Slap Up Party-Arad Senki: The Other Side

Chapter 1

(This story takes place after the anime "Slap Up Party: Arad Senki". This will talk about the other characters. Enjoy. If you want, watch the anime first to understand which characters are which.)

"Baron!" Ryumei yelled. "Do you even know where you are going?"

Baron looked back. He can see the worried faces of his comrades. He looked back and saw an endless road leading to nowhere.

"Hey Baron," Cabensis whined. "Do you even know where we are?"

Baron moved on, not even bothering to answer. Cabensis frowned. He wondered what Baron was up to.

"Dude," Cabensis yelled. "You better find a place fast because I am desperate for food and people are waiting to see my handsome face."

"Yeah right." Ixia laughed and she whacked the gunner in the head with her staff. While laughing she said, "Your face is like an uncle's nose."

Jeda was rather amused by the commotion. Then, however, his smile disappeared.

"Look," Jeda pointed. "Trouble."

The group stopped fussing after seeing what Jeda was looking at. The group sighed as a huge mob of goblins blocked their path.

"Look," a goblin called. "Humans."

"They look tasty," another cried. "Let's eat."

"I want that young girl," another insisted.

Ixia gasped and took a step back. Cabensis, on the other hand, stood forward. He smiled with a grin.

"You dare eat," Cabensis asked. "we, the people?'

Baron smiled and yelled out, "PARTY CALL!"