Only Human by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Sanjivani or any of its characters.

Only the young can take life for granted, some say

Naïve, and full to the brim with passion and energy and a thirst for life

Life happens so easily, the young often think, how could it possibly be so difficult to maintain; when would it end, how could it end?

Yet it does; surprisingly easily, no less. You

Have your high ideals, and then there is reality

Underneath all of the wonder… What? No, there is still more wonder. But it is far easier to look after what you have, to take responsibility and show respect… than to save a failing life, than to

Make things better

Actually, we aren't miracle workers, we're not imbued with special powers; perhaps, even, it is more that we are there, and that we want to… but sometimes, even when we don't want them to, they still go

No. We're not superhuman, we're not even that different from you: we're people, people with lives and families, people with emotions, and people who can be affected by complications… just like you.

Just a poem (sorta) I thought of after reading the Wikipedia page; I haven't seen the show. Thanks for reading, anyway. :-)

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