Chapter 1: Living Without the Truth

Years have passed since the death of Keira Kinover, also was known as Krissy. Aithne and NJ had their first child named after their mother. Aithne then met Kit, and the two girls went on mini-adventures.

Jim did his best to keep them out of trouble; Keira had left him the job of raising them because she knew all about Will from the start. Aithne and Kit were sixteen when they finally left home on search for

the truth about Keira's death. They were told by the others, but even it didn't make sense why she died, and why there was a war in the beginning.

Aithne: Kit, where we gonna go first? The world is huge.

Kit: Aithne, if I knew, I'd say.

Aithne: *sigh* If only…

Kit: Yea I know… well I do have a map!

Aithne: *squeal* awesome!

They followed the path toward the Caribbean, where it all began…