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The First Family

I walked slowly though the front door of George Washington Academy located in Washington D.C. My dad, Charlie, was head of the whole police unit in D.C. which was a very big deal because of the whole president living in the white house thing. President Cullen was going into his amazing fourth year in his first term. Everyone wanted him for a second term so I was sure he and his family weren't going to start packing their things anytime soon. Even with the secret service the police force was a huge deal in keeping the president safe. They were at every major event and since my dad was the chief over the whole police unit he knew the president and the secret service pretty well. I on the other hand was just a mere citizen who decided to live with her father for senior year. I just moved here from Phoenix, Arizona last week and it was weird coming to Washington since usually I went to Forks, Washington to visit Charlie, but since he was offered a job in D.C. he packed up everything and moved here. He still has the house in Forks though.

George Washington Academy was a huge high school which consisted of many floors and rooms. It had a swimming pool, basketball court, separate gym, tennis court, study hall, weight room, football field, football training field and hill, lounging room, and I'm sure much more but I didn't feel like reading the rest of the information guide.

It took me a while before I found the front office but I finally did. Security was tight around the school because the presidents children attended it. Sometimes it was hard to believe that they were twins. Edward Cullen was a beautiful Greek God who I liked to call Adonis. He was 6'2, muscular, and a total gentleman. Well that is what all the magazines said about him. Alice his twin sister was 4'10 and very beautiful. She was very hyper and took on the name of "America's Little Pixie".

"Hello dear," A lady with brown hair smiled at me. I smiled back before introducing myself as Isabella Swan. "Oh Chief Swan's daughter?" she asked me. I nodded my head as she printed out various colors of paper. "Here is your schedule, map of the school, computer username/password, and your locker number and code."

"Thanks," I shuddered slightly at the amount of things she gave to me. I walked out into the hallway full of life. Even though everyone was suppose to look the same because we had to wear burgundy super short skirts and blue or white oxford shirts with a burgundy or black jacket with the school symbol on it, everyone looked different. I guess when I came here I thought everyone was going to be a clone or something.

I walked around until I found the English wing and finally my class room. I looked down at my blackberry to see that it was only 7:45 and class didn't start until 8. There was no seating chart or teacher so I sat down near the middle and pulled out a clothing catalog for ice skating leotards since I've been in class since I was five. After twelve years of skating my gracefulness has increased lucky for me but I still had my moments.

I had my eyes on a beautiful midnight blue leotard which sparkled in the spotlight. I had my first day in an advanced placement class at a private ice skating rink tomorrow. I had to come down three weeks ago to audition for a spot in the program and they called me the next week telling me that I had gotten in. The program was called D.C. Icers and classes were Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5:30-9pm.

"Hi Bella," A high soprano voice pulled me out of my thoughts. I looked up to find none other than Alice Cullen staring down at me with a big smile on her face.

"Hi?" I responded as a question.

"Don't be shy," she said as she sat down next to me.

"How do you know me?" I asked as her eyes strayed to my catalog.

"Everyone knows Chief Swans daughter," she responded before pointing toward the catalog. "Do you ice skate?" I nodded my head.

"You?" I asked hoping that maybe she would be in the same class as me but she shook her head.

"No, not anymore," she answered sadly.

"Oh sorry for asking," I said quickly putting my catalog away.

"No problem even though that midnight blue leotard would look beautiful on you," she smiled.

"Thanks," I smiled back before my attention wandered to her body guard in the back of the room. "I thought you had more of them," I observed nodding at the man in black.

"Felix is my personal body guard but there are many around the school," she explained to me as she waved Felix over.

"Felix this is Bella, Chief Swan's daughter. Bella meet Felix," I smiled slightly.


"Pleasure to meet you," Felix responded tightly before going back over to his spot in the back of the room.

"Don't mind him," Alice rolled her eyes before reaching down and grabbing my ice skating catalogue I threw under my seat. "I use to love to ice skate but my father said it was too risky after he became president," she signed. "So when are you getting the leotard?"

"I'm going to order it sometime this week," I answered. "I have class tomorrow."

"Where do you skate?"

"D.C. Icers," I told her as the classroom filed up more. It seemed that nobody minded that the presidents daughter was sitting in the classroom with them.

"Wow you must be really good. That's the hardest program to get in to," I shrugged.

"I've been skating since I was five. I hope I'm good by now," I smiled as Alice laughed.

"You know we are going to be the best of friends," she smiled knowing. I looked at her strangely but she kept her attention on the catalogue.

It turns out that I spent most of my morning with my ,"new best friend", Alice. After English class we went our separate ways to Anatomy and Spanish….Six…Alice wouldn't let me forget the six and then we met right back up for AP Calculus and AP European History.

"You have to sit with me for lunch," Alice demanded as we made our way to the cafeteria.

"And what if I don't want to? Will you bark your precious body guards on me?" I teased her. She rolled her eyes.

"Very funny Bella," she grimaced as we got in line.

"Oh you know it was," I smiled at her as I grabbed a tray and filled it up with a sandwich, salad, fruit, water, and chocolate milk. I hated white.

"Dang Bella you eat more than Emmett," Alice laughed as she grabbed a chocolate milk too.

"Hey I'm a skater," I responded smiling as I followed her.

"Come on I see a table outside," Alice exclaimed as she grabbed my arm, pulling me out of the lunch line and toward a clear, glass door. I stumbled slightly with my tray of food as she led us down the steep steps leading toward the outside seating. I didn't notice that she had stopped until my tray hit her back and caused me to fall backwards. I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact of the concrete steps until I felt strong hands brake my fall.

I looked up and gasped as green eyes glaze back at me and not just any green eyes but none other than Edward Cullens.

"Bella?" Alice turned around confused before smiling. "Edward I see you've met Bella," she said still smiling. I broke our staring contest, looking down in embarrassment.

"Sorry," I blushed as I tried to stand back up.

"No problem," he gave me a crooked smile as he helped me up to my feet which did nothing to improve my balance.

"How did you end up on my brother anyway Bella," Alice asked innocently as I brushed myself off and grabbed my tray. At least my food didn't fall on the ground.

"I ran into you when you stop and lost my balance," I explained as Edward grabbed my backpack off the ground.

"Hmm," Alice looked at me strangely. "For an ice skater you sure are clumsy," she observed. "Third time today,"

I blushed again following her toward an empty table. Edward put my backpack on the back of my chair.

"Thanks," I told him quietly before three girls approached the table. One had honey, golden blond hair with a perfect models body while the other two were obviously twins with strawberry blond hair, both also stunning.

"Hey guys," one of the strawberry blonds greeted us as they sat down.

"Hey Tanya," Alice answered before introducing me. "Bella these are our cousins Tanya and Kate and this is Stacey," she finished pointing towards the honey, golden blond. I smiled slightly before looking back down at my sandwich.

"Bella's an ice skater too," Alice told them.

"That's awesome," Tanya smiled at me. "Are you any good?" she asked. I shrugged.

"I've been skating since I was five so I guess I'm okay,"

"What did you say your name was again?" Kate asked me.

"Bella Swan," I answered.

"Bella Swan. Where have we heard that name before?" Tanya asked Stacey. She shrugged before going back to her conversation with Edward.

"Charlie is her father," Alice commented but Tanya shook her head.

"That's too obvious," she answered thinking.

"I'll think of it soon," she concluded laughing slightly before taking a forkfull of her salad.

"We have a senate meeting today Miss Vice President," Alice told Tanya.

"Yeah, Yeah, I won't forget Alice," Tanya rolled her eyes.

"You did before," Kate commented.

"That wasn't my fault," Tanya groaned before turning to talk to Stacey who was slightly glaring me. I quickly turned my head to be met with green, emerald eyes. I smiled noticing his class ring.

"I like your ring," I said trying to make conversation. He laughed slightly.

"Thanks," he answered before taking another bite of his sandwich. "Bella right?" he asked after he swallowed.

"Yeah," I nodded my head. "Bella Swan,"

"Chief Swan's daughter," he observed. I nodded.

"So where are you from?" he asked staring at me intrigued.

"Phoenix," I answered. "My mom lives there,"

"Oh what's she like?" he asked. "Do you look like her?" I shrugged.

"I guess I do a little but I have too much Charlie in me."

"I think the combination is very….beautiful," he smiled down at me. I blushed before continuing.

"She's really crazy in a positive way of course. She likes to have fun a lot and to break the rules. I pretty much had to act like the parent for a while before Phil her new husband came into the picture."

"Bella," Alice called my name. I turned my head towards her. "I'm getting a slurpee do you want one?" she asked.

"Yeah sure coke," I answered before she and Kate walked away.

"How do you like D.C.?" Edward asked me once I had turned around back towards him. I caught Stacey glaring at me even more before a tiny girl came over and sat down next to her. They started talking both sneaking glares at me occasionally. Edward turned to look at them and they smiled at him. He looked between me and them before settling back on me and raising an eyebrow.

The movement caught his hair in the sunlight making it look like it had a bronze color tone in it. His face was also beautiful in the sunlight, not one trance of achne. My eyes wandered down his face to his strong jaw, and thin neck to the muscle in his arms which tensed when he went to take a bite of his sandwich. I looked back up to find him glancing at me out of the corner of his eye as he finished chewing.

"What was the question again?" I asked glancing away from his smoldering glaze to take a sip of my water.

"H...How are you liking D.C.," he cleared his throat slightly before taking a sip of his water too.

"I don't really know yet. I've only been here for a few days," I shrugged.

"Well then I'll have to show you around sometime," he smiled a crooked smile at me. I felt my breathing hitch in my throat for a second causing me to choke on the water I was drinking.

"Bella are you okay?," he asked concerned as he started patting my back. I nodded my head as my breathing evened out. He kept his hand on my back even after I drunk another sip of water.

"I'm better," I smiled weakly at him, patting the arm that was still around me. I blushed as he started rubbing my back. The chills that his hand was sending down my back made me shiver.

"Are you cold?" he asked furring his eyebrows since it was almost 90 degrees outside.

"No," I laughed nervously as he removed his hand from my back and picked up his sandwich to take another bite. "I'm just not use to this weather," I lied.

"Isn't it hotter in Phoenix?" he asked confused.

"Oh right," I murmured before Alice showed back up with my slurpee.

"Here you go Bella," she said as she handed me my drink before giving Edward his. I took a sip as the bell rung.

"Let's go home," Alice suggested as we all got our things together.

"Home?" I asked. "As in the white house?" Tanya laughed.

"I like you," she smiled at me as we made our way out to the parking lot. Alec, Edward's bodyguard, and Felix got into a black tinted Mercedes.

"Hey Bella why don't you ride with Edward," she suggested as she unlocked a yellow Porsche.

"Okay?" I answered turning to Edward. "You don't mind right?" I asked. He stared at me for a long time before shaking his head.

"No I don't mind," he smirked at me as I followed him to a silver Volvo.

"Wait up guys," I heard Stacey call behind us. "There's no room in Alice's car," she explained as she practically shoved me out of the way to sit in the passenger side. Edward opened the passenger door before turning to us.

"Stacey?" he looked at her confused. "I thought you were riding with Alice."

"There was no room," she smiled at him. He didn't look like he believed her but shrugged anyway.

"Get in," he told her before opening the back door for me to get in. he winked at me before closing it. I blushed smiling before Stacey's glare erased it. She slammed her door shut as Edward got in on the driver side.

"Ready to see the white house," he asked glancing at me though the rear-view mirror. I nodded my head looking out the window so I wouldn't see Stacey's attempts of touching and flirting with him. After a few minutes we pulled up to a guard gate.

"Mr. Cullen," the guard nodded at Edward before letting us though. I gasped at the beautiful scenery around us. I've never been through this entrance before. Edward parked the car behind a green jeep before getting out to open my door and Stacey's.

"How do you like the garden?" he asked me as he helped me out of the car.

"It's beautiful," I answered amazed. "You guys must have really good gardeners,"

"Actually my mother did it all," he told me. My eyes widened.

"She did all of this?" I asked astounded.

"Yup she loves gardening," he smiled at the colorful flowers before picking a blue one and putting it into my hair. "Beautiful," he said softly smiling. I blushed as I followed him through the back door and into a den where everyone else was.

"About time you guys came in," Alice smirked at us. I ducked my head as Edward led us over to a couch on the other side of the room. Of course Stacey glared at me the entire time.

"Bella do you want a drink?" Tanya asked me as she walked toward the bar.

"I want Raspberry Lemonade," Alice called her eyes trained on the new episode of Tyra's Americas Next Top Model.

"I was talking to Bella since she is a guest everyone else can get their own drinks," Tanya rolled her eyes.

"But Tanya," Alice whined.

"Don't but Tanya me," Alice groaned before getting up to get her own drink.

"I thought I heard voices down here," a soft voice called as they came into the room.

"Hi mom," Alice sung before going back to her drink.

"Hey honey," First Lady Cullen smiled as she looked around the room. "And who is this?" she asked eyeing me.

"Mom this is Bella, Bella this is my mother," Edward introduced us. I stood up as she came over and pulled me into a hug.

"Very nice to meet you dear," she smiled at me once she pulled away.

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Cullen," I smiled.

"Oh please call me Esme," she corrected before heading toward the garden.

"You kids have fun and get back to school on time," she smiled again before closing the door behind her.

"You're mother's nice," I observed as Edward threw his arm around me.

"She really likes you," he commented.

"Ummmm I don't know about that." I blushed looking down at my lap. Edward pulled my chin up to look at him.

"Of course she does," he insisted. I shrugged deciding not to argue with him.

"How was school?" Charlie asked as I tossed my backpack on the sofa.

"What are you doing here?" I asked raising one eyebrow.

"Relax," he threw up his hands in surrender. "I had a late lunch. I'm on my way out now." He finished as he grabbed his belt and hooked it around his waist.

"Be careful," I called out as he shut the front door behind him. I looked around the house, Charlie was never one to keep it organized. I straighten up the kitchen before heading to the family room. I was straightening out the couch when pictures on the mantle caught my attention. I sat down the folded blanket before walking over to the mantle. I smiled at the picture of my parents and I at one of my ice skating competitions when I was nine. I came in second place to my surprise because I thought I was so bad. My parents laughed at the expression on my face once I had received my silver medal, flowers, and trophy. It was the weekend before my parents fought and my dad left to move to Forks, Washington.

Everything changed that weekend.

I signed as I put the photo back on the mantle. The house that Charlie moved into after he accepted his position of Chief Police of the D.C. Unit was I'd admit beautiful. On the outside it had the allure of an old Victorian house but on the inside it turned modern. The kitchen was mostly made of steel and it was completely white, in fact everything on the floor was white and when clean made the house look bigger than it actually was. There were two stair cases that led upstairs, one from the kitchen and the other set by the front door. They also had white carpet with dark brown railings.

The upstairs was a whole different story. Charlie's room was the same color as the railing on the steps accented with gold and black. My room was huge with a nice balcony overlooking the lake that was behind our house. It was light green and white with huge beautiful windows that over looked the balcony.

My personal favorite was the staircase in the back of my closet that led to the attic. Charlie didn't really care that much about it and agreed that I could make it into whatever room that I wanted but I didn't know what I wanted yet. The house also had one guestroom and a huge basement where Charlie didn't hesitant to put in a pool table and big flat screen TV.

I personally thought that the basement was his favorite room in the whole house. Esme designed the whole house with Charlie. Yeah I was shock too. The door bell ringing broke me out of my thoughts and I quickly moved to open it.

"Alice?" I said confused as she came through the door.

"Hey," she responded looking around. "This place came out better than I thought it would," she smiled at me before bouncing excitedly up the steps.

"Did you like your room? I designed it." She called behind her as I followed her.

"Yeah I loved it Alice," I answered as I found her lying on my bed. "You designed it?" I repeated as her words really sunk in.

"Yeah as soon as my mother told me the colors you wanted I got right on it." I looked around the room again.

"This is…wow Alice thanks," I smiled at her.

"Aww your welcome. I knew you would like it," she shrieked, clapping her hands before pulling me into a hug. I laughed. "So what are you going to do with the attic?" she asked. I shrugged.

"I honestly don't know yet."

"Maybe you could make it into a dressing room," she suggested with a wide grin. I shook my head.

"Not happening Alice," I rolled my eyes before heading back down the steps.

"Why not," she whined as she followed me. I rolled my eyes but didn't answer.

"I'm starting dinner do you want to help?" I asked her as I started getting out pans.

"What are we making?" she asked as she put her bag down on one of the bar chairs.

"Pasta Salad, Spaghetti, and Garlic Bread I think," I answered as I started boiling water.

"You think?" she asked as she walked over to where I was standing.

"Just put the pasta in the pan," I told her before starting on the garlic bread. She mumbled something under her breath but the only thing I could make out was bossy.

After dinner we relaxed in my bed room before doing our homework.

"Ugh I hate calculus," Alice groaned as she closed her calculus book.

"At least you're done." I gave her a small smile which resulted in her flipping me off. "Hey it's true," I laughed closing my European history book.

"Whatever," she rolled her eyes before my door opened and Charlie peeked his head through.

"How's it going girls?" he asked us.

"Fine, Just finished our homework. Dinners in the fridge." I answered as we started packing up our school work.

"Good thanks. Felix is outside," he told Alice before excusing himself to go eat his dinner. I followed her out to the front door where Felix was waiting.

"See yah tomorrow," she smiled before giving me a huge hug and running outside to her Porsche.

I closed the door and wandered into the kitchen to find Charlie.

"Hey Dad," I smiled as I sat down at the island beside him.

"Hey I see you've met the first daughter aka "America's Little Pixie", Charlie quoted before taking another bite of his pasta salad. "This is really good," he pointed toward his salad.

"Just want you to eat healthy Dad," I patted his back before walking into the family room.

"Call your mother," Charlie called behind me.

"Kay," I called back before lounging on the white couch. I felt my blackberry vibrate in my pocket and took it out.

"Hey mom. I was just about to call you," I answered.

"Don't give me that crap Isabella," my mother said frustrated. I laughed.

"Calm down mom. Alice just left and I was just about to call you," I argued.

"Alice? You've met America's Little Pixie?" my mother asked excited.

"Yup and believe me she is a pixie." I laughed comparing my 5'4 to her 4'10 height difference.

"So what's she like?"

"She is very hyper and always full of energy," I answered as I made my way to my bedroom.

"How are you liking school?"

"Ummm school's okay. Why I took so many AP classes I would never know," I laughed as I walked onto the balcony.

"Honey you'll do great," my mother assured me as I looked up at the stars in the sky.

"Thanks mom. I really needed that," I smiled wishing I could see her now.

"I love you so much baby and I only want what's best for you,"

"I know mom. I know. I love you too."

"Alright sweetie. I'll let you go. You're probably tired."

"Kay mom talk to you later," I said before hanging up.

I stayed outside for a few minutes before finally going into my bathroom to change my clothes, brush my teeth, and wash my face. I was drying my face when I heard my phone vibrate. I quickly walked into the other room to find that I had a new text message.

Sweet Dreams-E

It said. I smiled at it as I texted back.

You too

Before crawling into my warm bed and falling asleep.

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