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Dream Giver

Chapter 1:

Balthazar Blake awoke with a start and snapped upright into a sitting position. He gasped loudly in attempt to calm his pounding heart. He brushed his hand across his forehead and felt the cold wet against his fingertips. His hand moved down to cover his tired eyes and there she was again, exactly as he had seen her when he had been asleep.

Those dark brown eyes bore into him. The smile that brightened her face and made his heart flutter was long gone. She was crying now, her delicate lips trembling. Her eyes pleaded for him to save her; to end her suffering. Then a cold blue crept into those warm eyes and her lips twisted into a snarl; pointed teeth gleaming as she opened her mouth and roared.

Balthazar opened his eyes quickly and the image faded. He sighed and lifted his hand from his face to brush though his hair, the dampened strands sleeked back against his head.

He shook his head as he blew out another sigh from between his lips.

It wasn't the first time he had had this nightmare. In fact, it was the only dream he ever had, ever since the day his beloved Veronica absorbed the soul of the despised Morganna and he trapped them both in the Grimhold. Now she haunted his restless nights.

But he was still shaken by the dream.

Despite the years of having accustomed to the recurring nightmare, he still woke in a sweat with his heart pounding painfully in his chest. On the rarest occasions - occasions to which the sorcerer would never admit - he even woke with eyes still moist from tears.

Balthazar bowed his head into his hands. It was hard to get a good night's sleep and recover from the demanding days when Veronica's pain haunted his sleep. He was always so tired, and he couldn't afford to be. Not when he had a job to do.

Another roar sounded, the same sound Veronica had made in his dream.

Balthazar looked up, tense in preparation to cast a spell.

But there was no monster here. Speak of the devil, there was the job he had to take care off.

A young boy sat slumped over a desk, his arms folded as a pillow under his head. An occasion snore trickled past his parted lips.

Balthazar smiled despite himself at the sight of the sleeping David. At least someone was getting proper rest. The sorcerer found himself envious of Dave's vacant expression; proof that the boy's mind was currently void of any unsettling nightmares.

Not wanting to close his eyes again in fear of seeing his beloved turn into a fanged monster, Balthazar pushed himself off the couch he had officially claimed as his own as long as he resided in Dave's secret lair for bizarre and explosive experiments.

Balthazar cautiously approached the sleeping boy, trying to make as little noise as possible against the cobbled ground. For once, Balthazar didn't want to be a hassle to the boy and wake him. Regardless, the sorcerer felt safe enough. Dave looked as if even a plasma bolt to the gut wouldn't wake him.

Dave had been practicing a lot in the previous hours and had pleaded with Balthazar to be given a break. Balthazar agreed begrudgingly only because the kid had worked hard and deserved the rest.

Of course, Balthazar's idea of a rest was to sit in front of the spell book and study. Dave argued but was unable to win. So, he plopped down at a desk, opened up the Incantus and started reading. Satisfied, Balthazar had stretched out on the couch. Apparently, both men had been more tired than originally imagined.

They had both fallen asleep.

Balthazar came to a stop beside the motionless boy and suppressed a groan at the sight of Dave's makeshift pillow.

The boy was sleeping on the book of magical spells Balthazar had given him to study and learn magic. It was a source of learning, not an object to be used to rest one's head. If Dave so much as drooled, Balthazar would…

The threat died before Balthazar could hiss it aloud as he saw the page Dave had been studying before having fallen asleep.

"The Dream Giver spell, huh?" Balthazar whispered thoughtfully as his eyes scanned the rules and steps to completing the spell.

It wasn't an easy one either. The sorcerer's goal was to ultimately control the dreams of another. Although a novice wouldn't be able to control every aspect of the dream like sounds and precise images, he could still manage to pull off creating either a dull dream like a walk on along the beach or a harmless nightmare like getting caught in a dark forest.

A more experienced sorcerer like Balthazar would be able to enter the dream personally and control it from beginning to end. Dave would have a long way to go until he reached that level but with practice, he might be able to create a grove of trees and singing birds if he wanted to.

He might even be able to erase a dream all together so that the sleeper would just sit in darkness until he awoke, fully refreshed.

Balthazar thought it odd that Dave would be studying such a spell when they were plenty more exciting ones such as manipulating limps like a puppet or skywriting with clouds.

But then realization dawned on him and Balthazar looked down at Dave with a mixed look of surprise and gratitude.

Dave knew of Balthazar's nightmares. Though he didn't know of their exact content, Balthazar was sure that Dave had already put two and two together to figure out that his master was dreaming about the woman he had lost. Balthazar often woke to the concerned gaze of the boy. Dave always looked away but the sorcerer didn't miss that sadness and pity held in those eyes.

So it looked as if Dave was taking things into his own hands. The damn martyr. Balthazar didn't need some kid's pity. But he felt touched at Dave's attempt to help him. The kid had a good heart. But if Balthazar were to question him about his desire for learning the Dream Giver spell, he was sure that Dave would recite a lame lie to cover up his reason for wanting to help his master by putting his tired mind at ease for a night.

Balthazar caught himself smiling warmly down at the sleeping face of his apprentice. He replaced it quickly with his usual scowl.

Just because the kid was trying to do him a favor didn't mean Balthazar was going to overlook a glob of drool on his Incantus.

Balthazar lightly took hold of Dave's shoulders and pulled the boy back against the chair. As expected, Dave made a noise of discomfort but nothing more. He was too far gone into sleep to wake now.

Balthazar bent down and scooped up the boy into his arms, cradling Dave against him as he walked back to the couch; Dave's even breaths brushing against Balthazar's coat. With a tentative care he didn't think he was capable of, Balthazar eased Dave onto the couch. The boy sighed as he sank into the cushions, his eyes still closed and body limp.

Without a second thought, Balthazar peeled off his coat slowly and draped it over the boy's body. It was cold down here in the underground tunnels. The coat would keep Dave warm.

Balthazar smoothed the coat down and checked Dave over to make sure the boy was comfortable. Despite the fact that the two of them were utterly alone in the underground lair that only Dave, Balthazar, and Becky knew of, Balthazar cast a furtive glance around to make sure that no one had caught him performing an act reserved for a motherly figure. He only knew what to do because he had seen Veronica do the same thing to a scared child once.

Dave's brow furrowed slightly and he cringed, a soft groan escaping from his lips. One hand snaked out from under the cloak to grip the sleeve.

"Bad dream, huh?" Balthazar asked gently as he knelt down to eye level with Dave.

The boy shook his head as he flinched.

"I guess I'll teach you that spell now then," Balthazar murmured so as to not wake Dave. "First you have to come up with an image. Since you're the one controlling the dream, you have to think of one up."

Balthazar closed his eyes and thought of a nice image that he knew Dave would like.

"Then you have to transfer your image to the subject," Balthazar continued in his soothing voice.

He touched two fingers to his forehead and then moved them to touch Dave's.

"Just imagine that you're sending one of those text things to another phone. You write it, push send, and direct the message where to go."

Dave relaxed instantly under Balthazar's touch. With a sigh he sank back into the couch, his hand releasing the coat and falling to his side.

Balthazar removed his hand and opened his eyes. "And that's pretty much it. Easy right?" Balthazar asked with a small smile. "The hard part is directing the message where to go. But the closer you are to the subject, the easier it is. After some practice, you might be able to send a dream to someone in another house and eventually across town if you wanted to."

Balthazar stood., his gaze still on Dave's peaceful face.

"I know what you're trying to do," he said in barely a whisper, his voice not even reaching the walls to echo. "And I guess I should thank you for your concern," his smiled faded, "but you shouldn't waste your time worrying about me. I don't need some kid snooping into my dreams."

He looked down at his own hands sadly. "It would be better for you if you didn't."

With that said, Balthazar spun on his heel and headed for the door. He put his hand on the door knob and stopped to offer one last lingering glance to Dave. The boy hadn't moved.

"Good night," Balthazar breathed and then he was gone, off to perform his routinely patrol of the vicinity to ensure that no threat was around.

Dave lay motionless on the couch, his fingers moving unconsciously to grip the cloak over him as he dreamed of perfecting his school experiment and getting the praise of Becky.


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