Hey, hey! So, some people wanted me to keep this going. So I am testing the waters. If you like it, then let me know! (Who doesn't like to read naughty words in a story? LOL!) Anywho, if I do decide to make this multi-chapter, then I might change the title. I was thinking "Alphabet Porn" but I want to hear what you think! I am open to any and many suggestions! As always, I don't own anything. Enjoy!

Rated for the extreme naughty words!

Gillian walked into Cal's office to drop off some paperwork. (Okay, let's be honest, she wanted to play some more letter games.) When she walked in, Cal was sitting at his desk watching something on his computer screen. He looked up when she walked in. She sat down in the seat across from him and asked, "Whatcha watching?"


Gillian's eyes bugged out and exclaimed, "Porn!"

Cal looked at her and slyly said, "Yup, our porn to be precise."

Gillian got up and walked around to see this 'porn'. Sure enough, she saw her and Cal getting it on in her office. They sat there for a couple of minutes watching, then Gillian said, "Damn, that's kinda hot! I never knew I was a porn star! That must explain all the porn star parking I have been getting."

"What the hell is 'porn star parking'?" (He seriously doesn't know what porn star parking is? I wonder if they call 'porn stars' something else in England.)

Gillian tutted, "Porn star parking is where you get a very close parking spaces to the store." She walked back over to the chair across from him and sat down. "Seriously Cal, I better not see this on YouTube or something. And if you are going to give it a title, make it sexy one at that. Nothing too cheesy."

Cal grinned, "This is between me and you. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye." (Okay guys, when are we going to get to the good stuff? P! P! P! Speaking of which, I have to do that right now. I will be back.)

Gillian leaned in closer and whispered, "Good, I am glad she is gone." Gillian started to think about the letter game.

Apparently so did Cal because he said, "Pony begins with P."

Gillian seemed lost in thought when she said, "How about 'Peter Pan'? I love that movie!"

"You know I played Peter in 'Peter Pan' when I was in grade school."

Gillian smirked, "You don't seem like the drama type. There was an ulterior motive to doing that play, wasn't there?"

Cal shrugged his shoulders, "No ulterior motives." (Come on fess up!) Cal squirmed in his seat, "Okay, okay, I did the play because I had a crush on the teacher directing the play. Happy?"

Gillian (and the author) nodded their heads. "How about pirates! I loved Johnny Depp in that movie! Them pirates were hot!"

Cal coughed and laughed at the same time. "Pirates? Johnny Depp? Now Blackbeard, I would accept, but Johnny Depp? Nah!" Cal shook his head.

"What the hell is wrong with Johnny Depp being a pirate? He was sexy as all hell and he kicked ass. Plus I think you are just jealous… bitch." Gillian crossed her arms and pursed her lips.

Cal threw his hands in the air. "Are you serious, woman? Johnny Depp as a pirate? He was nothing more than a pussy, which by the way begins with the letter P."

"Yeah? Well so does prick!" (You go girl!)

Cal thought for a moment and then said, "Pussy is better, which I get to see yours anytime I want!"

Gillian laughed and said, "You know, you have to make me a copy."

Cal's eyes got big. (Okay people, you know the drill). He got up and went to sit down in the den. Gillian followed.

"You know Cal, we forgot a biggy; psychology."

Cal shook his head, "Nah, I won't take that one. It's like the word 'photo'; they both begin with the letter P but it doesn't make the P sound."

Gillian crinkled her brow, "Yeah, you're right. The English language is funny. How about Pac-man? I loved to play that game when I was growing up!"

Cal nodded, "I used to play Pac-man at this pizza joint down the road from my house."

They both looked at each other and said, "PIZZA!" together.

Gillian grabbed her stomach and said, "Duuude, I can go for a slice of pizza right now."

Cal nodded, "Yeah me too!"

Before Cal got up, Gillian said, "How about this, we go get a frozen pizza and have that for dinner, then we can play the P/P game and when we wake up we can have pancakes. I can make really good pancakes! They will make your mouth water."

Cal whispered, "Among other P things." He straightened up and asked, "What is the P/P game?"

Gillian stood up and stretched, "Duh, the pussy/ penis game!" (DUH!)

Cal stood up to, making sure to rearrange some things. "How old are you?"

Gillian smirked and "accidentally" brushed her hand across the top of his jeans, "Old enough to know how to play the game and to play it very well." She turned around and slinked towards the door. Before walking out of his office, she turned and said, "Oh, Cal, don't forget the porn."

Cal smiled and said, "Downloading it as we speak, Luv."

Gillian nodded and said, "I am going to get my purse. Meet me at the elevator?" Cal just nodded.

When they meet at the elevator, they walked in together. They immediately started to kiss passionately. Between breathes or kisses, Gillian said, "You know I hate PDA's."

Cal pushed her up against the wall and pressed the emergency button to stop the elevator from moving. "What the hell is a PDA?"

She stopped his kissing attack by placing her hand over his mouth. "Public Displays of Affection."

Cal slid his hand up her thigh and whispered, "There is no public here and the only ones that are going to see it are you and me." He pointed to a security camera in the corner. "It's linked to my office only. Care to make some more porn?"

Gillian answered him by grabbing his crotch. (Okay, his penis!)

(Again, it is getting a little too M-rated for me and the kiddies who are under 17. Stay tuned for when we explore the letter F.)

Okay, so while Cal and Gillian are making another porn, be thinking of some F words! Again if you want me to continue, let me know. If you don't want me to continue, let me know! Thanks!