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Chapter 1


This story came to me while listening to "Accidentally in Love" by Counting Crows. XD
I wont lie when i said i SCREAMED when i thought it^^ The idea just BANG! hit me by surprise! lolz. I'm such a freak -_-" Anyway. I hope you all like it! coz i had a really great time writing it. 8D


Fuji heard his sister call from downstairs. He was reviewing for a test that morning but he closed his Science book and stood up from his chair nonetheless. Exiting his bed room, he placed a smiled on his face and went down the stairs to the kitchen. "Good morning, big sister" Fuji greeted when he'd entered the kitchen. His sister was standing next to the dining table holding bottled water, Yumiko turned when she heard Fuji and smiled. "Good morning" she countered.

"What's that?" He asked when he was standing beside her. From the doorway, the thing in her hand looked like a plain water bottle but up close it was a pinkish color. On the plastic bottle, messy hand writing written with red marker said "LOVE POTION" Fuji blinked. "Ah, my friend who migrated to Europe sent it to me; she bought it at a carnival. A love potion" Yumiko giggled at the thought. "Saa~" Fuji sighed "It came with instructions" Yumiko took out a small folded paper from the table and gave it to Fuji.

"Do not take any dairy products for 2 hour before and after consumption. Avoid exposure to sun for a lengthy period of time. Refrigerate when cap has been opened. Flammable. Ages 18 or older only... Are you sure this isn't an acne product or something?" Fuji asked, amused.

Yumiko brought a delicately manicured hand to her lips as she giggled. "I thought the same. I've been meaning to call-" "Oh, Syuusuke, Yumiko. You two are still here?" Both siblings turned to their mother who had just entered the room. "Good morning." She greeted them. The siblings kissed their mother good morning. "I have to go now, i still have tennis practice" Fuji said as he looked at his wrist watch. "You can ride with me, Syuusuke" His sister said. Fuji nodded, giving a gracious smile "Thank you"

~ Seishun Gakuen ~

Fuji closed the car door and waved goodbye as the car drove away. "Fujikoooo!" He turned to see his hyper red headed best friend waiting for him at the school gate. "Good morning Eiji" Fuji greeted once he reached him. "Morning! Did you watch the new drama series last night? My sisters were hogging the TV so I missed!" "Did you now?" Fuji questioned, almost giggling. "They were so mean! and- huh? AHH! Fujiko! Look, look! It's Oochibiii! He's early nya!" Fuji looked behind him to where Kikumaru was pointing and sure enough the first freshmen to ever become a regular had just walked into the school gate. Ryoma's hair was uncombed, his uniform slightly crumpled and his tennis back in his arms instead of slinging it over his shoulders like he usually did. His usual expression that allowed him to look bored without even trying had a dark aura of absolute 'Ticked-off-ness' about it as well.

"It looks like he was rushed to school earlier than his usual time, right Eiji? ... Eiji?" Fuji turned to his side when there was no reply only to find his friend had disappeared.

"OOCHiBiiiii!" *GLOMP*


Fuji looked back to Ryoma and smiled. By now, Kikumaru had attached himself to their now suffocating freshman and he did not look happy. 'He looks purple' his mind said 'I better save him from suffocating to death'

"L-let go!" Ryoma gasped when Kikumaru still didn't let go "Nya! Ryoma-Chan, why are you early huh? Do you wanna play a match against me? Let's have a match!" Ryoma struggled to get loose from his hyperactive senpai's death grip. He did NOT need this right now-

"Eiji, let him breath" Fuji chimed, smiling.

Ryoma stopped his struggle when he heard that voice... THE voice. Kikumaru pouted but complied giving Ryoma one last squeeze. Sucking in fresh air, Ryoma bent to retrieve his fallen tennis bag at the same time Fuji did. They're hands brushed and sparks ran though their fingers making both pairs of eyes widen. " Ahaha~ Static" Said Fuji as he closed his eyes once more and smiling. Ryoma' s face showed no emotion though a little bit stiff as he grabbed his bag and straightened back up. He nodded his greeting to his senpai's and without a word scurried off to the tennis courts.

"Oochibiii! Wait up!" Kikumaru said bouncing. "Ne, Fuji! Last one there buy's lunch!" And He was off. Funny thing was, Fuji had already planned to treat Kikumaru for lunch that day.

"I guess I'll take my time getting there" He said as he walked leisurely towards the courts, He still had time.

~Yumiko's work place~

Yumiko parked her car and turned off the engine. At the moment she left like a school girl again, hurrying to her gang to share her latest find. A love potion of all things! Oh how she would tease her single friend with it! Yumiko turned to her right and grabbed her work bag, she unzipped it and took out the... Energy drink?

'Eeh? What is Syuusuke's drink doing in my bag? I thought i gave it to him this... morning...' Then her eyes widened.


~ Seishun Gakuen ~

~ Tennis Club Room~

Just when Fuji turned to exit the room, his cell phone rang. He took his phone from the side pocket of his tennis bag and looked at the caller id. 'Sister?' He flipped it open and brought it to his ears. "Hello, Sister?... ah.. Huh?... oh wait, let me see-" He unzipped his bag to look for his drink. What he got in his hands was his sisters *Love Potion* instead. "Saa~ I have it" He said and placing the bottle back. "Don't worry; I'll keep it in my bag until I get home... Yes, you two big sister, goodbye" Fuji flipped his cell phone closed just as the door opened. "Fuji, you're late" He turned to look at his captain innocently, his smile in place. "Ah, sorry about that, my sister called." Tezuka merely nodded and they both walked out of the room.

A few minutes later, the door slammed open and Arai Masashi ran inside and instantly started to change. "Damn I overslept!" He yelled at himself. When he was done, Arai rushed to the door with his racket in hand and accidentally knocked over two bags that were placed on the bench. As fast as he can Arai grabbed the two bags on the floor and flung them on the bench. A plastic water bottle rolled to view from under the bench and he bent down to get it. Arai blinked for a moment. "Which one...?" Shrugging, Arai grabbed the closest bag to him and put the bottle inside. Not a moment later, he was out of the room.

"What was it you wanted to show me Fujiko?" Ask Kikumaru as he buttoned his school uniform on. "Ah, yes. It's my sisters but I brought it with me instead of my energy drink by accident" Fuji said as he rummaged through his bag to get the *Love Potion* bottle only to find it was gone. Fuji frowned. "It's gone... But i was sure I left it here..." 'Stolen perhaps?' he thought. His eyes opened. 'That's just silly' Fuji mentally shook his head and turned to Kikumaru. "Sorry, Eiji, I think I lost it" "Haaa?" whined the red head. "Maybe I can help look for it!" Kikumaru offered eagerly. "Thank you Eiji, that would really help" Fuji smiled. "What are friends for?" And Kikumaru slung his left arm over Fuji's shoulders. "Let's Go, Nya! I'll look in the courts and you anywhere else!" "Ahaha... Do you know what were looking for?" "Hah? No... Hehe" The red head grinned scratching the back of his head. Fuji laughed. "Nyaaa! Tell me Fujiko! What are we looking for?" The two exited the room dressed in their school uniform.

A few heart beats after that, the door opened again and walked in a nervous looking Ryoma. He closed the door, locked it and leaned on it with his back. Inhaling deeply, then exhale. "Damn" he muttered and he raised his right hand to his chest. Just a brush against his senpai and his heart was beating like mad. "I can't do this" Back slumped, he walked to his tennis bag and placed his racket in. Ryoma took out his uniform and started to remove his t-shirt when something caught his attention. "Hmm? What's this?" Ryoma pulled his discarded shirt out from his bag and placed it on the bench. He then took out from his bag a plastic bottle filled with pinkish water. Ryoma turned the bottle and raised an eyebrow "Love Potion?" He said and instantly thought of his perverted old man. 'Che~ mom must have asked that dad to put this drink in my bag and he went and wrote this sort of thing on it' Ryoma thought as he uncapped the drink and downed it to the very last drop. "Ugh~ strawberry, mom knows I like grapes more" Ryoma brought the empty bottle to his side and raise his other hand to wipe his mouth.

Fuji had forgotten his text book in the tennis club room so he asked Kikumaru to go on ahead. 'I'm going to be late for class so I'll look for it during lunch break' he thought as he slightly quickened his pace towards the club room. He placed his hand on the door handle and turned. Fuji pushed the door open and he lifted his eyes from the ground. What he saw made him did a double take. Ryoma was standing with an empty bottle in one hand and the other wiping his mouth. The said teen snapped his head to Fuji's direction; hand stilled in the act of wiping, and just froze. It was almost comical for Fuji had it not been for the empty bottle.

"Echizen! Did you drink all of it?" He asked, shocked and worry in his voice. Not that Fuji believes in love potions but reading the drink's instructions that morning, there are definitely going to be some side effect and with the nationals just around the corner...

Fuji stepped closer to Ryoma and was surprised to see the cocky freshman back step from him. "Echizen?" As if snapping out from a daydream, Ryoma composed himself and smirked. "It's my drink" Ryoma said. "No... That drink was my sister's; I brought it with me to school by accident." Ryoma frowned "Then why was it in my bag?" "How do you think it got there?" Countered the prodigy. "I thought my mom put it in my bag before I left..." Ryoma averted his eyes from his senpai. Even though Fuji's eyes were close, Ryoma knew that they could easily see right through him. The younger boy's composure faltered a bit when a gentle hand was suddenly placed on his forehead. "Senpai-?" "You're face is all red. Are you feeling alright?"Fuji asked in a soft voice.

Ryoma's face turned even redder when Fuji placed the back of his right hand on his neck to check his temperature. He was starting to get light headed. In slight panic, Ryoma ducked out of Fuji's touch and went to grab his bag in a hurry, his back turned. "I'm fine Fuji senpai" Said Ryoma as he took off his shirt and pulled out his uniform from his bag. "You can go ahead" "Echizen, if later you will start to feel unwell, go to the nurse and call me okay?" Fuji said as he walked closer to Ryoma "I'm slightly worried of the side effects the love potion" Ryoma stilled "Hah?" "This" Fuji bent down to grab the empty bottle from the floor and showed the words "Love Potion" to Ryoma. "My Sister got it as a gift from a friend abroad. It came with instructions and possible side effect manual" Ryoma's raised an eyebrow. "... You sure it's a Love Potion?" Fuji laughed. If he had turned to see how red Ryoma's face was then, he'd have carried him off to the nurse as fast as possible. "I'm fine. Must be a joke" Ryoma said as he started to take of his pants then stopped. "... Senpai?" "Hmm?" Ryoma rattled his brain for a reason why Fuji should leave the room. 'Saying, because I'm changing would be weird since were both guys...' "Ah I forgot. The reason I came here was for... here it is" Ryoma turned to his senpai who had a text book in his hand. "I'll go ahead then, But please, if you start feeling strange-" "I know senpai" With a wave goodbye, Fuji left.

When Ryoma was alone again, he slowly raised a hand and gently touch the place where Fuji did. 'I can still feel his touch'

~RINGINGINGINGINGING~ (school bell, class has started)


~Lunch Time~

The lunch bell rang as Fuji placed his things back into his bag. Kikumaru had run ahead of him with their lunch money to buy food in the cafeteria before they ran out. "Hey, isn't that Echizen outside the door?" Fuji heard his female classmate say. Hurrying his pace, Fuji walked out the classroom door and sure enough, Ryoma was there. He was leaning against the wall next to the door. Head bowed low, causing his hangs to cover his face and both hands in his pocket. Fuji couldn't help but smirk at the sight. "Being cool as ever ne, Echizen?"

Ryoma's head snapped up to find Fuji standing in front of him. He couldn't stop the blush creeping into his face, nor the sudden increase of his heart rate, though Ryoma was able to keep his bored expression... Albeit red.

"Senpai..." Fuji's face suddenly turned serious. "You're face is still red... Are you feeling okay? You want me to go to the school nurse with you?" Ryoma pushed of the wall, hands still in pocket and head low so that Fuji could not see his face. "I'm fine Fuji-Senpai, I just wanted to tell you something" Fuji sighed in relief and smiled. "Saa, alright, what is it?" Ryoma shook his head, still not looking up. "It's private..." Fuji was confused for a moment then smiled and nodded. "I understand, where do you want to go?" "...Rooftop" Fuji chuckled "I thought you would say that" Ryoma looked up this time, a smirk on his lips. "Am i so predictable, senpai?" he asked, one eyebrow raised. "I saw that coming didn't I?" Fuji replied, not backing out from the challenge. As he turned to face the stairs behind him, Ryoma said "Try guessing what's coming next" 'I bet even Tezuka-buchou would react' He thought silently "Hmm, I think I'll wait on this one" With that, both boys started heading up the stairs.

~The Roof~

Fuji closed the door behind him and looked at Ryoma. He was acting kind of strange. Ryoma's usual cool aura was nowhere to be found. The most obvious change though was that Ryoma was still bowing his head. "Ryoma?" The said boy VISIBLY flinched and looked up. Fuji's eyes opened in shock. This scene... No way... It can't be...!

Ryoma looked anywhere but at Fuji as he cleared his throat "Um... " "Yes?" Fuji prompted. He was starting to feel nervous. 'Is this really what I think it is?'

For a few seconds, Fuji watch as Ryoma seemed to struggle for the right words. Then just as suddenly, Ryoma seemed to have made up his mind as he looked straight into Fuji's open eyes and uttered the words Fuji feared... he thinks.

"I like you, Fuji-senpai"



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