End movement II

She stood in the forest, stood there and held herself against the night wind that rushed through the trees.

How could she live like this? It was her fault it had happened. All of it. If she hadn't been outside that first night, she'd never have met the strangers.

Never have seen the demon.

It could have all been the same.

She could have lived her life.

Just like it was.

With her mother.

The wind howled and she climbed up the solid old oak tree, her body moving surely through the branches, the power inside her terrifying her as she climbed, barely losing breath. She paused there for a long moment, carefully twisting the rope around the branch before securing it with an elaborate knot. And then, still moving quietly, deliberately, with the utmost care, Elise Landes picked up the noose, looped it round her neck and then jumped off the branch and hung herself.