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Today I am here to tell you the tale of The Prince and The Pauper. No, not the book by Mark Twain. This story was written by Eamarat, and will be told by me. She doesn't own the actual characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! She just enjoys twisting fate her way. Now, this story will have a few original characters but once again, I remind you, that throughout this story, Yu-Gi-Oh! Is not owned by Eamarat and never will she make any money off the original characters. That being said, as one of Eamarat's hobbies is trying NOT to be sued, I shall continue.
Now, where was I- Ah, yes, The Prince and The Pauper, the fan fiction, not the book, is about a Prince Seto Kaiba and a lowly pauper, Joseph Wheeler. This story starts when . . .

. . . In the dead of night, while the entire Kingdom of Domino was sleeping soundly, two men hurried their way to a tiny shack in the back woods of the Dartz Forest. One in a long robe and garments adorned with gems and the other in a ragged tunic. One came by horseback and the other on foot.

However, they both came for the same purpose.

Thomas Wheeler ducked under a low branch as he moved swiftly through the dense forest. Thorns and loose roots tore at his sandal-clad feet as vines and low branches whipped at his face.

He was in a great hurry, for if he did not get to the little shack fast enough, his wife would be heartbroken.

He sped up his pace when he thought of his beautiful wife.

He dearly hoped he would get there in time!

Gozaburo Kaiba sped up his horse in order to make it to the little shack before midnight came.

The wind whipped his sable colored hair as his horse galloped down the trodden path. His long cape billowed around his body as he flicked the reins again, urging the horse faster.

He had to make it: for his kingdom and his wife.

The regal looking man knocked and walked through the creaky door of the old shack.

The room was dark; the only light in the room was a glowing, ember-filled fireplace. A rocking chair was to the left of the glow; a small figure hunched in the chair, rocking it back and forth.

Gozaburo took a step forward but stopped abruptly as the hunched figure shifted.

"Gozaburo," said a raspy voice.

The man stared as the woman shifted again then stood up.

The woman was Tldi, the local witch. Her grey hair was scraggly and thin, with strips of white throughout. Her face pale and ridden with lines; her nose was unsightly large and her eyes unimaginably sharp.

"Tldi," he greeted.

There was a none too comfortable silence, or at least on Gozaburo's part, in the room; Tldi was perfectly content waiting for her other visitor.

After long minutes, the witch's eyes lit up and she twisted her head to stare at her door.

Someone knocked.

A man with short, blonde hair walked into the room. He stopped and stared at the darker haired man with quiet scrutiny.

The blonde man dipped his head in a small bow of acknowledgment and recognition.

Gozaburo only stared.

"Ah, Thomas, glad you finally made it." She cackled.

The blonde man gave a curt nod. "Tldi."

The witch clapped her hands in a giddy-like fashion.

"Now, you are both here for a child, are you not?"

Both men gaped at her.

"Well?" she huffed.

They nodded.

She stared at them. "Convince me."

"My wife, Ileana, isn't able to bear children. She's heartbroken," Thomas said sadly.

She looked to the other man as if to say "now you."

"The Council has been pestering me for an heir," he explained with a small shrug.

She stared at him, hard.

"And . . . I want a child. Before my father died and I took over the throne, my wife and I had a son, Noah. He drowned in the river when he was three," Gozaburo said sadly.

A sad silence washed over the room.

"I will help you both," Tldi said suddenly, breaking the silence.

"Thank you!" Thomas said gratefully.

"Now shut up," she stated bluntly.

She walked around to a shelf on the wall and peered up at the many items there. She 'aha'd and pulled down a glass jar from the shelf.

She walked over to her chair by the burnt-out fire and sat down, motioning for the men to have a seat.

As the two men sat down, she gave the jar a hard shake. Something began to glow inside the jar and both men gasped.

"This is a soul, a whole soul," she explained.

"A whole soul?" the dark haired man asked.

"Yes. We only have half of a complete soul." She shook the jar for emphasis. "I will give you each half of this soul so you may have a child."

"What will happen to our children, sharing one soul?" Thomas Wheeler questioned.

"They will become soul mates," she said with a smile.

"Soul mates?" the blonde man asked, confused.

"Soul Halves that are completed when together. Your sons will be soul mates for eternity."

"Sons?" Both men gaped.

The ritual was completed on the next full moon: both men were to take their half of the soul, mix it with their own and wife's blood, and set in a ceremonial bowl as they bed their wives at the stroke of midnight.

It was six months later, when, on a cool October night, the wail of a newborn was heard from deep inside the palace. The kingdom rejoiced, for they now had an heir to the throne:

Prince Seto Kaiba.

Three months after the blue-eyed heir was born, a brown-eyes babe was brought into the world on a cold January morning:

Joseph Wheeler.

Both boys grew up to be strong young men. Strong, but different in their own aspects:

Seto was calculating and cold, a strong mind.

Joseph was passionate and stubborn, a strong will.

They were prodded and molded into the men everyone sees today.

The two were four when, Joseph's mother, Ileana, gave birth to Serenity, a beautiful little girl.

When the boys were five, Seto's mother, Hana, had a little boy, Mokuba, but died soon after giving birth to the infant. Gozaburo, Seto, and the kingdom were devastated. Gozaburo always blamed Mokuba, though the child was loved dearly, for his mother's death.

Both boys adored their younger siblings and protected them at all costs.

At eight, Serenity only four, Joseph came home from playing in the creek, near their house, to see his darling little sister huddled in a corner, sobbing.

"Ren'?" he exclaimed, running to her and pulling her fragile, tiny body into his arms.

Attempting to soother her, he ran his hand over her back gently, murmuring comforting words.

Her sobs quieted and he squeezed her once before letting her go and stepping back; kneeling down to meet her eye to eye.

"What's wrong, Ren?" He wiped a tear off her cheek as she sniffled.

She opened her mouth to reply but froze.

He sighed as he realized her reason for crying. His parents, again.

He could hear his mother shouting now:

"You're never home, Thomas! You're always getting drunk at that damned tavern!" she screeched.

"Would jus' you shu' up? I'm so siiiiiick of yer naggin' me all tha damn time!" their father slurred.

"I'm done, you bastard! Done!" she screamed. Something sounding much like glass, shattered.

"Good! I'm tired of you anyway!" he retaliated.

Their mother stormed out of a back room looking positively livid.

"Let's go!" Ileana grabbed the little girl's arm and pulled her towards the door.

Thomas stumbled out. "Don' you come bac' 'ither!" He swayed on his feet and fell to the floor suddenly, passed out.

Joseph stared at his father in horror but spun around when he heard his baby sister scream his name.

"Joey!" Her little arm was stretched out to him, begging him to follow.

He ran and grabbed onto her outstretched arm.

Their mother stopped and looked down at him. She pried Serenity's arm from his grip and began to pull the little girl again.

"Momma!" he cried out. "Take me with you! Please!"

The woman turned her head and spat at him: "You're just like him. You'll always be like that man. You two can have each other."

"Joey!" his little sister cried again.

"'Ren! Serenity!" He let out a scream of anguish.

He fell to his knees as his mother and sister got farther and farther away until he couldn't see them at all.

Tears ran down his cheeks as dusk fell and his little world was shrouded in darkness.

Seto was walking down the hall to his room when he heard his father yelling at someone.

At ten, he was still a very curious little miscreant; always snooping and causing trouble everywhere he went.

As he rounded a corner, he was shocked to realize that his father was in his little brother's room.

His pace quickened until he was just outside the door, then he stood quiet to listen.

"You're nothing but a brat! I gave up my Hana just to have you!" the two boys' father spat bitterly.

"I'm sorry, Daddy," the five year old said tearfully.

"Not sorry enough!" he raised his voice.

Seto's blue eyes widened when he heard flesh connect with flesh.

Then the sounds of Mokie sobbing brought him into a hazy rage.

He walked into the room to see their father's hand raised to slap the innocent child again.

Mokuba was cowering on the bed; his tear-stained face turned up to his father's fearfully.

Without a conscious thought, Seto jumped onto the bed to stand protectively over his baby brother.

Gozaburo froze and lowered his hand slightly, opening his mouth to question his oldest son.

Before he had the chance to speak, Seto wound his arm back, curled his hand into a fist, and swung.

His tiny fist met Gozaburo's nose with a sickening crunch.

Seto glared at his father. "Don't touch Mokuba," he ground out through clenched teeth.

Gozaburo raised his eyes to meet defiant blue ones. "How dare you," he whispered, his voiced laced with venom.

"Get out," the brunet youth ordered. "If you ever lay a hand on him again, I will kill you."

"Is that a threat?" Gozaburo asked mockingly.

"No," Seto deadpanned. "It's a promise."

The older man glared at his two sons then turned around and stalked out.

Seto turned around when Mokuba grabbed his hand.

He smiled and pulled his little brother into a hug.

"I love you, Big Brother," the little boy said.

"I love you too, Mokie. I promise I'll keep you safe." No one will hurt us ever again; I'll make sure of that.

There are the main characters: Prince Seto and Joey. Quite the lot, aren't they?
Fine boys, they are. This is their story of the events in their lives. I hope you will continue with their story as both boys seem to carry much drama, but I must caution you not to jump to conclusions because . . .

. . . This is only the beginning.

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