When I was 16, I learned that I could control all three elements, and that it was my duty to keep the world in harmony and balance.

But before I could do that, I had to learn to control the final mystical fourth element: Air. But those who know of it died a long time ago.

The chief of my tribe told me that someone still lives who knows the art of Airbending, but he lived in Republic City, where crime and hate for the benders grow strong.

So I journeyed to the city, hoping to find the last piece of my destiny.

I am Avatar Korra, and I am ready to take on the world.

An ambulance races through the streets of Republic City, carrying Mayor Sho inside.

"Is he alive?" asks a medic.

"He's in a coma, but we must get him to the hospital quickly." says another medic.

Little do they know that inside Mayor Sho, an evil spirit is trying to escape.


His invisible spirit leaves Sho's body and flies through the night of Republic City.


He sees an armored vehicle leave Sho's mansion, heading for the prison.


The door to the Republic City Prison hallway opens up, and all the prison inmates try to peek out of their cells to see who arrived.

Except Tenzin, who doesn't care.

Korra, Meelo, Di, Li, Wei Tung, and Xiao are escorted by what seems to be an army of prison guards.

"This isn't fair!" yells Wei Tung. "I just wanted a job making buildings!"

"I just wanted a job period." says Li.

"No one would ever pay you to do anything." says Di.

"They'd pay me to kick your butt!" responds Li.

"Quiet!" yells the guards.

The guards guide the teenagers to their cells down the hallway.

"I swear I was here before. But I can't remember why or how I got out." says Meelo.

"Maybe it was a dream." says Xiao.

"It wasn't a dream." says Korra. "You were all here, and escaped, this week already. You were arrested because people thought you killed two people by Bending."

"Bending what?" asks Meelo.

"Bending! Firebending! Earthbending! Waterbending!" says Korra. "What else?"

"I don't get it. What are you talking about Korra?" asks Meelo, still confused.

"Stop it! I know you know! You know what we are!" yells Korra.

Tenzin recognizes Korra's voice, and looks out his jail cell to see Korra and the gang being walked towards separate cells.

"Korra!" yells out Tenzin.

"Tenzin! You're safe!" yells Korra with glee.

"What happened?" yells out Tenzin.

"I can't even tell, Tenzin. Everyone is weird, and my plan failed!" yells Korra back.

"What do you mean?" asks Tenzin.

The wind continues to blow through his window.

The invisible spirit of Shoxah effortlessly passes through the undiscerning guards of the Republic City Prison, and enters Mr. Qiang office.

"We have the Avatar and her gang again? Excellent news." says Qiang to his secretary.

"And don't forget sir, that you have an appointment at 10 with a lovely lady." she responds.

"Who?" he says.

"Me!" she says.

"Oh, yeah, right." he responds.

She leaves the room, leaving Qiang alone to read his paperwork.

"HE IS PERFECT." says Shoxah, and instantly possesses his body.

"Uh, secretary." says Qiang.

The secretary enters the room again.

"You're fired."

The secretary is speechless as Mr. Qiang walks out of his office.

Mr. Qiang arrives to the jail block and calls for the lead guard. He hands them a list of individuals to take out of their cells for execution.

"Why these people? This is the Avatar and her gang." says the guard. "They are still awaiting trial."

"Trial?" asks Mr. Qiang.

"Yes...trial?" The guard is starting to lose his memory. "Trial for..."

"Execution for the murderers of Mayor Sho, who were found guilty last night and ordered to be sent to the Prison Open Area for public hanging." says Mr. Qiang.

"Oh yeah, now I remember. Sorry sir." responds the guard. "I feel like something has been itching my mind for a while now, sir. What is an Avatar?"

"Absolutely nothing." smiles Mr. Qiang as the specially armed guards go to retrieve the prisoners.

The whole team was separated from each other, each in different cells built for their Bending.

Korra was placed in a cell, unsure of where Tenzin was.

"Tenzin?" she called out.

"Korra?" Tenzin called back.

"Oh, Tenzin. I was so stupid." says Korra.

"Don't say that Korr..."

"It's true! I didn't listen to you. I came all the way here just to ignore you." says Korra.

"No, you came here to learn Airbending...which I could not teach you." admits Tenzin.

"No, you did teach me, you taught me the truth. Of how the world is, of what reality is like, of how wrong I was." says Korra. "I was completely wrong and stuck with a romantic view of how the world worked back when Aang was the Avatar."

Tenzin started to realize that Korra did listen, except for some reason he didn't like it.

"Hey, Korra. Come on..." says Tenzin.

"I don't need to learn Airbending, because it's pointless." says Korra. "The days of the Avatar are over."

This didn't feel right for Tenzin.

"Korra. What happened?" asked Tenzin.

"I tried, Tenzin. I really did." said Korra.

Suddenly, various armored jail guards begin taking her friends out of the jail cells and begin escorting them outside.

"What's going on?" asks Korra.

Three guards come and open Korra's cell. Korra steps back.

"Where are you taking me?" asks Korra.

"Do not fight." command the guards.

Korra goes willingly with them.

Tenzin sees her as they pass his cell.

"Hey! Where are you taking her?" yells Tenzin.

"It's fine, Tenzin. I can handle myself." says Korra as they take her away.

Tenzin turns to the neighboring jail cell.

"Where are they taking her?" asks Tenzin.

"Isn't it obvious?" says the inmate. "They are being executed."

Tenzin can't believe what he heard. He frantically tries to get out of his cell, but he cannot. He goes to the window and frantically look outside for help, but he has nothing but the wind.

Nothing but the wind.

"The wind." thinks Tenzin to himself.