Waluigi's Birthday Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Happy Birthday to me. Horray. I'm old... older than an old sign post that reads you are older than the oldest of all the old timers. Yes, this may explain why I haven't been as active. I'm finally getting dere, folks. For you see, back in the day, when I was a lot more active and hyper, I would have been really... oh, look at me, rambling on as you all just read this. Enjoy the fanfic, kiddos. Uncle Stu has some pudding to make, because I need to make sure that I revved up those fryers for Fred.

Dry Bowser looked at the script as he shook his skull, adjusting it on his bony body. "What did he mean by this?"

"I think he's trying to say that he's a big guy for you," Arceus commented as he was playing as himself in a hacked version of Tennis on his Gamecube.

"That doesn't even make sense..." Gruntilda Winkybunion stated as she was knitting herself a new purple scarf with Waluigi's face on it. "Let's just get to the story already. Waluigi deserves better than this."

Waluigi looked at his alarm clock, having just woke up. The tall, lanky, purple wearing adventurer stretched his skinny arms up in the air far and wide as he wondered what he was going to do for his birthday today. Getting up, Waluigi decided to head outside of his house, placing his hands on his hips to smell the fresh air of the peaceful Meadow Meadows. Suddenly, a thought hit him on the head as he got an idea.

"Of course! That's what I'll do for my birthday!" Waluigi proclaimed as he ran back in, grabbing some stuff to bring along as he ran back outside, heading towards the southern direction as he told himself, "I'm not going to just simply sleep all day and waste away the most important day of my life!"

As Waluigi headed all the way southward, he came across several tall, grassy hills, of which served as the border for the Meadow Meadows and the ocean on the other side. Waluigi rubbed his chin as he wondered what to do, shrugging as he started climbing the grassy hill. One by one, did he go higher and higher, as things began getting chillier upon climbing the grassy hill, for it was so tall and grassy, not only could you feel the nice rough edges of grass, but you could see everything within the Meadow Meadows for miles. Finally, upon reaching the top, Waluigi turned around, smiling proudly as his hands were on his hips once more, looking all over the Meadow Meadows to the north as he turned around, to see the huge, sprawling salty ocean behind him.

"What a great view!" Waluigi commented upon stating the obvious as he took in the marvelous sight, when out of nowhere, a spiky green colored shell knocked him off the grassy hill, knocking him back on the ground several feet below. Groaning in pain as he rubbed his back, Waluigi looked up to see Bowser Jr., who was laughing at Walugi's misfortune as he pointed at him.

"Ha ha ha! It may be your birthday, but that doesn't mean I have to go easy on ya!" Bowser Jr. taunted as he stuck his tonge out at Waluigi, taking off at the speed of light.

Waluigi snarled with rage as he got up, prompting to chase the young reptilian troublemaker as he pulled out his slingshot, firing bolts of purple electricity. Bowser Jr. cleverly dodged them as he continued making faces at Waluigi, running at a faster pace. Waluigi growled as he, too, was starting to gain more speed, but felt a strange sensation in his chest. He stopped for a moment as he placed his left hand on his chest, wondering what was happening inside. Suddenly, Bowser Jr. rammed right into him, sending Waluigi pummeling several stories high in the clear blue sky as he came back down to the grassy meadows with a big thud, having created a crater that had his body size.

Waluigi coughed as he popped his head out of the ground, narrowing his eyes angrily as Bowser Jr. danced around him, poking fun at how much Waluigi failed to try and get him. Waluigi grabbed his long whip that he had took with him, using it to grab Bowser Jr.'s right ankle and cause him to fall flat on his face. Waluigi laughed as he climbed out of the hole, standing on Bowser Jr.'s shell with his right foot as he folded his arms, smiling in a wickedly sinister manner as Bowser Jr. tried to get out from Waluigi's grasp.

"So, what was it about you trying to ruin my birthday, Mrs. Nesbitt?" Waluigi teased as he picked up Bowser Jr., slapping the young reptilian across the face several times as he then aimed towards the western direction and flinged Bowser Jr. away, watching as Bowser Jr. screamed. The duty having been done, Waluigi sighed as he dusted his hands together, shaking his head as he headed eastward within the Meadow Meadows. "That was a crazy way to start a birthday. But regardless, all is well, anyway..."

Just as Waluigi concluded with that tiny little monologue of his, seven red colored Dino Wrenches surrounded Waluigi, all snarling at him. Waluigi got into a defensive fighting pose as the seven Dino Wrenches barked, leaping at Waluigi all at the same time.

Meanwhile, elsewhere within the confides of Central City, Petey Piranha and Gooper Blooper were both looking for the perfect gift to give to Waluigi, having known that this birthday would be a very important one. The two stopped by a car garage, where they were desperate for ideas.

"Quick, we gotta get Waluigi something!" Petey shouted as he flailed his giant leaf like hands about, stating the obvious.

Gooper nodded as he flailed his rear tentacles, folding his front tentacles as he had no idea what to do. "Oooh, but what should we get him for this year? Last year we got him a toothbrush."

Petey rubbed the back of his gigantic head as he didn't have anything wise to say or offer. "I don't know. Anything should do!"

Gooper thought deeply as he tapped his chin, looking around to see if anything could work. He gasped as he grabbed a bright, shiny silver car tire, holding it in front of Petey with both of his front tentacles as his eyes started shining brightly. "Oooh, how about this tire?"

Petey tilted his head to the right as he frowned. "Gooper, why would Waluigi want that?"

Gooper shrugged as he didn't have a reasonable retort. "I don't know... looks nice?"

Awkward silence. Petey Piranha and Gooper Blooper both gave each other discomforted looks as someone in the background coughed.

"...Awww the hell with it! That would make a perfect gift!" Petey decided as he laughed heartily, clapping together his leaves as he headed southward with Gooper.

Gooper blubbered in agreement, still holding the bright tire. "Yeah! Waluigi would LOVE this!"

Going by the car garage were Dr. Hoshi and Peppy Ankylosaurus, the dinosaur duo glancing at each other as to why they were in this story.

"You know, I made my debut at the same time as Waluigi," Dr. Hoshi randomly brought up, the purple raptor in the white lab coat adjusting his light blue glasses.

"...and how is that relevant to me?" Peppy stated, the yellow reptilian moron munching on some ripe green lettuce.

Suddenly thunder boomed, with thousands of Waluigi falling out of the dark purple storm clouds as they covered up the entire city, with the Waluigi clones beating the hell out of everything, including themselves.