Hi, this chapter is more sweet and does not have smut in.

The brides and the bees

Little Chuck Bass was running with his candy floss when he falls down. Chuck starts to cry and tiny Blair Waldorf came over. She had a nice little dress and big pigtails. Blair looks at him and helps him up.

"Are you okay?" Blair asks as she picks Chuck candy floss up.

"Yeah," Chuck says simply. He looks at the girl in front of him. She was pretty and cute looking, but he was a boy and he wasn't going to tell her that. Blair nods and walks away again. Chuck spends time looking hopefully after her.

Chuck went home and found his father making out with a hot blond woman with long hair. Chuck was used to his father and different women. The blond seems giggly and her voice was very sludgy.

"Mr. Bass, you are quite a charmer," The blond says as Bart was kissing her neck. Chuck was watching them and learning to please a woman. Bart didn't see his son before the blond says" What a cute little boy." She walks over and kisses Chuck´s head. Chuck did not like her kiss at all. He only want Blair´s kiss.

"Don't mind me boy," Bart says as he lifts the blond back into his arms. Chuck stood frozen to the spot as Bart was undressing her. Chuck watches the whole sex scene.

"So, Charles its call sex," Bart says as he dresses himself again. Chuck Bass learns in a very yearly years what the bees and flowers is.

Chuck was surprise to find himself in the same class as her. She was sitting beside a blond girl with a shorter dress than Blair. Chuck only had eyes for Blair. The other girl was Serena Van Woodsen. All the boys found her cute and pretty, but Chuck did not find her to his taste at all.

Blair was sitting on a swing when Chuck comes and gives her a swing.

"Oh, Bass," Blair says in a surprise voice. She sounds so sweet when she was surprised. Just as Chuck was swing her, the dress blew up and show Chuck her white and virgin panties. Chuck never forgot the sight.

"Waldorf, you have a very hot ass," Chuck says, he had heard his father say the same thing to a woman.

Blair looks at him and laughs," No I have not and you are being rude."

Chuck just smirks at holds her swing.

Years went by and pretty Waldorf date Nate Chuck´s best friend. Chuck was force to see them together. Blair was holding Nate to close for his taste. The first time Chuck saw Blair´s red stockings he was turn on. Blair was walking in front of him with Nate. Blair bents down to tie her shoes. Chuck sees her red stockings and feels sudden lust.

Chuck knew that Nate was in love with Serena long before the Shapers Wading. Nate was looking lustful after Serena. Chuck hopes in his black heart that Nate sleeps with Serena to break Blair and Nate up. When it happened he felt no joy at all, he only felt loading at his own dark wish.

Chuck start to help Blair when Serena ran off. Blair came to his room to talk to him. They watch Blair´s favorite movies. Blair fall asleep in Chuck´s bed and Chuck didn't touch her. He only look at her and wish that she was his. One time Blair was talking in her sleep.

"You have a nice smile Bass," Blair says in a dream like way. Chuck was looking at her. Blair likes his smile.

Chuck did not wake her; he let her sleep on his bed and he slept on the sofa. Nate calls to Chuck to help him out as Chuck says" Blair is here."

"Okay," Nate says very shortly. Chuck felt anger towards Nate, Nate did not give a Damn about Blair. Chuck just turns the phone off. Nate could handle himself. Chuck lie down beside Blair. She was crying in to the pillow. Chuck felt awkward, how did he comfort Blair?

"Blair," Chuck starts to say sounding like a kid a very nervous kid.

"Just hold me," Blair chokes out. Chuck embraces her and strokes her hair. She just held onto him. Chuck felt close to Blair in a very different way then he usually did. Blair was not snapping at him or acting bitchy. She was sad and lonely just the same way Chuck felt. Chuck did not know what to do but to hold her tight and make her forget Nate and Serena. His little dark wish was destroying Blair. He wants Blair so much juts because she understood him. Blair and Chuck had always thought the same way.

Chuck decides never to wish for dark things to happen to Blair. Chuck Bass had gotten everything he could dream about but never a real friend or a lover. Chuck kisses Blair on top of her head. She has silky hair and very cute curls. Chuck had always like Blair. Chuck never forgot little Blair in a white dress, pigtails and cherry red lips.

Blair was holding on to him and trying to forget her pain. Chuck felt her pain, but his pain was that she was never going to know his love for her.