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Just Rip It Off Like A Band-Aid.

The child currently in Kagura's arms was not Ayumi but, a child who looked eerily similar to the former; her twin brother for fuck's sake! Are you serious; what are the chances?

All that running they did was…for nothing.

All the torment she went through with that sadist. It was all in vain.

Well it wasn't all the bad…spending time with the guy was sort of fun…forget what you just read. When she gets hungry, her mind gets all retarded and stuff!

"Let go of me." The boy clawed at her forearm—nothing to worry about she wasn't choking him or anything. Of course, she wasn't going to let him go…that is until he bit her. Yup, you read that right. That snot-nosed brat just bit into her flawless, milky white skin! Kami-sama, it was probably going to leave a nasty red mark coated in nasty kid slobber. Kagura released him and examined her arm not before shooting a glare at the sadist who was smirking. Sure, it was going to go away in a couple of minutes. But, the problem was the fact that he bit her.

"Where's my sister? Is she in trouble?" His voice was level but, she could see the desperation in his cerulean eyes.

"No, as far as we know."Kagura decided to leave the last part out. She felt sorry for the boy. He just found out his sister was alive, only to lose her again. She'd make sure it won't be as long this time if it was the last thing she did.

"Where is she?" He asked once again.

"We're playing hide-and-seek, so we don't know." She lied, glancing at the sadist as a hint for him to go along. He said nothing. That was a good sign.

"Are you sure you guys can find her? Ayu-chan's really good at hiding…that is if she's still the same." He stated.

"There's nothing to worry about, I used to be a Flamer-Hazer (1). So hide-and-seek is my forte." Kagura smiled, her hand reaching out to pat the boy on the head.

Action denied.

The latter had slapped her hand away.

"Please don't treat me like a child." His voice was devoid of any emotion, almost robotic. "You're not playing hide-and-go-seek, are you? You lost her, didn't you? You guys don't need to lie to me. I understand." The happy atmosphere was suddenly crushed. He'd seen through her lie. A peculiar thing it was for a kid to be able to conceal his emotions like an adult however Kagura had a pretty good idea on why he was reacting like that.

She had experienced something similar years ago.

It was the year Kamui had left home. She had hoped he would come back…come back to his little sister and sickly mother…she hoped he would come back home. It never happened of course but, back then everything had left her feeling aloof especially when her mother died, leaving her all alone. It was then, Kagura decided she wasn't going to let things happen and just be okay with it. She was going to take fate by its reigns and control her own life.

The point to this little anecdote was that though these two occurrences were different in the sole sense that one had willingly left home, she understood how he felt. She understood those feelings of indifference, denial, and desperation.

Realizing now how he must have felt, Kagura felt even more motivated than previously to find Ayumi.

She watched Okita couch down, making himself at eyelevel with the boy.

What was he going to do? It better not be anything stupid.

"It's good that you understand the situation. It's true. We don't know where she is but, as the beast over there said, there's nothing to worry about we're going to find her." Okita deadpanned.

"How can I believe you?" He asked.

He was right.

How could he believe some strangers who said they'd find his sister?

"Simple. Because I said we'd find her." Sadist stood up and tousled the boy's raven locks. The latter let happen this time.

Were her eyes and ears deceiving her or did the sadist just show some sympathy?

He had made the kid smile. A small one but, a smile it was nonetheless. Kagura couldn't help to smile along. Maybe it was because he could relate also. She had heard about him having a sister at some point in time.

"Come on, let's go." He said and started to walk (trying to make himself look cool) but, failed when he applied too much pressure on his foot again. Ha! His foot still hurts. She was by his side in an instant but he waved her saying he didn't need any help. It's funny how before they got to the boy, he was all flirty-flirty with her and would have cracked if she offered. Now Kagura can tell that shit just got serious. Well more serious than before.

Kagura noticed that Ayumi's brother was just standing in the same place. "Come on…. A...Ak…" What was the kid's name again? Ayumi had said it at some point. It was uh… "Akamoto."

"It's Akira, flat-y!" He yelled which resulted in an immediate headlock. How dare he insult her assets; her boobs were awesome! She wasn't even that far off from his name.

"Let me go!" He yelled.

"Apologize to the queen-aru."

"I'm...sorry." He said with a natural coolness.

Kagura wasn't happy with it but, she released the boy. Once she had done that, Akira had gone the sadist's side. Well, well, well, look who has a new friend, sadist.

That was good.

Akira was starting to warm up, just a bit for now and not to her but, she could deal with that. She'd get to him eventually.

As they walked to god-knows-where, Okita bumped into so many things she thought she'd piss herself. But after that, her mind started thinking back on the incident from just almost fifteen minutes ago. The softer look in his eyes and benign smile were something she rarely, if not never got to see from him. It was nice and she'll admit only to herself that it made him look cute. Maybe one day, he'd make that kind of expression for her…

Changing the subject, Sadist was surprisingly good with kids. She wasn't jealous or anything since she was also. She just never thought the bastard was capable of it. Kagura found herself musing on the idea of the sadist being a father. A mini-movie played in her head of him teaching the poor kid the way of sadism and bastard-ness. That was until the mama came into the picture...er….film. She was just a grey blob of a person. Kagura couldn't figure who to put there. Because who in the right mind would marry the sadist? Her imagination had a cheeky way of answering by replacing the grey figure with an older version of herself.

Kagura stopped momentarily and made a pose resembling The Scream (2).

Where did such a preposterous idea come from?

Marrying that guy?

What has been thought cannot be un-thought!

The damage has been done-aru!


Her innocent mind cannot handle such a vulgar thought or that's at least what she wants to believe except it didn't bug her in the god-I-want-vomit-for-even-thinking-like-that kind of way. It was more like introverted schoolgirl giving an oral presentation in front of the whole school kind of way. She must have gotten some type of sickness for thinking about the sadist so much. Her stomach made itself known. 'Grrrrr.' It complained which translated in human words as I'm going to a be a major pain in the ass if you don't feed me soon and it better be a lot too. Yeah, her stomach was very demanding and sadly she couldn't always fulfill its demands.

Grrr. That growl didn't come from her stomach this time. It sounded like it came from below her therefore it must've been Akira's stomach whining. She glanced at him. He just blushed slightly but other than that he seemed to ignore it. After that contest was set up between the two organs to see who could make the loudest noise; her was winning by a landslide.

"Sounds like someone's hungry~" She could practically hear the smirk in the brunette's tone.

"Would do you care, bastard." She sneered.

He merely shrugged in response and said. "And here, I thought I'd play the nice guy for once and offer to buy you some food."

"Oh really?" She tried to make her interest in the topic vague and failed horribly. Could you blame her? This was food we were talking about; the greatest thing in the world—no the universe—since forever! She just needs to keep her guard up.

"Here's a place we can go to." He led them to some dango stand. It wasn't spectacular or anything, pretty run-down by the looks of it. But as Mama had told her when she was little 'it's not good to judge things by there appearance. Remember a butterfly starts off as a slimy caterpillar.' And wasn't it a rule of nature that the more disgusting something looks, it was probably the tastiest? So this dango stand better have some good dangos, aru.

She and Akira sat on a nearby bench as they waited for the brunette to go buy the sweet balls of deliciousness.

This gave her time to think about what's been going on for almost a week. Why did she think that she thought that she might or possibly not, and hopefully the latter, kind of have feelings for her rival? Her feelings were as confusing as that sentence.

No, she had a word for these feelings; affection, adulation…love whatever fancy word you want to use for the person you think is the 'one' or the one who might be that special person.

But, she couldn't have been right. Sadist + her ≠ love. They were rivals. She couldn't have fallen for her rival; she couldn't have fallen for a sadist. She was supposed to marry the world's greatest chef who would cook her anything like Sanji (3) or something. Okay that last sentence was a bit of a stretch but, she did want someone who would cook for her, hold her and make her feel special. Of course she would do the same for them, even the cooking part though it might be a little difficult. She wasn't sure if Sadist would do the same.

Well he does protect her even when it's completely unnecessary (earlier this morning) and he sometimes does make her feel like she's the only girl in the world (that can be annoying as hell though). He also understands her, strange as it is. And it's not like he was ugly or anything, kind of the opposite really even she had to admit. All she needed to do is find out if the sadist can cook. Then maybe it would be alright.

Okay, she didn't hate the sadist. She now might go even as far as to say that she liked him. She'll admit it.

God, kill her now, please!

Oh wait. There was the factor of if the brunette liked her back.

How could he not? She was fabulous! But, she seriously wondered whether of not he would return her questionable feelings. Its not like didn't hint it but he never straight up flirted with her like he did with Saa-chan at that bar. (4)

Grrr. Food. Her stomach did not like to be ignored.

What was taking the tormentor of her thoughts so long?

She was hungry, okay. She cut her breakfast short from eight bowls of rice and eggs to just seven. Cutting one makes a big difference to her. He came back outside minutes later, giving Akira his own share and then keeping the rest to himself. There was obviously a problem with that. Where was her share?


"Oh I'm sorry, perhaps you wanted some?" He said finishing a stick.

Her pride spoke for her. "I don't want anything from you." She frowned, turning to gaze at something that was not the sadist. Grrr. Yes you do. Her stomach protested.

"You sure you don't want some, China?" Sadist smirked. He clearly knew how hungry she was. Not too many people's stomachs can sound like a bear with a cold.

"Give it to me." She demanded.

"Now China, that's not the proper way to say it and you know that." Okita tilted his head slightly, a mischievous glint in his eyes, that irritating smirk still present. The sun was behind him, casting a shadow over his face. He looked like a total sadist.

A pregnant silence flew by as she debated on what she should do.

There was no way she was going to kneel over and beg the sadist for it. However, she was hungry and broke. But, doing this meant she stooped to his level.

Ah, what should she do?

Food vs. Pride, decisions, decisions.

"C-c-can I have some…please?" There she said it. She even added a 'please' at the end of that sentence to seal the deal.

"Huh—" She watched horrifically as the last dango entered a mouth that wasn't hers...the mouth of that heartless tax excuse of a human being. He towards her, face dangerously close to hers. "I didn't hear you." He licked some sauce from the corner of his lip.

That's it.

She was going to kill him. Ripping him to very tiny pieces sounded like a good idea or maybe tying him to a tree to die in the middle of nowhere— like Gin-chan but, seriously this time—would better. Then the birds can pick out his eyes as he screams in pain and no one would be able to hear him, not for miles. Once he was dead, scavengers could come and eat up whatever was left of him. The redhead was unaware of the dark aura forming over her body as she was having her happy-thoughts.

Never mess with Kagura when it comes to food. Well anything in general but, especially when it comes to food!

As much as she would love to go with the latter idea, Kagura was smart enough to know that killing a tax-robber would land her a one-way ticket to jail and she, herself, was too good for jail. The only way she could get away with it was through a crime of passion. It would be a believable story. She was a yato and yatos were notoriously known for their undeniable love for food. So, coming between a yato and his/her food was suicide. However for this to be categorized as a crime of passion, it would have to be within minutes of the incident. That marathon of Crime and Chaos was once again coming in handy.

She glanced at the sadist. His back was turned to her.

Now was her chance!

Just as she was about to attack the brunette, he had the nerve to turn back around.

"As much as I would love for you to kill me, here ya go." He shoved a full plate of wonderful, wonderful dangos into her hands. She was still pissed, but she'll save killing the sadist for another day.

"You're such a weird guy." It was her form of a thank you to him and she knew he understood what she meant when she saw the smirk on his face. Kagura hesitantly ate the first stick. It was fine. The next five she ate were the same as the first; nothing wrong. Maybe the sadist finally grew up, Kagura smiled inwardly. Now she was on her last stick. She gobbled it down with no regrets.

A few seconds later, her tongue was going to shrivel up and fall off or at least felt like it. What was this shit? It tasted bitter and sour yet there was an underlying tinge of spiciness. That bloody bastard; how dare he trick her again! She could just vomit right now…on the sadist. Said man was practically on the floor laughing his stupid ass off.

Man! She just wanted to punch something! It would have been him if she didn't fear she would've killed him too quickly. The man deserved a much more painful death. She finally found something and she hit it with a passion like none before.

Poor lamppost.

But at least now she could actually try and calm down.

"Is she going to be okay?" She heard Akira ask.

"Don't worry; this girl is more like a beast than girl." The brunette sat next to him and started asking him a series of questions about what-not but she tuned him out, formulating her vengeance.

She was going to get revenge for sure. Payback like no other had even imagined and it involved a huge supply of Sadaharu's crap, itching powder, and the cover of darkness.

She'll make him regret tricking her, just like they did with Gin-chan and his drinking problem.

Kagura tuned their conversation back on time. "—she's always doing this; unwilling to show how she really feels…She most likely went somewhere with the least amount of people." Kagura assumed the 'she' he was talking about was Ayumi.

Kagura let out a sigh. Ayumi was still hurting on the inside. She should have suspected that. One does not find out that three years or so of her life is a lie and then after a few tears, brushes it off. It was going to take some time for the cuts to heal. She was a good kid, she didn't deserve this. Kagura smiled, ruefully.

Wasn't it like that for a bunch of people?

She stood up and opened up her parasol. Even though the sun was beginning to go down, the amount of sunlight she was already receiving was beginning to make her feel dizzy. "You guys were supposed to go back to Shinpachi and tell him you found her." Said a familiar voice. It was Gin-chan—she glanced behind her—and Madao.

"I think you're mistaken Danna, this is the girl's twin brother." Okita deadpanned.

"Really?" The silver samurai walked over to the child-in-question and lifted him up by the scruff of his collar, his dead fish eyes starting intensely. "Hm, you're right."

"Put me down." demanded the young boy, his voice was taking on a cold vibe.

"And if I don't." Gin-chan questioned.

"I'll kick your *bleep*" The noirette automatically answered.

"This is definitely her brother." The silverette dropped him almost immediately. Akira scuffled back to sit on the bench beside her. "How is this even possible, finding his family member but not her."

"You know Gin-san; I've heard that twins can like read each other's minds or something. Maybe he could send her a message."

"Do I even need to point out what's wrong with that sentence? It's as probable as you having a steady job."

"I don't know Danna maybe we could find some twins and—" Okita was interrupted with a loud shout from Gin-chan.

"Don't even there are children around us, a twin himself, in fact!"

The conversation when on like that; Gin-chan temporarily taking the role of the straight man as Kagura continued her plans for revenge.

She took notice of how Akira kept shifting in his seat. He looked like he needed to say something but, he just remained silent. It was very polite of him which was completely unnecessary for this group of idiot. So Kagura decided to shut up the people for him.

"Listen up, Akira has something to say."

"I think I know where she is."

"You do?" Kagura asked. All eyes were on him.

"Yes." There was a slight blush on his cheeks, probably from all the attention he was receiving.

"Why didn't you say so before?"

"I haven't been there for a long time so, I just forgot about it. She hasn't been there in longer so she might not even be able to remember it, let alone go there."

"Was it her favorite place to go?"

"Yes we went there whenever we could."

"Well then she definitely there. You never can forget a place like that even in twenty years; you'll still be able to recall every nook and cranny." Gin-chan stated with a glazed look in his eye. Maybe he was thinking of his old secret hideout.

"C'mon you led the way."

"She's in there." Akira pointed to the entrance of a forest.

"Why would she even be in there of all places?" Gintoki complained. "Can't she be anywhere else like I don't know somewhere smaller?"

"Of course not the whole thing." The little boy led them in. It felt like the temperature dropped a few degrees as they entered. The trees were so tightly woven together that it was hard to tell where one branch ended, and another began. Specks of sunlight passed through the tiny holes between the leaves. Various bird calls chimed throughout the forest. Was this really their secret place? Kagura closed her parasol. It was cramped too. They had to walk in a single file line even.

A few minutes later Akira pulled aside to giant palm leaves. "This is our hideout." He said with a hint of pride. It was like they entered a new place. It was a massive circular area, giving them enough room to spread out. Thick vine tapestry hung from the tree branches, some of them had faded origami cranes ties to them while others had old model airplanes and hollow plastic stars. The floor had pirate swords—plastic, the redhead hoped—, books, teddy bears, and crayons all leading to a big toy chest.

Now this was a secret hideout.

"It looks more like baby Jane's (5)." Gin-chan commented.

"There she is." Sadist was the first to spot Ayumi but, Akira was the first to make it to the sleeping girl, followed by Kagura. There the girl lay, curled up next to a tree. Judging from the redness of her cheeks, she must have cried herself to sleep.

"Aki….Is that really you?" Her words were laced with sleep. Subsequently she was engulfed into a bear hug by him. That woke her up. This was the most lively Kagura has seen the boy get.

"Aki! It really is you." She beamed, hugging him back with just as much gusto. The rasp in her voice didn't go unnoticed by anyone.

"Of course it is, idiot!" Tears brimmed at the bottom of Akira's eyes, ready to spill over.

"I missed you and mommy so much."

"We almost thought you were….we were never going to see you again."

"But, I'm right here."

"Yeah…now you are." He let go of Ayumi and wiped his eyes furiously in a sad attempt to get rid of his tears but, they wouldn't go away.

"Men aren't supposed to cry, damn it!"

Kagura put a hand on his shoulder. "Crying doesn't make you weak. Whoever told you that is an idiot. If you don't ever cry then your heart's going to get rusty." He stared up at her before letting all his tears unleash fully. Ayumi calmly put her arms around him until his cries finally subsided.

"Now Ayumi, the same can be said to you." Kagura said. Ayumi was puzzled. "There's no need to hide your pain. We understand how you feel. No one will think less of you if you start to cry in front of us. We're your friends remember? When you're feeling sad, we'll be right behind you to turn that frown upside-down." Kagura made a small smile.

Ayumi could only smile as a small tear seeped out of her right eye. "Thank you nee-chan….Okita-nii-chan…Hei-chan's going to jail but what's going to happen to Ta-kun? Please don't put him away in jail." She pleaded.

"Who's Ta-kun?" He asked.

"Tatsuya." Kagura answered.

The man ran a hand through his straw tresses "Well him….I can't say that he's not going to jail but may the odds be in your favor. (6)"

"Is that so? Alrighty then, when can I go home?"

"Once you're mother fills out some papers….actually you can go today."

"Really!" Ayumi and Akira said in unison.

"Yes but, make sure your mother fills out the papers tomorrow."

"Well now that that's over. I'll take these kids back. Seems like you two have something to talk about." Gin-chan must have over-noticed her dilemma. What a wonderful time to use your analytical skills old man, Kagura frowned inwardly.

"Huh? Danna, what are you talking about?" The silver-perm was already gone with the kids plus Madao who really had no reason to be here anyway.

And then there were two.

One oblivious, the other had…what was the thing girl used for when they were near their person of interest?

Now she got the word. She had butterflies in her stomach as disgusting as that sounded. She temporarily let her thoughts slip to whether the expression came from an amanto who actually had butterflies in her stomach or was it just earthlings being weird again. Because of all the things that could be in your stomach, why the heck would butterflies be in there?

"Well China" Kagura jumped. When did he get behind her? "What is it that we need to talk about?"

She turned around, taking note of their close proximity.

How could she express this…these infuriating feelings...tell the sadist about how he made her feel. How he made blush and feel all weird yet at the same time was she felt like herself around him. She expressed, on multiple occasions, her odium for him. But, the feelings she had right now were something similar to that of love. It was paradoxical. It was confusing, so damn confusing.

Kagura bit her bottom lip. How could she prove to herself and show him how she felt?

Maybe she should convey it like they do on those shows Gin-chan doesn't want her watching (but she does anyway because no one tells her what to do even though most of the time she does follow his rules but that's because they're in accord with what she was going to do anyway).

Well that was one thing she could do.

Kagura grabbed Okita's collar, roughly.

The kiss was messy, uncoordinated and she was immediately regretting the decision. But, at least she was able to show the sadist how she felt…

Though her eyes were closed she could visualize the sadist's face clearly; full of shock.

Kagura pulled away, almost breathlessly. She was sure there was a blush on her face. Good thing it was relatively dark. Okay, not even that was helping her. She opened her eyes slowly, hoping not to see repulsion after the initial shock on the sadist face. It was just the opposite! He was smirking. Remember those butterflies she said she had in her stomach? Well those little shits turned into Tyki Mikk's (7) butterflies. She wasn't sure whether it was a good or a bad thing.

"Now, China that's not how you kiss someone." Sadist licked his bottom lip. "This is how you do it."

He cupped her chin, tilting it up slightly. She was forced stare into those mischievous eyes. No matter how much she tried to look away, they would suck her back in. His face was slowly inching closer and closer to hers. Agonizingly slow.

Then after a century and three seconds, their lips met. It was so much better than her kiss. How was that even possible? A kiss was just lips touching something else, this time being another pair of lips. How can something so simple, be so different…feel so amazing?

Her brain was mush. He pulled away, taking in her blushing face. "W-w-what are you doing? Only people who like each other can do this kind of thing!" All the blood rushing to her head was starting to make her feel dizzy. She took a step back. He did too. This kept happening until Kagura was pushed up against a wall. The sadist put one arm on the tree and leaned closer to her.

Kagura never in her life expected to be in such a clichéd position.

"Weren't you the one who initiated this whole thing?" Okita cocked an eyebrow, clearly amused.

"So! Doesn't give you the right to kiss me back." It made much more sense in her head.

"It kinda does, doesn't it." He moved in for another kiss. She pushed him away.

"Gahh stop it—why are you doing this to me?" She knew why but she wanted to hear it from his mouth.

"I think the answer is pretty oblivious. I like you, China."

"Wah?" She didn't expect the answer to be so clean-cut, so blunt. She wanted him to be embarrassed about it too, damn it!

"You should consider yourself a lucky person." He said, putting on his signature smirk.

"I don't see how liking a sadist is considered lucky."

"Because it's me."

"Even more unlucky."

"Actually, I'm the unlucky one."

"Because you fell for the queen kabuki-cho? Consider yourself lucky swine."

"Queen? In you dreams, girlie." He stepped back and proceeded to walk towards where they came from. "Hey wait up." She ran after him.

She waited until they exited the corridor to say. "So…what are we now?"

"Well we're the same as always."

"No we're not, rivals don't kiss each other, dumbass."

"I guess you're right."

"Nothings going to change, it'll just be a little different."

"How different?" She wasn't sure herself how much different she wanted it to be between. Sure, she wanted the sadist to be a little nicer to her but at the same time not. She wasn't a masochist or anything! She just felt that it would be really awkward if they acted any different towards each other.

"We'll just have a couple more options for each other...like what we did just a while back for example." Kagura felt her cheeks heat up in remembrance.

"Do…are we going to do that lovey-dovey stuff like holding hands?" Kagura didn't know why she asked. Even if he said no, she was going to do it anyway.

Sadist expressed his distain with swift "no thank you"

"Hey teme, what's wrong with holding my hand?" She frowned,

"I imagine its probably sweaty or something."

"Hey—" The brunette abortively stopped almost causing Kagura to walk right into him. Lucky she had quick reflexes or else that would have been embarrassing. "Well, here's your stop" She hadn't even noticed where they had been walking to. She looked around her. They were at the Yorozuya, her home.

Did they really walk that long?

It didn't matter anymore, seeing as that she can now raid the once-again-soon-to-be-empty-fridge and take a nice hot bath.

"See you tomorrow, sadist." She said, running up the stairs.

No reply or so she thought. "See ya, China." His words brushed past her ears just as she was about to slide open the door. She glanced down to see him already hobbling his way to the tax-robber's lair.

Two months later…

Kagura draped herself on the couch quite lazily, one leg on the ground and the other used as a bookstand for Gin-chan precious Jump. She didn't see why the old man like these so much. It was good but not that good. Now don't go passing this over to her bosses, okay? (8)

"Hey you got some mail."

Kagura lifted her head off the couch, looking at the silver-perm..

"I wonder what papi wrote to me this time."

"It's not from your dad and don't go reading people's things without their permission." Her pseudo-father lightly chided, taking the book out of her hands and replacing it with a large, flat envelope.

"Ehh? Then from who—" She looked at the return address but didn't recognize it. She turned the envelope over and opened it carefully. There was just a piece of paper inside. She took it and examined it.

It was a drawing of Ayumi, herself and sadist in the secret hideout; she and the sadist were playing with the sword while Ayumi herself was holding a book in her hands but she was clearly absorbed in their antics to read it. She was going to miss this kid. Kagura looked at the back. There was a piece of paper taped to the back of it. It read:

Dear Kagura-nee-chan and Okita-nii-chan,

Thank you for getting me back home. I will never forget you. You are always welcome to visit here. Mommy even said it was okay! Also, can I be a auntie when you guys have kids?




Akira says hi and thank you. He does not want peepole to know he feels that way. I gave him the picture too and he said I was a idiot for doing something like that. I don't think its weird.

Kagura smiled. She'd make to heed the girl's request save for the last one in the first paragraph. Even though she and the sadist were dating now, marriage was not in the near-future.

She looked at the picture once more before taping to the inside of the closet/bedroom door. This was not something she would ever want to lose. Maybe she'd show it to the sadist later today.

Horrible ending is horrible :/

I'm sorry if you feel that way guys…I just don't know how to end stories DX But though you may hate me for ending it or even writing it, thanks for reading my story. My writing skills evolved greatly throughout the chapters or at least that's what I believe (and probably many others).

(1) Shana (Shakugan no Shana) and Kagura have the same seiyuu.

(2) The Scream—that (funny) famous painting

(3) Sanji—One Piece reference._.

(4) I don't feel like looking for the ep but its when Shogun (Sho-chan) goes to Otae's bar and Gin and the rest have to dress like girl or something.

(5) Jane—she's from Tarzan, you know the monkey-man.

(6) Hunger Games Reference (I just had to put it in there XD)

(7) Tyki Mikk the sexy BAMF from D. Gray Man

(8) Does this need explanation? Gintama is published by Jump, so her dissing it is like, well I think is, bad.

I'm kind of scared to read the reviews now ORZ