Here it is. Chapter 20. I've been put under a lot of pressure from people who wanted theirs to be 20.

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Anyway, this one is with May X Blaziken, which a lot of people have been requesting for. This one however, was co-written with my good friend Cythrant, so this went by a lot faster than if I would have done it by myself. All parts with May were written by him and the parts with Blaziken were written by me.

Hope you all enjoy this one.

May was in a hurry, although her date with Drew was many hours away. She tried out combination after combination, wanting to look perfect for her boyfriend. He was taking her to a restaurant, a very elite one. The house rumbled from all the nose of the closet doors, May dressing and undressing, the mirror being set this way and that way...

"No...this won't do... God, how to make myself look good?" she wailed.

There was, however, one who was not very pleased with this, and that was her Blaziken. When it came to boys or any other male spending any time with her, he always gets very jealous, and very angry. There were times he wanted to snap their necks clean off. But now that May was going out with that green-haired kid Drew, he was furious! There's a reason why they're rivals; aren't they supposed to hate each other? Blaziken would not stand for this, and all he could do was wait in his Poke Ball...

May was trying to fix her hairdo, using a comb and a mirror on a handle to see behind, when her cellphone rang. She ran to get it. It was Drew. Her heart started ticking fast, and her cheeks turned crimson.

"Hi, Drew... What's up?" she said seductively.

Drew responded in a casual voice: "Hiya, sweetheart... I wanted to check up on you. Are you ready for tonight's dinner?"

May moaned slightly at the tone of his voice. It was so sexy. She loved hearing him talk that way. "I'm trying to get myself all dressed up pretty. My hair is causing me trouble." she answered.

"Nah, your hair always looks great when you go out. Listen, I'm being pestered by some Contest officials. I need to fill out forms of some kind. See you tonight, hottie..." Drew said, a bit annoyed.

"Bye, my loving rival..." May purred, knowing Drew liked this, and hung up. Her head was in clouds, just from this one talk!

From within his Poke Ball he could hear all of May's responses on her cell phone. She was talking to Drew! He growled, his insides burning, more than they usually were. He could...not...take it anymore! He forced himself out of his Poke Ball from in her pack, appearing in a jagged line of white light that formed into his powerful body, kneeling on knee. He lifted his head, looking up at May before he started to stand up.

May noticed the sound of a Poke ball open, and turned around to see Blaziken, rising up from a kneeling position.

"You want something to eat? Sure, I just need to fix a problem with my hair, so I do not look awful on my date." she said, looking at him for a short moment, then turning around to tend to her hair, make-up and clothes.

The fire bird crossed his muscular arms, watching his trainer get ready for her date. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and blew a small bit of smoke from his mouth. His eyes went across her slim body, watching her scurry around to get ready, messing with her make-up and the such. Drew did not deserve a beautiful girl like her...he made a low growling sound and slowly got closer to her, taking small steps every few seconds.

May, now completely ignoring her Blaziken, put 2 sparkling hairpins on her long hair. She loved accessories, whether it was about Contests, or real life. A close look in the mirror, and her face stretched into a big smile.

"Oh, this is nice! I think my honey will adore this!" she squealed in delight, having fixed her problems. She spun herself around, looking at her dress with satisfaction.

Blaziken growled, narrowing his eyes sharply and uncrossing his arms, clenching his taloned hands. If she thought he was hungry, why didn't she feed him? He wasn't hungry, but she was still ignoring him because of this Drew bastard. He was taking up all her time; she never paid as much attention to her Pokémon like she used to. Seeing her spin around like that, dressed so beautifully, his insides started warming up again, but in a different way. When she stopped spinning around he put a hand on her shoulder and shook it slightly to get her attention.

May tensed up when she felt Blaziken's hand on her shoulder. "Oh! I forgot! Here, I'll go and get you some Poke-food. Wait here. God, am I forgetful..." May laughed at herself, and went in the kitchen, trying to find the Poke-food.

Blaziken stood in his place, closing his eyes and concentrating. Maybe she just got so preoccupied with what she was doing; humans do that all the time, he knew that. He took in a deep breath, smelling the sweet yet very subtle scent of her perfume. It was...good. He smiled as much as he could, opening his eyes again and looking at the small mess she made while she was getting ready.

"Ah, here it is!" May exclaimed, finding the extra-spicy variant that her Blaziken loved. She filled a bowl to the top, and went to the Fire chicken. ˝Here it is, your favorite. Sorry to keep you waiting.˝ She put the bowl next to Blaziken, then went back to the mirror, checking herself again.

Blaziken looked down at the bowl, staring down at it for a few seconds before kneeling down and eating a handful of the food before standing back up. Chewing the food he stared at the back of May's head. He swallowed the food and sighed, licking his lips. His eyes trailed up and down her body again, taking in more of her figure. He got closer, touching her shoulder again.

May was applying special sparkling lipstick to her thin lips, when a tap on her shoulder jolted her. "Jeez, you scared me!" she shouted. "Is there anything else you want?" she asked.

Blaziken smiled, rubbing her shoulder a few times. She looked beautiful like that; like a human goddess, his trainer. He stroked her shoulder before moving his hand down to her back, stroking it with the ends of his claws.

"You deserve so much more than Drew." he thought.

May felt the touches, and was surprised by them, and the focused look of her Blaziken. "H-hey... It's not food that you it?" she asked a bit timidly, feeling his clawed hand run across her back, which was exposed partially by her dress.

Blaziken let out a small sound that sounded a bit like a chuckle. He palmed his hand against her back, rubbing it up and down slowly. The bird lowered his head down to her shoulder, smelling the nice, sweet smell that permeated from her body.

"W-whoa...Wait a minute...Y-you don't think...I'm attractive to you?" May yelped fearfully. She was Drew's girlfriend, but these movements of her first Pokémon seemed to indicate that he, too, liked her. She backed away, with fear visible on her face.

Blaziken felt his insides warming again. Was she rejecting him? Or was it just that she was scared? It more than likely it was the latter; it wasn't everyday that a Pokémon comes on to his trainer. He growled and approached her again, his hands going for her shoulder and her side.

May stammered, when she saw the tall Fighting type approach again: "Blaziken, please, don't. What has gotten into you? Is it the mating season of your species? If so, please try to restrain yourself. I'll try to find a breeding center. Y-you're scaring me."

"There's no need for you to be afraid." he thought. A breeding center was not what he needed nor wanted. Blaziken grabbed her shoulder and her side, rubbing her hip and sliding it around to her back. He began to pant, his anger against Drew ebbing away. The hand that grabbed her shoulder moved up to her head, brushing her hair with his talons.

He got her, but wasn't overly rough. He caressed her hair with his talons. Still, May was nervous. She thought about what might've caused Blaziken to be like this. She remembered that she didn't spend that much time with her Pokémon now. Maybe he was just lonely? She tried to apologize "Look... I know I've been caught up in other things lately, and I have been spending less time with you. I'm sorry. It's just that I like Drew, and being with him makes me too detached from other things. I'll try to be more mindful of you."

"It's too late for that May. There's only one way you can make it up to me." he said thought to himself, wondering if he should speak to her with his mind.

His hand moved down to her neck and he leaned her head back, eying the soft-looking flesh before he attacked her neck, licking and nipping the skin with his beak.

"Aaaah! N-nooo..." May gasped as she felt him lick and nibble her neck. It felt ticklish, and it caused internal unrest within the brown-haired Coordinator. She tried to remove his beak gently with her hands.

Blaziken grabbed her hands and forced them away. He wrapped his powerful arm around her back and pulled her closer, pressing her body against his as he continued to assault her neck, getting a little more forceful with his licking, leaving small bite marks on her flesh.

"N-no...Please, stop... I will look all messed up on the date..." May writhed helplessly under the assault of the Pokémon. "Why are you doing this to me?" she wailed.

"Drew doesn't deserve you May." he said out loud. "You belong to me and me alone." His free hand trailed down her dress, pulling it up as his hand traveled down further.

"W-what? Did you...just speak to my mind?" May was shocked, and barely noticed the hand travel downwards. She had relied on his facial expression, gestures, and simple nods for communication till now, never thinking he might be telepathically gifted. He wasn't a Psychic Pokémon!

"Most Pokémon have this gift, but never chose to use it..." He said, trailing his tongue up her neck and swirling it across her cheek. His hand lifted her dress up further until he felt her leg beneath, rubbing her slim leg in a smooth up and down motion.

"O-oh...never knew that..." May mumbled. Her senses awakened her from the shock-induced stupor. She felt him rub her legs and back. Her dress was upturned. She said, in a worried tone of voice "Why do you say such things about Drew? He is a very good boy, hasn't done anything bad, and I like him."

"I feel...very jealous when you're around him. When you were talking to him on the phone, I felt so angry. I want you May. I want you..." His hand slid up her dress, slowly moving to her chest while the other moved further down her back, scratching the elastic of her panties.

"No... Don't be angry... and please, don't harm him... I cannot back away from this, can I?" May asked, seemingly aware of the answer, noticing his long, slightly curved red dick. Her eyes bulged outwards at the sight of it, and his hand scratching her panties. His extremely muscular body was the next thing she noticed. If he wanted to hurt her, he could, easily.

"I'm sorry May, but I'm not letting you leave this room, until..." He licked the corner of her mouth, moving his hand further up until he touched her bra. Grasping it, he took hold of her panties and slowly began to pull them down.

"Please, let me undress. I want my clothes not to be ruined. I...never knew you considered me attractive. A Pokémon...falling for a human... I've never heard of that before." May stammered. She liked Blaziken, and considered him a friend... But, was this right?

He stood back from her, letting her dress fall back into place. He crossed his powerful arms again. His lengthy member started to throb, almost impatiently.

"I love you May," he said in an almost dream-like state, taking deep breaths. "Please, take those clothes off..."

She nodded, although shakily. The sandals were off first, then the dress, that she put onto the hanger. She was in her panties, and a small bra, both black. She took them off, although not without hesitation. She couldn't believe it. Two loved her! And only one can stay. She was between a rock and a hard place. Her mind was thrust into overdrive, thinking about all the consequences of this, about the excuses she'd have to make...Blaziken narrowed his eyes and let his arms fall down to his sides.

"So very beautiful..." he breathed before going to her again until he towered over the girl, putting his hands on her shoulders, rubbing them down her smooth arms.

May blushed at his words, which echoed in her mind in a deep, god-like voice. The rubbing of her arms felt nice. She offered no resistance. "How long did you feel love for me?" she asked.

"I've loved you for a long time May. I started to feel something when I was a Torchic, but the feelings got more intense when I evolved. And now..." he trailed off staring into her eyes before he took the sides of her face in his hands and brought his face down to hers, planting his beak against her mouth and kissing her, moving his tongue across her lips.

She barely had time to reflect upon his last thought, when he took her by surprise, and kissed her fiercely. "Mmmmfff..." she tried to protest, but failed, as fiery hotness invaded her mouth, followed by the wet tongue. It felt nice, and warm. She stopped flailing, and let him kiss her. She thought "So, it is true. You love me. And this feels so good. But, I'm supposed to be Drew's girlfriend... I don't know what to do..."

"Please May...Don' about him. Let me do this. I want to do this with you." he said in a firm tone, pulling her closer, wrapping his arms around her and shoving his tongue deeper and more roughly into her mouth. His tone of voice put May under a spell. She just listened to him ring in her mind... She began kissing back slowly, involving her tongue.

" feel good...please...", she moaned, inside of her mind. The bird grunted softly, pushing his tongue further in, rubbing against his trainer's tongue. His hand went down the small of her back, the other headed for the area between her legs.

"Wonderful...your heat is making this feel so nice... Finger me, lick me..." May moaned with abandon. The movement of her Pokémon was strong, but at the same time, enjoyable. She thrust her body into him, wishing he'd do more.

Blaziken opened his eyes slowly, looking down at the girl; his insides were getting even hotter. Squeezing her back he poked his claws into her skin. His fingers stroked the spot between her legs, his fingers sliding into her folds, moving them in and out of her slowly. "How does that feel?" he purred in a lusty voice.

"Heavenly...I never knew sex would be this good... Your heat is making my insides melt...˝; May sent a mental message, while she wrapped her hands around the muscular Pokémon, tightening the kiss.

Blaziken gladly accepted, wrapping his arm around her back and pulling her body against his, feeling her smooth skin against his feathers. She felt so good, in so many ways. His fingers plunged deeper inside, rubbing against the sensitive tissue. His tongue roughly moved around her mouth, exploring every single inch of it. May began spasming and moaning uncontrollably. The clawed fingers were jabbing into her pussy, and hitting just the right spots, like the keys on piano. May began leaking in huge amounts, just from the finger treatment.

She mentally pleaded: ˝Keep...doing that...and please, suck my breasts...make me crazy...˝. She barely had enough focus to plead, and her knees were already buckling.

Blaziken was very happy to comply. He disconnected sloppily from May's mouth and lowered himself on his legs to get leveled with her chest. Still fingering the teen he slowly licked the nipple on her right breast, swirling his tongue across and around the soft bud, grunting as he did so. The force of his fingering got slightly faster as well.

˝Oh! Yes! I will cum soon, if you keep up with this... Milk my tits...ohhhh... I'm being incinerated from inside...˝, May yipped, barely able to stand. She saw flickering lights, felt strong heat... The fucking of her Blaziken was sending her to the other world...

The Pokémon looked up at her, taking pleasure in the look on her face and her begs for more. Taking his free hand he caressed her smooth leg, leaving tiny scratches in her skin. While his fingering got harder he covered his beak over the front of her breast and sucked in her nipple, running his tongue across it and feeling it harden from his treatment.

˝Mmmm... Blaziken, you'll make me cum... I can feel it... I can't believe it...˝, the Coordinator panted. She thrust her pelvis forwards, not thinking about anything other than having sex with Blaziken.

Blaziken twisted his fingers around her cunt, rubbing her clit furiously. He quickly alternated between her breasts, giving each the same amount of attention. Her organ twitched over his hand and he knew she was right; she was very, very close to coming. His fingers went deeper, moving even faster.

˝Yaah I'm cumming... That's it...˝, May whined softly. She tensed up, clutching Blaziken tightly. She spurted powerfully, coating Blaziken's claw with juices in its entirety. Her moan was long, and high-pitched. The bird moved his juice-covered hand from between her legs, smiling at the sight of her liquids on him. He sniffed his hand.

"You smell very good..." he took a small lick of his hand. "You taste good too." He lifted his hand up to her face and stuck two of his wet fingers into her mouth, moving it around slowly all around her mouth. May moaned at his act, sucking the intruders heartily. Her nipples were as hard as a stone, while her hands touched the red and yellow fur-covered legs of her beloved Pokémon, massaging the powerful muscles. Blaziken sighed at the massaging she gave his legs. His cock was aching with impatience, heavily desiring to enter, and mate her. He stood up slowly to his full height.

"Are you ready for the best part May?" he said, rubbing her collar bone.

˝Please, forgive me for my infidelity. I will do anything you want, and readily accept any punishment.˝, May said humbly, but with a hint of lust, slowly opening her legs apart.

"Don't worry. I'll take good care of you my trainer." he said, kneeling down and grabbing her thighs, digging his claws into her skin. "This will feel very good." he smiled mischievously. He moved his head between her legs and stuck his tongue against her vaginal lips, licking it slowly.

˝Aaah! So...amazing... I want more, please...˝, May cooed as she felt him scrape her skin with his claws and lick her opening. She began trembling, as if she had seizures. She pushed her lower body into Blaziken's face, offering herself fully to him. Blaziken gripped her harder as his instincts, his pure, animal, fiery drive, made him press his entire mouth to her slit, shoving his tongue deeper and tasting the juice that was left over from her last orgasm.

˝You...are Keep it up, please... This is so good already... I wonder what will real fucking be like.˝, May said, catching breath every few seconds. She was fully covered in sweat, and her makeup had melted, creating areas of colored skin on her face.

Blaziken moved one of his hands away and rubbed the top of her clit with his fingers, taking small, tiny nibbles of her sensitive inner nerves. The feathers on several places on his body, his own body sweating. His beak was coated with the fluids that poured out onto it, his taste buds filled with the sweet, candy-like taste.

"You taste, you feel amazing May...I can't wait to be inside you..." he moaned, breathing into her.

"Please, punish me. Make me yours, forever." May mewled submissively, hoping to arouse Blaziken more. She yipped when his nibbles made the nerves in her labia flare up. A high-voltage charge surged through her body. Thrusting his tongue in and out rapidly, shoving a finger in and fingering her at the same time. Her submissive sound, was indeed very arousing for the Fire/Fighting type. His mouth went further in, sucking and biting her clit with large intensity, moaning loudly against her.

As if biting, suckling and fingering wasn't enough to make May go wild, the vibrations produced by his breathing against her clit intensified her pleasure to unimaginable levels. May mind was doing only one thing now: replaying the sound of Blaziken's telepathic speech, enjoying the dominant roughness behind it.

The space down below was cramped and very hot, May's body being the only thing he could see, smell, and taste; he loved all of this. Blaziken popped his tongue from her, making a strong rush great his mouth and he swallowed more of her liquid. He was beginning to get very hot down there, and he needed to fuck his trainer. "May, are you ready for me yet?" he grunted. "I want bad..."

"Yes... I want to feel your power. Take me, punish me... You own me, from this moment. Please, fuck your slave good.˝, May was mesmerized by his power, and surrendered herself completely to him. She opened herself as wide as possible.

Seeing more room available he dug his tongue in as far as it could possibly go, fluttering it around her clit as roughly and as greedily as he could; greedy for her...At the same time Blaziken shoved his finger in as much as he could, alternating between fingering and tonguing her. Once she had her next orgasm, he would make her his...

"'re making me near my second orgasm... It's there, I can feel it. Your tongue is so awesome, down there..." May said, blushing. She lifted her hips up, and left them in full reach of her lover's beak. Her face was just a big, pleasured smile. The fire bird was growing short of breath, taking in light breaths. Eventually, he could not take it anymore and he removed his mouth from his trainer and stood up, clenching his fists.

"May, please, I can't take it anymore. Get on your bed, please." he said in an almost desperate, yet commanding voice.

"Yes. Please, dominate me.", May cooed, then laid on the bed, moaning. Licking his lips slowly he climbed onto her bed, positioning his large muscular body in front of her. Blaziken took hold of her calves and spread her legs apart. Making a growling sound he pointed and guided his stiff, pained rod towards her opening and slowly slid the tip into her.

"Do you want me to go on?" he said.

"Go on. I will tell you if it hurts." May answered, exhaling deeply. Her body quivered with impatience. Blaziken got a better hold on her legs and pulled them to his sides. He panted and took in a deep, slow breath before he pushed further in, halfway in; delving into her hot, wet entrance.

"A bit. Your heat is helping me recover. Please, talk dirty stuff to me, while fucking me." May blushed at this last request. But she couldn't help it, she liked his dominance.

Blaziken pressed his beak closed, before he smiled again. "Anything for you." he said, increasing the pace of his thrusting, pumping his cock all the way into her. He grunted, moving his hand to her collar and squeezing. "How's this? Do you like this?" he asked in a lust-filled voice.

May yipped in surprise and pleasure, then responded "Unh... Yes...I love how powerful you are... Your cock is filling me up entirely. M-more..." She began to push herself back at his cock, locking her legs around his waist.

Blaziken rubbed her neck, scratching the skin along her neck and chest. Gripping her leg, flames started to appear around his upper arms, crackling and sparking as they grew. Blaziken leaned himself forward, hovering over his trainer while he fucked her steadily. "You want more of this? Does my trainer want me to fuck her harder?" he growled.

"Please, fuck your slut senseless... I'm begging for punishment..." May whined, acting like a horny sex slave. The scratches on her neck and chest excited her greatly. She loved taking it rough, and impaled herself more, onto his hot rod.

Blaziken licked his beak until it was dripping with salivation; the heat of his body was making him very hot on the inside, the chambers of fire in his body boiling to extremely high levels. His feathers were wet, drenched with sweat. His intense, fiery instincts were driving him, forcing his thick Pokémon meat into the human beneath him, his claws going all across her body and gripping her leg harder.

"You're mine and no one else's..."he panted. "You're mine, my trainer..."

May tensed up at those last words. She tightened her pussy around him, and kissed Blaziken fiercely, moaning into his beak. She mentally acknowledged "I'm yours, yours for the rest of my life. Please, mark me, with your hellish fire..." Blaziken sucked in a breath and wrapped his arm around May's back, pulling her up towards him. The close contact with his body left her close to the flames on his arms, close to searing her skin. His other hand still kept rubbing up and down her leg.

"My wondrous trainer, I will take you as my mate...for the rest of our lives." he grunted and clenched his eyes, squeezing her skin with both hands and pumping at a more rigorous pace.

May felt the skin burn, but just winced a bit, not resisting at all. She thrust back with love and lust for the powerful Fighting type. "Brand me; mark me as your mate. I submit myself to your desires." she meekly said.

"I'd be honored to." Blaziken's hand moved to the front of her chest and he slowly let a small mark of flame trail down his finger, touching her skin where he felt it start to burn.

"Aaah!" May hissed, as the flame trail burned a patch of her skin. She gritted her teeth, and hugged Blaziken. "I belong solely to you, Blaziken. I am your mate, your servant. No one else will have me. I worship your dominant form." her thoughts flew, as she steeled herself to survive the painful branding.

May's Pokémon moved his hand to the back of her neck while the other palmed over her fresh burn, touching it gently while he licked her face and thrust into her warm, wet folds. She was now his; his mate, his lover. He held the young girl close to his fiery hot body. The flames glowed a bright orange and red, making the room brighter than it was.

"What about Drew? Does this change anything with him?" he knew the answer already but he wanted to hear what she had to say.

"I...will not sleep with him. He is kind, and good in heart, but you are my only mate; and I know what you think of him.˝, May replied. The pain from the burn receded, and the pleasuring sensations in her cunt drowned it. She began squeezing and relaxing her cunt in a quick rhythm, hoping to arouse her dominant lover even more. The thoughts were quickly shaken out of Blaziken's mind.

"Thank you. If that is what you wish..." he responded in a nice, cool tone. Then the thoughts were quickly shaken out of Blaziken's mind. His hand gripped the bottom of the back of her hair and he pulled down, lifting her head up and immediately attacking her neck again, lavishing it with bites, sucks, and kissing while he rammed her body with his powerful hips.

"Aaah...Yessss... You're so strong... Rougher, harder..." May begged in a crazed voice, winding her neck upwards, to let Blaziken have more access. She felt her lower body heat up and convulse. An orgasm was nearing.

Blaziken removed his hand from her hair and moved it back down to her neck where he squeezed it from behind, banging her body with such force and lust that he let out loud and raspy moans as he felt her clench around him like a hot vice. He could feel the sweat on her body and he panted to help get rid of it.

May felt him squeeze her neck with force. She moaned in delight at the feeling, beginning to thrust hard against him. This made her orgasm near faster. She loved his display of power, and hoped he'd be even rougher, because that would surely make her cum.

A low growl emitting from Blaziken's throat he grabbed May's leg and squeezed hard digging his claws into her skin. His head was fogging with the ecstasy and he could barely handle it despite his strength. He looked at May, grabbing her hips and trying to turn her around. "May, can you get on your hands and knees for me?" he grunted.

"Oh, yes. I'll do anything." May said, and somehow flipped herself over. She then pushed herself up on her knees. She wondered what Blaziken would do to her.

Positioning himself behind her he grabbed her hip with one hand and grabbed the bottom of her hair and pulled back hard, at the same time penetrating her roughly, fucking her at a rapid, unstoppable pace, grunting and panting loudly.

May moaned in ecstatic surprise-this new way of fucking was awesome. She screamed and moaned very loudly, as the long, meaty rod pounded her into oblivion. "Please, harder...make me pass out from all the fucking..." May whined softly.

Blaziken impaled her with his cock, ramming her over, and over, and over again at his erratic, insane pace. His talons dug into her skin and his hand moved to her neck again and he squeezed again, losing himself with the pleasure. "You feel...wonderful around me my're so warm..." His beak snapped several times and he licked it again like he did several time before.

May was at his mercy. She loved it. She gasped with every thrust, and responded by ramming herself onto him more. It felt like his balls would enter her. She took one of her hands to pinch her breasts. She needed more. And more.

His feathers and his tan hair dripping wet, the flames on his arms began to grow larger, glowing much brighter than before. His thrusts were so fast it seemed like he would shatter her entire body to pieces. His hand went to her side and he pierced her skin with his talons. The bird leaned his body in further and took in the smell of her body, the sweet scent mixed with the smell of her sweat; it was intoxicating.

"Is this...good for you? Do you like this?" he said in a firm tone of voice.

"Yes... I love it... I love your power... Give me no mercy, no reprieve... Use me..." May replied, in-between juicy moans, caused by the scraping and burning of her skin. Her brain had only one thing in mind: serving Blaziken. The Coordinator asked him "Can...girls bear a Blaziken's child?"

Blaziken opened one eye. "I don't know for sure. I guess there's only one way to find out." he replied, pounding her harder as he felt pre-cum leaking into her.

"Mmmm...Please, make me pregnant... I want to carry your children..." May yelled loudly, then turned her head to face Blaziken, and kissed him passionately. The loving atmosphere and his eagerness to pound her contributed to the build-up in her inner regions. She would cum, soon.

The Pokémon hooked his arm around her neck and gratefully returned the kiss. His hardness was squeezed roughly by her contracting walls which seemed to get tighter and tighter making moving around her a bit harder but his speed managed to get through. Blaziken clenched his beak as more of his little cum droplets leaked into her cervix, growing more plentiful every passing minute.

"May...I can...feel it coming..." he groaned.

"Me, too... I love you. Pour every last drop in me." May said breathlessly, while her pussy began contracting fast, on its own. The hot fir was joined by tingling sparks, which sent May over the edge. She squeezed like a steel press around Blaziken's dick, moaning out a high note. Her fluid went on to meet his.

Blaziken felt her fluids explode out onto his thick organ, and pouring onto his feathers and onto the bed sheets beneath them, staining it to the mattress. Blaziken clenched his beak and grunted as he was unable to hold it any longer. With a long and drawn out moan he let go of his hold and allowed a thick stream of his burning hot seed to flow into the girl, filling up her insides and leaving Blaziken panting heavily. The hot and thick cum flooded May's vagina and it created a strong sensation of extreme heat. May moaned loudly at first, then relaxed, as the flow slowly stopped. She panted heavily, gathering her thoughts on her first time.

Blaziken slowly pulled from her, where a small flow of liquids came out from his absence. His muscles aching a little from the sex, he sat down behind her with his legs crossed, allowing his muscles to relax. "Did you enjoy it May, my trainer?" he said, rubbing her leg.

"I loved it. Please, fuck me with power, every day of my life. My body is burned, scratched, and bruised, but I like it. I like feeling your strength." she replied.

Blaziken sat on the edge of the bed, looking at May's make-up application area, then back at the girl. "I would love that." he smiled. "What are you going to do about your date with Drew?" he had to ask, to see if she still wanted to go out, just for fun.

May sighed, then replied "I will say one of my Pokémon suffered an accident, and I had to take care of it." She hated lying to Drew, but going to the date would be impossible, and contrary to Blaziken's wishes.

Blaziken smiled. "Thanks. I just wanted to see how you would feel." he thought for a second before a thought came to his head. "And how are you going to explain the burns and scratches to your parents?" Blaziken stood and stretched his arms and the rest of his powerful body.

May stood in awe, looking at her powerful lover. She felt herself get horny, again. She stuttered "I...don't...know..." She just stared at his powerful form.

Blaziken looked down over his shoulder at her and smiled at the awed expression on her face. "Like what you see?" he said, turning towards her and crossing his powerful arms. "Why don't you call Drew and tell him you can't make it?"

"Very much... Want me to call him right away?" May asked. Blaziken nodded.

"Yes. The sooner the better, so we can get back to our fun my mate." he smiled mischievously.

May nodded, and went to get the phone. She dialed Drew. In a disheartened voice, she spoke: ˝Hi, Drew. I'm afraid I won't be able to come."

"How come? What's happened?" Drew asks exasperatedly.

"One of my Pokémon suffered an accident, injuring itself heavily. I need to take care of it. I'm really sorry, but..." she replied with a downcast voice.

"Damn!" Drew shouted angrily, then calmed himself, and resumed "Well, it's a bummer. I know that you should tend to the Pokémon, so, stay with it. Bye, sweetie" Drew ended.

May replied "See you later, honey." She hung up, and turned to Blaziken. Blaziken smiled at her, uncurling his arms.

"Now that that's out of the way, what do you say we have some more fun together, as mates." he growled, slowly getting hard again.

"Yes, my dominant love... I will pleasure you, forever." May purred, and launched herself on his dick, sucking it vigorously. It will be a fun day...

Now that this is up and out of the way, I can get back on schedule with not so much pressure. See you all next time.