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Kagura crumbled up the piece of paper. "That idiot really needs to grow up." She fell back onto the sofa and stared up at a particular head-shaped hole in the ceiling. "When he comes back there'll be a second hole." Now what was she supposed to do? She glanced over to the end of the couch. Maybe she could... Nope, Sadaharu was still sleeping. Well there you had it she had absolutely nothing to do. "Hope there's something entertaining at the park." She got up and grabbed her umbrella, and with that she was out the door.

Today was a particularly hot day. Even under the protection of her umbrella, it felt as if the sun would devour her as soon as she let her guard down. She slipped a piece of sukonbu into her mouth. Looking around she saw some kids were playing their usual games…Boring. But still it was better than doing nothing and if they refused she could ruin their fun also, couldn't she? "Let me play." The two boys crinkled their noses. They both knew the smell of sukonbu from anywhere and only one person was brave or stupid enough to eat it. "No, leave us alone weirdo!" said one of the boys. "What was that ya little brats?" she said raising her eyebrows stepping a little closer as she did. "Let's go before she spreads her weirdness!" Said the other and the two did just that.

"Stupid brats…"

"Don't you think it's a bit too early to be harassing little boys, China?"

Kagura turned to face the owner of the voice: Okita Sougo a.k.a Sadist. "Don't ya think it's a bit too early to be slacking off your work?" she retorted. He smirked "No. While I was on patrol, I saw a menace walking the streets." Kagura frowned. Wait a minute as far as she knew his post was on the other side of town. Slowly as the expression goes her frown turned upside down. "Your post is on the other side of town. Just admit it you came over to see me..." She grinned.

Okita smirked "You wish. Give this to Danna." He came up to Kagura and dropped a box in to her hand. Before she could interject he was already gone; lost in the sea of people. She walked over to bench. Curiously, she stared at the box in her hand. Maybe she should open it? Gin-chan's not here. Yeah, so it was within her jurisdiction to open the box and take a look. With no hesitation or regret Kagura quickly opened the box.

It was a mini-cake.

Sugar isn't good for Gin-chan's health.

Instantly, the unsuspecting cake was shoved down her throat. Besides what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. Suddenly she felt a burning sensation overcome her tongue.

Was this karma? Sorry Gin-chan I'll save the next one for you.

No it wasn't, that bastard put hot sauce in it again!

Tears seeped out of her eyes as she ran to the closest water fountain. The hot sauce was almost as hot as her desire to extract revenge. The next time she saw that sadist, he was gonna get it.

Oh yes….he was gonna get it good.

But that would have to be put off until later. Right now she had to go deal with a certain- silver-haired, Jump-loving -idiot of a samurai and her roaring monster of a stomach. Shamefully, Kagura walked all the way back home with a swollen tongue.

How embarrassing.

Sliding the door open, she was face to face with her lovable dog. "Sadaharu!" she said giving the fluffy dog a huge hug. "Kagura-chan, help me! Gin-san is depressed about not getting his Jump." Said Shinpachi trying to comfort the depressed samurai with no success, Kagura sighed. "Gin-chan, old men like you should really should get rid of their childish habits." She said with a piece of sukonbu dripping out of her mouth. "Shut up Kagura, a kid like you would never understand how it feels to have a piece of your soul delayed for a week!" Gintoki said with little tear drops in his eyes.

"Gin-san that makes no sense…"

"Megane you wouldn't understand either! 'Tch' I'm going out!"

"Megane? Did you just call me glasses!"

But it was already too late; the natural-perm haired man was gone. "It's alright Shinpachi, useless people like you should be named by what are." Kagura said nonchalantly while scratching Sadaharu's stomach. "That's all you see me as?" he shouted. Angrily, he put on his headphones and played his favorite CD from Otsu-chan on full blast. Unfortunately for Kagura and Sadaharu this was accompanied with singing from the tone-death 16-year old. She laid on the couch and covered her eyes.

Miraculously, the phone started ringing. "Shinpachi, get the phone" Kagura said uninterestingly. The boy didn't hear. "Guess I'll have to get it." She murmured as she got up and answered the phone.

"Hello, this is Yorozuya. How can we help you?"

"Congratulation! You are our grand prize winner!"


"Yes, yes-"

"What I win?"

"A life time's supply of strawberries

"When do I get it?"

"Right now at the store across Kabuki Chou Park…"

The line went silent, so she hung up. She walked to front of the door, Sadaharu followed. "No Sadaharu, you can't come. The owners probably get scared of you 'cause they don't understand your cute side." She said scratching right behind his ear. Just the way he liked it.

"Megane, I'm going out to claim my prize!" she slipped on her boots and was out…Once again.

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