This is a request from justin2019. This is a threesome between a male trainer and his female Flareon and his female Glaceon. This is the first time I've done a threesome and I hope it is to your liking.

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Dmitri slammed the front door of his house tiredly, his body aching every which way you could imagine. What a hard day today; Professor Rowan worked him hard at the lab today, studying the reproductive habits of Dittos. An important thing to note is it can get very boring if there is no other Pokémon around, otherwise Ditto has nothing to copy, and there's no breeding or anything like that. Now why would he be tired after a day like that? Well you try sitting on a log all day holding a pen and clipboard, staring at the gelatinous Ditto for hours on end, waiting for something to happen and feeling the constant fear that you might miss something so important that it could affect the entire field of the studies of Pokémon behavior, and you would be written about for years to come and always be remembered as the one who singlehandedly prevented the advancement of Pokémon research. That's a lot of pressure for a kid only 15 years old.

Dmitri dragged his feet into the kitchen where his mom was standing in front of the stove, cooking the evening dinner.

"Welcome home honey." His mom said cheerfully looking back at him from the stove. "How was your day?"

"Very boring." The teenager said, removing the green tinted goggles that Rowan made him wear from around his head and tossing them on the kitchen table. "I hope Professor Rowan doesn't give me another boring job again tomorrow." Dmitri wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"Well just remember no matter how boring or unexciting the job is," his mother reminded him. "That you are contributing your part in advancing the fields of Pokémon studies."

Dmitri silently rolled his eyes but agreed with her statement. "I guess you're right. But Ditto have been around for so long and not one single scientist has been able to explain why or how they can transform. And lucky me Rowan wants me to do more research on it."

"What does he want you to do?"

Dmitri looked at his bag. "The Professor gave me a disk that contains a fossil record of every Pokémon in existence. He said that every Pokémon slowly evolved from another over a period of thousands of years. I have to trace down the tree and find Ditto's ancestor, maybe they slowly developed the ability of transformation over time…" the boy sighed. "Why did Rowan have to ask me to get involved in his studies?"

"Don't get like that Dmitri." His mom scolded. "Rowan chose you because you are a good boy who cares for Pokémon. He knows because he saw firsthand what you did to save those two poor Eevees."

Dmitri gave a small smile, thinking of the two small Eevee sisters that he saved from a Luxray that had them between him and a wall, trapping them with nowhere to run. That was almost five years ago. He almost killed himself trying to save them, fighting the Luxray himself when his Torterra lost. He spent weeks recovering from the bite wounds that her suffered to his shoulder.

He gave the Eevees to Rowan, knowing they would be safe in his care, but only five days after leaving them there he got a call from Rowan saying that the Eevees wouldn't do good in his custody. He said the girls wouldn't eat and were constantly waking him up at night with their nightly whining. Heading over to the lab to see what the problem was, the minute he stepped through the door he was tackled to the ground by the two Pokémon who ravished his face with licks and kisses. He immediately took them home with him, and since then they were his faithful companions and they later evolved into a Flareon and a Glaceon.

"I suppose that could be a reason, and not to sound ungrateful but I thought the Professor would have given me better and more interesting jobs after all this time…" Dmitri said, walking towards the stairs.

"Well just be patient. Your wishes might come true some day."

"Yeah…I hope so…" Dmitri lugged up the stairs like he barley had any strength left to continue.

Turning a corner at the top of the stairs he was lead down a narrow corridor where at the end of the hall his room was. Turning the silver knob on the light brown door he pushed the door open where his meticulously clean-kept room greeted him. Dmitri was never one to let his room get too cramped or messy, everything almost simplified from the small one person bed against the right wall to the desk with a computer across from it. Dmitri closed the door and tossed his back over to the desk where it hit the side before sliding to the floor.

Kicking his shoes and wiping the dust off his plain blue shirt, he went over to his computer desk and sat down at the chair, pressing the on button on the CPU. Dmitri grabbed his backpack and dug around in it pulling out a CD case with a plain CD inside, as well as a Premier Ball and a Luxury Ball. Throwing the orbs to the floor his Flareon and Glaceon appeared in front of him. The sisters looked up at him and sat down obediently, wagging their tails in the air. Dmitri smiled and turned in his chair so he could rub the tops of their heads. The Pokémon closed their eyes and sighed almost dreamily, smiles spreading across their cute faces.

"It's so good to see you two after such a long day of working for the Old-timer." Dmitri said. "Old-timer" was the nickname he made up for Professor Rowan. "Just seeing you girls at the end of the day lets me know that I have people who are always happy to see me…"

The computer beeped and Dmitri took his hand away and sighed. "Unfortunately tonight I can't play with you two. The Professor wants me to do some "after-work work" for him." Dmitri turned away from the vixens and back to the computer screen.

The sisters went over to Dmitri's bed and hopped up onto the bed, lying down on the soft sheets. When the computer was fully operational he opened the disk drive and slipped the CD in. The CPU clicked and beeped several times before a menu popped up. The menu was square and multi colored with numerous Pokémon on it. There were several options including "Fossil Tree", "Fossil Records", "The History of Pokémon" "The History of Pokémon Research", and so on and so forth. Dmitri leaned his chin on his fist, staring glumly at the screen. He clicked on "Fossil Tree".

The menu changed over to a computer-animated tree, grey in color, against a lighter grey backdrop, that was clearly made by Rowan. The stump was thick and had almost no features to it like the outline was drawn then colored, with several question marks lining it, stemming up along the tree as the branches went up. Question marks were everywhere; there must have been at least 500 of them. At the top right corner of the menu there was a little search box with the words "Please type in a Pokémon" above it. Dmitri put his hands to the keyboard and typed in "Ditto". Instantly a tiny picture of Ditto appeared at one of the top most branches of the tree. Stemming down from it were 60 other question mark slots, ending at the bottom of the stump. If Rowan believed that all Pokémon shared a common ancestor and not even Professor Oak knew about any of them, how did he actually expect a 15 year old boy who barely knows anything about researching Pokémon to find the answer? Dmitri always wondered why Rowan didn't do some of these things himself. It's like he's his errand boy.

"Yipee…" Dmitri said very sarcastically. "This ought to be fun…"

The easiest part was ruling out the Relicanth as an ancestor since they never evolved from or into anything. How could it be possible for a creature to not change over time for thousands, maybe even millions of years? Pokémon truly were mysterious creatures. Clearly the Ditto must have evolved from a creature that originally had no way to adapt to its environment. Today the Ditto in their natural form have no way to adapt or really even survive, but they have their Transformation ability to shift into a different Pokémon to aid that. So clearly their ancestor developed the ability to change forms, but when exactly did this change occur? That was going to be one of the most difficult parts.

On Dmitri's bed Glaceon and Flareon laid next to each other, staring at the back of Dmitri's head.

"Dmitri sure is handsome isn't he?" Flareon said to her sister.

"Yeah I guess he is…for a human." Glaceon replied, laying her head down on her paws.

"You know we never thanked him for taking us in. Our parents died, so we had no place to go, then we got cornered and nearly killed by that Luxray. He didn't have to help us but he did, and he gave us a place we can call home."

"I think he knows we're thankful for all he's done for us."

Flareon looked back at Dmitri. Humans were smart, maybe even smarter than Pokémon, but she knew they could not exactly understand the speech or read the thoughts of Pokémon. Maybe Dmitri didn't know how thankful they were.

"We could always show him how thankful we are." Flareon said with a glimmer in her eyes.

Glaceon lifted her head up. "What are you implying?" Flareon smiled at her.

Glaceon's eyes widened. "You want us to mate with him?"

"What else is the best way to thank the only one who took care of us and raised us like his own children?" Flareon said. "I'm sure it wouldn't hurt."

Glaceon looked at the boy sitting in front of the computer. For the most part he seemed to remain motionless, most likely from boredom.

"I suppose it wouldn't…" Glaceon said.

Flareon stood to her feet and jumped off the bed. "Follow my lead." She said. Glaceon jumped off the bed with her.

Dmitri stared at the screen, nothing having changed for the past five minutes. Rowan told Dmitri in order to learn about any Pokémon ancestors he had to read these theses's written by past Pokémon professors and scientists. Dmitri saw copies of some of them lying on Rowan's desk. Some of them were 10 even 15 pages in length, lined with paragraph after paragraph after paragraph of words, absolutely no visual aids of any remains of the Pokémon Rowan wanted him to research. He was not looking forward to reading the digital versions. A soft fuzzy feeling went across his leg and he looked down to see Flareon rubbing against his leg.

"Hey girl!" he said cheerfully. "How are you doing?" He picked the fluffy Pokémon up and placed her in his lap; anything to get away from this mind-numbing job. He stroked her back running his fingers through the mane of long tan fur. She was so soft; Dmitri pulled her closer and buried his nose in the top of her head.

"Flareon…" she said softly, knowing how much Dmitri loved to hear the sound of her cute voice. Lifting her head up she licked the bottom of his cheek with her soft tongue. Dmitri smiled and ran his hand further down her back. Flareon placed her paws directly above her master's crotch and worked her paws over the fabric, feeling the soft bulge grow slightly larger.

Dmitri's eyes got big and he looked down at Flareon as she knead his crotch, creating a hard-on that was getting bigger.

"Okay that's enough girl." He said, picking her up and putting her back on the floor. He turned back to his computer, continuing the boring work.

"Flareon…!" he heard his Pokémon whine. He looked to his left down at the floor. The fire vixen looked up at him with those adorable eyes, her fluffy tail wagging across the floor. Dmitri sighed. How could he say no to her?

"Okay you win." He complied, picking her up and putting her back in his lap. He heard another whine and this time Glaceon was sitting in her sister's spot.

"Boy, I sure am popular this evening." Dmitri chuckled, picking up the ice Pokémon and placing her next to Flareon. Rubbing their heads with both of his hands, the two sisters closed their eyes, letting out relaxed sighs. Dmitri was so thankful to have such great Pokémon as them. Glaceon moved her head down to Dmitri's jeans and sniffed the spot before pawing at it, arousing the bulge beneath.

"Come on not you too." Dmitri said moving her away from his crotch. The girls sure were acting strange this evening…

Glaceon looked at Flareon and she nodded. Flareon reached her head up and licked Dmitri on his lips. The teen was taken aback by the gesture but he made no move to stop her. Flareon took longer, deeper licks, trying to get her tongue inside his mouth. Meanwhile Glaceon went back to rubbing him with her paws arousing his length to a larger size. Dmitri was very confused at what was happening. He remained motionless to see what they were going to do.

Glaceon continued to rub his pants the bulge growing larger. His erection pressed against the tight denim of his jeans rather uncomfortably, making the pressure rather painful. He had to free himself from the cloth prison otherwise he would injure himself. Fumbling at the button of the pants he snapped it open then pulled the zipper down with ease. Glaceon smiled when Dmitri exposed himself, his erection poking through his boxers. Pawing through the folds of the grey article she finally exposed his human meat to the air.

Licking her lips to get them nice and wet, she covered his length with her mouth. When Dmitri opened his mouth as he moaned, Flareon took the opportunity to shove her tongue into her trainer's mouth. Taken completely by surprise Dmitri looked at the fire vixen as she assaulted his mouth with hers, her gentle eyes closed and her ears pulled backwards. Her tongue felt a little unusual in his mouth. It felt a little slimy, but soft, and was very warm to the touch. Reaching his hands up to her, he placed them at Flareon's sides, holding her in place. Running his hands down her sides he touched her soft stomach. Flareon pressed her body closer to him and Dmitri could feel the chair push back against the floor that time.

Looking down to see what the other sister was doing, she had the head of his member in her mouth and when she ran the tip of her tongue, that cold soft tongue, a sharp shiver assaulted his waist. Normally cold is enough to make an erection go down but it only made the teen feel harder. Dmitri was still confused at what was happening but he made no resistance. Glaceon slowly slid his cock halfway into her mouth. Enveloping him in her cold mouth, Dmitri's hands shook from the intensity of the cold saliva. Bobbing her head over his length she positioned her tongue on the underneath so her tongue ran across it with each movement of her head. Dmitri moaned at the touch but it was drowned because Flareon's mouth was still against his. Glaceon's breathing that fell over his skin could only be described as a cold winter wind blowing across it, while her saliva felt like cold icy water that filled Lake Acuity in the coldest winter evening.

Flareon sucked on his lips taking small gentle nibbles here and there, the sisters' double assault doing quite a number on his body. Moving her paws to his shoulders Flareon tried to get as much as she could from the boy, rubbing her tongue all around his mouth like there were Poketreats hidden somewhere inside and she would do anything to get to them. In this case it seemed the Poketreat was his tongue.

What had gotten into these two, Dmitri was beginning to think. His line of vision was obscured by Flareon's face; barely even once did she come up for air. She was too consumed with the teen's mouth, fixed on his soft lips, the skin turning red from the poking of her sharp teeth. Glaceon continued to bob her head over his shaft, making Dmitri close his eyes tightly and moan into Flareon's mouth. The cold was making his climax come closer and closer. Glaceon tried to look up at her trainer out of the corner of her eye but her view was obstructed by her sister. Drops of liquid dripped from her hindquarters soaking into the blue denim. The same could be said for Flareon, who was just as wet and couldn't wait to officially thanking her trainer.

Trying to bit his lower lip without hurting Flareon, the teen just let out a loud grunt as the pleasure reached its peak, sucking in air from the fire Pokémon's mouth. His manhood throbbed in several places before a cloudy stream of cum erupted into the ice vixen's mouth, the fluid turning to slosh when it made contact with her saliva. Glaceon drank it all up then tapped her sister on her back. For the first time Flareon disconnected from Dmitri's mouth letting him take in long breaths of air.

"You ready sister?" Glaceon said.

Flareon smiled and nodded. "Let's do this."

Glaceon hopped off Dmitri's lap followed by Flareon. Circling around to the right of Dmitri's chair the two vixens sat down on the hard wood floor, staring up at Dmitri.

Dmitri looked at them, wondering why they stopped, but he got the message. "Y-You want me to come down there with you?"

"Flareon flare reon!" the fire Pokémon squeaked, hoping up on all fours. Her fluffy tail wagged back and forth slapping the air. Dmitri stood out of his chair and joined his Pokémon, stooping down in front of them.

"What's gotten into you two?" Dmitri said to them. "It's not mating season yet…"

Immediately at the same time the two females tackled Dmitri to the floor. The trainer winced slightly as his back made contact with the hard oak floor. Flareon took one look at the human cock that stuck out from the fabric of his boxers and her eyes widened with desire. Glaceon clamped her teeth at the bottom of the leg of his pants pulling them down slightly. Flareon took the other side and helped her sister, pulling them down much faster until they were completely off him. Flareon pawed at his boxers, trying to tell him to take them off. Rubbing the back of his head, Dmitri looked at the fire type with one eye shut. She whined loudly, stroking the grey cloth with her soft pads. Dmitri looked at his boxers then back at her several times before he got the message.

"You want me to take them off girl?" he said with hesitation. Flareon wagged her tail faster, indicating "yes". Dmitri grabbed the elastic of his boxers and slipped them down his legs and discarded them to the side before getting back in his original position. Flareon could feel her hot liquids dripping from her, trickling to the floor with a soft dripping sound. Getting close to the male organ she took a small and gentle lick of the skin. Dmitri gasped at the warm sensation that slowly spread through the now cold appendage. Glaceon approached from the other end and started to lick the other side of Dmitri's manhood. He arched his back outwards and clenched his hands into fists, the dual feeling of hot and cold attacking the most sensitive area of his body almost making it hurt.

Flareon focused all her attention on the tip while Glaceon concentrated on the rest, taking alternate but simultaneous licks of their master's shaft. Dmitri lifted his head up and stared in awe at what his Pokémon were doing to him and he was still dumbfounded. The vixens circled around and over him dragging their tongues across the throbbing skin, coating it with their saliva. Dmitri clawed at the oak floor, his breaths coming out in loud rasps. His muscles were beginning to tense as the pleasure continued to build, the eeveeloution Pokémon using all their animalistic instincts on him. A small drop of pre-cum spurted from the tip, which Flareon happily scooped up with her tongue. Dmitri's hips spasmed the pressure getting more intense.

Seeing how much pleasured agony the boy was in the sisters stopped licking, and Flareon stepped back from the others, leaving Glaceon to do what she wanted. Climbing onto Dmitri's lap Glaceon positioned herself over his rod, facing in his direction. The teen watched his Pokémon hover over him before slowly lowering herself down onto his saliva-soaked cock. The tip of his head pressed against her tight virgin hole, enveloping it in a cold sensation that was more intense than her mouth. Glaceon clenched her eyes shut as she strained to get him inside. She could only get the head inside but she would not settle for less.

"Glaceon, are you…okay girl?" Dmitri said, becoming a little worried about her. After a few more seconds of straining and with a single downward thrust, almost impaling herself on his length. Glaceon squealed loudly at the shock that the penetration sent rattling through her system. Dmitri shivered as he watched the body of his Pokémon quiver in pain, her icy vice stretching to fit his cock. Glaceon shifted herself on his lap to get more comfortable before she steadily moved her body on top of him, firmly planted in her spot. The liquid ice covered his dick, the cold soothing over his burning hardness. He opened his mouth and let out a stifled moan, then something wet and warm tickled the corner of his mouth.

He opened his eyes and saw the source was Flareon, who came back for another make-out session. Covering his mouth with hers she moved her body over and straddled his chest, laying herself down on him. She slid her tongue slowly across his teeth, the warmth of their mouths exchanging between each other. Dmitri wrapped his arms around Flareon's back and held her close to him, feeling the heat of her soft orange body through his shirt. Like when the vixens double teamed him earlier, the double sensation of hot and cold sent Dmitri to join the mighty Arceus in the Hall of Origin; everything was perfect.

Glaceon kept the slow rhythm of her movements, the wood floor giving her some leverage to allow her to stay in that one spot. Dmitri was a little big for her but she could take it. The human cock warmed her cold insides giving her a pleasured feeling unlike anything she ever felt before. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly as she rode her trainer nice and slowly, the lubrication making everything smooth. Dmitri moaned against Flareon's mouth again and slid one hand behind her. Taking the tip of his finger he slowly rubbed her burning hot pussy, the heat rivaling that of an oven. Flareon released his mouth and moaned softly as he stuck his fingers inside her small hole, letting the heat encase it. Flareon's chest pushed out against Dmitri's, her breathing coming out in small whimpers. Dmitri rubbed the back of her neck, laying his head down on the floor, as well as letting the ice canine have all control over his lower body. When his finger was covered with enough of her hot juice he removed it and switched to his middle finger. Glaceon had full view of this and it was beginning to make her more aroused, making her climax feel closer.

Using his lubricated index finger he moved it up to the second hole just above, and slid the digit into her anus. Flareon's eyes widened and she cried out in surprise. Dmitri held her closer and glided his fingers through her two holes at a moderate speed, his fingers lubricated enough so they could slide in with ease. Flareon bit into Dmitri's shirt crying out into it. The long-awaited orgasm hit her fast than she thought it would, and her sex juice emptied out soaking the teen's shirt. The sight of her sister's orgasm sent Glaceon into a frenzy and she threw herself down onto Dmitri, taking the whole thing inside. Her release hit her and she came onto Dmitri's cock. The cold surge of liquid made Dmitri lose all control and he spilled his seed in his Pokémon, filling her with more warmth than she ever felt.

"Are you okay…sister?" Flareon asked the Glaceon behind her.

Glaceon lifted herself off Dmitri her pussy going back to its original capacity size. "I think I'll be okay. It's your turn now, though."

Flareon struggled from Dmitri's hold and switched places with Glaceon. Climbing onto his lap, Flareon was ready to prove that two sisters were never the same. Glaceon crawled over Dmitri's chest, climbing over his head, until she was positioned over his face, her ice folds being the only thing he could see. Unsure of what exactly to do Dmitri did nothing for the past few minutes. Glaceon frowned slightly and grinded herself down onto the teen's mouth. The same bitter cold filled his mouth this time making his lips almost turn blue. Dmitri stuck his tongue out and made contact with Glaceon's cunt. She moaned in response and thrust her hips downward, meeting his tongue a few more times. He could feel his tongue going cold like he was getting frostbite but stayed that way.

Flareon could see that Glaceon knew what she was doing so now it was time to act on her part. The fire vixen lifted herself up over Dmitri's member and lowered herself onto it, but had the same problems her sister had. Flareon smiled lustily and lifted her hips up, before slamming them roughly down onto her virgin pussy, pushing him halfway inside in the process. She screamed at the pain but she did not care how bad it hurt. Flareon lifted herself up and crashed down upon him sending intense heat through the teen.

He grunted as Flareon moved her body much faster than Glaceon did. She thrashed madly on top of him, slamming her hips down like she was trying to crush him. Unlike Glaceon, Flareon liked it rough; fast and rough. She clenched her teeth tightly and let the cock fill her with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her hot steamy flesh sucked at his member filling the room with a loud squishy sound. Dmitri tried very hard to pleasure Glaceon but what Flareon was doing to him made that very hard. As hard as he could he swirled his tongue through her folds tasting the icy yet sweat tasting fluids. Her previous orgasm made her weak and she made no attempt to suppress the second orgasm and before she knew what happened she released into her trainer's open mouth. Dmitri swallowed her juice and suddenly he could see the ceiling again; Glaceon was spent, but Flareon was far from done. With his vision unobscured he could see just how rough Flareon was, and it looked like she was going to hurt herself.

"R-Reon! Flare…reon!" The vixen squealed ecstatically each time she came crashing down on him. Dmitri squinted as the pleasure and the heat filled him, his hair matted to his head. He grabbed Flareon's soft, furry hips, slowing her down a bit but still allowing her to go as fast as she wanted. His drenched cock plunged into her warm vagina, each thrust exposing it before being obscured inside Flareon.

"Boy somebody…likes it…rough…" Dmitri managed to say between his pants. Flareon tried to fight his hold and go faster but he wouldn't let her hurt herself. The vixen's tongue lolled out the side of her mouth, her warm juices running down his thighs and making loud splashing sounds as she bounced on him roughly.

Dmitri wasn't sure if Flareon was close to climax but he could no longer hold his. As his muscles locked up he held Flareon in place and shot his seed into her; luckily though Flareon had hers at the same time as he did. They exchanged fluids back and forth, mixing and creating new liquids. Dmitri held the cute Pokémon on top of him before he lifted her off his lap, setting her down on the floor. Glaceon stood up from the floor and sat down beside her sister, sitting in the same exact manner as before.

Dmitri got to his knees and looked at the vixens. "That was…wow. What seriously got into two?" The Pokémon smiled at him with a face that said "Your welcome." The forgotten computer beeped breaking the silence of the room.

"You have a message from Professor Rowan."

Dmitri looked back at the computer. He forgot all about Rowan's project in the heat of the event. Rowan was going to kill him! Standing up he scooted the chair out and sat down. Moving the mouse cursor over the little envelope a live video feed of Rowan appeared on the screen.

"Good evening Professor." Dmitri said as casually as he could. "Do you need something sir?"

Rowan cleared his throat. "I don't need anything in particular. I was just checking on you to see how you were doing on the research I wanted you to do."

Dmitri wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Well…actually, professor…"

"You did get some of it done, didn't you?" Rowan said with an eyebrow raised.

"Well…actually…no." Dmitri replied.

"No!" Rowan exclaimed. "That research is very important! What have you been doing this whole time?"

Dmitri looked back at Glaceon and Flareon, and looked back at the screen with a smile.

"The girls were very playful this evening."

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