Endings suck, but are incredibly necessary




"C'mon, you know that this is important and that it has to be important,"

"So why not rent a hotel room? Why in the Big Time Rushmobile?"

"Because I know of the perfect place only accessible by car,"

"Seriously? No other way?"

"I'm serious. I'll sterilize the seats and everything,"

"Really? There's no other way you can do this?"

"I'll do your laundry."

"Fine," Kendall growled and tossed Logan the keys.

"So, where are we going?" James asked, leaning out the passenger seat, hair blowing in the wind, "I mean, I love hanging in the BTRmobile, but shouldn't we be packing? The tour bus is gonna arrive at 4 a.m. and we don't even get the luxury of riding in it because you are going to be driving."

"Just hang tight," Logan said and flipped on his turn signal, "this is gonna be worth your while,"

The sky was just starting to orange as the car soared up the highway and turned off onto a smaller path. James looked around and didn't notice any road signs. He looked around the car and noticed the lack of GPS and map for the first time since he had entered the car.

"Hey, you know where you're going, right?" James asked nervously. Logan reached down and grabbed the large, tan hand.

"Yep," he said, "I've been down this route about fifty times," James sighed and relaxed, letting the quietness of the night air fill him with tranquility. Logan turned left onto a route that winded up through the mountains. James noticed the wildlife became more and more daring, and several times Logan braked to watch a deer pick its way through the brush only to bolt after realizing the boys sitting and watching.

When Logan pulled up to the edge of a precipice, James let his mouth drop open. The sun was setting the sky a fiery orange as the black city line began to turn its lights on. The Hollywood sign sat opposite of them.

"Good lord," James muttered and turned to Logan, who had turned the car off and the radio on. The two fist bumped when they realized that the song was "Shot in the Dark" and it was playing on a quite popular station.

"Who would have guessed we could come so far," James wondered aloud. Logan sighed.

"Had this never happened, I would be taking AP classes and studying up for colleges with a pre-med," Logan said.

"Had this never happened, I would be sitting in my room dreaming still," James murmured. He looked over and noticed that Logan had pulled out a joint.

"I thought you were done with those?" James asked, remembering the time that one had fallen out of his pocket and into the cereal bowl, prompting a scolding by Mama Knight. Logan had ceased and desisted his pot smoking since.

"It's a special occasion," Logan said and took a hit, leaning over and pressing his lips into the taller boy's and exhaling. James skillfully inhaled and passed it back.

"What's the occasion?" he asked.

"Today's the three month anniversary of the day you told me you were gay," Logan whispered and took another hit. James shot gunned the hit and let it draft out his mouth slowly.

"I was so insecure," James said quietly, "I thought you were going to tell the others and kick me out of the band and hate me."

"Yeah, well, I had the hots for you too, I just never thought I had a chance with you being straight," Logan explained.

"Then it took me a month and two horrible boyfriends before I finally got over that stupid 'no relationships in the band' thing," James mumbled.

"I'm so glad you did," Logan said and leaned up, pressing his mouth to the brunettes in a way more intoxicating than all the cocktails and joints in L.A. that had the taller boy's eyes sparkling with lust when he pulled away.

"Let's get in the back seat," Logan murmured as his hand pressed against the other boy's bulging pants.

"They told us no sex in the car," James said huskily, in a way that meant he didn't care either way.

"I got permission, and we've been good for over a month and not had any sex at all except for a hand job or blowjob," Logan said as his mouth pressed again against James's.

"All the, dancing and vocal preparation, the rehearsing, really cuts into happy time," James panted, "I hope we get time, during tour."

"We have time now," Logan breathed and tumbled over the backs of the front seats, taking James with him. A blanket was spread across the back seat and a bottle of lube lay on the floor of the car.

"Because they tested us as an insurance precaution, and as we are both clean clean clean, I don't think we need to use a condom," Logan murmured as he sloppily molested James's neck, "Unless you're worried about getting pregnant." James moaned and stroked up under Logan's sweatshirt to feel the burning skin beneath. He lifted the shirt off of Logan, breaking the kiss briefly and feeling hands remove his own shirt.

"Knock me up, baby," James growled.

They sat shirtless in the backseat of the car with the stars above them and with no fear that anyone would show up. The place was secluded, and the cool air of night chilled them as their progressively nakeder bodies became exposed to the air. However, the cooler it seemed, the hotter the energy beneath them got, so that the heat of their bodies warmed them to the point of bittersweet agony.

Logan pushed James back until the boy lay looking up at him from the seat in only his boxers. Logan shimmied out of his own underwear before leaning forward between his boyfriend's spread legs and licking the outline of the fat cock through the soft fabric. James moaned and jerked his hips, but Logan's hand held them firmly to the seat. Using his teeth, the shorter boy removed James's boxers and he dropped them to the floor.

Logan subtly coated his fingers in lube as he pressed kisses to the erect member and slipped in his three fingers. James moaned as the stretch, just barely on the side of pain that brought the best pleasure. In the few times they had sex, Logan managed to balance out the delicate balance of pain and pleasure needed to make James cum so hard he saw other dimensions, but never enough to really hurt him. With a twist of his fingers and a lick up the underside of the erection, Logan drew a strangled cry out of his lover and smiled.

He spread lubricant onto his cock and inched forward. This was the first time they had sex bareback, and neither was prepared for the amount of intimacy it brought to the sex. Logan gasped as the head of his cock was enveloped into the pink ring of muscles, astounded by the heat that James held inside of him. James gasped like a fish out of water as Logan slowly slid in and leaned forward to caress James's pink mouth tenderly with his own.

Logan felt like he was in the center of the sun, even as the stars of the city lights and light of the dashboard barely illuminated the pleasure contorted face of his boyfriend as he thrusted into him. Sweat poured down and dripped and soaked into James, who mewled loudly every time Logan's cock hit the spot inside of him like a cattle prod of pleasure.

Pressure began to build up in Logan's stomach and James's whimpers turned to shouts which then turned to screams. Logan dug his fingernails into the others back and thrust in jerkily, causing James to tense up, then arch his back with a loud scream of pleasure as he came explosively onto their chests. Logan yelled similarly as the orgasm that tore through James triggered his own, causing him to thrust wildly into the taller boy's body and finally collapse down on top of him. Panting and shaking, the two lay boneless for many minutes as the radio played out the last few beats of a song they hadn't recognized.

The next day would bring with it more adventures, and the tour would certainly bring its own problems, but the boys laying under the stars together could only revel in the one perfect moment before the sunlight could bring its chaos unto them.

I feel bad for ending this, but I honestly can't continue the plot further with this storyline. Thanks for going on this journey with me, it's been splendid and has rekindled the literary muse. I'm trying to write an original novel right now, so the sequel for this (touring) will probably not start until next season of Big Time Rush because I also start school in the next couple of weeks. Thank you to all of the reviewers for giving me encouragements!