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I ran through the house searching for my car keys. I found them in Sophie's pram. I shoved them in my pocket and swept Sophie off the floor. She giggled and her ginger hair bounced around her head. I legged it out of the house, locking the door behind be. I strapped Sophie and and started the car. I sped down the road towards the primary school. I had four Children. Jacob and Amber, the twins, who were seven, Luke who was five and Sophie who was two. I parked the car with a flick of the steering wheel and opened the door. I leant against the bonet, one eye on Sophie and the other on the Primary school's doors. From within the buildings I heard the sound of a bell and, as if on queue, children began pouring out of the doors. I stood on tip-toes and waved as I saw Jacob come haring across the car park. "Hey Jacob." I gave him a hug and took his muddy trainers off him. "Have a fun day?"

"Yeah. Thanks mom."

"Well, get in the car and you can tell me about it later." He climbed in the car and gave Sophie a quick kiss. I smiled as I saw Amber and Luke on the other side of the car park, holding hands. Just as they got to the road, Amber stopped them and made Luke check for the traffic. Satisfied he'd done a good job, she walked them across the road.

"Hi mum." Amber hugged my waist and gave me a quick kiss. I kissed them both and opened the door so they could get in the car. As I pulled out of the car, the four of them began talking at once.

"I side tackled Paul today!" Jacob beamed from ear to ear.

"I got 100% on my maths test" Amber boasted and earned her a hit off Jacob.

"I jumped in puddles!" Luke bounced up and down in his seat.

"I got 73% in mine."

"Lucinda said thank you for Saturday."

"I jumped in puddles!"

"I got selected for team captain for tonight's game."

"I braided Mary's hair!

"I Jumped in puddles!" My ears were beginning to hurt.

"Remember the match is at seven o'clock on the school field."

"My ballet lesson is at six thirty don't forget."

"I jumped in puddles!"
"I jumped in a puddle too, but I got told off."

"No, you got told of for yelling 'Goal!' really loudly at lunch."

"I jumped in puddles!"

"Doggy!" Sophie yelled at the top of her voice as we pulled into the drive, causing everyone to laugh.

"Right. Get out of my car!" I ordered as we pulled up outside the house. They scrambled out of the doors, Amber taking Sophie with her. I gave them two minutes before following them in. I picked up the school bags and hung them on the pegs and I picked up the coats and hung them on the back of the chairs. I put Luke's reading book on the table in the living room and gave Sophie her teddy, to stop her from eating the table leg. I wandered up the stairs and came to Luke's room. It was painted luminous green with a black carpet. "Have fun jumping in puddles today?" I asked him, picking his jumper off the floor.


"Don't forget to put your wet socks in the washing basket." I reminded him, shutting the door. The next door along was Jacob's room. It was pained a subtle blue with pictures of footballers on the walls. "Well done with being chosen as team captain."


"We'll drop your sister off at 6:25 so be ready to leave at six, yeah?"

"Oh, and Jacob? Work on those test scores."

"Sure thing." the room across the hall was Amber's. I pushed the door open and smiled. Her room was a delicate pink with animal pictures on the walls. She was sat at her desk, surrounded by maths and science books.

"We're leaving at 6 okay?"

"Well done with your test again. If you need help with your homework, dad'll be home soon."

"I'm okay thanks." I wandered back down to the kitchen and stared on the dinner. This was a typical Monday. I'd actually fallen back on making a list. I pulled it out and ticked off the items.

9:00am: Drop kids off at school&nursery.

9:30am: shopping

10:30am: cleaning

11:30am: washing

12:00pm: lunch& pick Sophie up

1:00pm: walk with Sophie

2:00pm: cup of tea&quality time with Sophie

3:10pm: pick kids up

6:30pm: Amber's ballet lesson

7:00pm: Jacob's spot of some sort

8:00pm: Pick Amber& Jacob up

8:15pm: Kids are in bed

I heard the front door open then close softly. Above me I could hear the sound of pounding feet and slamming doors as the kids sixth sense kicked in and told them their dad was home. The three of them jumped down the stairs and threw themselves at John, slamming him back into the door, yelling pretty much the same as what they had at me in the car. Sophie emerged from the living room and clung to John's leg "Okay guys. Give him some room to breathe."

"But mum!" they whined at me and I laughed. There was only one way to get the four of them out of the way. I slipped past them and gave John a hug. I could feel the kids tensing up already. I tilted my head slightly and pressed my lips against John's. I felt his arms wind round my waist and pull me closer. There was the sound of squeals and the kids disappeared. "Hello." I breathed into his ear.

"Hello. Have a fun day?" he took my had and we walked into the kitchen.

"Yeah. Jacob's game is tonight so you need to give him some comforting words and Amber had more good test results."

"That's my girl. Glad one of the kids inherited your brains."

"Yes, but Sophie and Amber got your looks." I slapped him playfully on the arm before tending to the dinner that was threatening to burn.

"Go fetch the kids will you?" I asked John. He simply walked over to the door and yelled at the top of his lungs.

"DINNER!" he quickly jumped out of the way as the children stampeded into the kitchen and jumped up onto their seats. John slipped Sophie into her chair and sat down.

"Carrots for Sophie, Lasagne for Jacob, Salad for Amber, Burger for Luke and Fish fingers for dad." I handed them their food and poured their drinks. Dinner was the only time the whole family was quiet. It was a sort of contest for the kids to see who could finish first without getting indigestion. I liked the silence ans I could swear that John fell asleep while eating.

When they were done, they cleaned the kitchen while I got Sophie ready. We all met at the car at 6:00 o'clock.

We only just got to the Game in time. The traffic had been bad on the way to the ballet studio and there had been a car crash. As the Referee blew the whistle to start the game, my eyes quickly scanned the crowd. I screamed internally as I saw a face I never wanted to see again. "John." I hissed in his ear.


"Look at the man on the side of the pitch. The one with the umbrella."

"Dear god." John stiffened next to me. It was Rory.

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