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It was the middle of the early evening and everything was peaceful in the Sinnoh Region. The chilly breeze blew over the Eterna Forest, the leaves on the trees swaying in the wind. The forest was always so quite around this area, because of the Old Chateau that lay to the north. Pokémon and trainers alike were afraid to go anywhere near the house because of the ghosts that haunted it. Some said that if you stand in front of the gate to the Chateau, you could hear the faint sounds of ghostly moaning echoing through the howling wind.

"It's going to get dark soon." Typhlosion said to his partner, looking up at the sky.

"Yeah it is." Lucario simply said. "We'll have to find someplace to stay for the night soon."

Typhlosion look around at the trees of the forest as the duo walked down the wooded path. He wondered how Lucario could live in such a chilly place as the Sinnoh Region. Back in the Johto Region where he once lived, it was much warmer there.

When Typhlosion was still a Cyndaquil, he belonged to a trainer with dark red hair dressed in black clothes and went under the alias of "Silver". Silver was an abusive trainer, hitting him whenever he lost to this other boy who owned a Meganium and dressed in yellowish clothes, and when he did when against somebody he got no appreciation. So one day while the boy was asleep, he snuck away and never saw him again. Sometime afterwards he met Lucario, who was at the time a Riolu. Seeing that he was a Pokémon who had no experience living in the wild, he took him in and they became best friends since then. They were inseparable, never leaving the other's side.

Because of Silver's abusive behavior towards him Typhlosion was always shy and withdrawn, never really talking to anyone. But when he met Lucario that all seemed to go away. Lucario could always bring out who he truly was on the inside…

A low growling sound filled Typhlosion's ears and he looked down at his stomach. He forgot about how hungry he was. "Lucario I'm getting hungry. Let's stop and find something to eat."

"Why are you always hungry Typhlosion?" Lucario said bluntly. "Can't you go for one minute without eating anything?"

"Hey I can't help how my stomach acts." Typhlosion defended.

Lucario sighed. "Alright. Let's stop and take a break while we're at it."

Taking rest underneath a large tree Lucario gathered so Oran Berries for him and his friend. Sitting down next to the Typhlosion he handed him a berry.

"Here my friend." He said. "Eat, and if needed, regain your strength.

Taking the berry from Lucario's paw, his paw touched the pads of Lucario's paw. Typhlosion swallowed nervously when he felt the leathery softness of the pad.

"Stop trying to fool yourself Typhlosion." He said to himself in his mind, bringing up the one subject that he always argued with himself about. "You know that Lucario isn't that way. Lucario is as straight as an arrow."

Typhlosion shook the thought out of his mind and took another bite of his berry. He looked over at Lucario. The canine Pokémon had his eyes closed in concentration, taking bites of his berry the entire time.

"Then again you don't have any clue who or what Lucario is attracted to." He thought bringing it up again. "Maybe he has no attraction whatsoever. He's always so serious all the time he's shown almost no emotion around anyone except me..."

Lucario opened his right eye and peered at Typhlosion. Little did the both of them know that they were thinking the same exact thing. Lucario ripped the skin of the berry off with his sharp teeth. His entire life he never mentioned to anyone that he was gay. Since he met Typhlosion he came to see him as a friend, but overtime however he started to want more from him; he wanted to be more than just friends.

But how do you tell your best friend that you're gay and want to be more than friends? It's never an easy task. Lucario always feared that if he revealed his attraction, Typhlosion would think the only reason he wanted to be friends with him was to sleep with him later on. Typhlosion were known for their volatile attitudes, but Typhlosion never got angry around him so what would the harm be in telling him?

"It could harm our friendship." Lucario thought. "Sure my sexuality was and has never been a topic of discussion but how could I possibly tell him I'm attracted to males, or more accurately, him?"

"Lucario, can I ask you something?" Typhlosion said while finishing the last bite of his Oran Berry.

"What is it you ask of me?" Lucario said closing his eyes once more.

"How…how come we've never talked about your…um…sexuality?"

Lucario swallowed nervously but put up his protective barrier. "That's a very personal subject to discuss. And I'm not sure now's a good time to talk about it."

Typhlosion dropped the subject right there. He was not going to have another endless argument with Lucario again, like they always end up doing when the question of his sexuality arises.

Lucario finished off the rest of his Oran Berry, licking his muzzle of the blue liquids. "There you go avoiding his question again for the umpteenth time. When are you going to tell him and admit your feelings to him?"

Lucario scolded himself for his stubborn move. But he had a feeling it might just be for the best. After all he didn't want to ruin the great friendship they already had.

Typhlosion put a paw on Lucario's shoulder. "Lucario, we're best friends, you know that. You know if something's ever bothering you, you can always tell me. I won't judge you."

Lucario looked at Typhlosion and gave a weak smile before patting his arm. "I know Typhlosion; I just don't want to talk about it."

Typhlosion frowned and removed his paw from his friend. He hated when there was something Lucario wasn't comfortable enough to talk about, even to his best friend. Typhlosion loved Lucario with all of his heart, and he wanted to see the canine Pokémon happy. Lucario always had such a serious demeanor, barely ever showing his true emotions.

"Could there be a reason why he's so withdrawn from you?" He thought to himself. "Lucario are always very collected Pokémon so that could just be his personality…Then again we are loyal to each other so there should be no reason for keeping major secrets….What if Lucario isn't as straight as you think he is? What if he's keeping his sexuality a secret because…he's in love with you too…?" Typhlosion clamped his eyes shut and shook the thought out of his head. "There you go thinking that again. Lucario isn't in to that sort of thing…"

Lucario stood up and took a deep breath. "I think it is time to continue onward." He said while looking at Typhlosion. "What about you my friend?"

Typhlosion yawned and got to his feet. "I feel much better now. I'm ready to move on."

Moving away from their resting place they continued walking onward to the northern part of the forest. The wind began to pick up battering against the gentle green grass and the foliage of the trees. The climate was starting to become chillier, blowing through Lucario's fur and making his skin crawl. Typhlosion rubbed his arms with his paws, his skin used to warmer weather.

"You'd think a-after all this time of living in Sinnoh my skin would have adapted to this climate." Typhlosion said.

"But you're a fire Pokémon." Lucario said. "Those hot insides of yours should keep you warm."

"True but you have that warm fur of yours." The taller Pokémon said.

"Touché." Lucario admitted.

That fur…Typhlosion stared at Lucario, at his fur. It looked so warm, so soft…How he wanted to stay warm by Lucario's side. Typhlosion would have fantasies about Lucario, just like anyone would about someone they love. But he knew these fantasies were beginning to get the best of him when he started to stare at Lucario's ass.

A drop of water fell onto the top of his head, abruptly taking him out of his thoughts. He looked up at the darkening sky, dark clouds obscuring the sky.

Lucario looked behind his shoulder to see Typhlosion standing in place looking up at the sky. "Is something the matter my companion?"

"Rain…" Typhlosion said dreadfully. "It's starting to rain…"

Lucario looked up at the heavens and a rain drop fell onto the end of his nose. Typhlosion whimpered slightly, the thought of being caught in rain scaring him to death.

"You're right." Lucario said. "I saw a cave somewhere behind us. We can take shelter there for the night until the rain stops."


The rain was pouring in a deluge outside, the thunder rumbling across the sky. Typhlosion lay against the wall, shivering from the cold air. The rain started to pour down in a split second before he and Lucario found the cave. If there's one thing that could spell death for a fire Pokémon, that's being caught in the middle of a rain storm.

Lucario sat with his legs crossed in the middle of the cave floor, his mind deep in concentration. Small clouds of aura hung around his body, particularly his paws. Whenever Lucario was concentrating on whatever it was he was thinking the clouds were usually bigger and thicker.

"He must have a lot on his mind…" Typhlosion thought.

Lucario's mouth twitched slightly, his meditation beginning to deteriorate from the thoughts that constantly made their way back into his head. He opened his eyes slightly and looked out the mouth of the cave into the mist and pouring rain. The trees were almost obscured by the falling water as well as the twilight. It was like they were isolated from the rest of the world in the cave. But so much was on Lucario's mind that he couldn't enjoy the beauty.

"Curse it all…" he thought. "I can't train my skills of the aura like this. My mind is too distracted." Lucario looked at Typhlosion who was also looking outside the cave. He stared at the larger Pokémon, his red pupils fixed on the magenta ones of Typhlosion.

Typhlosion sighed and turned his attention away from the rain and saw Lucario staring right at him. The minute their eyes met Lucario turned his head away.

Lucario's extra sensitive hearing picked up a shuffling sound from his side and he got the feeling that something was standing over him.

"Lucario?" Typhlosion's voice went through his brain.

Lucario opened his eyes and looked behind his shoulder. Typhlosion was standing over him, his paws at his arms again.

"Is something distressing you?" Lucario said as casually as he could.

"It's freezing over there. Do you mind if I sit by you for warmth?" the fire type said.

Lucario shook his head. "Of course not. I don't mind."

Swallowing the lump in his throat he sat directly behind his friend, taking a chance with what he was about to do. He scooted closer until their bodies were practically touching. Lucario could feel his temperature rising. The position didn't make him uncomfortable but it still took him by surprise.

"Are you warm enough back there?" Lucario said with a small chuckle.

Typhlosion put his paws at Lucario's shoulders, rubbing them while trying to get them warm. Lucario closed his eyes and let out a soft moan. He scooted backwards until his back was touching Typhlosion's front. Typhlosion was a bit taken aback by this gesture, not expecting that reaction from Lucario.

Lucario swallowed, realizing the thing he just did could set Typhlosion off. He waited a few minutes for a reaction, but nothing came.

"Typhlosion?" Lucario said silently.

Typhlosion slowly moved his shaky paw down to Lucario's back, the other's reactions taking the other by surprise.

"Typhlosion?" Lucario spoke up. "Can I tell you something?"

Typhlosion stopped rubbing the dog Pokémon to let him speak. "Yes Lucario?"

Lucario wrung his paws, not knowing where to start. "Please don't hate me for saying this, but…would you…hate me…if I told you I was gay?"

The Lucario's admittance was a bit of a shocker to Typhlosion but it wasn't a bad kind of shock; it was a good one.

"Why would I hate you?" Typhlosion said like Lucario was crazy.

"Because I didn't want you to think that I took you in for selfish reasons, reasons of my own." Lucario looked back outside the cave.

Typhlosion's paws went back to Lucario's shoulders and he rubbed them affectionately. "Lucario, you have been the only friend, and the only family I had since I left Silver's custody. You have always been there for me through thick and thin, even in the darkest of times. There's no way I could ever be mad at you. I love you Lucario and there is nothing that could ever change that."

Typhlosion pulled Lucario into an embrace, taking in the warmth of his fur. A blush went across Lucario's face.

"I…If I had known you felt the same I would have told you a long time ago. I've always wanted to be more than just a friend to you."

"I wish you would have told me a long time ago." Typhlosion said, running his paws down Lucario's arms.

"Yeah, I-I wish I would have…" Lucario breathed.

Typhlosion moved a hand to the back of Lucario's head and gently pulled down lifting the canine's head towards the ceiling. Typhlosion ran his fat tongue across Lucario's fur, tasting and taking in his musky smell. Lucario moaned softly and put his paws on Typhlosion's, unsheathing his claws slightly. The fat wet appendage slithered across Lucario's neck leaving trails of slobber and saturating the fur. Lucario reached up and rubbed the top of Typhlosion's head, pulling him closer. Typhlosion looked to the space between Lucario's legs, where his member was showing itself from its prison, the knot at the base already inflating with blood. Typhlosion smirked and moved his left paw down to the organ and took hold of it making Lucario gasp.

"Typhlosion…" he moaned as the other Pokémon ran his fingers down the red shaft slowly, feeling it throb in his paw.

Tiny beads of sweat played on Lucario's head, dripping down his muzzle. His eyes stayed transfixed on Typhlosion's hand as he continued to pleasure him. His length continued to grow in size, the knot fully inflated as much as it could. Lucario licked his dry lips, trying to keep himself from having an orgasm earlier than he wanted. Lucario's tongue fell out of his mouth and he panted like a dog, his eyes turning a soft, bright shade of blue. Strangely his aura was channeling itself and he felt it growing stronger than when he meditated. Typhlosion moved his paw faster over the red skin, his own becoming hard and poking Lucario's back.

"I see you're…enjoying this…too…" Lucario panted, his eyes beginning to glaze over.

Typhlosion's speed went faster but he took care not to hurt the most sensitive part on his friend's body. Lucario's heart beat raced and all sensation was concentrated into his crotch, his knot throbbing heavily, the release coming closer and closer until he could no longer hold it.

Lucario let out a frustrated grunt as he tried to suppress it with as much strength as he could. Typhlosion could see his ordeal, and decided to let his friend release. He gave Lucario's cock a small squeeze and the small gesture was enough to make Lucario loose all control. Typhlosion cupped his paw over the tip just in time for Lucario's semen to burst into his palm, filling it with warmth. Leaving Lucario panting Typhlosion lifted his paw to his face and examined the thick cloudy fluid that coated his paw. Sticking his tongue out over his paw he licked it clean of the liquid, the salty taste filling his mouth.

"Arceaus," Lucario panted. "Where did you learn how to do that?"

"It just came to me." Typhlosion smirked. "Can you do me a favor, and get on your back?"

"Of course." Lucario said, lying down on the cave floor when Typhlosion moved from behind him.

Typhlosion got in front of him and lowered himself down on top of Lucario so he was lying flat on top of him. Lucario felt a little bit of pressure from the fire type's larger girth but he could take it for a while.

"What are we going to do now?" Lucario asked.

"Just a little bit more foreplay." Typhlosion responded.

Leaning his head down Typhlosion slowly put his lips against Lucario's, enveloping the canine in a kiss. Lucario graciously accepted it back and wrapped his arms around the other's neck, his paws slowly becoming encased in dark blue clouds of aura. Typhlosion's tongue was too large to fit inside Lucario's mouth so he allowed him to do all the work here. Lucario gladly slid his tongue in Typhlosion's, mouth, taking in the some-what stale taste of the Oran Berry he had eaten earlier that evening. Lucario moved his tongue to one side while he allowed Typhlosion's saliva to slowly trickle down into his mouth. Small sparks of flames began to rise from Typhlosion's back. Pulling his tongue from Lucario's grasp he moved his head up Lucario's head and licked his ears with the fat tip, making them twitch. Lucario let out a small chuckle, rubbing the back of Typhlosion's neck. Placing his tongue at the tip he slowly ran it down his ear, down his check, and across his neck. The arousal was becoming so much for them, especially Typhlosion who had not yet had a release.

"I think that's…enough foreplay for today." Lucario said. "I want to feel you inside me…"

Typhlosion smiled and gave the jackal one last kiss before getting off of him. Lucario rolled over and got on his knees, low enough for Typhlosion to reach. Moving Lucario's tail to the side and edging closer to him, he slowly placed his cock at the entrance to Lucario's anus. Typhlosion's member was quite large but it came to a smaller size at the tip, which was enough to get Lucario ready for what was to come.

Gently prodding Lucario's small hole, he only pushed an inch or two of the tip inside. Shivers went up Lucario's spine at the very foreign feeling, a small grunt escaping his throat. Typhlosion continuously poked the small hole with the tip of his shaft, trying to help his future mate get used to the size, which wasn't going to be an easy task. Lucario's tongue hung from his mouth still, the clouds of aura growing stronger around his paws. The flames on Typhlosion's back grew to small embers that threatened to explode and ignite the entire cave, if it could anyway.

Pushing a tiny bit more inside, Lucario let out a long moan as the tip entered the inside of his anus further. Typhlosion's body started to sweat with Lucario's his breathing coming out deeply. Placing his paws at Lucario's hips he gripped the short blue fur as gently as he could without pulling any out. Lucario's hole started to dilate from the prodding of Typhlosion's cock, giving him more space to slip inside.

A pleasurable sensation shot through Lucario's body but it was also accompanied by a sharp burning feeling. Sweat flowed down his head as his anus was stretched to fit the capacity of what was going into him. Typhlosion slowly pushed the same amount of his cock inside Lucario with each thrust, making the jackal moan and whimper softly.

"Can I go further?" Typhlosion said to the canine.

Lucario swallowed his dry throat and nodded his head. "Yes…yes…I think I'm ready for you."

Typhlosion slowly pushed more of his throbbing organ inside Lucario, up to halfway this time. The burning feeling got a bit worse as Typhlosion pumped his cock in Lucario, stretching his anus each time he thrust back inside. Lucario bore his sharp teeth making him look like a feral beast, his breaths coming out in short gasps.

"Faster…Go a little faster…" Lucario moaned despite the pain.

Typhlosion went a little bit faster, driving more inside Lucario. The canine Pokémon clawed at the dirt beneath him, trying to contemplate the intense feelings that went through him. Love…Lust…Desire…Pain? Everything was going so quickly at the speed of light that Lucario could barley even recognize some of the feelings, which only ended up drowning in the sea of sweat that covered the bodies of the two Pokémon.

Typhlosion rammed his cock into Lucario's wanting hole, panting heavily at the same speed as his thrusts. The flames on his back reached their full size lighting up the dark and depressing cave. Typhlosion arched his back forward sending his flames pointing upwards. Still holding onto Lucario's hips he pulled the canine a bit closer penetrating him deeper stabbing the special spot inside him. The blue jackal cried out in pleasure, pain, and surprise as Typhlosion pounded onto Lucario's body with more passion. Lucario's member throbbed as that familiar tingling sensation crawled across his skin once more, teasing him each and every time. Not quite pushing his entire cock in Lucario his own release felt closer than it did before.

"So close…So near…" Typhlosion breathed, his ecstatic feeling growing even stronger and embedding itself in his member.

Lucario tried to respond but couldn't. Everything was becoming foggy from the sweat invading his eyes. Even with nothing stimulating it his cock was sent over the edge and his cum shot from the swollen tip, coating the dirt on the cave floor. With a few more rams against his hindquarters Typhlosion hilted himself against Lucario, his cock bulging in several places and discharged his semen inside the canine, filling his body with the intense heat that could only come from a fire Pokémon.

Slowly pulling his cock from Lucario's swollen, raw hole, the flames on Typhlosion's back slowly died down leaving the cave dark again. Lucario sat back on his knees, his behind hurting with an almost intense pain.

"How do you feel?" Typhlosion said to his friend, and now-mate.

"A little sore." Lucario said, rubbing his rear with his paw.

Typhlosion picked up the smaller canine in his arms, embracing him in another hug again while licking back of his head with that warm tongue of his head. "I love you Lucario." He said happily.

Lucario rubbed Typhlosion's front and smiled at the fire type. "I love you too big guy."

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