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"normal speech"


"Inner Moka speaking"

Chapter 1: Satellite and Vampire

It was a beautiful day as a bus drove out of a tunnel but following it was a red motorcycle with white stripes on it, the bus stopped and the motorcycle stopped right beside the bus, the bus door opened and the bus driver stepped out having a smoke he said "Here we are son, Yokai Academy where terrible things shall await you" as he spoke to the cyclist who took off his helmet, this guy had spiky beige hair with some yellow streaks on them, his blue eyes were calming yet serious but on his right side of his face were some yellow markings branded onto him, as he look at his surroundings he saw a rundown school just up ahead he turned to the bus driver and said "Terrible things I see nothing terrible about it" but the bus driver replied " It is what you don't see that will horrify you well good luck then son" the bus driver went back into the bus and drove off in to the tunnel leaving the cyclist alone he stepped off his motorcycle wearing the school uniform (a white shirt, a green blazer, red tie, tan slacks, and black shoes) he pushed his bike as he walked towards the school but then he heard a voice "Look out!" before he could dodge, the boy got run over by a bike and crashed the boy slowly came to he tried to grab hold of something to help him get but he felt something soft and he heard a girl moan, he opened his eyes and he blushed when he saw a beautiful girl with long bubble gum pink hair ,big green eyes and was wearing a girl's version of the school uniform (same shirt and blazer but wearing a skimpy skirt) but instead of a tie she wore a rosario around her neck she said " I'm sorry I'm anemic got so dizzy I lost balance are you okay?" he look at the girl and thought whoa… this girl is….beautiful I've even touched her thigh as he let go his nose was bleeding the girl saw his blood and got out a handkerchief and as soon as she got close the girl caught the scent of blood she said " that scent…. My body… I cant control myself." scent he thought must be the scent of her hair… it does smell nice but then she fell and landed on the boy and said " Forgive me…. you see…I'm a vampire." as soon as she said that she bit his neck and suck his blood KAPUCHU! As soon she got her fill she got off of him the boy covered the spot where she had bit him but there was nothing there she apologized again and mentioned he has delicious blood it didn't made him feel any better. She saw the flyer about the school she asked " are you going to Yokai Academy too?" "Yeah" the boy replied he was still on the ground when she got up and asked " Vampires… do you hate vampires?" he thought about it and said "Why would I be afraid of something I've never heard of." the girl smiled and said " Wow can we be friends then?" the boy nodded and then the girl tackled him " oh thank you I was afraid I wasn't going to make any friends but now I have one oh I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Moka Akashiya" she said " I'm Yusei Fudo" said Yusei as he got up and looked at her bike he said "Well it looks like you wont riding this bike again its damaged beyond repair." as he surveyed the damaged bike Moka sighed and said " now what do I do how I'm going to get to the opening ceremony for freshmen?" Yusei saw his duel runner and snapped his fingers and said " We can ride my duel runner to get there, hang on ill get a spare helmet." he fished out a spare helmet gave it to Moka, she put it on the helmet got on his duel runner and wrapped her arms around his waist as they drove to the school they were having a conversation. getting to know each other after the ceremony Yusei found his homeroom and found himself a seat while Ms. Shizuka Nekonome explains what kind of school it is and its rules while the teacher was talking he was remember why he was doing this


"Yokai Academy?" said all of his friends as Yusei delivered the news "That's right" Yusei replied "Since we defeated the Dark Signers and brought the Satellite and Neo Domino City together I decided to find a school so I can get a better education and so I wont have people challenging me for a duel~" but Leo interrupted " but what happens if they don't accept you?" " I'll think of something" Yusei said but then Luna asked " When will you leave?" "Next week" Yusei replied Luna said "Leo, lets get the others so we can see him off next week" "Right" Leo said with determination as they both ran off to get the others.

End Flashback

…So I hope you have a good time here at Yokai Academy." the teacher finished but then a boy grunted and said " Why don't we just kill all the humans starting with the girls" he chuckled Yusei thought You're sick dude but said but everyone here are monsters even the teachers and staff are monsters and any human found here will be killed on the spot. Yusei eyes widened is she serious? but then a pink haired girl was in the doorway she said "I'm sorry after the ceremony I got lost." but the teacher said "That's okay just find and empty seat." "Thanks" the girl replied as all the boys looked at the girl they all blushed as one of them said "That hair, those eyes, that figure she too…too…beautiful!" As all the boys whooped and cheered except for Yusei as she recognizes who it is he asked "Moka-san" The girl looked at him for a moment and realized who he was she said "Huh Yusei?" she gasped, then she ran and hugged him as she said "Yusei it is you were in the same class I'm so happy" as Yusei looked around and saw that every boy looked like they were going to kill him when the bell rang both Yusei and Moka went and explored the school they saw a vending machine Yusei got him root beer but Moka got tomato juice, as they sat on the bench the boy who made the comment on humans appeared the guy said "So your Moka huh my, you are cute, Saizou Komiya at your service." he grabbed Yusei lifted him up and said "Why don't you lose this zero and go with a hero" dropping Yusei, landing on his back Moka turned him down by saying "Sorry but I'm with Yusei now." Moka grabbed Yusei's hand both and ran off Yusei blushing as they ran off Saizou said to himself " Well then… enjoy him WHILE HE LASTS!" Yusei and Moka stopped to catch their breath Moka asked "Are you okay Yusei" he replied " Yeah I'm fine… but I gotta ask why are you being nice to me, I'm just an average guy…" one has never seen a beautiful girl like Moka. he thought but Moka said "Don't say that your than average in my eyes…" Yusei blushed when she said that as Moka continued"… besides you let me suck your blood." Yusei smacked himself in the forehead of course…he thought to himself but then Moka's Rosario caught his eye and asked " Hey Moka what's with the rosary some sort of fashion statement or something like that?" Moka giggled at his joke " actually" as she shows him her rosario "This rosario seals away my vampire powers so I wont cause trouble if this rosario gets removed I get scary and I mean scary. Dang that scary huh? wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley. He thought to himself "I see well I better be careful then… we might as well get our dorm rooms ready want to meet up later?" Moka said "Sure can we meet up here later on" "Sure se ya later" Yusei said as he went to his dorm as he got in he opened up his duel case and looked his cards especially the cards his friends given him: from Jack Atlas his Red Dragon Archfiend, from Tanner his Oni Gumo, from Luna her Spirit Fairy Dragon, from Leo his Power Tools Dragon, from Rally his Turbo Booster, and Akisa reluctantly give her Black Rose Dragon to him but he was surprised after she hugged him and he blushed as she kissed him goodbye he looked at his most prized card his Stardust Dragon he pulled out his Sonic Chick card an pretend he was dueling and said " I summon Sonic Chick in Attack mode!" after he said that the card glowed and in a ball of light Sonic Chick appeared a chick with pink feathers a small beak and red boots on her legs she pecked the floor and jumped on Yusei lap while he was petting Sonic Chick was surprised whoa my Sonic Chick came to life I guess being here in the yokai world my monster, magic, and trap cards can come to life as well its like a shadow duel but its real. During the afternoon Yusei got his stuff and went to get his duel runner when Moka hugged him and "Yusei? what are you doing" " I'm leaving this school I made a mistake coming here its best I returned to the human world." after he got on his duel runner she stopped him and said "No Yusei, I don't want you to go to the human world I hate humans!" after he put on his helmet he turned around and look at her in disbelief "Huh!" Yusei said Moka explained " I used to go to school with humans they laughed at me said that vampires don't exist and they used to play Duel Monsters without me I was so lonely…please stay here Yusei we can work together on this." but then Yusei "Well that just it …. I am a human." Moka stepped and said " What…but how can that be…" "Boy, you really show that expression I was right this place isn't for me…. Goodbye Moka." Yusei said and then he revved up his duel runner and left for the tunnel but then Moka was going after him what have I done she thought I've finally found a friend he is a human I got to go and apologize to him as she continued her pursuit she was stopped by Saizou he said "Moka what are you doing here all alone here let me comfort you but she pushed Saizou away being a vampire and having super strength it made her push very strong and sending him to about 3 feet when he got up he only laughed "a strong yet hot vampire …. I can't take it anymore" after he said that he transformed into a Orc sticking long tongue out at Moka she screamed "YUSEI, HELP!" he heard Moka scream and turned around he said to himself hang on Moka I'm coming he saw Moka getting attacked by Saizou Yusei said "Leave her alone, Saizou" Saizou replied "Make me!" Yusei got out his cards and said "Alright you ask for it" He pulled out his Speed Warrior card out of the deck and said " I summon Speed Warrior onto the field in attack mode…" there was a huge ball of light and then Speed Warrior came out , a cyborg wearing grey armor black speed skates and a black oxygen mask. Yusei continued "..but I'm not done I summon Sonic Chick and Junk Synchon in attack mode…." Two huge balls of light appeared and then Sonic Chick appeared and then Junk Synchon soon after, a orange robot with an engine on his back Saizou laughed " is this what I am to be afraid of a chicken, a robot, and a engine," but Yusei said " No but this is I Syncho Summon Speed Warrior, Sonic Chick, and Junk Synchon to create…. Junk Warrior!" after he said that all three monster became transparent only six balls light appeared inside and green rings appeared then Speed Warrior went through them and then there was a huge beam of green light appeared Yusei yelled "Its time to Rev it up!…. Go Junk Warrior!" from that beam of light appeared Junk Warrior , a cyborg wearing purple armor, red glowing eyes , his right arm was bigger than his left he floated right beside an spoke in a metallic tone "What are orders, Yusei?" "Knock that freak of nature down a peg or two." Yusei ordered "As you wish" said Junk Warrior then he turned to face Saizou " Who do you think you are? Harming a girl like that Come and fight me you coward!" Commanded Junk Warrior as he went into his fighting stance. Saizou became enraged " Why you miserable excuse for scrap metal bring it on!" Saizou roared as he dropped Moka he ran towards Junk Warrior an began fighting him while they were fighting Yusei ran over to Moka to see if she is alright but when he gets to Moka Yusei saw her on her knees crying "What's wrong Moka?" Yusei asked Moka sniffled and said " Oh Yusei… I'm so sorry…I had no idea you were a human, I used to think I couldn't become friends with human because I'm a vampire be , I suck the blood of humans, I hurt them but may I thought I would try again but in the end I got you hurt as well." but Yusei help her to her feet leveling Yusei's blue eyes to Moka's green ones and said "Moka, to me I can understand how you feel because where I'm from I'm usually labeled as a convict and an outcast but truth is I don't care what people think of me just as I don't care if you are a vampire or not because …. I want to be you friend" Moka gasped Yusei continued " Sure you are a vampire…. But I really like you." after Yusei said that Moka blushed and shed tears of joy during the fight Saizou picked up a big rock and thrown towards Junk Warrior, he evaded it and it hit Yusei square in the stomach knocking him over his accidentally grabbed the Rosario and tore is off Moka gasped she saw her Rosario torn off and said " My Rosario…it came off?" after she said that a huge beam of pink light ascended where Moka stood causing both combatants to stop fighting to see Moka's Vampiric transformation her bubble gum pink hair changed into shining silver, her green eyes turned into red eyes with slits in them then her whole body became mature from a cute girl into a beautiful, yet vicious vampire she turned her red eyes to Junk Warrior she said to him "Junk Warrior is it…. Thank you for keeping him busy for me, I'll take it from here now." Junk Warrior turned to face and said "Very well, Ms. Akashiya I'll leave you to it then" after he said that he disappeared then she turn to face Saizou and said " So you are the one that awakened me ,well here I a… how 'bout a hug then huh?" Saizou lost it he roared "Why you little…..TAKE THIS!" He went in and punched her with all his might but she did not move, it didn't even phase her. He faltered "What….What the heck?" his eyes widened as his attack didn't work Moka said "Is that all you got… how pathetic….well then …. Learn…Your…Place!" Moka declared as she kicked him in the face, knocking Saizou's teeth down his throat, sent him flying into several trees and then into a rock wall, knocking him out then Moka turned to face Yusei and walked toward him as he got up Yusei saw Moka and was in shock Yusei took a step back, fearing she would attack him as well Moka reached her hand out and gently took the Rosario from Yusei and said "Why do you look so scared, don't worry I have no intention of harming you Yusei, after all your Junk Warrior helped me out a lot even though the other me is asleep" Yusei thought about it and then it dawned on him of course now I get it she is an alter-ego same body, different mindsman the other Moka is right she is super scary, but she is very beautiful too he blushed from that thought but then Inner Moka leaned close and whispered " Yusei… do me a favor…. Please take care of the other me will you?" Yusei nodded "Thank you, Yusei…until we meet again, bye for now" Inner Moka winked at him causing him to blush scarlet as Moka changed back to her sweet, innocent self Yusei caught her as she fell she remained when she was sleeping a hour later Moka woke to see she was resting on Yusei's shoulder she blushed as she got off of him and said "Yusei thank you for rescuing me… so are you still going to leave here? Yusei thought about it and shook his head but then some blood came out of his head Moka gasped and said " Oh no blood I better give you first aid" Yusei tried to touch his wound but Moka gently grabbed his arm and moved aside when she put her handkerchief on his wound while she was doing this Yusei made a letter in his mind

Jack, Leo, Luna, Tanner, Unagi, Akisa, and to all my friends from the Satellite I probably will not be able to deliver this letter but I will write it as a memo here at Yokai Academy I have made a new friend Her name is Moka Akashiya there is is one thing that makes her truly special…Moka took the handkerchief off of Yusei wound and sniffed his blood then she went into a trance like state and " That scent…its overwhelming me….' she leaned for as is were about to kiss Yusei blushed as he said "Moka?" Moka continued "Yusei…please…. Forgive me" then she went and bit his neck and sucked his blood he finished his letter She is a vampire Yusei said " As expected…."


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