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It was winter. Mt. Cornet was always covered with thick snow during this time of the year. During this time many Pokémon, namely the bug Pokémon, would go into hibernation. Pokémon would take refuge in their dens to stay sheltered from the cold and searing winds, cuddling next to their mate and pups before drifting into a nice relaxing sleep.

Shade wanted that; a place to call home. And maybe even a mate and babies would be nice.

He hadn't spent a lot of time looking, but he couldn't seem to find the right one. Sure there were many pretty female Eeveelutions he'd come across, but he wasn't looking for just an attractive female; he was looking for someone that he could enjoy spending time with, someone he would look forward to waking up in the morning next to every night he went to sleep, and someone he could raise an Eevee or two with.

His ebony black paws sunk into the pure white snow. It was cold of course but he could handle it; he'd been around snow his entire life. He was glad he wasn't from Orre otherwise he would have a harder time living in this region. Shade looked up at the mountain. The snow caps were deep white like the rest of the ground, coating it like a finely knitted blanket. Folding his ears against his head the golden rings on his body lit up brightly as he shivered from a sudden rush of cold air that swept across the landscape. Taking a deep cold breath he continued his trek across the base of the mountain.

Shade continued walking until he found a ridge. It was narrow and curled around the mountain in several heights and directions. Normally in these kinds of weather conditions he would stay away from paths like this, but as far as he could see this was the only other path to the other side or a different part of the mountain, so he decided to continue on towards it.

Walking along the ridge he looked over the edge to see the ground far below. He wasn't afraid of heights, for the most part at least, but to spare himself any further fear he looked away from the edge and focused on the pathway in front of him.

"Geez it's so cold." Shade thought as another cold rush went down his spine, tickling his skin through his short black fur. "It's never been…t-this cold before. Look at me it's so cold I'm even shivering in my thoughts." Shade was now almost halfway across this part of the ridge before it made a winding turn around a corner to another side of the mountain. He looked out at the land over the ridge; everything was white, snow white. The trees out in the distance that were covered in snow, the green of the pine trees could still be seen even from this distance. If you were looking up at the mountain you would see the single black speck that was Shade standing out against the grey and white of Mt. Cornet.

Shade prepared to turn the corner when he heard an unusual sound, that sounded like a small blast followed by the sound of a heavy body landing in the snow. The edge of the mountain above Shade was low enough where he could see the top of the mountain and several dozen feet below. The noise was coming from two Abomasnow, having an anything than friendly sparing round. Deep drag marks covered the ground around them, caused by the bodies of the heavy Pokémon throwing each other across the mountain. The Abomasnow who was thrown quickly got up from its spot in the snow and goes back to fighting with its opponent. The sounds and the vibrations of fighting made some of the snow along the end of the ridge and the edge above Shade shake from their resting spot and land to the ground below.

Shade knows this will end up very badly, with an avalanche. The Umbreon immediately became scared out of his whits and knew one thing: he had to get off this mountain as fast as he could.

He immediately abandoned his stationary position and took a mad sprint around the corner of the mountain where the ridge went into a single straight path. Shade was a fast runner so hopefully he could make it before the Abomasnow got too out of control. He ran at his top speed and, looking back up at the mountain, to his horror he saw three more Abomasnow join the other two. Shade's heart plummeted down to his stomach and his body grew weak. An avalanche was now the only way this trek would end. The noises of fighting and bodies slamming together in the fighting became louder and Shade could hear the Pokémon yelling at the top of their lungs.

One of the Abomasnow, after recovering from an attack from the others, lifted its arm and the end began to glow a light blue. Using its Wood Hammer attack, it launched itself into the air and came down upon the opponent who attacked it. Within a fraction of a second the Abomasnow rolled out of the way and the other slammed its hand into the ground, causing a major shockwave through the earth. The wave made Shade stop dead in his tracks followed by silence. Nothing; nothing but deadening silence.

Shade's ears perked as he heard something that sounded like rumbling. He looked up at the sky. The sky was clear so it was not thunder…There could only be one explanation for the sound. He slowly looked to his right, hoping that he would not be right. From the summit of the mountain he could see coming down, a mound of snow, so large that his view of the sun was blocked. The avalanche was coming down rapidly, a powder avalanche. It was coming down so quickly that it covered several of the Abamosnows were covered in and encased in the snow. Shade knew one thing at that moment, and one thing alone:

He had to get the hell out of there, and fast.

He didn't know what happened next but he found himself running faster than he ever ran before, his Umbreon legs carrying him to beat the avalanche before it reached his ridge. The rumbling of the rushing snowfall got even louder, entombing the remaining Abamosnows. Shade's eyes widened as he realized no matter how fast he ran, the avalanche was going to beat him before he got off this ridge. The powder snow was getting even louder as was his heart rate. His body was sprayed with a mist, a mist filled with sharp, stabbing ice crystals that stuck in his ebony fur. The end of the ridge got even closer and closer and he thought he would make it, until he felt a cold hard slap on the side of his body, followed by the feeling of being pushed off his feet and off the ridge, the sensation of the powdered snow overcoming his sight and his body.

Then everything went black.

When he came to Shade found himself surrounded with snow. Immediately he started to panic and shook his body around, only to knock the powder off his body and he could see his surroundings. The avalanche only buried him near the surface of the snow; luckily he wasn't deep enough where the snow could settle and he would be trapped indefinitely. Shaking the rest of the powder from his body he regained his state-of-mind and looked around to see where he was. He was standing on a sea of snow covering the trees to the tops.

Wait, trees?

Mt. Cornet was several hundred feet away and he was out further near the base of the mountain. His fur was short and after being covered by the snow, he was cold, and he needed to find shelter before nightfall, or he would be really cold. Taking cautious steps he had to be very careful of where he walked; if he was standing on the base of the mountain the snow would be weak in certain, and today was not the day he wanted to deal with a broken hind leg.

Folding his tall ears against his head as well as he could his skin crawled as the wind blew across his back making him shiver. His paws sunk into the snow a few inches but he seemed to be safe. All around him was the sea of snow and he didn't really know where in the world he was, though he could see part of the ridge he was swept off of; at least the parts that weren't buried with snow. The only plausible option was to head back towards the mountain and try to get to the other side, via a different path, and find some kind of shelter.

The ground suddenly felt weak under his paws and his mind told him he needed to walk elsewhere, but first he decided to test the snow. Taking another step he realized he made a huge mistake when he felt the snow collapse and gravity pulled him down with it. The mountain dropped out of his sight and he found himself tumbling down and forwards. He fell with the snow and he could not hear anything as his mind went black and he continued falling into the pit that was hidden beneath the snow.

He was taken by surprise at how shallow the pit was when he abruptly landed on his back and all the wind was knocked right out of his lungs. Snow fell on his face and stomach and his body sang with pain. He gritted his teeth and struggled to his stomach then stood up on shaky legs; he was surprised the fall hadn't broken his back. He looked up at the hole he fell through, the bright light making him close one eye. The hole was at least twenty feet above him, eliminating the possibility of getting out that way. Looking around the pit he found himself in what looked like a cave. The walls were rounded with the ceiling and extended into the back, a while back, so this must be a cave. In the other direction, however, there was a large pile of snow that piled in from the outside, blocking what appeared to be the entrance to the cave.

"Crap!" Shade said to himself, cursing in his mind. "The entrance is blocked. He looked back to the rest of the cave. "Looks like I'm going to be here for a while, so maybe I should do a little exploring."

Shade looked around at the back of the cave, the light pouring in from the hole in the ceiling lighting up the cave. The temperature was warmer in here at that made the Umbreon happy. The stone walls were of course grey and there were rocks littering the ground here and there. Shade stood in his spot and sighed, then stretched his body forwards and backwards, cracking the aching bones in his body, especially his back; that avalanche and that little spill down the hole he fell down did quite a number on him. In the back of the cave the path forked into two separate paths, and he took the one to the left. Once he was down the path, he spun in place a few times he laid down beside a rock and closed his eyes to take a nice nap. But he wouldn't get the chance because he smelled something. His eyes shot open and he jumped to his feet, smelling the air more carefully. It smelled like a mixture of Pokémon…and blood.

He ran down to the other path that forked from the entrance and he found the source of the smell down the other path; it both shocked and surprised him. Lying in the middle of the floor was an Espeon, and by the shape of the body he could see it was a female. The thing that shocked him, which he saw as the source of the smell, was her broken right foreleg, a small pool of blood around it. She appeared to be unconscious.

Shade approached and smelled her body. The broken foreleg concerned him and he needed to tend to it right away. He touched it with this paw, feeling for a broken bone. He felt around a little until he felt an out of place bone jutting slightly from the skin. He swallowed and started to sweat. He'd never set a broken bone before. He pulled the broken spot into his mouth and put his paw on it and shifted it around, trying to move the bone back into place. He could taste her blood in his mouth, and he didn't like the salty taste but he could refrain from stopping and spitting the blood out until he tended to her broken bone.

The fractured bone ends scraped against each other until he felt them fit into place, then gently let go so he didn't accidentally pull it out of place. He found a pile of snow by the corner of the cave. Shuffling the snow to her he covered her broken foreleg in the snow to help set the fracture and to stop the bleeding. Hopefully she would be asleep long enough for the wound to heal. Though he wanted to lay next to her for warmth, it would be very hard to explain his presence if she woke up and found him next to her, so he decided to sleep next to the wall across from her. Scrunching down to keep himself warm he lie against the wall and fell asleep to rest his own sore muscles.

The world in front of Shine's eyes began to come back to her. She was in the same place she was in when she fell unconscious, but her right foreleg felt very cold. The reason was, as she saw, because her foreleg was covered in snow, the base of the pile a light red from the blood it soaked up. She moved her leg carefully from the snow pile and inspected it, touched it, smelled the remaining blood that wasn't soaked up from her fur. She bent her leg and she felt only a small amount of pain. Shine was very confused. Where did the pile of snow come from and how did her foreleg get better?

She looked and saw the Umbreon sleeping against the wall. He wasn't there before….maybe he got here because of the avalanche? Did he fix her foreleg? She stood, her leg shaking from the pain and the healing process. She took a step towards him but limped when she stepped on her injured leg. Holding it up she hobbled to him and laid down in front of the Umbreon. He didn't look mean or anything like that. She tilted her head to the side, then lifted up her good paw and swatted the Umbreon in the face.

Shade woke up abruptly at the sudden disruption of his nap. "Ow!" he yelled, shocked by what just happened. Shade shook the feeling off and saw the Espeon laying down in front of him, looking at him curiously. He rubbed his face with his paw. "Oh...I'm glad to see you're up and okay." His only reply from her was another swat to the face.

"Hey! Why do you keep doing that?" Shade shouted, rubbing his face again.

"Keep your voice down," Shine said firmly. "Who are you?"

"My name is Shade. What's your name?"

Shine shook her head. "Before I tell you my name, please tell me this: did you fix my leg?" Shade looked at her foreleg and saw that it was doing better than when he first found her.

"Yes I fixed your leg. I found you unconscious in this cave and I tended to your wound."

Shine rubbed her foreleg with her paw. "Thank you Shade, that was very kind of you. My name is Shine."

Shine; a very fitting name. Shade liked it. "It was no problem Shine. It was the only and the right thing to do." Shade sat up which Shine did too.

"So how did you get down here?" the Umbreon said.

The Espeon sighed. "I was traveling with my trainer and…"

"You have a trainer?" Shade suddenly blurted out, cutting her off.

"Y-Yeah…" she nodded.

"Must be nice…" Shade said. "Anyway, I'm sorry. Please continue."

"I was traveling with my trainer around this mountain, when all of a sudden we felt this massive vibration and this powder snow avalanche came down from the mountain." Shine closed her eyes, recalling what happened. "The avalanche came down on us so quickly; I barely remember what happened after that moment. All I remember is being surrounded by snow, unable to see or hear anything. Then I remember hitting something hard and pain shot through my foreleg. That's the last thing I remembered before I blacked out."

Shine took a deep breath before continuing. "When I woke up I found myself in this cave half buried in the snow that blocks the entrance. The first thing I noticed was my leg was broken, bleeding, and it hurt like hell. I only made it further into the cave when I no longer had the energy to walk, so I just collapsed and fell asleep where you found me. How did you end up in here?"

Shade told her how he was walking alone the ridge of the mountain when the Abamosnow caused the avalanche, and how he stumbled into the cave before finding her.

"Wow, bad luck huh?" Shine said. "So you're a wild Pokémon?" Shad nodded. "I've never personally talked to a wild Pokémon before. What's it like living out here?"

"Well, it's a lot harder than you think. Out here you have to hunt for your food; water is somewhat easier to find. You have to constantly worry about becoming another Pokémon's food, but the hardest part is finding both a home and a mate."

Shine cocked her head. "Do you have a mate?"

Shade swallowed and shook his head. "No. T-That's actually why I was out here in the first place."

"Well maybe you'll find the right girl," Shine said supportively. "Maybe a nice Flareon or Vaporeon."

"Yeah…m-maybe." Shade stammered. In actuality he preferred Espeon but he wasn't going to tell her that. "So what's it like living with your trainer and what's he like?"

"My trainer? He's a bit…unusual, for a teenage boy. His name's Wes. We came here from the region of Orre to do some winter training to get my body more adjusted to the cold if we ever came across an ice Pokémon. At times he's stern, a bit strict, and even emotionless, but I know he means well and that he cares for me. But like all Pokémon who are owned by a trainer, I know I'm spoiled."

"You don't seem spoiled to me," Shade said. "You're very nice."

Shine smiled. "That's very sweet. Thank you." the Espeon yawned, still tired from her little ordeal. Then her stomach growled.

"I bet you're hungry," Shade laughed. "Let me go see if I can find us something to eat." As Shine lay down on her side Shade went out to the other path of the fork, where the rest of the cave went deeper. There was less light in this part of the cave but being a creature of the night, he had good vision for seeing in the dark. Against the wall he could see a tiny bush with Oran Berries growing from it. Picking two sprigs, one for him and one for Shine, he went back to where the Espeon was to find her fast asleep. Shade chuckled to himself and set Shine's sprig in front of her so she could eat when she woke up. Lying down by his side of the wall he ate his Oran Berries before he went to sleep.

Shine woke up and saw the Oran Berries lying in front of her. She looked at the sleeping Umbreon and smiled. She was pretty hungry and devoured the berries in a few bites. She stood up and stretched her legs; her right leg still hurt a little but it was getting better. She couldn't explain it but it felt like something was burning on her insides. Going to the front of the cave she saw that the snow blocking the mouth of the cave was melting, half of it already gone. How long were they asleep?

"I hope Wes is okay…" She thought. "I wonder if he's still looking for me..." Unexpectedly Shine felt a tightening in her lower region followed by an intense burning sensation that made her gasp. Her walls tightened and she felt very wet. "Oh no," Shine said aloud. "It's that time…I'm going into heat."

Pokémon each have their own season for when they go into heat; for Shine it's the winter. This wasn't her first heat but the Espeon was still a virgin. She was Wes's only Pokémon and he made sure to keep her away from other Pokémon, especially wild ones. What worried her, however, was she knew she would not be able to hide this from Shade; he would pick up her smell before he even said hello to her.

She felt herself contract again and the smell she emitted was so clear that any male would be driven mad. With Shade here she couldn't relieve herself of the heat. She could ask him to help her but they just met! It would be awkward to ask him to have sex with her a day after they met. Shine laid down and pressed her tail against her hindquarters, trying to conceal as much of the smell as she could.

"Good morning Shine," Shade yawned as he emerged from the back of the cave. "Did you sleep well?"

Shine nodded. "Yeah pretty good. How about you?"

"Can't complain." Shade said, lying against the wall across from her.

"Thanks for bringing me the berries. It was very sweet." Shine said.

"Shade shook his head. "It was no problem." Shade replied taking a deep breath of the sweet cave air. Wait a minute, caves aren't supposed to smell sweet. He smelled again. The smell was very odd. "Do you smell that?"

Shine caught her breath. He already smelled her heat! She shifted on her feet and pressed herself against the wall. "N-No, I don't smell anything."

Shade looked at her, a little suspicious of her. How could she not smell that? The odor was wafting from his leg, coming…from her. Shine was producing the smell. Shade's heart rate quickened and he felt himself starting to sweat. He recognized the smell, from when his mother was going through her…heat. Shine was going into heat.

Honestly, he didn't know what to do or how to react. Shade had never mated before; he didn't know if he could help her if she wanted it from him, or attacked him and forced him to mate with her. He decided not to say anything about it, but Shade found it very hard to remain calm and ignore it.

The heat was driving her mad, her body begging for sex. She had to do something about this. Shine carefully moved her tail across the surface of her slit, causing a thick flow of liquid to come out. Shine clenched her eyes and moaned softly. She was very sensitive to any sensual touch of any and combined with the heat, it sent a wave of pleasure through her.

"Shine are you okay?" Shade said nervously. The smell grew stronger and he was getting an erection.

Shine stopped. "I'm…fine. I'm okay." She lied. She couldn't do that in front of the male Umbreon. She would have to wait until the snow was melted from the entrance and Shade left for a while, and she would have some privacy.

The next day, Shade smiled as he stood in front of the cave's gaping hole. Only a small pile of the once massive mound was left, and they could finally leave. Well Shade could leave, but he didn't want to leave Shine until her trainer found her, if he was still looking for her.

He'd been able to ignore Shine's heat as much as he could, but it was getting harder to control himself. He couldn't imagine the agony she was going through, and now the smell was thicker than before.

"Shade?" Shine said from behind him. "I'm hungry. Could you go out and see if you can find us something to eat?"

"What happened to the Oran Berry bush?" he said.

"The berries frosted over from the cold." Shine lied, desperate for Shade to take the bait.

"…Sure, I'll go find something." Shade said, suspicious of her as usual. Shine watched as he left the cave for the first time in three days.

When Shade disappeared out of sight Shine immediately got comfortable and lowered her body down and lifted her hindquarters in the air. She took the tip of her dual-ended tail and easily slid one of ends into her clit. Shine shuddered over and over until she came spilling onto the dirt floor. Her tail was soaked already. The Espeon panted as she worked her tail in and out, moaning from the pleasure and the relief from the pain. Being so sensitive her juices flowed quickly in an almost never-ending stream. Shine stuck her tongue out as she shoved her tail in deeper giving her a mini orgasm, trickling down the back of her legs. Adding the other end of the tail to her the orgasm came again twofold as her lips were stretched open. She manipulated her tail with swift precision, making herself orgasm again. Shine moaned loudly as the cold air made contact with her hot and swollen clit, becoming oblivious to her surroundings.

Shade shivered, his breath steaming in front of him. How did Shine expect him to find food outside this time of the year? The Oran Berries couldn't have frosted over, they were just fine before. Shine sure was acting weird…

Walking over the small hill into the cave, when he saw something he would never forget. Shine was masturbating, using her tail as an imitation Pokémon cock. Her body, covered with sweat, her legs shining with her ejaculate, and her face screwed up in a pleasured almost delirious look. Shade's heart beat went up again. He was speechless. That's when he quickly jumped to the side of the cave, and continued to watch that way. He knew he shouldn't watch her pleasuring herself, but…part of him could not…resist.

Shine thrust herself up against her tail, moaning so loudly, combined with the echo it was even louder. Her heat must have been driving her crazy, and that's why she sent him out, Shade reasoned. But he wondered why she was cumming so much? There was already a pool beneath her feet. Shine took a step forward on her hind paw, making a splashing sound on the ground. Was it even possible for a female to release so much of that stuff? Shine made rough grunting sounds as she pummeled her own body with her tail. How much more of that pleasuring could she take? Shade could see the dripping from between her legs; the liquid was thin and clear and she was producing it like a factory, the smell that came with it was nice and thick, and very sweet smelling. The scent of her heat was even stronger than it was before or when Shade had previously smelled it, and it caused a chain reaction in Shade's mind and it made him throb harder. The Umbreon unconsciously thrust his hips forward without even noticing that he was even doing it.

Shine opened her eyes and she was seeing double. Her wet hind legs quivered and ached, barely able to keep her up. Quickly ripping her tail out of her she cried in pleasure as another major orgasm shook her whole body and she collapsed onto the ground, breathing heavily. Shade watched her just lying there, barely moving. He took a deep breath and stepped into the cave.

"Shine?" Shade said weakly.

The Espeon froze. Shade was standing there in the cave, staring at her. There was an awkward silence; neither said anything. Shine was caught in the aftermath of her ecstatic pleasure.

"What are you…doing back so soon?" Shine said meekly, trying to stand to her feet, a blush of embarrassment coming across her cheeks.

"I couldn't find any food." Shade said.

"Shade I…this is very embarrassing."

"Don't feel that way." Shade said. "I know you're heat has been driving you mad.

Shine nodded. Of course, Shade knew about it. How could he not after all. "It's been painful; grueling, so very grueling. I couldn't do anything to relieve it while you were here. That's why I sent you away."

Shade nodded then sat down. "Please don't get mad at me, but I was watching you…pleasure yourself."

Shine looked up, her blush growing redder. "You were what?" she exclaimed, but she stopped when her eyes landed on the dark pink appendage against his black body.

"…What's wrong?" Shad said. Shine felt herself getting wetter.

"Looks like you brought a little friend with you," Shine giggled. Shade snapped his legs shut. She giggled again. "I guess my pleasuring aroused you."

He swallowed. "Shine?"

The psychic Pokémon rolled onto her back. "Shade, this is kind of sudden, but it's a big favor. Can you…mate with me?"

Shade almost failed to suppress his gasp. "Shine! You…I…but you…"

"This heat burns very badly," Shine whimpered. "I like you Shade. You're the only male I know that I will allow to touch me."

Shade was not expecting this. He was expecting to get a smack in the face for spying on her; but instead she was asking him to mate her? She liked him….She…liked him.

"You like me Shine?" Shade asked.

"Besides Wes you're the only friend I've ever had. You said you wanted a mate right? In return for helping me, with this and my foreleg, I will be your mate."

This was the first offer Shade actually got from a female. How could he refuse, especially from her? If Shine was willing to do this, he could fully comply. He approached the Espeon and she tensed her body up. Shade sniffed her body slowly taking in her scent, sniffing her face. She stared into his eyes, and he stared into hers. She was the most beautiful Espeon he'd ever seen; her face, nicely and perfectly sculpted by Arceus himself, beautiful bright pink fur that he knew would be very soft to the touch, and those eyes, those large blue eyes that reflected an almost child-like innocence. These he'd never been able to fully take in before this moment. He licked her cheek slowly, feeling her soft and plushy under his tongue. He felt wet and soft against her face and she closed her eyes, becoming aroused from the simple act. Shade kneaded her broad chest with his paw; Shine shivered and winced as another climax traveled out of her swollen orifice.

Shade was amazed. She came already! His tongue slowly moved to the corner of her mouth. She breathed lightly as this was the first "attention" she ever received from a male, let alone a handsome Umbreon. His mouth played against hers, licking her muzzle and biting it ever so gently. Shine's sensitivity to his sensual touching made her ecstatic and she cried as another release came onto her.

"Geez, she's cum twice already and I haven't even touched her vagina yet! I must be really good at this!" Shade thought excitedly.

Shine let the male take control of her mouth and she felt him press her lips against hers. This was the first kiss for both of them. Their eyes locked and they never broke the gaze, for the moment anyway. Pressing his tongue against her lips and teeth he request entry, which she gratefully permitted to him. Shade slowly slid his tongue into her cavernous mouth, feeling every inch of her as he delved in, then touching the top of her tongue rubbing the slimy organ. A low purring sound came from Shine's throat and she touched the sides of his shoulders. She allowed him to explore her without any interruption or interference.

The blush on Shine's face got deeper when she saw the now red appendage hanging down from between Shade's hind legs. It was thick and covered with veins, with a rounded knot at the base. He was just as aroused as she was. Shade disconnected from her and traced kisses across her neck and she leaked even more.

"Mmmm…" Shine murred softly. Shade let out a slight breathing sound. His licking made her neck wet soaking down into the skin. The Umbreon bit down gently into her neck causing her to whimper helplessly. The pink fur was drenched with the male's saliva, from his bites, licks, and sucking on her neck. Shine's hind legs began to quiver as Shade moved his muzzle down to her chest, continuing his oral assault on that area. His paw rubbed her chest, poking her with his claws. The pool beneath the female grew larger.

"Ahhh…urk…S-Shade…" Shine murmured pawing at Shade's tall cylindrical ears.

"Shhh…" He whispered in between his licking. Shine leaned her head back against the dirt and gasped for air. "Let me take care of you…"

He continued to voyage down her body all he could see was her pink fur. He muzzled her lovingly with his muzzle making her purr loudly. His mouth continued to her hind legs, massaging the insides. Shine groaned and leaked heavily on the brink of another orgasm. She could feel his head move away from her legs and he went downwards, to the last place he still hadn't visited.

"Shade, you…not there pl – aaaah!" Shine let out a loud noise. Her breathing regressed to a breath so light she felt light she wasn't at all. Shade used the tips of his teeth to scrape her swelled sex and parted her lips with his tongue alone, the contact causing her to blast her river onto his mouth. took in her sweet taste; it was the sweetest thing he ever tasted Stroking her nerves with his tongue her back arched and her body spasmed, her eyes screwed shut and breathing through her teeth. At this moment all he was focused on was pleasuring Shine and making her feel good, and based on her body movements and her facial expressions he was doing it right.

"Ahhh! Ohhh! Shade!" The Espeon started, her face flushing as his tongue rubbed her tightening walls in an almost lust-filled way. "Mmm…so good….ah…"

Shade smiled as he continued driving his tongue deeper and deeper in until he would feel every bit of her that he could. He wanted to taste this beautiful Espeon and make her feel good. Shine could not take it anymore; her walls tightened on his tongue, pressing down hard as she erupted onto his mouth, flowing in and filling his taste buds. Shade tasted so much of the liquid at once that it literally aroused him.

"Are you…ready for me Shine?" Shade said nervously.

Shine looked up at him. Her mind was fogged with…she couldn't describe what it was. Lust? No, that was not it at all. Love? Maybe… But at this moment as she stared at his handsome form, she wanted nothing more than to do this. Rolling over onto her legs she crouched down and lifted her hindquarters into the air, moving her tail to the side, the whole time breathing lightly. She could feel her heart racing through her whole body. She purred deeply, her mindset focused on Shade.

The Umbreon touched her side with his paw before he lifted himself up and rested his body down on top of hers. The pressure he applied to her back caused her legs and her lips to spread apart. Shade felt another deluge splash at his feet. He started to become very nervous; he was mounted on her; she looked back at him, her eyes filled with fear. Shade thrust his hips forward trying to find her entrance. Planting his feet directly behind hers Shade slowly pressed himself against her. Shine caught her breath as she felt him enter her, and then she felt a sharp sting of pain. He'd broken through her barrier.

"Ahh!" Shine cried. Now this, Shine could not describe. It felt like a hot needle had been stabbed into her. Shade held her closer with his forepaws and closed his eyes, panting from the loss of both of their virginities. The agonizing moments passed with nothing down as the both of them panted trying to get a hold on all the emotions they were feeling. Shade bit into the fur on her back before he thrust himself forward. Shine gasped and dug her claws into the dirt.

Shade let out a short breath as he thrust into the Espeon beneath him. Her slit tightened around him as she had another orgasm draining it onto their legs and the ground. Her walls loosened around him and he was allowed to continue. Shine lowered her head down between her forelegs and began to drool from the corner of her mouth, her body vibrating with her purring. Getting into a slow and steady rhythm Shade pumped into Shine pressing her light pink body with his dark ebony body.

"Oh…Shade…" Shine moaned, clawing at the dirt with her extended claws. She found that she was unable to really say anything else. This was the best feeling she ever experienced in her life. Their organs fit together perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle. Shade did not increase his thrust rate to anything fast; he was not out for himself. He would go until he was unable to hold it.

Everything around the two Eeveelutions, especially Shine, was melting, the colors of the cave dripping down the canvas of the universe. Her chest heated up along with every muscle in her body. This was what her heat had been begging for; to feel Shade's shaft inside her. Shine thrust herself back at the male to meet his slow and well-timed thrusts, sending him deeper. Breathing through her open mouth, Shine looked back at Shade. His eyes were clenched shut with his tongue drooping from the front of his mouth, barely resting on her pink fur; the saliva ran down the front and sides of her back mixing with the sweat of her body.

Their hind legs were a wet mess of vaginal fluid, and so many different smells covered them it was impossible to tell what smell was theirs and who released it. Shine let out a loud, drawn-out, and shaky sigh as she released onto Shade, feeling even more relief from her agonizing heat. Shade could hold it; he felt a lot of pleasure but he wasn't near his climax yet.

"Shade….ahhhh…" Shine purred, licking her lips. Trying to spread her legs further apart to give him more access, she backed up and pressed herself back against the Umbreon. Shade sucked in his breath as he felt the muscles of her clitoris give his member three hard squeezes before she came again. All he could smell was her; her essence. It was a magnificent smell that he was more than positive he would not be able to get enough of.

Sweat dribbled down Shine's face trying to get through her eyelids. The sweat dripped down the backs of her large ears; her entire body was sweating, Shade's body was sweating. They both shared in their reactions to the ecstasy. Shade's thrusting stayed at its steady tempo, pulling halfway out before he would push back inside; Shine would thrust herself up every time he did this.

Shade did so many – a few really – but in Shine's mind he did so many things for her; he'd tended to her broken foreleg when she was separated from Wes, he'd given her food to eat when she was hungry, and he had been a friend to her. And now here he was, making love to her, in the most loving and gentle way; he didn't seem to be seeking his own orgasm, but helping her reach her own. It made her love him, for all this.

Shine's chest heaved and burned as her womanhood tightened again. Her hind legs shook and her muscles began to lock up. She felt her stomach tightening with her engorged slit. She panted and breathed heavily as another orgasm, much stronger than the other two, was coming onto her body again. When Shade thrust into her, a little faster from sensing how much pleasure she was feeling, Shine's eyes widened and she felt her body give in. Like a dam burst inside her body her juices went down in a free-flowing torrent towards her opening, where they blasted out in a mad rush, coating Shade's length, their legs, and adding to the massive pool beneath her. It continued to flow and flow; Shine whimpered at how much she was actually releasing. Her sight was beginning to blur. Shade licked her back and bit down into her fur as it all washed over and under his manhood, flowing past the pulsating veins.

Shine let out an exhausted sigh as it finally ended, her orgasm. She was a wet, breathing mess, and every part of her body was aching. Shade continued his slow and sensual romp, speeding up only a tiny bit. He could finally feel his climax coming to him after all this time.

"Shine…I…I can't hold it…any longer." Shade breathed.

"Go ahead." Shine nodded. "Release your seed if you want…"

Shade pressed himself against her, shoving in his knot in the process. The Umbreon panted and moaned as he felt the inevitable orgasm coming. All the pleasure that was stored in his body went past the maximum point and came out in the form of his seed ejecting deep into her. Shine felt the warmth in her, like nothing she'd ever felt before; and she liked it.

They were left in a sweaty mess, their bodies locked together from Shade's knot. When he tried to pull out tears came to Shine's eyes, because it hurt of course. Feeling her pain Shade stopped pulling on it and waited for it to deflate. Their ejaculate mixed together inside Shine's crevasse, held there by Shade's knot.

"How…was that?" Shade said.

"It was…unbelievable…" Shine panted, the pleasure still lingering. This marked them, as mates forever. Shine just wondered how Wes was going to react, if he was still looking for her. At this point it seemed that he was not out looking for her; it's been three days. Shad lightly humped her, trying to get his knot to deflate. Shine lifted herself up with her remaining strength and stood on all fours. She looked back at Shade, and they smiled at each other.

The entire cave was filled with the super strong smell of sex and in this cold weather, it would stay like that for a while. Shade shifted on his hind legs stepping in the pool of liquid, when his knot finally lost size and he was able to pull it out with ease. Shade sat down, and Shine did too.

"Shade?" Shine said. "Thank you. For all you have done for me. I am truly grateful."

Shade's face turned red. "You're welcome…Shine. I was…happy to help you." Shine smiled and kissed him slowly, on his lips.

"Shine!" a voice called out from the distance. Shine's ears perked. "Shine where are you?"

Shine stood at attention, towards the entrance of the cave. "C…Can it be? Wes?"

"Your trainer?" Shade said. "I guess he's still looking for you."

"Shine! Where are you princess?" the voice sounded more concerned this time.

"It is him!" Shine said excitedly. "Wes is here. Come on Shade I want you to meet him!"

Without another word said Shine darted out of the cave into the snow filled wilderness. Shade was a bit puzzled, but he ran out anyway to catch up with her.

Wes squinted, wishing he'd brought his goggles along. He'd been looking for Shine for the past three days. He knew at this point he might never be able to find her, but he wouldn't give up. He loved Shine and he would never leave her behind, if she was still alive.

"Shine! Shine! Where are…" he turned to his left to see a pink shape running down the hill towards him. He looked carefully. Could it be her? Is it Shine? As it got closer, his body lit up with excitement. It was Shine! And she looked pretty happy to see him. Unable to keep in his excitement at seeing his long lost Pokémon he dashed toward her and met her in the middle, scooping the Espeon in his arms and holding her tightly, kissing the side of her face.

"Shine where have you been?" Wes exclaimed, not able to hold in his tears. "I was so worried about you!"

Shine buried her face in the crook of his neck and breathed in his scent; he smelled like home. Three days since she'd last seen him, she was just happy to be in his arms.

Wes smelled something weird, sweet smelling, and pulled the Espeon away from him, holding her by under her forelegs. He smelled her, also wondering why she was wet. He saw the Umbreon that was only a few feet away from them, and everything made sense.

"Hmm…I see someone got a little naughty." Wes chuckled, shaking her gently before setting her down in the snow.

Shade got a look at Shine's trainer. His blondish hair was spiked and he wore a blue and red winter coat over thick black pants, his hands concealed by black gloves. He kneeled down on one knee and held out his hand.

"Come on boy." He said nicely. "I won't hurt you."

Shade smelled his hand but he couldn't smell his scent. Wes rubbed the top of his head.

"I see you took care of my Shine," he chuckled. "I don't know much about Pokémon, but I assume you two are mates now." Wes stood and pulled out two Poke Balls. "The only appropriate thing to do, is to make you my next Pokémon."

Shade looked to Shine. She nodded, a tear in the corner of her eye. Wes pulled his arm back and threw the ball at him. Now they would not be separated; traveling with her trainer, together as mates. He smiled back at her before the ball collided with him and his body turned into a red jagged light as it went back into the Poke Ball, falling silently to the snow. The ball shook a few times but Shade made no attempt to escape, and the light on the front disappeared. Shade now belonged to Wes.

The young man smiled and picked the ball up, hooking it to his belt. He turned to Shine. "I bet you've had enough winter training for one day huh girl?" he said. "Let's go home." He returned her to her ball and hooked it to his belt, next to Shade's ball. He now had two Pokémon, an Umbreon and an Espeon, now both mates. A perfect pairing. Wes sighed and ran his hand through his hair. Giving Mt. Cornet one last look, he turned his back to the mountain and walked away, towards the warmer Orre Region.

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