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Chapter 3


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~Ryoma's P.O.V.~

Practice has just ended and Fuji couldn't stop grinning. He can't help it. Ryoma's warning was all he could think about since morning. 'I wonder what he's planning to do?'

"Nya, Fujiko… You and Echizen are acting weird today" Piped Kikumaru who walked beside him. Fuji turned to him, smiling innocently.

"Really? How so?" "Well. First off. You keep glancing at each other- Well! Its, more like he glares at you and you give him one of your smiles and… Ah! Like that!" Kikumaru said happily, pointing a finger at Fuji's smiling face. "Good observation" Was all Fuji said as he and Kikumaru headed into the club room to change.

"Inui-senpai" Inui tore his gaze away from his note book and turned to face Ryoma. "Yes, Echizen?" "… I need a favor" "?"

20 minutes later, Fuji stood outside the school gate along with the three girls that had invited him and a few guys from another class. They had all changed out of there uniforms. While they were talking, from the corner of his eyes Fuji saw Ryoma walking towards the gate, his tennis bag sling behind him. Fuji smiled and waited for what the freshman would do. Ryoma merely walked passed him without even a single glance. Disappointment tore at him unexpectedly hard. 'What was I expecting? Maybe the potions wearing off' "Fuji-san" Vivi, one of his female classmate, had decided just then to cling to his left arm. "Sit next to me, okay?" Fuji gave his signature smile "Alright" he said. Vivi squealed in glee and stood of her tip toes to give Fuji a kiss on his cheeks. He turned his face away to avoid showing his frown and without meaning to, looked straight into Ryomas eyes. Ryoma's eye widened momentarily then as if catching himself. He turn and quickened his pace away. "Ah!" Fuji gasped in surprised and he instantly felt guilty. The pain in those golden brown eyes disturbed him.

"His feelings might have been due to that potion but to him right now its genuine" Fuji remembered what his sister had told him last night. "I've gone too far" He said to himself "What's that?" said Vivi. Fuji blinked and looked at the woman still clinging to him. He had forgotten she was still there. "Oh look! Finally were all here" Said one girl as a few more people walked towards them. As they started to head to the buss station, Fuji stayed where he is. "What's wrong Fuji? Were getting left behind!" Said Vivi, making a cute pout. "I'm sorry, I just remembered I needed to do something" He said, slowly detaching his arms from her death grip. "Something to do? What is it? I can help and we might still be able to catch up to the group date!" She said persistently. Fuji shook his head and with a little more force, was able to free his arm. "I'm really sorry, please go on without me" With a smile, Fuji turned and started to jog to the direction Ryoma had gone.

Ryoma ran straight to his room. Changed as fast as he can and grabbed the paper bag Inui had given him to store his juices. Oh yes, he was going to get Fuji senpai back for what he did! Ryoma left his house in a dead run heading for the café the group date Fuji is in will go. So yeah he WAS eavesdropping earlier that day but he couldn't help it. If this is how Fuji acts in a relationship

Fuji was about 30 steps away from Ryoma's house when he saw Ryoma exit the house. 'Hm?' Thinking fast, Fuji hid behind a large poster stand and watched Ryoma run. 'Where is he going? I wonder…' Keeping a distance, He followed.

Ryoma finally reached the café. He hid behind another customer going in and sat at the farthest table from where a group of Fuji's classmates sat. Ryoma looked around and was confused. He saw Fuji's classmates but no Fuji. 'Maybe he went into the bathroom?' Ryoma waited for a few minutes and concluded that FUJI was not. 'Eh?… But earlier I saw-'

"Awww! I wish Fuji-San came with us" Said one of the girls. A double take from Ryoma confirmed that it was the same girl Ryoma saw kissing Fuji… 'Che, she's not that cute' He thought bitterly.

"I know! He's sooo cool!" Squealed another

"I'm pretty good at tennis too" Said a boy who was clearly trying to get the attention of the laddies.

"Not as good as Fuji-san!" Said another girl

"I wonder why he baled out at the last minute"

"Forget about him! We're here" Said another boy

"Wanna go to karaoke after?"

Ryoma paused.

'Bailed out?' He thought happily... But not as happy as he should be. Somehow, Ryoma felt a little disappointed that he wouldn't have to use Inui-senpai's juice on one particular girl. "Next time" He said to himself as he lowered his cap even more. A waiter came over to his table and asked for his order. Ryoma thought about it and ordered ponta and a hamburger.

"I'll have the same" A voice suddenly said from behind Ryoma. Surprised, Ryoma turned to see Fuji walking towards the unoccupied seat in front of him. Fuji smiled at Ryoma.

"Do you mind?" He asked innocently. It took a moment but Ryoma managed to pull himself together. Ryoma turned his face away from Fuji, feigning disinterested.

"Do what you want"

"Thank you… But I'm not really in the mood for hamburger"

"Then order something else"

"… What I'm in the mood for is Sushi"

"Order some then"

"But they don't sell Sushi here"

"Then eat somewhere else"

"… Alone?"

"Of course!"

"Its okay then, I want to eat with you"


10 minutes later

So here they were eating Sushi in Kawamura's Sushi restaurant ON THE HOUSE no less since Kawamura was serving them. They ate silently. Ryoma sulking about being handled so easily by Fuji and Fuji enjoying his wasabi sushi. "Kawamura's Sushi is the best ne, Ryoma?" Fuji said happily. Ryoma glared at him and drank his ponta.

"By the way… what were you doing in that café?" Fuji smiled "were you stalking me?" Ryoam coughed and spilled ponta on his shirt. "Aah! Damn my shirt" "Oops" Said Fuji innocently "I hope it wasn't something I said" Ryoma pulled his cap even lower to hide the blush " Che!" Ryoma stood up "Echizen?" "Bathroom" He said and walked towards the mens room.

Ryoma leaned his head against the mirror. "Mada mada, Echizen" He sighed to himself 'Forget about that kiss you saw earlier. You're here with senpai now, eating together… Like a date' Ryoma thought and closed his eyes, feeling his face burn. He splashed water on his face then looked up the mirror and nearly jumped when he was Fuji's reflection. "Ah, Sorry… It's just that you were taking so long…" "…Ah" Ryoma replied. Not sure what to do now, he looked down. Fuji looked at Ryoma's red face 'Heh, Ryoma really is cute when he blush' "Um…" Ryoam started "Yes?" Encouraged Fuji. "Want to go to the amusement park?" Ryoma asked, still not looking. Fuji widened his eyes for a second, caught of guard by the invite. Smiling, Fuji nodded. "Okay. I didn't know you like amusement parks, Echizen" Ryoma shrugged and faced Fuji, cheeks still red. "I don't mind if I like the company" Ryoma's tone was soft and there was sincerity in his eyes. Fuji's masked wavered the slightest bit. "Echizen" He breathed. Fuji felt guilt hit him hard. 'Was this right? Ryoma's… Seriously baring himself for me… This is the potions work right?'

"Its alright if you don't want to, Fuji-senpai" Ryoma said, voice still soft. "No! I want to go, really" Fuji reassured him. Ryoma took of his hat and looked at Fuji and smiled. "Okay" Fuji's heart started to beat faster and he was feeling warm. In his mind, shouts of 'Danger!' was ringing but-

"Fuji senpai" Ryoma's voice made Fuji look straight into his eyes… "I really like you" Ryoma said, almost a whisper… Then Fuji felt soft, slightly parted shy lips touch his. Just as fast, Ryoma stepped back and put his hat back on pulling it as low as possible.

"Lets go back" Ryoma said and walked out of the bathroom. Fuji stood where he was, eyes wide and… Well, he was just simply shocked. Not at Ryoma's kiss. Oh, no. What he was so shocked about was that he wanted more… Much more.

"Not good" He said t himself as he looked into the mirror at his reflection. The expression he had only confirmed his feelings. "This is not good"

He walked out of the bathroom to find Ryoma waiting for him outside. "You okay?" He asked, worry evident in his voice. Fuji smiled at Ryoma "Yeah" "Sorry if I grossed you out" Ryoma said as he started to walked back to their table to grab his bag. "I wont do it again" "Echizen, that's not it" Fuji said, following Ryoma leave the restaurant after saying goodbye to Kawamura. "You don't have to lie, Fuji-senpai. I can see your face" Fuji shook his head. "I was just surprised that's all, honest Echizen" Ryoma stopped walking, his head down. "I saw you kissing someone" Ryoma said then bit on his lower lip. He knows its not right to feel all jealous since he was only forcing Fuji to date him by making Fuji think he was under the influence of the Love Potion.

"Echizen" Fuji said, catching the freshman's attention "I'm sorry. I just wanted to tease you but I went a little too far. I'm really sorry… If there's anything I can do"

"…There is"

"What is it?"

"… Tomorrow. Lets have a great time" Ryoma said. Fuji couldn't help but laugh softly. "That I can definitely promise Echizen"

"Also… I want…"


"Tomorrow. Just for tomorrow… I want you to call me Ryoma"

This time Fuji opened his eyes. Ryoma's back was, like always, straight and proud. Fuji kept reminding himself this was just the potion talking. But this was really getting dangerous. 'If I'd known this could end up affecting us both so much, I never would have agreed to this since someone is bound to get hurt in the end… And I don't want it to be me'

"Okay, then you can call me Syuusuke"

Ryoma swallowed and nodded 'Syuusuke' He though, face turning red again. 'I cant wait' "Well then I should get going now, senpai" "I'll walk you home. Its dark now"

"Hmph! I'm not a girl!"

"Haha! With your good looks, someone's bound to fall for you and just might decide to stalk you" Fuji teased

"You're one to talk, senpai!"

The pleasant atmosphere was back and remained so until they parted ways. That night, both dreamed of the other~ Tomorrow is filled with promise

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