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One Year Later

"I think those terms are quite agreeable." Seto smiled at the dark red dragon before him and fisted his hand over his heart. The dragon mimicked his motion.

Although the dragon clan of Melek had beseeched him to return as their Lord, Seto had declined, saying, "I am no longer in the world of the dragons as my love and I once were, I belong in Domino, with my family and subjects." Instead, he created the Pact of Species, a contract allowing humans and dragons to coexist peacefully and prohibiting the act of hunting dragons for their hide.

"Now that that is over with, Young King, I must entreat you, how is your little blonde Queen?"

Seto grinned and relaxed against the hardback chair he was sitting on. His blue eyes twinkled like little stars.

"He is doing very well, thank you for asking. Although, he looked a little unwell this morning and complained of a stomach pain. I plan to bring him home some dried berries as they always seem to calm his stomach."

"You are a good husband, Seto. I wish Dreyf was as wonderful as you." Dreyf, a light green dragon and Ania's mate of ten months.

Seto blushed and replied with, "Give him time. He'll get better."

Ania nodded and stood, Seto standing as well. "Well, I must be off. I trust you will bring yourself and Joseph down for a visit sometime soon?"

"We will most definitely come down before the summer rains begin," he answered.

She grinned a toothy grin and hugged the smaller human. "I look forward to it."

"Puppy? Where are you? I brought you some dried berries," Seto called as he walked into his and his puppy's suite.

When he heard nothing he walked further into the spacious and regal apartment. "Puppy?"

"In here," he heard Joey say weakly.

He strode into their room to see Joey, a green tint to his skin, and swaying precariously on his feet.

"Puppy! You should be in bed!" he scolded lightly and quickly led to ill blonde back to their large bed.

"I was just going to get some water," Joey rasped and stood back up.

"Well, that's what servants are for!" After a year of being the King's "queen" (although used reluctantly as Joey had vehemently declared that he was "no way in hell" going to be anyone's queen), Joey still refused to ask the servants for something when he could "easily walk down and get it" himself.

Forgetting momentarily about his malady, he crossed his arms over his chest and huffed, turning away from Seto.

But this was a mistake, as the tiny movement caused his stomach to react violently. He clutched his stomach; it felt as if someone had stuck a spoon in his stomach and began to stir brutally.

Seto winced and gently pushed his blonde back down onto the bed. He opened Joey's palm and dropped a few of the berries into it.

"I'll go get the healer," he said and turned away to go and retrieve the older man.

"He's already seen me," Joey groaned, trying to choke down a few of the slightly tart, dried berries.

Seto turned around and sat beside the blonde. "What's wrong then? And how long is this going to last?"

Ignoring the first question, he answered, "He said morning sickness could last anywhere from tomorrow till eight months from now."

"Wait, what?"

"What?" Joey asked innocently.

"Repeat what you just said," Seto commanded.

"Anywhere from tomorrow till eight months from now?"

"No. Before that."

"He said?"

Seto sighed. "No. Right after that."

"Morning sickness?" Joey raised an amused eyebrow.

Seto was pale. Although his eyes were sparkling with hope.

"Does that mean . . .?"

Joey nodded vigorously and bit his lip.

"I'm pregnant."

The End

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