Chapter 12: History repeats itself…

After everyone trained hard, they decided to take a break from training. Aithne's boyfriend, JJ (Jim Jr.) decided to give her a surprise…

Aithne: JJ… where are we going? *is blindfolded*

JJ: You'll see. *opens door to a bedroom, all covered in rose petals and candles* *takes Aithne blindfold off*

Aithne: *gasp* ooh JJ… this is so romantic…

JJ: I know… listen… the thing is, tomorrow is when we fight and… I want to take a big step here…

Aithne: *places finger over his mouth* I know… *evil grin and kisses him*

JJ: *holds kiss and…*

They consummated their love for each other then it became 9:00, they knew they needed their rest. They fell asleep.

7:00 am.

Kit: Aithne! Are ya up? *banging on door* c'mon we can't sleep in!

Aithne: rgh… *gets out of bed and prepares to head out*

JJ: Time already? *yawns*

Aithne: Yep… *has a worried face*

JJ: I'll protect you…I promise… *warm smile*

They headed out unto the same beach Keira Kinover, and her allies fought in their war… not knowing that fate would repeat…again...

12:00 pm.

Aithne: Ya'll know what happens… don't yall?

Jim, Johnny R. and D., and the other adults nodded solemnly.


Aithne: Kit, it's ok, we know NOW. We're going to fight just like she did… the result could be different… none of us know… but if it does happen… know that one of us will join her…

They nodded in agreement.

Jim: I'll protect them. No. Matter. What.

Johnny R. and D.: We know, you're like her in every aspect when it comes to this.

Jim: *nods and prepares to fight*

2:00 pm. The enemies appear on the battlefield… ready to finish what fate began…

Erisa: Time for revenge… *death glare out to Aithne*

Aithne: Bring it. *deep fire burning in her eyes*

They get in their battle poses, they stare at their enemies' eyes, one side seeing pure fire and the other… sees only coldness. The sky begins to cloud up, the wind picks up, and so does the rain.

It begins…

Erisa and Aithne: CHARGE! YAHH! *they go to each other and try to land an attack*

The others follow suit. Blood and bodies fell on the ground, rain made the sand into mush, and blood only made it worse, some was dark, some was light, and some was mixed. The rain continued to pour,

lightning and thunder raged on. Aithne and Erisa kept on blocking the others attacks and growing frustrated and exhausted. Jim and JJ were close to Aithne if she needed help, Kit was holding back a harpy as

best she could with JJ by her side as well. Jim saw The Eternal Door… a door that can end or break fate's game. He charged at it at once… Aithne followed suit. Erisa did the same. The Door closed and the others

kept fighting while hoping this would end well.

Jim and Aithne stood back-to-back, watching around them for Erisa, or an answer to their prayers. Erisa appeared in front of Jim, pushed him aside, and grabbed Aithne.

Erisa: It ends here. *stabs Aithne*

Jim: It does! *stabs Erisa and grabs Aithne*

A glowing yellow sword appears, the Sword of Kinover…

Jim: Whoa…*looks at Aithne* AITHNE! *he sees her bleeding badly*

He takes her outside the Eternal Gateway, leaving Erisa to die… like her parents. The fighting ends, and the others see him carry her, and they also see her wound…

Aithne: *coughs blood* it's the end…

All: NO!

Aithne: I do leave this… * gives JJ a memory and a slip of paper* our children…

All: *gasp* CHILDREN?


Aithne: I adopted them… *coughs more blood* cuz I knew of this moment…

JJ: *drops to his knees and holds her close to him* Please… don't die… I love you!

Aithne: JJ… I love….you…*eyes go glassy and hands falls (slow motion) to the ground*

JJ: *cries*

All: *cry*

Days pass… and the funeral has been done… she is buried… next to Keira… Kit, JJ, and Jim, figure a way for the children to grow, and their names… were chosen by Aithne. The End hasn't come yet…