A/N: I decided to write a Bright/Delia story because I just love the characters so much! The shows are currently airing in the UK again and I love them! I can remember certain bits from when I watched them the first time they were on TV when I was little! I've fallen in love with all the characters so I'm thinking this story will be the first of many Everwood stories I write! I hope you enjoy it!

A Second Glance

Chapter 1: Prologue

Bright POV

'Yes!' She exclaimed excitedly.

I gazed in stunned amazement, and that one word suddenly seemed to be the most precious word I'd ever heard.

I picked her up in my arms and swung her around – I couldn't believe it!

She was going to be mine. Delia Brown was going to be mine.

Years ago I had been like an older brother to her, a goofy friend of her brother's, the brother of Amy – her brother's girlfriend. And now, here I was proposing to her! I couldn't believe that we'd wasted all that time that we could have spent together back then... but I guess it would have been rather strange – the age gap was so much more prominent, now though it was unnoticeable. Delia had grown up so much, so quickly that it was never commented on, not like they did at first... I was so glad though – I didn't care anymore about the time we'd lost. I had her now. That's all that mattered.

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