Title: Quivering Balance
Pairing: Ron/Pansy
Rating: PG
Prompt: "Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it." Mark Twain
Word Count: 383
Beta: scarletladyy , priestessaranel and x_nothing_here (you three are a wonderful combination and you saved my arse at the last minute. Thank you!)
Warnings: Mentions of infidelity.
Summary: He'd much rather her hexing his arse off than seeing her look so...disappointed.
A/N: Originally written for Challenge Three: Violet on ronpansy_ldws . This was the ticket on my way out of the competition. I lasted one more week than expected so it's not too bad for a first time in a LDWS and my crappy writing. I have a pretty banner :)

Quivering Balance

It was an intense silence that took over the coldness of the surrounding atmosphere. Her eyes, enlightened with rage and heartbreak, wouldn't leave his face. His own pleading eyes emanated the opposite energy, balancing her frantic gaze with his numb expression and entangling their feelings into the perfect mix of confusion.

Pansy let out a sigh and sat in the armchair directly behind her. Her once elegant and straight posture was nowhere in sight. It was like the invisible string that held her head up high was cut by his confession.

Hesitantly, Ron walked to her side, as slowly as he could. His hands stayed mid air, offering him a small but comforting amount of protection against a hex he knew he deserved. Kneeling down in front of her, he once again looked into the depths of her sad eyes.

"I love you, Pansy," he whispered cautiously. "I'm so, so sorry. I'm a dick for what I've done. For what I did to you...to us."

Her eyes closed briefly, letting a single tear caress the porcelain skin of her cheek.

"Pansy," he breathed. Ron had never seen the strong, confident Pansy Parkinson so defeated before. He'd much rather her hexing his arse off than seeing her look so...disappointed.

"Why, Ron?" Her lower lip quivered as she muttered her first two words since he'd entered the room.

"I was...drunk. Drunk and stupid. We'd fought and- and I- I'm an idiot, Pansy. I know I'm a bloody idiot; but I'm here, telling you the truth...and begging you - and whatever force out there - that you give me another chance and take me back." He gently took hold of her hands and a wave of relief soothed the tension in his shoulders when she didn't reject his touch. "Please, Pansy. I don't want to lose what we had. I don't want to lose you over some stupid drunken mistake. I love you too much. I do. I love you so-"

Tears now ran freely down Pansy's face, allowing her to collapse into his arms as he caressed her hair and continued asking for forgiveness against her ear.

"Would you forgive me, Pansy?" he pleaded softly against her neck, waiting for her answer. An answer that was as much a mystery to him as to her.

A/N: So...I didn't amke it to the next round...meaning, no more drabbles for this competition. However, I'm not giving up on this couple. I've written them a couple of times before and they are great fun, so stay tunned for more stories of them (though not as new chapters here) Don't forget to review!