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The house was large, cold and quiet without the kids or Amy. Amy. The house seemed dull without her Scottish accent and her bright red hair. John went to turn the lights on, but they wouldn't work. There must be a storm somewhere. He thought. Luckily there was enough light to see by. He made his way into the living room, throwing his coat onto the sofa.

"Hello, Smith." John's blood ran cold in his veins. "Remember me? I bet you do." the voice he knew so well had that ever present sneer to it. "Turn around and face me." John turned slowly, coming face to face with Rory Williams.

"Hello. I'd say it was nice to see you again, but last time I saw you, you nearly killed my wife."

"Oh. Now that's rich. Your wife? She was my girlfriend."

"Yes, then you tried to murder her. I'd say that was a pretty evidential end to a relationship, wouldn't you agree?"

"Did you really think I'd leave you alone?" Rory avoided his jibe. "You pathetic, useless, excuse for a piece of fu-"

"Now now Rory. Just calm down."

"No!" Rory stepped towards John, removing a piece of piping from behind his back.

"Pipe? Again? Way to cliché Rory."

Rory shrugged. "I've learnt from my mistakes. Catch you right, you're dead within the hour. Amy's none the wiser, I toddle off to America and Amy gets the blame. The wife that got into a fight with her husband and is widowed less than a week earlier. She's then arrested, and, once there is no evidence to show that it really was me, she goes to jail. Kids go into care and before you know it, Amy's depressed and commits suicide. Killing two birds with one stone. If if she doesn't kill herself, she'll never get to see her kids again."

"You've got a sick mind Rory."

Rory grinned at him. A sickly, murderous grin. And that was the last thing John saw.


Amy knew something was wrong. She felt her heart skip a beat and she'd instantly tried to call John, but there was no answer. She guessed it could've been because of earlier, but she doubted it. She'd gotten the kids packed and in the car in less that ten minutes. It was a twenty minute drive back to Leadworth, take five minutes to drop the kids off at John's friend's, then three minuted there. Forty eight minutes till I could find out if John was alright.


I was running two minutes late. I burst in through the font door to be met be cold air. I tried the lights but they weren't working. "John?" I called into the darkness. "John!" I checked the kitchen first and was about to check the study when I heard a croaky voice from the living room.

"Amy?" my heart started to thump as I made my way into the living room. I felt sick. John was leaning against the sofa, his shirt drenched in his blood, his hair matted and one side of his face was covered in sticky, red, blood.

"Oh my god!" I dropped to the floor beside him, cradling his head in my hands. "What happened?"

"Rory. I should've listened." he sighed closing his eyes.

"That doesn't matter." I shook my head, kissing his forehead. "We need to get you to hospital." I fished in my pockets for my mobile, rising to my feet to dial the number.

"Stay." he reached out for my hand and I smiled slightly, sitting back down next to him.

Hello? What service do you require?

"Ambulance. And hurry."

What area?

"Leadworth, England."

Royal Leadworth Hospital.

"Finally. I need an ambulance. My husband's dying from a head wound."

Place and name please?

"Amy Pond Smith. 26 Leadworth Grove."

We're on our way. The line went dead.

"They seem reluctant to help." I muttered, sinking down next to John to wait.


The ambulance took seven minutes to arrive. I jumped to my feet as the blue flashing lights drew up outside, throwing open the front door. "Miss Smith?" three paramedics rushed past, but one stopped, pulling me into the kitchen. I nodded. "What happened?"

"I don't know. I was away with my kids. We just got back."

"Where are they?"

"At a friends." the paramedic nodded.

"Police!" someone called from the front door.

"In the kitchen!" the paramedic called back. Two policemen appeared in the doorway as a stretcher was taken past. I jumped to my feet, trying to push past them. They didn't move.

"Please! I need to see him!"

"Sit down miss."


"Sit. Down." again I shook my head. The police man pushed me into a seat, pulling up one opposite. "Sit."

A third office appeared in the door way. "One head wound. They can't say how bad, but it's enough to kill him. The survival rate's about 25%" Sally stepped into the kitchen. "Hello again, Amy."


Amy was sitting in the hospital waiting room. She had been for the past two hours and she'd spent the whole time crying and worrying. She had no idea if John was even alive or not. The police were stationed around his room and were to speak to him as soon as he woke up. If he told them Amy had done it, she'd never see him again. Amy already knew who'd done it.

"Can I ask who you think did it?" Sally asked, sitting next to her. "Just so we have a confirmation."

"The same person who ended me in hospital. The same person who put John in here last time. Rory Williams." Sally nodded.

"Why's he doing this?"
"Because he used to like me but I went out with John instead of him. Then I married him." four kids probably does nothing for ya either." Sally nodded rising to her feet and heading towards John's room. Amy wondered that, if John said it was Rory, if they would think she'd made him say it. Threatened him or something.

If Amy was arrested, even if it was a mistake, then her kids would never trust her again.

What if they met Rory? What if Rory found them? What if she was charged with their murder because he killed them and they couldn't defend her? What if-

"Amy?" Sally interrupted her from her thoughts. "John's awake. You can see him, but police need to remain in the room. I'll fetch your children if you want." Amy nodded and Sally ushered her into the room. Amy ran to John's bed, taking his hand and kissing his face.

"This is getting to be a habit isn't it?" John laughed before Amy kissed his lips.

"You should've listened!" she resisted the urge to slap him, even playfully push him. The police probably wouldn't take it as a friendly gesture.

"I know. I'm sorry." John squeezed her hand. "Where are the kids?"

"Sally went to get them." Amy stroked John's cheek lovingly. "I think we need to move."

John closed his eyes and sighed. "I know. Any ideas?"

"I've got a good one." before Amy could explain, Jacob appeared at the door.

"Dad!" the children rushed past Amy, ignoring a police man telling them to wait outside. Amy smirked at this. The police man reached out and went to pull Amber back. Jacob stopped talking to John and ran to help Amber. He pulled her out of his grasp over to the edge of the bed.

"Don't touch them!" Amy ordered. The police man looked at her before stalking from the room.

"Are you okay pap?" Luke asked, pulling on his father's arm.

"Yup. I'm laving when you do." Amy smiled as they jumped up and down happily.


They were able to leave the hospital an hour later, after the Doctor had weaved his way through the kids to check John's chart. "Daddy?" Luke tugged on John's hand. "Who did that to you?"

"It doesn't matter. Just, don't ask." John ushered them into the car, shutting the door.

"We can't keep this from them." I pointed out.

"I know. But for now, It's better that they don't know." I nodded. I didn't want to keep this secret from them. I knew that I would want to know. "Where did you have in mind?"


Does this excuse me from not writing? Probally not.