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This one I wrote with my friend Cythrant, and though I don't have much to say, other than it's good to be updating again, I hope you enjoy!

Boy, you sure don't see a lot of lemons with Suicune in them do you? X3

Sean wandered in the forests of Ecruteak, hoping to find beautiful Pokémon. He was a painter. And he really loved painting Pokémon. It was what brought him joy, any time he could do it. Today, no Pokémon that Sean hoped to see appeared. Bad days happen, and this was one of them. He stood near a tree, with a briefcase which contained all the necessary painting equipment, waiting for a Pokémon to show up...

There was however, one Pokémon lurking around the forest. Not a normal Pokémon you would normally see in this forest, no. This Pokémon was a Legendary, and it was Suicune. The legends say she was a beautiful Pokémon, but they were wrong; she was absolutely magnificent. Her legs and body were slender, giving her a very feminine look, the purple mane flowing behind her majestically in the wind. Basically, everything about her was good looking. However, she looked around the forest without much to do. In this kind of area she hoped not to come across any humans...

"Nothing... It seems my quest for beauty will fail, for today. Ah, can't help it much." Sean thought with disappointment, getting up from his spot, ready to leave.

He shot a few glances to the green scenery around him, and then, set off to Ecruteak, slowly. The forest was very quiet, almost too quiet...Suicune looked around the area carefully; her older brothers told her to be wary of humans, but she wanted to see for herself. She never really trusted Raikou and Entei because they were never 100% right. She continued going around the forest, staying low to the ground "Humans...I don't see any...yet..." She mumbled, keeping cautious all the time.

Sean was walking towards the exit, when a blue shimmer caught his attention, from behind some thick bushes. Alerted, the teenager headed that way, hoping he might stumble onto a Pokémon that would be great for painting.

A ruffling in the bushed spooked her. Suicune flattened herself on the ground like she was trying to blend in with the scenery, but obviously it would not work because of her body color. She saw a strange coloration through the foliage; was it a human?

"W-Who's there?" she called out softly with her telepathic powers, remaining perfectly still. Sean froze when he sensed a question form, in his mind. The voice was feminine, and concerned.

"Must be from the source of the light..." Sean concluded, and walked forward slowly, while speaking, "I mean no harm. I am a painter...of Pokémon."

"A...painter?" Suicune said curiously, standing up a bit. She narrowed her eyes at the bushes and growled fiercely, bearing her sharp teeth. "Don't lie to me. Show yourself human! I don't know if I can trust you..." Suicune made her growl fierce but not so threatening. She didn't really want to scare him away, especially if he really did not mean her any harm...

Sean was a little disturbed by the threatening stance the words of the mysterious Pokémon showed. Despite that, he proceeded to walk through the bushes, and...nearly fainted on the spot. A beautiful creature which stood on four legs was there. Skin blue as clear sea water, shimmering brightly, as if the water flowed. White spots on the legs made the appearance of this Pokémon even better, along with the purple mane that always moved, as if driven by the wind. Sean just kept looking at the magnificence before him... She took a few steps back, still a little cautious. She looked at him, eyes going up and down his body. Strangely, he was alright looking...for a human at least. She kept her paws firmly planted on the grass.

"What? What are you staring at human?" She asked at first, but she knew why he was staring. "Are you mesmerized by me?" she smiled slightly after that, straightening herself up.

"Y-yes... I hoped to find a beautiful Pokémon I could paint, and after spending many hours, thought I would come home with my mission unfinished. gorgeous..." Sean replied, blinking several times to make sure this was not a dream.

Suicune blushed at his words, turning her head away from him. "You're the first human to say that...most just try to capture me when they see me..." she said, her soft and extremely feminine voice ringing through Sean's head. "What is...your name human?"

"I have no Pokémon with me, since I don't wish to fight. I just have my painting equipment, in my briefcase. I'm Sean. What is the name of your Pokémon species? I have never seen one like you, before." he replied, taking every part of the body of this Pokémon, into his memory bank.

"Sean...that's a...nice name." Suicune said, looking at him funny. He must not know much about Pokémon, she concluded, otherwise he would know exactly what Pokémon she was. That shocked her, to be fully honest, but she replied, "My species is called Suicune. You may call me by that," she said, her mane flowing in the gentle breeze. "Many refer to me as a Legendary Pokémon; that's why everyone tries to capture me."

Sean gulped when he heard that last bit of information. "A...Legendary Pokémon...oh, my..." he muttered, understanding that the beauty he saw in her, had a good reason behind it.

She looked at him and fluttered her eyes, whether it was on purpose or unintentional could not be said but it only added to her beauty. "You're in awe, I can tell." she giggled softly, sitting down on the grass. "You are a painter? Please, tell me what it is."

"It is the art of making scenes from real life eternal. On paper. I best show you." Sean said, smiling, and from his briefcase, pulled out a painting of a proud Pidgeot spreading his wings wide, while surrounded by trees. "This is painting." the boy said. Suicune's eyes widened when she saw the work of art on the piece of paper. Now she was in awe of its beauty and magnificence.

"'s like an actual do you do that?" she looked up at him with eyes that begged him to show her how he honed this skill, how he could capture such magnificence.

"Could I...paint you? You could see best how it is done, then.' Sean suggested to the Pokémon of great beauty, who was smiling at him.

"Really? You could?" her smile got wider, because not only did he want to capture her with this skill, but because he thought she was beautiful enough to paint; that made her blush deeply. "I would love that." she said, facing him. "The Pidgeot is in a special position, I see. Do you want me to stand a certain way?"

"If possible, could you stand on your four legs?" Sean asked her, smiling deeply. Suicune had agreed to pose for him! He quickly took out his bottles with colors in them, his brushes, and a wooden frame, in which the paper would be placed. He did it openly, so Suicune could see what his art was about.

"Painting requires all that?" Suicune said in amazement. Honestly she wasn't surprised; something that magnificent shouldn't be too easy to do. She stood up and shifted to her side so Sean could look at her from the best angle. "Like this? Should I stand a certain way?" she asked with a smile, fluttering her eyes again on purpose this time.

"This is perfect, your current expression and position. Please, just stay that way. If you feel fatigue from all the standing, tell me, and we shall rest." Sean smiled, and finished the last preparations he needed to, before he could start painting.

She nodded and stayed perfectly still. "I'm sure I'll be fine. I am a Legendary after all..." she stayed that way as he watched him start, staring at him. She had to admit now that he was a handsome human. Suicune smiled and kept her head raised up; standing in a confident stance that greatly resembled the statues humans modeled after her. "Sean, I hope you don't mind me saying you're a rather handsome male..."

Sean's heart beat fast, after those words, and his body heated up immensely, so much, he had to exhale deeply, to avoid getting a heatstroke.

"N-not at is very flattering..." he replied, blinking quickly... Then, his hand started to draw outlines of vividly green grass, as a start.

She smiled widely, sensing his increase in heart rate. "I'm sorry; I see I made you nervous. I'll stay silent, for you Sean." Suicune managed to freeze the movement of her mane and white ribbon-like tails so he could draw them with no problem.

Sean waved off with his free hand, and replied softly "Oh, do not worry, sweet maiden of water. I am not ill; my heart is just shocked that such a beautiful Pokémon complimented me. And you do not have to focus on freezing your mane and tails still. I'm used to drawing slight movement." He turned to her, blinking softly, before returning to the big sheet of paper in front of him. Next came two big trees behind Suicune, in a healthy brown color, and of large branches... Above them, a clear, blue sky, with no clouds ruining the moment.

She blushed like mad and closed her eyes for a minute. "Sweet maiden of water? Oh my, you sure do know how to compliment females..." she responded, unfreezing her mane and tails, letting them flow softly in the air. "I cannot help complimenting you; I've never met a human as nice as you Sean. I think I like you..."

"Um...thank heart is ticking faster, upon hearing those three magic words..." Sean replied shyly, his face turning red from all the emotional shocks he was receiving from her. Unexpected love turns people crazy. And Sean was no exception. Like his heart-beat, his hand moved faster over the surface, painting the upper parts in blue, giving life to a cheerful sky. Small bushes around the trees and near Suicune came to be, with yellow flowers breaking the dominance of the green and light brown color...

Suicune giggled softly and stayed in the stance successfully; she felt the tiniest strain but no complications were present. She could stay in this position until he was done.

"How is it looking Sean? With those skills of yours, I bet it's turning out magnificently..." she added extra honey to her voice; she knew she shouldn't while he painted, but she could not stop teasing him. Sean felt that hint of seductive behavior in her voice, and that did not allow his brain to calm down. He was almost positive there was romance going on here!

"Turn your head to see, Suicune, the most beautiful Pokémon, ever." he returned fire, wanting a slight payback for those heart-shaking waves she sent. He turned to the side of the painting, allowing her to see the work made so far. She could sense something in his voice; was it a bit of irritability because of her comments? She knew just what kind of effect they were having on him and she did not want to stop.

"Wow Sean. That's so much better than I thought it would turn out. Such skill in capturing the forest..." Suicune purred, body heating up from her own words. She felt this slight like for him suddenly spark up; her comments would only get more seductive and sweet sounding than the last. Sean was being disarmed by her words, and had trouble focusing on the task of painting her, but somehow, he did it. A good look at her body, and he started forming the shapes first, sliding the brush delicately on the white surface, and turning it blue... He was swarmed with images and thoughts of Suicune, and the heat grew and grew...focusing onto a certain area on his body. He noticed it, and tried to shift his position, so that he would not be embarrassed.

Suicune could feel a lack of entities in the forest; she and Sean were definitely alone. Sean's reactions were obvious to her and his shift of position told her something that he wouldn't want her to know. His handsome form made her think of how else to tease him. The more she thought, the more he pervaded his mind and it made her own body react. She felt the backs of her legs become wet.

While attempting to hide the slight bulge in his pants, the young painter took another look at Suicune, to process the visual information required to paint her body. Painters see details well, and a particular one astounded Sean: he saw drops of liquid slide down her hind legs. Coupled with her seductive words, it led to one conclusion. and Sean knew full well what it was. Trying to contain his surprise, he turned around quickly, to paint her body in wavy patterns of blue color, mirroring her shape perfectly. White squares completed the image bit by bit...

She groaned as her body released her natural fluids down her legs, but also because her body was starting to ache a bit. she could hold on; she didn't want Sean to have to start over because she couldn't hold her position.

"I bet it's looking very good Sean. I think I can hold this position for a while longer." she said sweetly, her breathing going up in rate and volume.

"I will try to finish soon. I sense your fatigue…" Sean replied, while thinking of how to keep his erection concealed from her... The task of making her purple mane eternal on the sheet of paper took his attention, though. He made many wavy lines, some bright, some dark, in the natural swaying motion they were in, in reality. Satisfied, he drew two thick lines with white color, presenting the dual tails... Suicune took a deep breath. Her legs were shaking but she managed to hold on. She looked all across his body again, but this time she noticed a bulge in that certain area. She blushed madly and could not help herself from giggling like mad.

"I see you really like me Sean..." her tone was extremely seductive; it could make any male melt into a hot puddle of goo.

"My there a Pokémon move called...Disarmament...? I think I've just been the victim of it." Sean said chuckling slightly, but also feeling ashamed of the fact that she saw his manhood react to her.

"Heh, I don't know Sean. One of my moves is Attract; I wonder if that had anything to do with it..." she said, winking and smiling at him. The backs of her legs were soaked, dripping further down to her hind paws which were just as wet.

Sean had to admit he was turned on. His dick was trying to pierce his pants, while his eyes could not move away from her. With effort and willpower in large quantities being spent, he turned to paint again, this time her radiant crown, and the smiling face. He took care in shaping the mysterious eyes, which intrigued him a lot. Suicune could see him getting bigger down there and she was getting even more turned on than before. She licked her muzzle and breathed heavier, closing her eyes for a second before looking back at him.

"How is the painting Sean?" she asked in a soft, gentle tone of voice. Sean stayed silent while doing the final touches, filling in blank spots, and adding more color to make things look lively...

When he was done, he stood back, and replied "Suicune, the soldier who disarmed me...the painting is complete." all the time, he glowed with happiness. She let go of the position and collapsed onto the grass, sighing loudly with relief.

"Wow, it looks...great." she said with total awe in her voice. The painting was done, and she had to admit he did an excellent job. He perfectly captured her form on the canvas, captured every aspect of her form. "It's beautiful Sean..." she said, smiling happily.

"I'm honored, queen of clear waters..." Sean replied, bowing to her. His heart was swollen with pride of his accomplishment. Something else was swollen, too. Sean's mind was unable to think straight, upon watching her smooth body...

"Thank you, Sean. I love it." she said softly, blushing at the title he called her by. She looked away for a minute because he made her leak more. "Sean, please come closer..." She said, standing up slowly as a way to show herself off to him.

Sean trembled at those words... Hope, wonderful hope entered him... Could they be...? He came to her slowly, looking at her with admiration. Suicune nodded and made herself look as inviting as possible.

"Yes, keep coming. If you want you can pet me. You'd be the first human I allowed to do so." she wiggled her body slightly to add to her seductive prowess. Those honey-laced words made Sean's knees tremble. He barely managed to come to her; that was the power of her seduction... He placed his hands on her body, and massaged it slowly, while on his knees.

"So soft..." he mumbled, closing his eyes for a bit. Suicune closed her own eyes and let out a gentle mumble.

"Thank you...your hands feel good..." she knew her seductive tactics were working, and that's exactly what she wanted. "I really like you Sean; I like you a lot." She looked at him with soft eyes, flashing with pure affection.

Sean's heartbeats accelerated again, and he massaged her more, feeling that moist skin shiver under his touch. The heat that was consuming him from within was too much... "Suicune, please...may I undress? I'm feeling overheated..." he pleaded softly.

She could not help but to lick her muzzle when he asked, even though it was clearly an innocent question. "Yes of course Sean, you may..." she leaked harder this time, her thoughts racing to what the artist might look like under his clothing...

"Thank you... I hope you will not find my body...unsightly.˝, Sean replied timidly, and took his coat off first. Then, his shirt followed. He unbuckled the belt of his pants, and they went down, too. His shoes were down, last. His boxers remained; because he thought showing his manhood might be too much.

"Wow, you must really by hot..." Suicune said in a soft, almost dazed tone. She could not help but stare at his body, which was very well built and had all the trimmings of a handsome human. "My...oh my..." she purred, her heightened mating drive causing her to automatically lower her chest to the ground with her rear in the air.

"I'm sorry, my lady, but I'm having difficulties controlling my're just so attractive..." Sean said, trembling. He wanted to ask her something, but lacked the bravery to do it…

Suicune smiled at him and let out a soft moan, giggling slightly. "I know what you're talking about. You're very handsome Sean. You've actually turned on my mating drive..." she cooed, blushing heavily and straightening herself out to get somewhat level with him.

That was a jaw-dropper! Sean covered his mouth, shocked by her confession. She actually wanted to do it? "I...don't know what to say...I'm honored...I was going to ask you...could we kiss..." the boy stammered.

She smiled; glad to see the effect she had over him. Suicune was not used to this; she didn't go around seducing the pants of Pokémon, but this human was quite different from the others. "Kiss? Over course, I would love that." She got as close as possible to Sean and licked his cheek gently with her soft red tongue. Sean moaned softly when she licked his cheek, and immediately licked her back, smiling sweetly. Then, he put his lips to her, and pushed his tongue inside, moaning at the feeling he was exposed to. Sweet, warm, lovely...

Suicune half-closed her eyes, moaning back at the feel of his tongue inside her mouth. She felt her legs shaking as her own feelings started flooding her. She pressed her tongue against his, batting the oral organs together softly. Sean loved the touch of their tongues, and deepened the kiss, while massaging her body with his hands, enjoying in the comfortable feeling.

"Awesome..." he commented mentally, lost in pleasure. Suicune made a soft whining noise as her temperature went up sharply, sending more fluids out of her body like a faucet.

"Oh my...v-very nice, Sean..." she replied, stepping closer to make the kiss a little deeper. Sean kissed her harder, enjoying the sounds she made, as they were making him go crazy. He pulled his boxers down, springing his boner free, finally, while his hands massaged her legs in circular motions.

Suicune gazed down at his member and her insides fluttered like mad, her face flushing deeply.

"Oh my look so big..." she purred in her mind, sitting down and lifting her foreleg so he could have an easier time rubbing them.

Sean smiled at her last comment, after pulling away to breathe in some air. Then, he surprised her by licking and kissing her forelegs slowly... He hoped Suicune loved being licked...

She closed her eyes and let out a long, shaky breath. " feels so strange, but so good..." she purred, panting hard and moving her head under his hands. Suicune moaned at the feeling of his tongue; the pleasure seemed heightened with her eyes closed.

Sean licked faster, when he heard her approving words in his mind. He was getting extremely turned on, and couldn't hold himself from pleasuring her more. He swallowed her toes, and started licking them slowly, while pumping his shaft quietly. Her eyes widened and her mouth slightly fell open. What was he doing? Sucking on her paw...? Suicune grit her teeth and gave him a soft moan.

"Sean...what d-doing...?" she asked, curling her toes inside his mouth. "Entei never did this...b-before..." she mumbled to herself, blushing harder than ever.

"Are mistress?" Sean asked her with his thoughts, while suckling the soft skin lovingly. His left hand caressed her cheek carefully, since Sean wanted her to feel great. She clenched her eyes shut and allowed another soft moan to escape her.

"'re so much more g-gentle..." her body relaxed under his touching and little butterflies fluttered around her stomach, making her all tingling on the inside and out.

Sean happily licked her toes a few more times, before switching to her other foreleg. He kissed it lovingly, before suckling the tender skin like a baby, even making slight yipping sounds that made him look like one. His right hand tickled her belly while his mouth tended to her leg, the two provided a double dose of pleasure for the Legendary Pokémon.

She clenched her eyes shut, legs shaking hard from what he was doing. She moved her head a bit, shaking it as her body heat went up again. She couldn't take it; she had not felt this way in such a long time that her body was dispelling fluids at an alarming rate; she would have an orgasm soon, and it was going to be powerful.

"S-Sean...stop f-for a...minute." she whined, eyes still closed tightly as she pulled her paw away from him. Sean did as told, licking his lips after she pulled her paw away.

"Wonderful...I loved it..." he cooed, smiling at her. She looked up at him and whimpered as the locking of her legs made her fall onto her side, shaking like mad as the intense feelings made her lose all control.

"A-Arceus! I-I'm c-c...!" before she got a chance to finish her sentence she cried out loud as juice exploded from her nether regions, coating the grass in the thick clear fluid. She tried to recover from that, having just came right in front of him. She blushed hard, looking away in embarrassment.

Sean chuckled slightly, covering his mouth with his hand. He commented "That was...fascinating... I've never seen an orgasm, before..."He smiled at her, coming nearer, to see her body from up close. Suicune looked back at him and giggled softly, rubbing the grass with her paw.

"I'm sorry; I don't know what came over me. You did such a good job pleasuring me...thank you Sean." she said, licking the side of his face and flicking her two tails against the air.

Sean licked her back, and then asked her, slightly embarrassed by his request "Thank you... I was wondering...could I lick those fluids from your...opening? Something came to a desire." He bit his lip, after speaking, wondering if he would be allowed to do it. She smiled at him and rolled over on her side again, spreading her hind legs open.

"I would love that! I love when males do that..." she purred. Already she could feel his tongue down there, probing her insides and drinking her fluids up...

He bowed to her, and replied "Thank you, mistress. I will do my best to please you." he then went behind her, knelt, and licked up the fluids leaking down her legs, making muffled sounds as he apparently enjoyed doing this. When he was finished, he gently began probing her folds with his tongue, flicking it over the sensitive skin...

"O-Oh! Yes...!" Suicune whined loudly, clenching her eyes shut. Her body was burning on the inside, all caused by Sean's tongue touching her vaginal lips. She pushed up against his mouth, wanting him to do more to her down there. Sean knew he was doing the right things, when she pushed herself into his face, like that. Her passionate screams made him drink her juices, and slide his tongue deeper, twirling inside her folds madly. Spotting a small circular object above her vagina, he decided to touch it with his lips slowly, while his tongue went deep inside of her. She gasped loudly as his mouth made contact with her clitoris and she instantly saw stars, despite it being the middle of the day.

" Arceus...keep g-going Sean..." she moaned, bucking her hips harder against his face and taking more of his tongue inside her. She wanted it, and she wanted as much as she could take. Sean smiled to himself, knowing he found the areas that she liked having touched. So, he licked the same spot he touched with his lips earlier, while touching the outer parts with his fingers, lightly, but enough to make her notice.

He knew every part of her, every area she liked to be touched by a male's tongue. His fingers felt strange at first, only because he was the first human she did this with. Suicune let out more fluids on his mouth, letting him drink them up as much as he wanted. Already she was getting close and she hoped he would do more. Sean squealed with happiness when more of her juices were offered as drink. He began lapping them up right away, while nibbling at her folds slightly, like a hungry baby. His fingers traced the outlines of her opening, pressing the skin slightly.

Suicune was beside herself with pleasure; she could not wait to have him inside her. She was growing impatient, impatient with powerful lust as her fluids continued flowing.

"Yes...just do that Sean. Your mouth feels heavenly..." she breathed out, laying her head on the grass and panting heavily like she was going into labor. It would not be much longer now...

Sean was thirsty. Very thirsty. and the liquids Suicune's pussy offered were very tasty. So he pushed his tongue as far as he could, and sucked her fluids at a fast pace, while his teeth played with her folds naughtily. Sean hoped she might come again, from his licking...

Her entire body began to shake madly. Tremors bombarded her to the point she could barely handle what was happening to her; she was going to cum, and Sean was making it happen.

"S-Sean...I c-can't hold it!" she cried out to the heavens as her love juice exploded out like a volcano releasing its lava, drenching his face and leaving the Legendary Pokémon a panting, nearly-exhausted mess. Sean was surprised by the deluge of her cum that splashed in his face, but managed to drink a good deal of it, and licked off the rest.

"That was fantastic, Suicune..." he panted, licking his lips. She lifted herself up and smiled at him, panting somewhat hard.

"Thank you, I enjoyed it and I'm glad you did..." she stood and turned around with her rear facing him. "Alright Sean, I'm ready for the best part..." she panted, pressing her chest against the ground and shaking her rump a few times to tease him.

"Thank you, my love. I hope I do well." Sean replied, positioning himself behind her. He inhaled and exhaled deeply, and then squeezed his throbbing member inside of Suicune. He was surprised at how warm her insides felt, for a Water Pokémon...

She groaned at the feeling of having a male inside her, having not felt it in an awful long time. "Ah...yessss...such a long time..." she moaned, pushing back against him. His human member felt different, but not in a bad way. She spread her hind legs apart to let Sean have as much room as he possibly needed.

Sean felt good when she groaned, knowing she wanted him to do it. Although it was a first time for him, and his partner was a Pokémon, he had the knowledge of what he was supposed to do. He started thrusting inside of her, grunting as her tight walls squeezed his dick, giving him pleasure experienced never before. Suicune closed her eyes and pressed her head against the ground, moaning softly as he thrust into her.

"Oh...a-ah...Sean..." she moaned out his name in her seductive voice, looking back at him with soft eyes. Her fluids lathered up his cock to make the ride smoother and hotter for both of them. When she looked up at him, his heart melted, and he smiled sweetly at her, and said, while picking up the pace, but by bit:

"I love you...beautiful legend of the waters... My heart fell for you, Suicune..." He held onto her hips, since he needed to have some support, in this mad ride of love. Her moaning got louder as his thrusts picked up speed and she continued looking at him.

"I-I love you S-Sean...please, d-don't stop...don't ever stop..." she let her tongue fall from her mouth as she pushed back against him, taking more of his hot girth inside. Her words were a strong incentive, and he began pounding harder, slamming her ass with his hips, as he drilled her rapidly. He was heating up again, and could barely think straight because of it. He loved this moment of closeness, and aimed to make it the best in his and her life.

The water maiden kept her eyes closed the entire time, hanging her head with her pink tongue hanging from her mouth., The cold water in her body was boiling, all because of Sean's hot ecstatic thrusting which made her insides jump and quiver with pleasure.

"Oh...O-Oh Arceus, it's so good're very...g-good at this..." she panted out, lifting her head to look back at him again through her tearing, foggy eyes, mouth curled up as she panted softly in pure delight, leaking so profusely onto him...

Sean smiled when Suicune cried out... Her words were very flattering, and he pushed harder into her, wanting to make her pleasure go to even higher levels, than just a moment before. His hands massaged her body carefully, hoping to make her warm up, and melt, from the intensity of love we shared. "I'm close...Suicune..." he announced, panting hard.

Suicune clenched her eyes shut as her velvety vaginal walls hugged his human rod tightly, like a hand in a tight silken glove, getting some of his hot human pre inside her hot and cold body. "Oh...yes, I-I am too, Sean." She panted out in her majestic voice, as sweet as honey to his ears. H-Hold on until...u-unitl I...c-cum first..." She moaned louder and harder, her backward thrusting getting more enthusiastic as she started to pour her liquids out all over the ground, indicating she was so very, very close...

"I will love..." he replied, while pounding away at her tight passage. It felt so good, natural, smooth... he let his hands roam over her beautiful body, and make her come closer and closer to the blissful explosion that would come. Her panting turned him on immensely, and he thrust just that bit harder, after hearing her.

His hands felt so good on her slim body, any cold area instantly heating up. "A-Agh! Yes Sean! Oh I'm cumming!" she announced to her human lover, throwing her heat back as her love passage instantly encased him in a tight, lovely hold, her beautiful body shaking in sexual ecstasy as she came hard onto him. her fluids squirting in every direction, racking her with incredible pleasure.

"O-Oh Mighty Arceus!" she screamed out, eyes wide and claws digging into the grass as her back arched and pushed back against Sean, taking all of him inside her hot body as she drenched his crotch and legs with her warm watery cum, sweet scent drowning the air.

Sean could not hold it any more, after his lover came hard, covering his crotch in cum. With a long and loud groan, he leaned forward, and after a few quick thrusts, exploded inside of her pussy. He filled her for a minute, until he was empty.

"So good...I could not resist..." the painter said, breathing hard after he sat down, fully spent. She gave a loud groan herself and rubbed the side of her face all over the grass, clenching her eyes shut as she felt her human lover's seed flow inside her body, through her tight cervix all the way into her cavernous womb. It filled her with a nice warmth, and even though it was nowhere near as hot as an Arcanine's seed, or even Entei's, it still felt very nice inside her watery body.

"It's okay...S-Sean, it's very...n-nice..." she said happily, looking back at him as excess seed and other fluids dripped from her pussy, splashing on the backs of her legs, She remained in the mating position, her rear end in the air with her chest pressed on the grass. "Thank you, S-Sean, that great.." she thanked the human teen, panting very softly.

"It indeed was, Suicune. I don't think I've enjoyed any day as much as this one. You felt...wonderful." Sean replied, looking at the attractive Legendary Pokemon with whom he was united, just minutes ago. The forrest was quiet, except them two. They had all the time in the world...

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