so I'd like all of you to make him feel at home. Nick, you may sit wherever you feel most comfortable." He gestured to the classroom, which in my view was sort of useless. There was only one seat left in this class.

And it was to my right.

I looked over a Iggy who'd sat to my left. He lifted one eyebrow and gave me a look. I just shrugged and waited in silence as Nick walked past the rows of students and sat down in the desk, draping his backpack over the back of his chair.

After that, nothing else happened until after school. After finishing French, I walked to my Toyota and met up with Iggy, and Ella.

"Come on, Ella. I want to get away from that boy's eyes, they're starting to freak me out too…" I glanced behind me. Sure enough that boy was still staring at me.

"Can Iggy come? I need to help him on his social studies and history." Ella asked and shot him a rueful glance. "He's failing horribly…"

"Sure," I said and smiled.

"We need to pick up Gazzy too," Iggy said. "He gets out in a couple minutes." Gazzy was Iggy's younger brother and is the only kid who can clear a room so fast with just one motion.

"Okay, that's fine," I said and shrugged my shoulders. "Climb in," I said Iggy and Ella boosted themselves in. "Hold on, I gotta go do something before we leave…" I trailed off and started to stalk across the parking lot towards the strange boy.

"Listen pal," I snarled, making my blood boil when he just stared at me with a slightly bored expression. "I don't know why you appear to not like me, but I've done nothing wrong. Plus it's rude to stare. Plus, I don't even know you and you seem to have some interest in me, if it's positive or negative, I don't care, but stop staring at me!" I yelled at him. Then he did something that annoyed me even more than his staring.

He smiled at me.

Well not exactly a full smile but a half smile. His eyes held something like arrogance and they met my blazing eyes with equal power of glaring.

"You're wrong, Maximum Martinez," he said and I frowned in confusion. Unless someone had said my full name, I don't ever remember ever telling him my name. "I do like you and I have a secret to tell you later but not now, now run along, Max. You have a little boy to pick up from middle school." He said waved me away, still giving me the arrogant half-smile.

I stomped away in confusion. What secret? Who was this guy? Why do I feel like I actually know him? I've never met or seen him in my life!

And the scariest thing was that when I got into my car and looked in the mirror, I saw Nick snap out a pair of black wings and fly away.

When I blinked, Nick was still there staring at my car with the same arrogant smile and then waved good-bye. I pulled out of the parking lot and sped through Gazzy's middle school.

I hope I run over him on the way home.