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The final epilogue: Back to reality. *seven years after film events.

Spock ran his fingers along his wife's back, sighing she rolled over and smiled at him. It was the beautiful wide smile that always made his heart beat out of rhythm for a while. He looked down over her body. The sweat from their love making had made hay from the ground stick to her stomach and breasts. He gently peeled each piece off and flicked it back onto the ground of the red grass field they were laying in. He bent his head and kissed the thin pale lines on her lower stomach, the stretch marks it had taken her so long to accept. Her fingers reached down to run through his hair causing a pleasant massaging sensation.

"Spock, what's the time?" She mumbled softly.

"It is time to return to reality my love."

"Say it one more time."

He leaned back up to kiss her lips. He kept the kiss gentle, he could not allow himself to get distracted.

"You are beautiful. You are amazing and beautiful and everyday I desire you more."

Spock stood up and reached down, Nyota took his offered hand and he pulled her to her feet. They scanned the area and collected their clothing. He turned away from Nyota as they dressed, they had only been on planet leave for one day but he felt he needed to bring his mind back from holiday mode. It had taken him years and the birth of his daughter to start allowing himself to take holidays but now he felt he was perhaps relaxing more than was decent for a Vulcan. They would be back to this peaceful predator and toxin free planet in two days, but they would not be alone and they were so rarely alone these days that every moment was treasured and drawn out as much as possible.

Once dressed Spock and Nyota walked hand in hand to the beam up point a earth mile away from the secluded field. Twenty of the others due to beam up were stood waiting for whoever it was in the transport room that day to contact them. Nyota and Spock said hello to two members of the science department and then went to stand next to Hikaru and Pav Sulu- Checkov. The couple took a moment to realize that Spock and Nyota were there as they were happily entwined in each others arms. They would be taking their honeymoon in seven weeks when the Enterprise circled close to Earth again. Though it seemed from the newly weds dreamy smiles they had begun a little early.

"Hey." Sulu said when he finally noticed them stood there.

"Hello Hikaru, Pavel, have you enjoyed your break from duty?" Spock asked.

"It vas great commander."

"Yeah, we haven't been off the Enterprise since the wedding. You didn't beam down with us, didn't you get the entire three days?" Sulu asked.

"We managed to split it." Nyota answered."One day us time and then two days family time. We're beaming down with Christine and Scotty so the girls can play together."

"Can't let Mandy and Ambrosia get separated." Pav said with a slight smile. "I caught them climbing through the maintenance shafts last veek, they vere tracking the Captains movements."

"Again? I've told them not to do that a thousand times." Nyota said sounding exasperated.

Spock knew it was best not to point out that she had only warned them not to climb the maintenance shafts twice and not to spy on the captain six times. There was a light buzzing from Spock's communicator, he glanced at Nyota.

Back to reality.

Spock flipped the lid open.

"Spock here."

"Lets' get ya up nice and quick shall we? Ma bonny brides making me a sandwich." Scotty's voice came clearly over the communicator.

"Nurse Scott's sandwich making skills are legendary." Spock answered.

"That's the only reason he married her." Hikaru joked.

"And because she vas up the duff with Ambrosia." Pav said. Hikaru laughed and kissed him again.

"I heard that boys." Scotty said. "And just for that I'm going to beam you up last."

"Take your time." Hikaru shouted pulling away from Pav for a moment and then going back to their passionate kiss.

Spock raised an eyebrow at Nyota and she shook her head.

"We were never that bad were we?"

"I believe we were worse." Spock answered.

Nyota gave a laugh as the tingling of the transporter touched his body and light surrounded him. Moments later he was stood on the transporter pad with Nyota and four others.

"Clear the pad I want my tea!" Scotty shouted from behind the terminal.

Spock and Nyota stepped down quickly followed by the others. Spock gently placed his hand on the small of Nyota's back and guided her towards the door.

"Goodnight Mr. Scott." Spock said as he left. Nyota stopped and turned back into the room as if she had forgotten something.

"Oh, tell Christine thanks for that article she sent me."

"Will do." Scotty said with a nod.

"Thanks Monty."

"Don't call me Monty." He shouted as they headed down the hallway. Nyota gave a little mischievous smile in response.

They took the turbo lift to the forth floor and walked side by side to their quarters. Spock turned to Nyota one last time before opening the door.

"Reality is pretty good anyway." She said with a smile.

Spock pushed his palm against the door pad and the door swiftly opened revealing their comfortably sized family quarters and Lenard McCoy. He was sat on their sofa staring intently at Spock's chess set.

"Hi Len." Nyota said. Len grunted not looking up. Spock felt the tips of his lips quirk up.

"Where's Mandy?" Nyota asked.

Len waved his hand back towards the bedrooms.

"In bed, she's had dinner, she's had a bath and she's beat me at chess. How does a four year old beat me at chess?" Len asked looking up at them his face showing a little confusion and a lot of irritation. It was as Spock suspected.

"She cheated." Spock answered.

"Four year olds cheat?"

"She has Jim for a godfather." Nyota answered.

There was the sudden tapping of little feet and Mandy ran into the room dressed in her favorite purple butterfly nightdress.

"Mummy! Daddy!" She shouted excitedly in her still babyish voice. It was as if she had not seen them in a week not just that morning.

Spock dropped to his knees and held his arms out, Mandy ran straight into them. Holding his daughter always made him feel warm, complete.

"Hello Baby." He said just loud enough for her tiny latte pointed ears to pick up.

"I beat the Doc at chess."

"I know." He answered letting go of her and leaning back. He molded his face to look serious and a little disapproving.

"Did you cheat?" He asked.

Mandy gave a little frown looking exactly like her mother as she did so.

"It was the only way I could win." She answered him.

"It is acceptable to lose, it is not acceptable to cheat."

"I don not believe in no win scenario!" Mandy stated loudly.

"Do you see why we didn't ask Jim to babysit tonight?" Nyota asked Len.

"Yeah I see." He said gruffly.

"Thank you for watching her." Spock said hinting to the doctor that it was time for him to leave.

"My pleasure." Len answered sounding as it had not actually been a pleasure in anyway. He stood up ready to leave.

"Thanks Len." Nyota said hugging him then turning to her daughter.


At her mother's reminder Mandy turned sweetly to Len.

"Thanks you for playing with me Doctor McCoy."

Len seemed to soften slightly at her smile.

"You're welcome little lady." He answered. He turned to Spock as he left the apartment.

"Coming to Jim's card night tomorrow?"

"I shall be present."

"Well, I'll see you there then." Len left.

"Bedtime Mandy." Spock said softly.

Nyota stated tidying away his chess set.

"Story Daddy." Mandy requested.

Nyota gave a short laugh.

Spock frowned at his daughter but those big coco eyes stared at him and he relented.

"Which one?" He asked taking her hand and leading her back to her bedroom.

"Uh.. the one with the sundwellers." Mandy said climbing into her bed. Spock tugged at her blankets tucking her in as she laid down.

"Once upon a time on old Vulcan." He started aware that Nyota had walked over and was resting against the doorway.

"There were giant creatures the size of shuttle pods, they had four long wings that glittered in the sunlight with all the colors of a rainbow. They lived their lives in the sky never touching the floor."

"And they were magical weren't they?"

"All things can be explained with science." Spock answered.

"That's not how Mommy tells it."

Spock turned and smiled at his wife.

"Well, it was said that when you saw a sundweller a change was going to occur in your life. And before your Mommy and I were married and long before we even knew we loved one another I wanted to let your mother know how much esteem I held her in. So I gave her the sundweller earrings."

Nyot';s finger reached unconsciously up to her ears to toy with the earrings.

"And it changed something." Mandy said smiling.

"You know it did." Spock answered, she had heard this story many times.

Nyota stepped into the room and stood behind Spock, her hand rested lightly against his shoulder.

"Shortly after." Nyota continued Spock's story. "Your father and I started to date. And when he told me the story of the sundwellers I knew I loved him. We came on to the Enterprise, we got married and then you came along." Nyota said gently running her fingers through Mandy's thick black hair.

"Time to sleep." Nyota said. She leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Goodnight Mandy."

"Goodnight Mommy, love you."

A soft smiled came over Nyota's face, one she seemed to save just for her daughter.

"I love you to Mands."

"Love you Daddy."

"And I you." Spock answered. He wrapped his arms around Nyota's waist and led her out the room.

"Computer lights off. Sleep well Amanda."

The door closed behind them and they walked together tiredly to their own room.

"Six years." Nyota siad quietly as they undressed. Spock knew she was referring to the fact that it was their six year anniversary in a week. Spock got into the bed waiting for Nyota to continue talking. She pulled a nightdress over her head and turned to him.

"Do you still love me?" Nyota asked in a humorous tone.

Spock pulled her down into his arms and kissed her temple.

"Always Nyota. I love you every instant of every day."

And they lived long and prospered.

The end.

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