Chapter 2


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Chapter 2

~Ryoma's P.O.V.~

He said it... He actually said it! If it wasn't for his enormous pride, Ryoma's knees would have buckled. This emotion was definitely NOT in his comfort zone. He'd blame it on his hormones but that wouldn't help anything. Ryoma figured that if he confessed and got rejected, maybe he could stop feeling this... This attraction towards his senpai. He had run how the scene would go in his mind since 3 days ago. It had to work! Or else he'd never make it to the nationals sane!

"I like you, Fuji-senpai"

The moment those words escaped his mouth; It was as if the worlds weight was lifted from him. Now all he had to endure was the rejection... Shit, it was gonna hurt.

Fuji couldn't say anything, he was too stunned and for a moment he almost thought Ryoma was serious. 'The potion! It works! Poor Ryoma, he must think he's weird now. I shouldn't scare him ... I have to tell my sister as soon as i can!' "Echizen I-" "You don't have to say anything!" Ryoma suddenly said. "You done have to say anything... Just, I just wanted it out of my chest. Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable senpai" Ryoma ran past Fuji and opened the door back inside. "Ryoma!" Fuji yelled but Ryoma was gone.

~Later That night~

'Coward! coward! coward! coward! COWARD!' Ryoma berated himself for the millionth time that night. He was sitting on the floor with a tennis ball in hand watching a tennis tournament on TV. 'I chickened out and ran!' "Oi" 'If i had waited... No he would have definitely said no' "Oi!" 'But he did call for me when I left, what did he want to say- !'

"Ouch!" Ryoma yelped. Both hands flew to his head as he turned sharply to his old man. Ryoma glared "What do you think you're doing hitting me with a racket?" His father smirked at him. "Shuu, you sissy! it was just a light tap! Anyway, Dinners ready" Ryoma nodded and stood up.

Ding Dong!

"Hmm? who could that be at this time" He heard his cousin say from the kitchen doorway. "I'll get it" Ryoma offered. Ryoma slid the front door open and walked towards the gate; He opened it about an inch to see who it was and jumped back in surprise. "Fuji senpai! what are you doing here?" Fuji smiled and made a small wave. "Good evening to you to. I tried calling you but you wouldn't answer" 'I left my phone in my room' Thought Ryoma "And I don't know you're home phone number but I really needed to talk to you so I came here instead. I hope I'm not disturbing anything" "Ah~ no, That is, we're having din-" "Oi! What's taking you so long Ryoma! Hurry up i want to eat!" A vain popped on Ryoma's forehead. "My senpai is here to talk to me-" "Is it a girl?" 'Perverted bastard' Before Ryoma could say anything, Fuji gently pushed open the gate so that Ryoma's father could see him. "Good afternoon Echizen-san. My name is Fuji Syuusuke, I'm in Ryoma's tennis-" "Ooooh, what's this, A girl? Well Ryoma? Don't be rude, invite her in!" "Ah~ Thank you" Replied an over cheery Fuji. Nanjiro yelled as he turned to walk back inside. "It's about time you brought someone home you unsocial brat!"

Fuji giggled at the fathers blunder. He turned to Ryoma "He thinks I'm a girl" Ryoma's mouth hung open as he watch Fuji started to walk towards his house. Fuji paused as he looked back to Ryoma, he hadn't moved an inch. "Is it okay?" Fuji asked, a too innocent smile on his face. Ryoma forced himself to relax as he closed the gate. "You're already here... Might as well"

Dinner went by in a blur. Fuji was chatting with his parents and cousin like he was a life time friend. Other than the slip his old man did when he addressed Fuji as a girl, everything went on smoothly. Ryoma was unaware of what he was doing until it registered in his mind that FUJI was now sitting on his bed. It seems he lead his senpai into his room... They were alone... In his room... Alone...

"Echizen? You're face is red again. If I had known you were feeling unwell I would have left earlier" Fuji said, sounding worried. Ryoma swallowed and shook his head "I'm fine" "If you say so~" "Fuji senpai" "Hmm?" "You wanted to tell me something?" "Yes..." Fuji stood up and began to look around Ryoma's room. 'For such a bold kid his room is surprisingly simple.' He thought.

"Its about that drink you had earlier in the club room." "... Oh, I asked my mom about it... Sorry I drank it" Fuji shook his head. "No, I should be the one to apologize" "huh?" Fuji tilted his head to the side a bit and smiled apologetically "It's my fault you suddenly liked me Ryoma. Believe it or not, that drink was a love potion sent by my Onee-sans friend from Europe! I didn't believe it was real at first but then you confessed to me, Hehe~ Sorry if you felt weird" Ryoma stared at the smiling tensai until the sudden urge to throw his pillow at that face as hard as possible lessened. Ryoma stood up and headed for the door. He placed a hand on the handle and turned the knob then faced his senpai

" Senpai, if you're just going to reject me then say it straight out, you don't have to make up excuses" Fuji frowned "Its true! In fact, my sister wants to see you tomorrow after school if you're available" 'Yeah, I'm available' Ryoma's eyes widened and he looked down so his bangs will cover his blushing face 'what was that? Where did that kind of thought come from?' Ryoma internally screamed at himself. Worried, Fuji stepped closer. "Echizen-" "Take responsibility then" Fuji paused "What?" Ryoma looked up to Fuji, face red... Again "Take responsibility. It's your fault I drank it right?" Fuji frowned and nodded "What can I do?" "B-..." Ryoma pulled out all the courage he has and said in one breath "Be my boyfriend then! Until the potion wears off. After that, my affections will be gone and it will be like nothing happened. No one even has to know!" Fuji's eyes widened at Ryoma's words.

'Wow... That potion really got Ryoma good, I can't say no' Fuji once again closed his eyes and smiled. "Heh~ Alright" Ryoma's already red face brightened even more, though the only change in his expression was that his eyes went wide. He looked to the side and placed the back of his right hand on his mouth to hide the start of a goofy grin '...It worked!' "But I have to say; I've never dated a guy before" Said the smiling Fuji. Ryoma's ears twitched like a cat at the tensai's words. 'So he has gone out with someone before'

Fuji's cellphone beeped. "Excuse me for a bit" He said to Ryoma. Fuji took out his phone from his back pocket and flipped it open. And Ryoma waited though he was half way inside La La Land at the moment. His heart was beating a thousand times a minute. It's a wonder he was not having a heart attack. 'I can't believe that worked... I said those things without thinking... And now-... I amaze myself' Unaware, Ryoma made a smile, not a smirk but a smile as he leaned against the close door, staring at Karupin playing with his tennis ball.

"Echizen?" Fuji called out softly. When He turned around after talking to his sister, he found a Smiling Ryoma... 'Waah... So even the cool and indifferent Ryoma can smile cutely when infatuated' Fuji thought feeling a little too happy that the infatuation was directed towards him. Ryoma snapped out of his thoughts and nearly jumped when he noticed Fuji face was a little too close to his. "You should really smile more Echizen" He teased. Ryoma frowned and lowered his head, obviously EMBARRASSED at being caught. He looked down to his right side slightly and coughed once. "I'll only show it to you" Fuji decided right then and there that he was going to take full advantage at his predicament so he placed both palms against the door on either side of Ryoma started to leaned down slowly. Ryoma closed his eyes tight, as if he was going to get hit. He could feel Fuji's breath now on his lips! so close-!


"HEY, RYOMA! Your mother wants to know if your friend is sleeping over!"

This time both Ryoma and Fuji jumped. Ryoma bumped into his senpai and he wasn't sure how but his hands ended up around Fuji's chest. Fuji, who was caught off guard, brought both his hands to Ryoma's back trying to stop them from falling.

It was at that moment as well that Karupin decided to walk behind Fuji's feet as he was backing up... Soooo~





"WHAT WAS THAT?" Ryoma's father yelled as he wrenched open Ryoma's bed room door. "RYOMA? ARE YOU OKAY? WHAT WAS! oh . . . Oooooh" Nanjiro stared as his son who stared back at him wide eyes, mouth hung open with cheeks cherry red... Most importantly, was lying on top of his senpai on the floor with both their arms around each other. His father stared in disbelief. For a few seconds there was silence.

Ryoma was the first to react. He turned his head to Fuji's and stood up as fast as he can. "Here" He reached out for Fuji's hand as the tensai sat up. He smiled up at Ryoma "Thank you" and was about to take Ryoma's out stretched hand.

"STOP! I DONT APROVE!" Yelled Ryoma's father, blocking Ryoma from Fuji's hand. "Listen you! I want you out of my house now!" Said Nanjiro as calm as he can though veins were popping out all over his head. Fuji hurried and stood up, Ryoma moved to the side to go around his father but the old man keeps blocking him. "Dad!-" "Don't dad me!" "Sorry Echizen, I think i should go" Said Fuji, Trying to stay away from Ryoma's father. "Yeah" gasped Ryoma. He grabbed Fuji's hand and ran as fast as he can with Fuji in tow, outside the gate. "I'm sorry Fuji senpai!" Fuji smiled, amused. "It's alright. I had fun" He laughed softly, more to himself. "Will you be okay?" Fuji asked. Ryoma nodded, unable to look at his senpai in the eyes "Well then, I'll be going. See you tomorrow" Ryoma watched Fuji's retreating back for a second and closed the gate.

As soon as he was inside his house, Ryoma's father started interrogating him. "What was that up there? Is that boy you're boyfriend? I would have overlooked what I saw if it was a girl! Was it that guys fault? He did look very girly... AAh! It was isn't it? Since when? When were you going to tell us that your-yo-you're-!"

Ryoma sighed and shook his head. He lifted his right hand and patted his father's shoulder.

"Senpai stepped on Karupin. He was falling. I tried to help. I fell with him instead" Ryoma walked past his stunned father and headed for the fridge for some nice cool Ponta before bed.

~Seigaku ~

~Morning practice~

Morning practice was over and the tennis club started filling in the club room getting changed except for the first years still picking up balls. Ryoma, even though he was a regular, was a freshmen so he too was still picking up tennis balls. "Ne Echizen! What's with you today? You seemed distracted! Nationals is almost here so don't slack of you hear!" Said Horio from behind him, also picking up tennis balls. Ryoma lowered his cap. "Mada mada" He said when he threw the last ball in his area to the basket a few feet away from him and started heading for the club room. "Humph! That Echizen is such a show off!" Horio pouted as he bent to pick up the next ball.

Ryoma entered the club room just as Fuji with Kikumaru and Oishi was about to leave. "Ochibi!" Kikumaru yelled in glee. Just when Kikumaru was about to put his arms over Ryoma's shoulders, he ducked out of reach and went inside the room. "Yadda!" He said over his shoulder. He made eye contact with Fuji, Fuji's eyes were open and he was smiling. Ryoma blushed and slammed the door shut.

"Waaah! Ochibi that's mean!" Kikumaru banged on the door. "Open up! Echizeeeeen! You've been acting weird since this morning!" "Eiji let's leave him alone for now" Said Oishi, the mother hen of the Seigaku regulars. "He'll tell us when he's ready" Kikumaru sighed in defeat and glomped his doubles partner instead "I'm worried for Ochibi, Oishi!" Oishi patted his partner's back. "Don't worry, I'm sure whatever it is, Echizen can handle it. Right Fuji?" H said, turning to Fuji who was still staring at the closed door, eyes closed now. "Saa~"

~An hour earlier that day~

Fuji had waited for Ryoma in front of the school gate that morning. Knowing that Ryoma would arrive with just enough time to change into his tennis clothes, Fuji already changed into his. While waiting, a couple of his female classmates/admirers came over to talk/flirt with him. He used to enjoy these kinds of talks. Playing with others was his personal pleasure but it gets boring fast. His classmates were inviting him to a group date after school. It was at that moment that his new 'Boyfriend' got just within earshot, walking up behind the girls. Ryoma stared at Fuji, waiting for Fuji to do something. He knows he should decline. It was what Ryoma was expecting him to do but... 'I wonder what he would do if...?' Fuji turned to the girls and smiled. "I would love to" The girls squealed in joy and ran of inside giggling to each other.

As soon as the girls left, Ryoma was in front of Fuji in an instant staring up at him with accusing eyes. "Why did you say yes?" "I wanted to see how you would react" Ryoma didn't waver "Tell them you can't go" "But I already said I would, I don't want to be rude. Also, Echizen... Morning practice is starting" Ryoma narrowed his eyes and lowered his cap. "Just you wait, Syuusuke... That group date won't go smoothly. I won't let it." And Ryoma turned and ran towards the club room to change. Fuji smiled "I was hopping you'd say that" Fuji began to follow Ryoma then stopped. 'Did he just call me... Syuusuke?'

~Present Time~

~Club Room~

Ryoma furiously threw his sweat soaked shirt inside his bag. 'I'm a joke to him! A joke!' He hurried putting on his uniform and placed his racket into its bag. 'He wants entertainment? I'll give him entertainment!' Ryoma slung his bag over his shoulders and marched out of the room. 'Just you wait!'

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