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Chapter 10

The Changing Forest

Luna fought her way to the rivers edge to pull herself out of the water. She used all her strength that wasn't being used to heal her shoulder to pull herself out. When she finaly got to the edge and got out she laid on the groud for what seemed like hours to her when it was only minutes.

Shit...I guess I need more training.

Luna thought as she sat up from the ground and looked at her surroundings. She sighed and used her good arm and pressed it against the gunshot wound.

Damn not fully healed yet. What the hell type of rounds did that bitch use!

Luna tore her shirt to make makeshift bandages till her shoulder healed. When she finished she got to her feet but a wave a nasuea hit her hard and she fell back to her knees.



"Great just fucking great."Luna grumbled as she waited for the nasuea to pass.

Once she could get up without wanting to barf her guts up Luna gripped the nearest limb on a tree and started to climb up. Even though her shoulder hurt like hell Luna wanted to get the hell out of the forest and if using her shoulder to climb might help she was going to climb. When she got to the top of the tree she saw that she was a good mile from the waterfall she jumped off of.


She thought and looked around for a village or small town near came up with zip and she didn't see any roads near by so she could walk on them and wait for a car or something.

Fuck! I should have listened more in survival. Oh well.

Luna started to climb down the tree when she heard a noise below the stopped and listened very carefully. As she waited she then heard a sniffing sound and was relived to see it was a fox. She hissed at it and it ran off so she could get to the ground.

Ok so only a mile worth of walking I can do it...

Luna started to walk near the rushing river so she wouldn't get lost on her way. But what she didn't notice was that she was being watched by the same fox that she thought she scared away.

It was about 20 minutes later when she stopped and looked behind her feeling something was out of place. It was still light out and she didn't see anything following her. She bit her lip and looked at a tall pine tree and sighed. She went to the tree and started to climb it not helping her feel any better about her shoulder.

Once up on the top she looked around making sure she was heading in the right direction,but when she looked the way the waterfall should be she saw more trees no cliff no waterfall. And when she looked back towards the direction she had been coming from she saw the waterfall.

What the hell? Ok freaky really freaky.

Luna tried to figure out how she was moving away from the falls when she started out heading towards them. Luna sighed and contemplated on going back the way she came.

This forest is starting to give me the creeps...

Luna thought as she climbed down the tree. Luna felt a stab of pain in her shoulder and saw that the wound had opened up again.


Luna went to the river and found a small area where the water was calm enough and started to clean the wound and wash the makeshift bandages. After cleaning up and re-applying the bandages Luna gave up on getting to the waterfall and headed where she thought she saw a dirt road.

If I can reach a road I can get to a place that's inhabited.

Luna thought as she cut through the forest. She walked for about at least an hour or so before she decided to climb up a tree again. When she got to the top she saw she was in the middle of the forest and couldn't even see the river or the waterfall.

What the fuck is going on! Ok Luna stay calm. If you panic it's all over.

Luna calmed herself and decided to tree hop for a little to see what would when she was walking on the ground everything seemed to change.

After an hour of tree hopping Luna gave up. It was night and the full moon was up and she was exhausted from keeping her wound from bleeding and hopping from tree to tree. She looked around and saw a oak tree which was odd in the middle of all the tree hopped to it and smiled. The limbs were sturdy enough for her to lay on them. She didn't trust to sleep on the ground at all.

Alright I'll sleep here for the night. I know Lucas will get worried when he can't reach me so by morning people should be looking for me...I hope.

Luna found a limb wide enough to let her be comfortable and fell asleep not knowing that by morning she might not be in the same area anymore!


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