The Dawn of Darkness – Day 1: Encounter with the Mystery

My Name is Duke Pantarei... I am Twenty-two (22) Years Old and attending Scaline University in the Capital of Tokyo, Japan... To tell the complete truth, I am not full Human. I am actually an 'Angelic Guardian', as I was told by my parents... Which I don't really believe... But, my Mom says she is a full Angel born in Celestia, or Heaven as most Humans know it... She said she came to Earth and married my father. I was told that our role is always different and will come to be known at a certain point in time. Which of that, I don't believe that story is very true; it just doesn't make much sense. I was also told by my Mother that we are supposed to fight against these guys called 'Demon Callers', who are from the Netherworld... There was the story of the One-Hundred Year War. It was this War that lasted One-Hundred Years and happens every Millennium. And it happened exactly one Millennium years next week... There are times where we all almost died, as I was told. Anyone who lived it, might be alive now, since Celestians live thousands and thousands of years... But, anyways...

Today is the very first day of School before the new School Year. This will be my Fourth Year at Scaline University; my last before Graduation. I wonder what kind of people I'll meet this year... I've been friends with a guy named Richter Abend and a guy named Leon Magnus for at least ten years. All of us are Fourth Years at Scaline. Richter and I are in the same Dorm Room, once again, while Leon is in the same Dorm as a guy named Hubert Ozwell. Hubert is a First Year at Scaline; we don't know him...

"O-Ow!" A girl almost screamed.

"O-Oh! I'm so sorry about that!" Duke apologized immediately.

"Y-Yea, yea. Hm, you must be Duke Pantarei. Am I correct?" The girl asked.

"H-How do you know me?" Duke asked surprised.

"Did you attend Scaline High School?" The girl asked.

Duke blink and then answered, "Of course I did. For all Three Years there."

The girl smiled and said, "Yea, I remember you. You were the Vice President of the Student Council along with President Richter Abend!"

"Heh... Right..." Duke scratched his head, remembering when he was in High School.

A figure walked up right behind Duke and then said into his ear, "What are you doing~?"

Duke heard the voice and jumped backwards immediately. And then he yelled, "R-Richter! W-When did you get here?"

"About a minute ago," Richter had a big grin on his face.

"H-Hey! Shut it, you!" Duke complained.

"H-Huh...?" The girl there was blinking as the two were arguing.

"What did you say?" Duke was glaring at Richter.

"You heard me!" Richter still had a really big grin.

"H-Hey guys... The Introductory Ceremony in the Auditorium is about to begin...!" The girl raised her voice a bit so the two arguing could hear her.

"Oops..." Richter and Duke said in Unison.

"Maybe we should go before they start and we get in trouble..." The girl said. As she said it, she already started running off to the Auditorium.

"We... Should go!" Richter yelled as he ran as fast as he could.

"W-Wait!" Duke yelled as he chased after Richter.

Sigh... Richter always tries leaving me behind... Then again, I do the same thing... I wonder if that just has to do with being best friends or something along those lines... But, this girl running in front of us... I also wonder who in the world she is. It seems like she is attending Scaline University, since she has a School Bag with her... But, I distinctly remember seeing her before when we were moving into Dorms... Not that me and Richter were moving or switching Dorms... Also, I do not think I saw that girl with a Room mate, is she alone...?

-Ding, Dong-

"J... Just in time!" Richter yelled as he ran into the Auditorium.

A bunch of Students were spread out everywhere; friends next to each other and so on...

"Okay, Students! All of you quiet down for a message from our Director!" The Vice Director announced... But everyone kept on talking. The Vice Director was losing his patience when Director of Schools, Director Van Grants came out onto the stage. He walked to the Podium and yelled into the Microphone, "All students quite down!"

The Director of Schools, Van Grants... He is very strict about a lot of stuff, similar to one of the teachers at the University, Alexei Dinoia... Director Grants isn't as nearly nice as the other Director I know... Director Goodwin of the Public Safety Maintenance Bureau; he's in charge of Public Safety and all the Jail stuff in the City... A friend of mine is his Assistant, a quite weird girl who actually recently Graduated last year from Scaline University. Meaning, she is one year older than I am... Anyways, after this Speech from Grants is over, all Students get their schedules for Classes. And, Classes start tomorrow and whatever time is specified for that Class.

"Let's give an applause for our Director Grants!" The Vice Director pointed to Van; who already started walking off stage and back to his Office. He was thinking, Annoying Kids... They all still act like Kids when they should be in College... Tch...

"Okay Students, please go into the Cafeteria for your Schedules!" The Vice Principle announced as he walked off of the stage.

"Vice Principle Yeager," Director Grants said as the Vice Principle walked off stage.

"Yes?" The Vice asked.

"Can you please monitor these Students?" The Director handed Yeager profiles of some Students to the Vice Principle. Yeager looked through the files and said, "Sure... But... It might be quite troublesome..."
A page on Richter Abend fell to the ground as the Director and Vice Principle walked away as a figure walked up...

The Cafeteria...

Duke ran up to Richter, who was looking over his Schedule, and asked, "Hey, Richter! Did you get your Schedule yet?"

"Oh, yea, I did," Richter was still distracted. He then eventually asked, "Did you get yours yet?"

"Oops, no. Not yet. Want to come with me to get it?" Duke asked as he started walking over to a table.

"S-Sure," Richter stuttered as he followed him.

A man dressed in a white lab coat was sitting at the table had a bunch of papers. His hair was covering one of his eyes, stretching down, and was a dark brown. He looked up and saw Duke. After looking, he eventually said with a sigh, "What's your name?"

"Duke Pantarei. Fourth Year," Duke answered the man's question.

"Let's see... Here we are. Yes, Duke Pantarei. Looks like you're in my class," The man had a big grin on his face as he handed Duke's schedule to him.

Duke unsteadily took his schedule and looked at it. The moment he spotted the Class, "Cooking Expertise" and the Teacher, Raven Oltorain, he started backing up, with his hands shaking. He then said, shocked, "N-No way! Not with that weirdo!" Duke pointed right to the man that was at the table.

"Haha!" Richter burst out laughing as Duke was freaking out.
"Y-You better shut the hell up!" Duke yelled right back to Richter.

"Sooooo! You have Raven-san's Class, too!" The same girl from before giggled from nowhere.

"Reeeeally...?" Duke glared. He sighed and said with folded arms, "I see it as torture..."

"I think I'm glad I didn't take any Cooking Class with that risk," Richter grinned.

"I SAID SHUT UP!" Duke glared right at Richter, with his eyes as daggers.

"Hahaha!" The girl was laughing crazily as the two argued.

"Hey. What's your name, anyways?" Richter stopped as he asked the girl as she was laughing.

"The name is Rutee Katrea, a Fourth Year at this University~" She said with a smile.

"Hey, Duke. What other Classes do you have?" Richter asked.
"If you shut up... Let's see, I have a Sculpturing Class with... Oh no...!" Duke was shaking again as he was looking at his Schedule.
"What-?" Richter cut himself off as he looked at Duke's Schedule.
"With those looks on your faces, it looks like you have Mr. Dinoia, as well," Rutee examined the looks on Richter and Duke's faces.
"Yes...!" Duke almost fell over. Then he thought, Why in the world would Alexei Dinoia be teaching a Sculpturing Class? That's just crazy!

"Any other Classes?" Rutee then asked.
"Sigh... Those are my only Classes, thankfully all I applied for..." Duke sighed with relief. He didn't want another crazed, insane, or infuriated teacher...

"Man..." Richter complained out of the middle of nowhere.
"What?" Duke said, already angered.

"I forgot I have that same Sculpturing Class with Alexei... Dammit...!" Richter kept complaining.

"At least you don't have Cooking with the crazy idiot!" Duke complained back.

"Hey, stop it! Richter-san, do you have anymore classes?" Rutee butted in between them.
"Y-Yea. I also have a Photos Class and an Animators Class," Richter answered.

"Are you two both interested in getting Jobs in the Arts Categories?" Rutee asked the two of them.
"I'm interested in Cooking Mastery and Sculpting," Duke smiled.
"I'm interested in most things Art-related with Photography, Animation, and Sculpting being my main things," Richter answered.

"Neat!" Rutee turned around.
"What Classes do you have?" Duke asked.
"Cooking, like you, Duke. An Animators Class, Richter. And I have a Painting Class," Rutee answered as she ran off.

"Looks like me and Rutee have Cooking together," Duke said.
"What are you planning?" Richter grinned.
"Didn't I say shut the hell up?" Duke glared right back at him.
"Hey, I have my Animation Class with Rutee. And then both of us have Sculpting together," Richter said.
"Uh huh..." Duke walked off.
"Where are you going?" Richter asked.
"What? Do you want to come with?" Duke turned around as he asked.

"Uh... Sure..." Richter ran up to follow him.

Richter had his arms folded as he was sitting down a chair and complained, "If I knew where we were going, I wouldn't have come."

"Do you always have a problem where I go?" Duke glared at Richter once again.
"Not always," Richter said coldly.

"Tch... What are you having? And I am NOT treating you!" Duke warned Richter.
"Fine, fine..." Richter looked at the Menu until the Waitress came to them.

"Okay! What would you two want?" She asked, cheerfully.
"Uh... Um..." Richter was left stuck.
"Richter, I'm going. Tell me when you're done and come back to the Dorm," Duke got up and left.

If I ever get done... Richter thought to himself as the Waitress stood there. She eventually said, "I think I remember you~"

"R-Really...? From where...?" Richter asked, confused.
"Scaline High School," She answered just as cheerful as before.

Does everyone know me from High School? Richter thought again before he answered, "I see... Was it because I was Student Council President?"

"Actually, yes! I was part of the Student Council, as well," The girl smiled.
"Wh-What? N-Name?" Richter asked in a stutter.
"Mel Sorisaki," The girl answered.
"S-Seriously? You really have changed a lot!" Richter almost yelled, in shock.
"Heh~" Mel giggled.

At Duke and Richter's Dorm Room...

I wonder if Richter actually found out that the girl was Mel Sorisaki... But, on another hand... Tomorrow... I have to deal with the biggest pain in the ass in this entire School... Maybe bigger or less than the Director of Schools himself... But, Alexei Dinoia... I wonder what he's doing as the Teacher of the Sculpting Class... I thought he was the Teacher of the War-Training Class, the weird Class that it is... This is too strange...

Duke turned back in his bed at the thought that he just got...

Or worse... That I'm stuck with Raven as my Teacher for the next Year! ...Or at least the Semester...! This will be torture with both of them...!


"Hey, Duke!" Richter burst right through the Door. He came in yelling, "Do you have any idea what Classes Mel Sorisaki has?"

"By your voice and face... I want to guess the same as you..." Duke answered with a sigh.
"S... Some what...! She has Music Composition, Sculpturing, and a Field Work," Richter moaned. He wanted to say so himself, truly.
"It was kind of obvious after that..." Duke turned back to face th wall.
"Are you already going to bed?" Richter complained.
"What of it...? I don't care that you stay up, I'm just tired...!" Duke muttered.

"What ever... But... Why are you going to sleep in your Clothes?" Richter grinned.

"Ngh!" Duke immediately jumped up.
"Haha! Good night!" Richter sat down on his bed with an even bigger grin.

"You... You... SHUT UP!" Duke yelled.
"Hahaha!" Richter kept on laughing his head off.

Later That Night...

"...H... Huh...?" Duke felt something going on.

Duke... A female's voice said in Duke's head.
Who's... th-there...? Duke replied in his head to respond.
There you are... The voice said.
Who... Is there...? Duke repeated himself.
Right... Sorry... But, this really is your mother speaking... The voice spoke very softly.
What? B-But! My mother is supposed to be dead! Duke was really scared.
I am dead... But... A Celestian's Power allows Communication from Heaven... The voice said.
I... d-don't understand... Duke kept saying.

After death, a Celestian, when in Heaven, can still speak with a Living Person...
F... Freaky... B-But... Mother... What did you want to say to me...?
Right... Well... Your friend, Richter Abend... H-He's a... He is a Demon from the Netherworld...
Wh-What are you saying?
Duke was really freaked out.
I am not lying. I am sorry... But... Demons are the mortal enemies of Celestians... The Angels...
B-But...! I don't sense anything Demon in Richter! And he doesn't have Demon ears!
Duke replied.
I sense that he is part Elven, as well. That might be why... That was the answer to Duke.
B-But-! We've been Best Friends for years! Wouldn't he have done something by now?
Maybe... But... There is something else...
There was concern in the voice.
Wh-What is that...? Duke asked.
There is something else... big... going on... I can sense it...
I don't understand at all...
Duke... Clutch your hand together for a moment...
The voice requested.
A... Alright...

Duke closed his eyes and clutched his right hand together. Then, there was a small flash of light coming from Duke's hand. He hid it under his blanket so Richter wouldn't see.

Okay... Open your hand up...

Duke opened his hand and looked at the necklace in his hand. He was in shock. Where did it come from? What was it?

Wh... What is it...? Duke asked his mother.
It is a charm, in reality... It should protect you from anything 'Dark' that would come near you... But... In even more reality, it contains my Will... I promise to protect you...
Duke almost started crying.
I am afraid... I must go... Until we speak again... My son... Duke's mother's words faded away.

M... Mother... I don't get... What you are talking about... Not one bit... Duke thought to himself as he went back to sleep; clutching the necklace in his hands...

Author's Notes: Well... This was a New Fan-Fiction... I got the idea (I'm looking at Disgaea for the names like Celestia... lol...) out of nowhere and just started typing. Chapters will be longer than the usual. As the Chapters are a whole day in the story. (as I say, like "Day 1"...) And then, I really wanted to make Duke the Main Character (and Reiki not, for once...) and such... =3 Also, I gave Mel (she is from Tales of Phantasia: Naikiri Dungeon) a last name I made myself... (Though the one I gave wasn't the exact I had for Dio for a Role Play... XO)... I got the idea for the Classes taken from "Honey and Clover" (I've been watching the Anime lately, XD) so I wanted them to take an art direction :)... So, later... :3 Oh yea, I didn't have a good Chapter Title, sorry :O