When I was 16, I learned that I could control all three elements, and that it was my duty to keep the world in harmony and balance.

But before I could do that, I had to learn to control the final mystical fourth element: Air. But those who know of it died a long time ago.

The chief of my tribe told me that someone still lives who knows the art of Airbending, but he lived in Republic City, where crime and hate for the benders grow strong.

So I journeyed to the city, hoping to find the last piece of my destiny.

I am Avatar Korra, and I am ready to take on the world.

"So where are you from?" asks a stranger.

Korra opens her eyes, and sees a man in the seat in front of her looking at her.

"What?" asks Korra.

"You don't look from around here. Fancy clothes! Are you an immigrant?" says the stranger.

"Maybe." says Korra.


The boat enters the harbor of Republic City.

"We're here!" says the stranger.

All the people in the boat get up and walk down the steps. Korra walks down and talks to the guy on the information stand.

"Excuse me, I am looking for someone who lives in this city." says Korra.

"Name and registration?" asks the guy.

"Uh, his name is Tenzin. He owns a tea shop called Jasmine Dragon?" says Korra.

"Huh, that's off to the center of the city, one of the oldest establishments of the city." says the guy.

"Thank you." says Korra.

She walks through the large city. She has never seen a sight like it. Fully mechanical buildings made completely out of metal, steam powered vehicles, and hundreds of people everywhere.


A window nearby explodes, and two robbers jump out of it holding mechanized weapons called guns! People all around start to flee!

"THEY STOLE MY CABBAGES!" yells the store owner.

A very fast vehicle comes around the corner and stops just in time for the robbers to get in.

As soon as they get in, it starts to run away at high speeds down the next corner, until a giant fireball engulfs it!

Korra watches with surprise!

A teenage boy, wearing a red headband, begins to move his arms, and sets the vehicle on fire.

The robbers escape, and point their guns to the kid!

"Get away from us, you fire breathing juvenile!" say the robbers, scared of his powers.

The kid in the headband clenches his fists, and knifes made out of fire come out.

"We will shoot you!" says the robber.

The kid starts running towards them, shooting fire at them!

The robbers throw their guns at his, melting in the heat of his fire.

Suddenly, more teenagers come out from behind the robbers! One of them freezes their feet with water, while others create walls made out of rock to stop them from escaping!

"We got you!" says the guy in the headband.

"No, we got you." says the robber, as he takes out a bomb.

"RUN AWAY!" yells the guy in the headband.


The teenagers get out just in time, as a cloud of smoke and fire covers where the robbers were a few seconds ago.

"Oh no." says the kid.

Suddenly, guards come in their special motorized vehicles and surround them.

"You hooligans! What are you up to now?" yell the guards.

The smoke clears, and there are two dead robbers on the ground. But all the guards see is two dead bodies, a shop that just had a robbery, and the robbed goods sitting there next to the teenagers.

The guards gasp in horror.

"Oh no, this ain't good, Meelo." says one of the teenagers.

"I know. It's not good at all." says Meelo, the guy in the headband.

"They are killers!" yell the guards.

Korra watches as the guards take the teenagers prisoner, thinking she could have done something. But she has more important things to do. Or does she?

The crowds were starting to get rowdy.

"Calm down!" yells the Mayor.

"What are you going to do about this!" yells the angry citizen.

"Those benders are getting too far! They are dangerous!" yells another angry citizen.

"We want action, now!" yells another angry citizen.

"Alright, listen! I know about the problem, and we are close to finding a solution." says the Mayor. "But that is why I called this town forum into order. We have multiple ideas to implement, but we need to choose one, and make sure we are doing the right choice."

"I say we make them illegal. We cannot have such dangerous practices in our city." says a concerned citizen.

"It's bad enough we have a crime rate higher than ever, we don't need them to also have super powers!" says another concerned citizen.

A man slams the door of the town hall in a hurry.

Everybody turns to look.

"There has been a robbery in town by a bunch of benders! They killed two innocent people!" yells the man. "A cabbage seller confirms it!"

The crowd gasps.

They all turn to the Mayor.

"Alright! Alright! I understand! We need to take action now. We have…" says the Mayor, but an angry citizen butts in.

"I saw we go after them!" yells the citizen.

The crowd yells in agreement.

Korra enters on the door of the Jasmine Dragon Tea Shop.

There are plenty of people in the shop. All the boys stare at her, awestruck by he beauty.

She goes to the counter.

"Hello, I am looking for the owner of this place, Tenzin." asks Korra.

"Why?" asks the guy in the counter.

"I need to find him." says Korra.

"Well, he doesn't live here. Although he owns this place, he has no real interest in it." says the guy in the counter. "He lives in this address."

He gives her a business card with Tenzin's name on it.

"Thank you." smiles Korra.

All the boys in the tea shop stare at her as she walks away, their women companions slapping them thereafter.

Korra walks down the street, until she hears a sound coming from the gutter.

She gets her fighting stance ready, until Meelo comes out.

"Whoa!" says Meelo.

"Hey, wait a minute. Didn't you just get arrested?" says Korra.

"Yeah…" laughs Meelo, then he stops. "You won't tell anyone, would ya?"

"You're fine. I saw that you didn't kill those robbers." says Korra.

"Oh thank you! Hey, you're pretty cute!" says Meelo out of relief.

"I heard about this city, but I didn't think it was this bad." says Korra.

"Eh, that's life if you want to live here." says Meelo.

"Why would you want to live here?" says Korra.

"Jobs, a more sophisticated way to live, rather than living out in the fields and mountains out in the world, heck, I heard Ba Sing Se doesn't even have electricity." says Meelo.

"No need to, everything is powered by Earthbending." says Korra.

"How primitive." says Meelo.

"You can bend the elements too." says Korra.

"Yeah, people don't like that. But I got to stick up for my people." says Meelo.

"Your people?" asks Korra.

"Yeah, us benders stick together. The rest of my gang is still in prison, I promised I would get them out." says Meelo.

"Why did you try to be a hero back there with the robbers?" asks Korra.

"They said they were going to find a way to make us be persecuted by making us look like criminals. We set out to stop them before they did whatever they were going to do." says Meelo.

"Well, good job." says Korra.

"Oh shut up." says Meelo. "Listen, I got to go, before-"

Guards come out of nowhere, and surround them.

"Meelo, registered firebender, and unidentified teenage woman, get your hands up!" yell the guards.

"COME ON, SHOW ME SOMETHING HOTTER THAN THIS!" yells Meelo, and starts shooting fire randomly.

"Hey, there's nobody in the gutter below us." whispers Korra to Meelo.

Korra Earthbends herself and Meelo below into the gutter, and closes the roof so that the guards can't come after them.

"Oh wow! You are an Earthbender!" says Meelo, covered in sewer water.

"Yuck!" says Korra, and uses Waterbending to clean herself.

"Whoa. Ok, so you are a Waterbender, and an Earthbender? Decide already!" says Meelo.

"I'm the Avatar, dunce head. You got that headband wrapped around a little too tight." says Korra.

"You're the Avatar? I thought he was some old man living in the Southern Water Tribe." says Meelo.

"No, he died a long time ago. I am….his replacement." Says Korra as they walk down the sewer.

"Flamey-o! So you can bend all the elements! Can you go into the Avatar State? Do you have an animal guide?" says Meelo.

"Hey, be quiet. I think I am where I wanted to go." says Korra.

She uses Earthbending to open up the roof of the sewer and appear on top of the street with Meelo. They are in front of an apartment.

Korra looks at the address to make sure it's correct.

"What are you looking for?" asks Meelo.

"The son of the last Airbender." says Korra.

They come to his door, and knock.

The door opens, and a middle aged man with black and grey hair answers.

"Who are you kids?" asks the man.

"Are you Tenzin?" asks Korra.

"Yeah." says Tenzin.

"Can you teach me airbending?" asks Korra.

"Ugh." Says Tenzin in disgust, and slams the door.

Korra and Meelo wait in front of the door for a minute, waiting for him to come back out.

"Try knocking again." Says Meelo.

Korra knocks again.

Tenzin instantly opens the door.

"Stop annoying me with your pranks! Go home and leave me alone!" says Tenzin, and slams the door again.

The kids stay in front of the door for another minute.

"You know, I think he doesn't want to see you." says Meelo.

"I was sure he was the right one." says Korra, disappointed.

"Maybe he isn't." says Meelo.

"It has to be, I see the resemblance!" says Korra.

"Well, he doesn't like you." Says Meelo as he walks away.

Korra tries knocking one more time, but no one answers.

She decides to leave and go after Meelo.

"Hey there, again." says Meelo.

"Hey, what's your name?" asks Korra.

"Meelo." says Meelo.

"Hello, Meelo. I'm Korra." says Korra. "Although it's not why I came here for, I think I can help you with your problem."

"Oh really, the Avatar graces us with her presence." says Meelo. "You may be able to Earthbend, or Waterbend, or whatever, but every week there's some nut job saying he or she is the Avatar reborn. "Which is stupid, because we always though he was still alive."

"Avatar Aang died 16 years ago." says Korra.

"No-one has seen from him in ages, how do I know you are telling the truth?" says Meelo.

"Because I can do this." says Korra.

She opens up the ground with her Earthbending, and uses Waterbending to send hundreds of gallons of sewer water out into the sky! She then fires up a huge fireball, and sends it towards the water, evaporating it in mid-air, creating a beautiful cloud in the sky.

Meelo watches with awe, falling to the floor.

"How's that, Meelo the Firebender?" says Korra proudly.


Meelo and Korra hear the yells from behind.

A huge mob of people from the town meeting saw the display, and are going after them!

"That's not good." says Meelo.

He starts running.

"Wait! Where are you going?" yells Korra.

The crowd starts running after her!

"Oh man!" says Korra, and begins to run away as well...